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Day 11: the worst advice you’ve ever heard, or ever been given

I laughed when I read this challenge. There was an incident in December 2011 when me and my officemates rode a cab. It was an ordinary day except that we have a lot of groceries because the company where we were working gave away their early Christmas grocery.

The taxi driver was listening in an AM station. It was about a typhoon. My officemates and I can’t help but talk about it. The taxi driver told us that we can donate our groceries. He then told us about his cousin.

Taxi driver: Naku, ma’am, iyon ngang pinsan ko, namatay ang buong pamilya niya. Kawawa naman. Sabi ko nga sa kanya, pakamatay na siya kasi mahihirapan lang siya. (Ma’am, my cousin’s whole family died. Very pathetic. I told him, he should commit suicide, he will only have a hard time.)

And that’s the worst advice I’ve ever heard. How could someone tell another person to end his life just like that? He could have said something else like telling him that everything will be all right, even if it would be a lie.

Day #11: worst advice ever given or have heard of

I would say that the worst advice I have ever heard of was “Give him what he wants. Don’t make him mad, he is the husband. You don’t make your provider mad.”

Women and men should not be abused by their partner, ever! If this happens, then leave that person. 

Giving that advice enables abusive relationships to happen in the first place. People feel entitled because they “provide”. I’ve been dependent in a relationship and left. You know what happened? A lot of stress with the added financial woes, but a lot more happiness because I didn’t have someone always angry with me.