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the gay hack makes me want to buy fates but I'm actually confused about if its actualu a good game or not cus lots of people say its bad but still really like it?? you have good opinions and I love your blog so could you tell me what you think of fates

Weeeeell, to be honest, whether Fates is a good game (games?) or not is actually a hard question for me to answer. I honestly kinda feel this way about Awakening a bit too (which really isn’t a good thing lol) so yeeaaaah.

I love rambling though so I’ll still tell you what I think.

Fates has a few really good, strongly written characters and even the less well-written ones are easy to get attached to, so that’s defs a good thing. Sadly, all these characters orbit around an extremely mediocre plot at best, an example of terrible writing and world-building at worst.

This makes for a kinda weird combination cus you have some great, well-written, interesting characters inhabiting a half-assed world.

Just imagine a gifted artist starting a beautiful sketch and then letting their 2 year old nephew finish it with his half-eaten crayons. That’s it, that’s Fates’ story in a nutshell.

In regards to gameplay it’s still hard to say cus of the three different paths. So it’s like, Conquest has amazing and fun gameplay, Revelations is a bunch of hits and misses, and Birthright has the most boring, most vanilla gameplay. Seriously, I wanted to scream in Birthright from all the plain, fucking “Rout the enemy” objectives on almost every stupid map. Also, those 0 defense enemy Generals, like, what the hell? I know Birthright is supposed to be the “easy” one but seriously, wow.

So then you wind up really attached to characters of a terrible plot in a game with inconsitently good or bad gameplay. Add the mostly really-fun-but-riddled-with-character/morality/shipping-wars Fire Emblem fandom into this mix and you get a cocktail that changes colors under different lighting, tastes wildly different on almost every sip, either gets you drunk off your ass or leaves you the same as you started and yet you still somehow manage to get addicted to it.

2016 embodies the Fates game(s?) pretty well lol.

It’s a pretty weird experience. Do buy the games.