peketostuffs asked:

top 8 wildlife/grimm tracking skills

from best to worst:

  • Pyrrha: canon skill
  • Ren: also canon skill
  • Nora: somehow trusting her gut makes her right like 90% of the time 
  • Yang: good at general wildlife survival but could improve on grimm tracking (she gets bored)
  • Weiss: second-guesses herself too much (”they’re beowolf prints…unless they’re just regular coyotes……let me google that………”)
  • Ruby: has no patience tho she improves with time
  • Jaune: canon lack of skill

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These Disturbing World's Worst Taxidermy Fails Will Shock You

These Disturbing World’s Worst Taxidermy Fails Will Shock You

According to Wikipedia, “Taxidermy is the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals for display (e.g., as hunting trophies or museum display) or for other sources of study (like species identification) or simply the preservation of a beloved pet.”  But, what you guys probably didn’t know before is that this process is actually highly complex, and only a few capable…

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anonymous asked:

I’m eighteen, I’m like 5 feet tall, I’m really quiet & soft spoken at first, but as I get to know you I can be more outgoing & jokish. I make the worst jokes ever. I love animals & I'm a Wildlife Conservation major! I have wavy hair & I’ve been called lion girl since like 6th grade. I have blue eyes & a few freckles. I really love music (Foo Fighters/Green Day/ATL) I’m not the skinniest, I’m kinda curvy I guess? I don’t know what to label it. But yeah, that’s about it I guess, lol.


Anon me about you and I’ll ship you! 😊