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to that last anon: why are those posts annoying and pointless? do you have a reason? i understand that some people dont like them, but some people think its fun. i hope this didnt come out as rude, love your blog btw!

i mean i can get not liking them but like…there easy to ignore, i mean i see the are you a “ blank or blank person” all the time and just scroll past them, it’s no big deal really, they are just a cute way to get use to saying bisexual 

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Will we have Berserk Ash-Zygarde instead of Berserk Ash-Greninja?

okay but what about Berserk Bonnie-Zygarde and Berserk Ash-Greninja fucking up shit together

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Ugh! Thank you! I had someone call me a white privileged girl just yesterday and I was like ??? Bitch you don’t know me

this girl at work was bitching about how the canadian government hands money over to natives and how she has to fight so hard (which she does!) just to live and I was like “… I’m native.” and she backtracked. so. hard.