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NCT Reaction to Dreaming About Your Death

Requested: (Jaehyun,Taeyong,Yuta,Johnny,Hansol,Ten - Reaction) Having a nightmare about their Girlfriend dying in his arms and as he wakes up she is not in the bed( she was in the kitchen drinking some water)

A/N: Thank you for telling me who~ Enjoy! [Confession: idk who the 2nd gif under Yuta is actually, I feel Jaehyun or Taeil, idk…. but work with it.]
It’s meant to be in order of: waking from the nightmare to find you not there, then finding you in the kitchen.


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Taeyong would wake up with a start, sweat beading at his temples. When he’d reach for you, only to be met with cold sheets, he’d do a double take, unsure if his mind was playing tricks on him.

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He’d stumble upon you in the kitchen, letting out an exasperated sigh of relief before stomping back to bed, leaving you very confused.
“Don’t mess with me like that.”


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Ten would wake up scared, having a small panic when he found the bed empty, suddenly worrying if something had happened to you.

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He’d search around the house for you in a panic, an exhale of relief leaving him as he spotted your figure in the kitchen. He’d wait patiently, wanting the reassurance of you by his side.
“Come back to bed-” he’d whine.


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Jaehyun would replay the scene in his mind several times, memorizing every detail. Once he turned around to pull you close he’d stare at the empty expanse, unsure if he was really awake.

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Jaehyun would stare at you in the kitchen in disbelief, unbelieving. He’d be thankful, yet slightly annoyed like Taeyong.
“You’ve been here the whole time?”


Hansol would tear the sheets from himself, quickly leaving the empty bedroom in search of you.

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He’d wear an unreadable expression once he found you before silently sauntering back to the empty bedroom, satisfied, once again leaving you confused.


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Like Jaehyun, Yuta would wonder if he was really awake as he felt around the empty bed, his mind assuming the worse.

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When he found you in the kitchen he’d lean against the counter, letting out a loud sigh of relief, holding his head dramatically. 
“I hate you.”
“You always make me worry, I hate it…”


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Johnny’s first reaction would be fear and panic, worried about where you were, if you were alright, etc… He’d snap out of his shock, calling your name loudly as he ran from the bedroom, his loud steps making you knit your eyebrows together in confusion as you heard him running around.

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When he’d find you he’d have a reaction similar to Yuta’s, but try to play off his panic.
“Why were you running around?”
“I was exercising!”

No doubt all of them would wait for you to come back to bed before even thinking about closing their eyes again, pulling you close, the scent of your shampoo comforting them as your warm body made them relax. Maybe the next morning some of them would tell you about the nightmare-

i keep seeing people drawing parody super buff versions of the guys and i wanted to join in on the fun so i drew buff Tom but it’s literally the most cursed image on my laptop.

my tablet stopped working the moment i finished. it’s some sort of divine punishment for unleashing this. im almost certain he’s going to come out the computer screen and kill me in my sleep


I found a blog that is re-drawing some of my pages and posting them without crediting…. I thought it was coincidence at first because I saw some drawings that looked similar to mine in their blog, but I scrolled down and… they’ve been copying the whole ruins arc.

What the heck do you do in this kinda situation??

It’s so weird….

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