worst type of guy

jane sloan is the ultimate bff cause you can tell her you like girls and she’ll still get undressed/change in front of you without a second thought and won’t make any off hand comments that make you feel weird about your sexuality or like you’re being predatory and making her uncomfortable anyway guys watch the bold type


genre: fuckboy!au

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 2,378 words

author’s note: finally. after three days it is done. super big shoutout to @chittaporno for helping me out with the plot and stuff :)

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opening line: “The worst type of guy to be attracted to is the one who only wants you for the thought of the chase… yet you’re still hopelessly and helplessly attracted because you can’t help but ponder on the possibility of there existing something more.” 

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All I want for Christmas is you || Natasha Romanoff

Song: Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you

Summary: Nat loves you, but doesn’t have a guts to ask you out. But then there’s the Stark’s Christmas Party.

Warnings: cuteness and bad writing (I just don’t know how to write Nat)

Pairing: Romanoff x fem! reader

A/N: I’m literally sweating, I’m so tired after work and it’s so hot, I just can’t.


Natasha wanted to say she didn’t feel anything to that fire girl. She wanted and she did, but Clint just smirked. Nat cursed under her breath and took a sip of her drink.

- I know you better than you think - he whispered playfully. Nat rolled her eyes. She almost had enough. If it wasn’t for Clint and booze, she would be already in training room. She didn’t want to be here now. Stark and Rhodey were already dancing on the table, Thor, Bucky and Steve were watching them and laughing, Banner sat with Dr Cho and talked with her, probably about some science. And there was [Y/N], sitting with Sam, Pietro, Wanda and Vision. They were playing Truth or Dare and Nat just wanted to punch Mr Falcon right in these perfect teeth, because he was just too friendly toward [Y/N].

- Leave it, Clint, really - she mumbled and turned her gaze from the [y/h/c] girl.

- I’m not saying it’s bad, Nat, you know it - he said, now looking at his beer. - I’m happy that you found someone you really like, but if you’re going to hide it, it will be painfull.

- I know it - she whispered and clenched her palm. - I just… I don’t know. I just have that feeling that she’s too precious for me. I mean, I was in the Red Room, I was killing people without hesitation. And I know she’s a badass, I saw her on the field. It’s just… She never killed anyone. She’s here just because she’s a mutant and can controll a fire…

For a second there was silence and then quiet snort, so Nat looked at Clint with raised eyebrows.

- Wow, sorry, I just… I didn’t expect something like that. Sorry - he cleared his throat. - Okay, you got a point. You killed, she didn’t. And?

Natasha raised her eyebrows once again.

- When I didn’t have a guts to ask Laura out you told me that past doesn’t matter and now you’re saying something completely different. Besides, you didn’t have that problem with Banner - Clint shrugged and took a sip of his beer.

- Yeah, because with Banner it was just a stupid crush - Nat hissed more to her drink than to her best friend.

- Okay, okay. I feel like you don’t want to talk about it now - Barton sighed and turned around on the stool to face the rest of the team. - Do you want to join them? - he nodded toward the Thor and Steve. Bucky joined the Truth or Dare team, so Stark and Rhodey didn’t have the biggest audience.

- Yeah, why not? - Nat sighed and hopped off the stool.

- So… What are we doing on Christmas this year? - Steve asked. Bucky looked at him, shrugged and got back to eating his cereal.

- Stark is already planning the party - Natasha mumbled, scrolling through the news.

- Did I hear ‘party’? When, where and who’s going to be there? - [Y/N] walked through the door, still in her pyjamas and still with bed hair. Nat looked up and tried her best not to smile at the sight, but failed miserably, so she just went back to reading news.

- Here, in tower. 25 December. We’re going to be there. And a lot of other people too - Clint answered, drinking his 3rd cup of coffee already.

- Oh, nice. So in 2 days. Okay - [Y/N] mumbled to herself and opened the fridge. She stood there for a moment, but then she closed it. - I need to speak to Wanda. Maybe she has some nice dress - she muttered and almost run out of the kitchen. Natasha laughed quietly, but stopped when she noticed Clint’s smirk.

- Guess who knows something very interesting! - Sam sang, when he walked into the living room. Now there was only him, Nat, Wanda, Vision and Bucky. Everyone looked up at Sam. - It’s about [Y/N] - he wiggled his eyebrows and smiled at Natasha. - So, apparently, she’s…

Suddenly someone’s hand pressed against his lips. Red light surrounded him in the same moment that Vision appeared in front of Falcon.

- It’s not nice to tell everyone someone’s secret - Pietro said in sweet tone and let the Falcon go, but Wanda still had Sam surrounded with her magic. Bucky was almost killing him with his gaze.

- Okay, okay, sorry. I won’t say anything - Sam said, raising his hands. Wanda’s magic disappeared, Vision got back to his seat, but Buck was still trying to kill Sam with one single glare. Falcon walked out of the living room, mumbling something about not having fun with these people.

Nat sighed looking at herself in the mirror. She knew she looked good, but in her head there was still the million what if’s. What if her dress was too tight? What if it wasn’t elegant enough for Christmas party? What if her makeup was too bold? What if the curls at the back of her head didn’t look as good as she thought? What if the heels didn’t actually match her dress? She groaned quietly and looked at the ceiling. When did she start to think like that?

- Jesus fucking Christ, what that girl is doing to me? - she whispered into blank space with small smile. She shook her head and turned toward the door.

When she got to the party, there was already a lot of people. Natasha looked around to see if anyone from her team was there. She didn’t have problem with people or crowds. She was freaking Black Widow for God’s sake. But now she didn’t want to talk to women who just wanted to show off their bodies and judge everyone else or with men who would look at her boobs and probably try to drag her back to their room. So she looked around carefully and she almost got a heart attack when she saw [Y/N]. Her [y/e/c] eyes was almost sparkling, her brightly red lips stretched in wide smile as she listened to some man. She nodded at him and looked around discreetly. When she locked her eyes with Natasha’s, she sent her the awkward 'help me’ look. Nat nodded, put on her the best poker face and walked confidently toward [Y/N]. When she was close enough to hear their coversation, she almost attacked the man.

- But you’re too pretty to be lesbian. I mean, you don’t look like one. So, if you’re saying that, because you want to disgust me, it’s not working, beautiful…

And then he reached to [Y/N]’s face and tried to touch her cheek, but she took a step back. Natasha was already next to him. She walked past him and looked at [Y/N], looking for any sign of fear. When she didn’t find any, she turned around to face the guy, partly hiding [Y/N] behind her.

- Why did you try to touch my friend? - she asked, looking straight into his eyes.

- Oh, I’m sorry. Have we met? I’m Connor Stevad - he smiled slightly.

- I don’t care. I asked you a question, it’d be nice, if you answer - she said, still not breaking the eye contact. Her gaze was apparently too intence for the man, because he broke it after a few seconds. He mumbled something about his friend and walked away quickly.

- Geez, he was annoying - [Y/N] laughed slightly, when Nat turned around to look at her. Romanoff was serious for a few more seconds, but she couldn’t not smile, when [Y/N] was looking at her like that, with that soft smile and that sparkling eyes.

- Yeah, that type of guys are the worst - she sighed, letting her guard down. She felt like she was drowning in [y/e/c] eyes, like she was melting just because of [Y/N]’s smile. And she felt like [Y/L/N] had control over Nat’s mind. And she probably did.

- Oh, look. It’s Sam. And Buck!

The moment ended and Nat was dragged back to reality. [Y/N] was already walking toward the boys, so Romanoff followed her, wanting it or not. She didn’t really listen to anyone from that moment. So knew that she would flip, if Sam and [Y/N] start to flirt in front of her, so she excused herself and walked up to the bar.

Several hours later the party was still at its best. Nat finally sat next to other Avengers, between Banner and Clint. They were talking with some guests. Romanoff tried to talk with them too, but her eyes always tried to find [Y/N]. Damn, what that girl did to the coldhearted Black Widow? Natasha was asking herself that for about year now.

Now Romanoff was watching as [Y/N] and Sam danced and talked, clearly about something upsetting [y/h/c] girl. Suddenly Falcon looked at Nat, catching her staring. He smirked and said something to [Y/N], but she just shook her head. Sam stepped back and grabbed [Y/L/N], turned around and pushed toward the Nat, Bruce and Clint. And when they finally was next to the sofa, Sam looked at Nat.

- I want to talk with these gentelmen right here. Can you, please, accompany [Y/N/N]? - he said with his evil smirk. Romanoff cursed in her head, but smiled sweetly and nodded.

- Of course, Sam - she said, her voice almost dripping with sugar. She stood up and turned toward the girl. - Do you want to get a drink?

- Yeah, drink would be nice - [Y/N] said, her voice slightly higher than usual. She cleared her throat and put her hair behind her ear. Romanoff smiled and led her toward the bar.

- So, ladies and gentelmen! What’s a Christmas party without the winter’s best hits, right? - Stark said to the mic. Romanoff sighed and rolled her eyes. Tony was having a time of his life, just like on every party he attended. When 'All I want for Christmas is you’ started to play, Nat felt a gentle grip on her wrist. She tensed instinctively, but relaxed when she saw it was [Y/N]’s hand. Romanoff looked at the girl concerned. [Y/N] was nervous for some reason, she couldn’t look at her. Nat was already drowning in conclusion. Maybe she knew about Nat’s feelings toward her? Maybe that was her secret? Maybe Sam tried to convince her that rejecting someone wasn’t that bad?

- Um… Natasha, do you want to… Just, please, don’t laugh. Do you want to dance with me?

Romanoff was completely shocked. Like, shocked wasn’t enough to express her emotions right now.

- I mean, if you don’t want to it’s fine…

- No. I’d love to - Natasha cut the girl off with the most serious, yet gentle voice anyone ever heard. [Y/N] looked at her with surprise written all over her face. - I’d love to dance with you, [Y/N] - she smiled slightly and gently grabbed her hands. Romanoff placed [Y/L/N]’s palms on her shoulders. Natasha herself gently and slowly pulled [Y/N] closer, her hands on the small of the girls back. They started to sway to the music. It was awkward as hell.

Natasha cleared her throat and [Y/N] looked at her, waiting for whatever Romanoff wanted to say. 'Now or never’ Nat thought to herself. She leaned closer, her lips just right next to [Y/N]’s ear.

- Do you want to go out with me sometimes? - Nat whispered, not daring to look straight at the girl.

- I’d love to.

Romanoff smiled widely and rested her forehead on [Y/N]’s shoulder. The girl pulled her closer and hugged her tightly. In that moment they both were the happiest girls in the room.

- Hey, man. Look - Sam whispered to Clint, pointing at Nat and [Y/N]. They were dancing, Romanoff leaned and said something to the girl. Suddenly she lit up like a Christmas tree, her smile wider than ever before.

- Finally - Barton sighed, rolling his eyes. He tried to look annoyed, but he was already texting his wife to told her literally everything.

Himchan - Gods and Monsters

I was listening to Lana and thinking about how good Himchan looks. Also I’m trying out a vampire! AU? Idk this is short

“In the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an angel, looking to get fucked hard.”
“Fuck yeah give it to me, this is heaven what I truly want, is innocence lost”

Pairing: Vampire! Himchan/ Reader
Rating: M
Word Count: 683 words
TW: Rough sex, Marking

This is a mini drabble compared to what I usually write! Sorry its short!

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anonymous asked:


ask and you shall receive. hello and welcome to ‘lauren’s favourite ryan hawley pics part two’.

cute dad who’s son grew up to have the exact same face and he gives excellent dating tips like ‘take her a croissant, girls love that.’

the guy you meet on a beach holiday in australia, he’s a surfer and likes to quote keats and will give you a sea shell necklace so you never forget him but you facebook him when you get home and he actually works at kfc

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  • Thing about being a footballer: Just the fact that I love playing football. It’s everything I’ve wanted since I was young.
  • Moment in football: Either when I scored my first goal for Arsenal, or my England debut.
  • Performance for Arsenal: Burnley at home last season. I got my first goal and an assist that day.
  • Goal celebration I’ve seen: Has to be mine, hasn’t it? The knee slide to the fans, yeah, I will say mine!
  • Holiday: I’ve had quite a few good family holidays. We used to go to Turkey quite a lot and I really like it there. Hot, with nice places to stay.
  • Food I’ve had: I recently tried black cod for the first time, and I really enjoyed that.
  • Thing about London: There are loads of things, it’s an amazing city. Whenever I get the chance to go into the city there’s always a good buzz there.
  • Weather to play football in: Perfect conditions would be a shower just before the game so the pitch is nice and wet, then the sun comes out in time for kick off.
  • Footballing attribute: It’s not good that I can’t think of one immediately is it! If I got more chances up front I think I’d be good in front of goal!
  • Other sport to play: I’m a good swimmer, I used to do it a lot when I was younger.
  • Sport to watch: I like NFL, I try to get to the games in London. I don’t have a favourite team, but we used to play a bit at school and I like the sport.
  • Place to go unrecognised: A nice quiet beach in Turkey.


  • Banter: It would have to be Chambo. He’s lively in the dressing room so it would be you.
  • To be Prime Minister: I would say Flamini, he is always busy. He’s always on his phone talking business so he would make a good prime minister.
  • At FIFA: I haven’t played everyone but I know Chambo is quite good at FIFA.
  • Car: Mesut. He has a nice car, he drove it in today. It’s a Lamborghini.
  • Trainer: Cazorla is unbelievable. Left foot, right foot, all day long. His technique is flawless, he switches it on his left, he switches it on his right. It is unbelievable.
  • To be stuck on a desert island with: You would have to go for the most intelligent, who is going to get you off it! I’d probably say Per, he would come off with some idea that would help us survive or get us off it.
  • Singer: There are a few of the boys that think they have got bit. Chambo thinks he has got a bit. If I probably went at it in the studio, I have quite a soothing voice. I think I could do quite well, but I would need some lessons first.
  • To take on Floyd Mayweather: No one would get near him! Maybe Wilshere, he wouldn’t win but he would definitely not back down, he’d give it a try.
  • Neatest locker: Per. Even where we puts his shoes in his locker is so immaculate and tidy. He has a go at me sometimes telling me to tidy mine up. Even if there is one letter in my locker, Per will come over and look at it and I’ll know straight away why he’s walking over to my locker.
  • With technology: Theo is quite a gadget man, he always has a new phone and he likes his cars as well.
  • Dressed: Hector. He wears some outrageous stuff, but he really does make an effort.


  • Thing about being a footballer: My mates are always asking for tickets. It’s a nightmare trying to get them all!
  • Moment in football: There have been a couple! There was a time when playing for Southampton Under-18s in the FA Youth Cup. I was on the right wing and I tried a double step over, but I back-heeled it straight off the pitch in front of the home fans, so it was pretty embarrassing.
  • Performance for Arsenal: Swansea away last season. I was up against Jefferson Montero and everything he did on the day came off for him. That was definitely one to learn from.
  • Goal celebration I’ve seen: Has to be when Yaya Sanogo fell over when he scored in the Emirates Cup. That’s not something you want to do after scoring!
  • Holiday: No, to be fair I’ve been quite lucky - they have all been good!
  • Food I’ve had: Easy, asparagus. I always avoid that. I don’t like it at all.
  • Thing about London: The traffic - it’s an absolute nightmare. I try to avoid driving at peak times.
  • Weather to play football in: Cold and when it’s pouring with rain. That’s the worst!
  • Footballing attribute: Obviously I’m playing more at centre back and that’s the position I want to play in, so I need to learn more about the position. I need to gain experience and learn from the other players in the group.
  • Other sport to play: Golf. I really like it, but I’m awful. I have days when it goes all right, but then days when I hit it everywhere and it’s no fun!
  • Sport to watch: I like all sports really, I could watch anything to be honest.
  • Place to go unrecognised: Anywhere round the Emirates!


  • Banter: Jack Wilshere. His would be the worst.
  • To be Prime Minister: I don’t know to be honest, it’s difficult to say. I wouldn’t be too bad, I would stay firm!
  • At FIFA: There is a player who plays for Reading called Jonathan Bond and he’s not the best. I end up beating him all the time.
  • Car: I get a bit of stick for my car. I used to drive an Audi Q3 and people would ask me everyday: “did your missus drive you in?” Every day that happened!
  • Trainer: To be fair everyone is at it in training. Everyone gives a good effort in training which is why there is such a high standard.
  • To be stuck on a desert island with: Welbz. He’s always on at me so he would probably irritate me the most!
  • Singer: Per. He tries to sing and it’s not great. He’s always trying to show me old songs, legends, and he’s always trying to sing along in the changing room but he hasn’t got the best voice in the changing room to be honest.
  • To take on Floyd Mayweather: Everyone, no one would beat him would they.
  • Untidiest locker: Flam has about 50 water bottles in his locker. I don’t know why, but his locker is just filled with water bottles so it might be him.
  • With technology: Maybe Per again. I don’t think he’s good with gadgets and stuff.
  • Dressed: I’m going to have to say Per again! He comes in some tracksuits some days and he just makes me laugh. I’m sure he’s got some good clothes, but he just doesn’t make much of an effort with what he wears to football. It has to be him. I’ve mentioned Per a lot haven’t I? I hope he doesn’t read this!

I think the worst type of guys are the ones that pretend to genuinely care abt you, i.e asking how your day was, asking if you’re okay, but really their intentions are to fuck you over

Episode 54! Setting up ALL the plot! Part 1.

I can’t believe that these two are still on this interminable not-date… They’re in the museum, which is open and busy surprisingly late. It was sunset before they even dueled Johnny Steps, then they had to get from Kaibaland to the museum. And it doesn’t seem to be winter, since Yami comfortably hangs out outside in the dark with no jacket on (thank you, animators!) so I’m going to say it must be like 9 pm by now. This is a 12 hour date!

… It is so indescribably wrong to me that the sarcophagus has a real human face. That’s not what people look like in anime! It looks like an alien beside the “humans”, but it has real human proportions! 

Otoh, Yami’s face is super cute in that shot.

Yami gets to see the stone tablet with himself carved in it. He finds it almost supernaturally; it’s downstairs behind a rope barrier, but he’s drawn to it in some way.

“Because of my hair. NO ONE has hair that ridiculous but me.”

He realises he must be a thousands of years old spirit of a king from Ancient Egypt, based on, I must say, some pretty shaky evidence. I suppose he instinctively knows it to be true, now that the idea has been triggered. And he takes it well!

“Heh, I’m a ghost! Everyone I ever loved is dead! My total lack of knowledge about my own identity can be chalked up to old age. Lol!”

Ishizu, of course, has been expecting him, but arrives a few minutes later. I suppose she wanted to give him a moment to himself first.

She also takes it surprisingly coolly. I mean, she’s much too professional to say anything stupid, but you’d think she meets the spirit of the god-king her clan has served for millenia every frigging Tuesday from her attitude. Her family was destroyed in his name for his sake, she was raised to fulfill his destiny, this moment is the first step in the culmination of thousands of years of isolation and pain and toil for her family and her ancestors … and she’s like, “hi”. 

She does show off her bling.

Ahh, so, Atem himself is in the Puzzle, but his lost memories are broken up across the seven Items, and that’s why he can’t access them until he reunites the seven. And that’s presumably why Ishizu can show Kaiba the vision of the past; it’s a piece of the Pharaoh’s memories … although not from his perspective. She’s just better at using her Item than most of the others, they can probably all show fragments of his memories (Except maybe the Puzzle, I guess? It might just have room for him).

Yami is, justifiably, suspicious.

At first I was like “Cool your studded high heeled boots, Yami!” but on reflection, literally everyone he’s met with an Item so far has acted like a nosy asshole at best (Shaadi, and Marik although he doesn’t know that) and tried to kill him/Yugi at worst (Pegasus, Bakura). So, fair question.

Ishizu just says her Item isn’t his enemy which I would frankly take as a massive red flag but Yami seems cool with it.

And then he thinks about Kaiba for a bit.


He’s in the Kaiba Corp Research & Development: Collectible Card Games Division, testing his new Duel Disk. The best part is, the Collectible Card Games division has to be the biggest division. Which I find pretty entertaining.

He’s dueling against a Duel Robot that has his own most powerful deck - with the three Blue Eyes - while he has a deck with Obilisk in it.

So. These shooty out holograph projectors. How do they get back into the Duel Disk for next time? Do you, after your dramatic victory, have to hang around and pick them up and slot them back in? This whole thing seems only marginally less inconvenient than Pegasus’s Duel Arenas… You still have to have a big open space and at least the Duel Arenas were never going to take someone’s head off.

Anyway, Kaiba is also thinking about Yami…

This is basically a declaration of love, in Seto Kaiba language.

Speaking of declarations of love…

It’s TURN THREE, Seto. The robot summoned it literally as fast as it could! God you’re so impatient!

Mokuba’s watching with the … duel scientists? … up above the testing area, and he’s FREAKING OUT.

Calm down, kid! I mean, he’s literally sweating! It’s just a simulation of a game! There are no consequences to losing against the robot! That you know of! Yet!

The robot is really good at the game, though!

It explains all the cards it plays, at, like, 4Kids level of unnecessary. It also has a strange male voice, which seems wrong to me since the dub robot was a woman’s voice. And it has a shit ton of good luck. I think it’s probably cheating wildly. Those duel scientists couldn’t figure out how to build a program that could play Duel Monsters as well as an actual person, so they just made it able to cheat.

Kaiba isn’t fazed.

He’s actually … kinda weird about it.

Mokuba and the duel scientists are fazed, though!

CALL YOURSELF A DUEL SCIENTIST?! (probably not) ARE YOU TELLING ME YOU CAN’T THINK OF A SINGLE WAY TO DEFEAT THE BLUE EYES ULTIMATE?! I mean, Yami did it! And Kaiba has a card that destroys dragon-type monsters on the field. These guys are the worst duel scientists ever! No wonder the robot has to cheat, if these assholes programmed it.

Also they say that Kaiba programmed it to mimic “real battle damage”, which, I dunno, like… What does that even mean? Like, will the Duel Disk somehow cause him the same damage that an ACTUAL DRAGON would do? Unlikely. 

Anyway, Kaiba is too distracted thinking about Yami to listen to Mokuba telling him to call off the duel because of potential physical danger.

I know I’m biased because I fucking love prideshipping, but seriously, he’s in the middle of testing his brand new game-changing duel disk, and trying out his God Card for the first time, and facing down his own favourite monsters … and the first thing on his mind is imagining what Yami feels when he faces Kaiba in a duel, completely with picturing him there in front of him, jacket dramatically sweeping off his shoulders to show off his lithe arms…

#justsaying #obsessed #himnotme #butalsome

Anyway, he does manage to tear himself away from imagining his boyfriend rival long enough to summon OBILISK THE GREAT WAR GOD.

And because he is Seto fucking Kaiba, he does it in style. Coat flaring, dramatic pose and …. lightening. Actually the lightening is pretty dangerous.


But he’s too busy getting his stone golem to punch his dragon in the stomach

Which, in fairness, is pretty fucking cool. It’s so powerful, it not only destroys the Blue Eyes Ultimate, it also destroys the actual duel robot, which bursts into flames.

… His real Blue Eyeses weren’t in that robot, were they? Like, can you imagine?! (So that totally means the robot WAS cheating, with fake cards. Fake cards Kaiba gave it, but still.)

Anyway, on a scale of one to maniacal laughter, Kaiba is pretty clear that he’s satisfied with the outcome of his test.

Carry On [0]

Genre: Mafia!BTS
Notes: I’ve joined the Mafia AU train! This is just a prologue-ish chapter (ft. Jackson from GOT7) ;w;
Chapters: 1 // 2

In a twisted world like this, all one could do was carry on.

“Double shot vanilla latte for [Y/N]!”

The moment your name was called, you made a beeline for the drink that the barista had put on the counter. Without waiting, you took the long awaited swig of your coffee as if was your only lifeline. You relished in the heat and slight bitterness of the drink as it slid down your throat; it was another little piece of heaven in your day so far.

“Isn’t that your third drink today?“ The barista behind the counter said as she was foaming up the milk for a different drink.

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why i shouldn't think about it when people don't respond to my texts
  • *sends text*
  • *no response*
  • me: well she was very tired today and will have just gotten off work so she's probably getting some rest which is good
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: or she hates me
  • me: or she has been kidnapped and is being murdered
  • me: or she broke her phone and can't talk to me anymore
  • me: or

1. Today (Jan.11) is Coming-of-age holiday in Japan and SR starts to tell what type of grown guys all members are.

2. SR “GD seems like a sweet type who would celebrate anniversaries with the gf right?”

3. DS “There is always entry to my heart, but once you’re in, there is no way out from it” *flaps his jacket* Yabai!

4. SR: “SOL-san is good at cooking. Do you cook for you gf?” YB: “yeaaa” Then he shows the epic tuna catching/sushi making dance 

5. GD “TOP is a cool guy.” DS “He is cool on stage, but he has the most aegyo!”

6. GD says SR is the worst type of guy out of the five because… “too many reasons” other hyungs seemed to have the same opinion

Translated by: @mmvvip

I think the thing about Inuyasha leaving to talk to Kikyo (the two times he did in the anime I think? Maybe more or less) was not the “cheating” thing I never really thought two-timer, it was like…the lack of communication to Kagome. 

Cause not that he’s required to talk to her about it or anything, but she’s a team-mate, and a partner, and he’s got to understand she feels a certain negative way about it- (he’s guilty enough after to get that much out of her actions). 

And he’s so bad at talking to people that I bet if anyone asked him what Kikyo and him talked about he’d flippantly say “nothing” or something to that enigmatic degree. Like he was too ashamed to let Kagome know beforehand and he was too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it afterward. 

The dog-boy just kinda sucks at talking.

Worst type of people at concerts- Guys who don’t wear deodorant and people from the pit who purposely crash into people avoiding the pit.

Best type of people at concerts- People who form a wall around the pit to protect those who don’t want to be in it and the strong people who support most of the weight of crowd surfers


So im not really upset, Im just really confused. I was at work and my coworkers were asking me about my height and dating. So me begin 6'6" they assumed i tower over every girl i met which is true. But someone asked me if i would date a girl who was like my height or even remotely close. So without hesitation i said yeah. Then everyone flipped out like me dating someone really tall was a issue. Like theres some type of social acceptable height for a guy my height. I would love to meet a girl my height , but i doubt thats ever gonna happen. I think people make it really hard for tall people to comfortably be in a relationship. I already get treated like some type of science experiment that just keep on growing ,and adding someone else thats freakishly tall is supposed to make that worst. Im definitely up for the challenge. Im not the type of guy to only date a girl based of her height but i definitely have a soft spot for the tall ones. but I’m pretty sure every girl over 5'10" in america only come out to see the sun on the 29th of February. Anyway , i wish tall relationships weren’t unimaginable to people. Tall people lets keep the faith. Im sure theres another long legged individual out there for us.