worst time to post a set tbh


          so no, i haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth to run away with my space wife katie janeway

     sixth form is the fucki n g  worst and with that + i’ve just started a youtube channel which is super exciting +  i’ve been setting up a new blog which i’ll talk about in a sec  i’ve evidently not been here. but tbh i’m not going to talk about that any more bc i’m more interested in coming  back  so here’s what i’m gonna do.

  • i’m gonna come back on katie bc i literally cannot life without this space idiot.
  • she will probably end up a little lower activity and i’ll be setting up a queue for her.
  • all threads  that i have drafted  will be continued  unless u message me otherwise.
  • my new blog which i am  extre em l  Y  excited about will be active i think tomorrow, i’ve just got icons left to make so i’ll reblog the promo on here when i’m ready to start it up uwu.

I was tagged by daughter-of-winter-and-stars to post 6 pictures of my band member crush (thank you!) and of course I would post gifs instead. 

I have quite a few crushes tbh, but doing my best to pick the worst… this is it: Mathias Nygård from Turisas.

These gifs are all part of old gif sets I made and you can find each of them here