worst suit ever

Check out these ugly ass fucking clothes that were on the front page of the NYT style section today. Like Jesus Christ these are some ugly clothes. I’m not even a fashion person but these suits are probably some of the worst suits I’ve ever seen and they should be burned and their designers severely punished to the fullest extent of the law. These clothes are so fucking ugly they make me want to keel over and just die. I’m so mad about the fucking ugly ass clothes on the front page of the NYT style section. They’re so bad

  • Joker: So Harley and I broke up idgaf. Whatever.
  • Joker: What do you MEAN you did gOoD deEDs while I was gone?? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME YOU KNOW THERE'S NOTHING I HATE MORE
  • Joker: You wrote erotic fanfiction about YOU and BATBRAIN?? THAT IS THE WORST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE TO ME EVER
  • Joker: Idc if you've got a new guy YOU CAN HAVE HER why would I care I could have like 5 of her if I wanted but MHMMMMMM that skin and-- NO
  • Joker: Wtf Harley has been ignoring me for weeks I'M GOING TO MARRY HER
  • Joker: Hey boy I noticed you had the hots for my girlfriend HAHA I KNOW FUNNY RIGHT anyway here could you just hold that dynamite for me k thx
  • Joker: ... I ... suppose you COULD come back. I mean whatever.

look at this precious angel