worst storyline or worst storyline

One thing that strikes me as odd in Sun and Moon is that many of the named NPCs feel sort of…unfinished. Like the ideas of what to do with them were there but the game never lets you see those ideas to their conclusion. You can sort of get this vibe by just paging through the designs of the characters.

It’s very likely Game Freak ran out of time to properly flesh out the Captains, for example. Sure, you get the gist of Kiawe’s and Mallow’s development – the former’s being well done, in my opinion, but the ball is effectively dropped with everyone else. Look for Ilima, for example – his entire character is about him loving to battle behind that professional demeanor of his. He’s apparently so skilled and admired that Hau actively goes back to train with him and Sophocles enlists his help in building his team for the Champion battle. You would think that he would be someone that would be a challenger himself, or failing that, a participant in the Battle Tree.

What we get is a short second battle with a team that’s nothing special, and nothing afterward. And yet Molayne, a very minor NPC that actively contradicts the supposed age limit for Captaincy at the same time, is one of the challengers at the Pokemon League. Why him? Sophocles I can understand, because he’s literally fulfilling the promise of battling you, but a former Captain with almost no relevance…?

With that in mind, it’s easy to look at the game as a whole and see that the last half has all the makings of it being rushed. Poni Island is effectively barren, has a literal who for a Captain (Mina), and the Grand Trial is the very first trial you complete there before moving onto the climax of the story. Hell, the trial you do take later on is simply walking forward to take the Z-Crystal!

It’s because I think the latter half of development was rushed that I think character roles were downsized considerably. Molayne was probably someone with more importance than he ended up with, probably something to do with Ule’Ule’s Geothermal Plant, but that scenario was cut. There is speculation that Ilima and Mina had reversed roles during game development and was only changed because Ilima being a Fairy type captain would raise some very unfortunate implications. I tend not to believe that one, if only because it’s much harder to justify him on Poni Island rather than in Hau’oli City.

A popular theory is that Ryuki had been meant to be the Dragon type Captain, and it makes sense. His name and design follow the same theme, and there is no other NPC that specializes in that type in Alola. He was most likely cut because he would have been very difficult to fit anywhere in the game, so we got a brief and straightforward Dragon trial instead. They saw fit to use his model though, so it wouldn’t be wasted.

This doesn’t even go into the wasted potential of the Guzma and Kukui relationship, which is brought up exactly once and never spoken of again. If you read between the lines of their conversation, it’s obvious that their relationship would be focused on later in the game, but what we end up with is no one ever talking about it after that, not even Guzma or Kukui! It’s plausible to think that whoever directed the scenarios for the game decided to shift their focus onto the overarching story instead, but forgot to edit this very important conversation out…or couldn’t, because the scene was already set in stone.

What I’m trying to say is that as great as I do find some of these characters, the game ends up stifling their development through arbitrary limitations, whether through writing or cut scenarios.

Okay, here’s my problem with Tomb Raider. The game is so fun to play, but it has terrible, TERRIBLE story x_x

Lara is so naive and whines all the time that it doesn’t make her inexperienced. It makes her irritating as hell B( And how much time did it take her to realize why Sam was kidnapped and that they are really in Yamatai? Definitely too long…

And all characters that I actually cared about are dead. Okay, Grim and Roth died like heroes, but I really don’t like this ‘everyone must die to protect Lara’ bit [eyes roll]. So what? It will harden her character? It’s some pretty fucked up character development in this game imo.

And Alex ;__; I don’t care for anyone in this game like for Alex. Or I cared… No, his death wasn’t heroic at all, because this idiot wanted to impress his 'lady in shining armour’ and he did a very stupid thing. It’s a shame that he had to pay with his life, because dammit! He really had a great potential that was wasted totally… shdfksjfhdskf, I’m so angry and sad now!

And only Jonah, from my list of cool characters, has left :c