worst stan ever

My friends whenever they watch something even vaguely scary with me:

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The back of the truck wasn’t the worst place Stan had ever been stuck. For one, it was warm. For another, the pugs’ fur was really soft. 

That was about where the upsides ended, though. The pugs wouldn’t stop wriggling, and Stan was so covered in snot and slobber that he thought he could probably slide around like a slug on his belly. And every time the truck hit a pothole, he inevitably landed on at least one of the pugs, and the pathetic whimpering noises they made were - really hard on the ears. And it stank

But the truck was carrying him across the border, and that was what really mattered. 

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  • Kyle: wait do you know who really had the worst day ever?
  • Stan, Eric, and Kenny: me
  • Kyle: no guys, who really suffered all day?
  • Stan, Eric, and Kenny: me?
  • Kyle: NO, who always puts up with us without getting any respectual gratitude?
  • Stan, Eric, and Kenny: ohhhhhhh...me
  • Kyle: NO!, who's the person that always holds himself back from trying to beat the shit out of us!?
  • Stan, Eric, and Kenny: *looking at each other* you?

20170917 // 10 days of productivity

i just realized that i skipped two whole days of 100dop without even realizing??¿¿?? insane.

so yeah here is a small list of the things that happened:

• i took the TOEFL exam on saturday and it went okay i guess but i’m going for advanced score so i am scared™
• did maybe 0,01% of what i wanted to do on Korean
• did 0,000% of school related work
• felt like the worst exo stan ever bc i didnt buy the album, stream Power or a/t just asdfghjkl
• promised to make two posts and never made them

Oh yea so i’ve got two guides coming up this week that were requested so if u asked me,,,, they are coming i promise ok ㅠㅠ
Also is there anyone interested in a toefl guide b/c this girl has a list of random advice but idk ok byE