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So I know that “Sportacus” seems to be more of a title than a real name BUT just take a moment to imagine papa elf Íþró, master of terrible puns, holding up his newborn baby and going “His name is Sportacus!!! :-}D” and the rest of the elf village is just like “are you fucking kidding me dude”


“The [Champions League], make no mistake, is perhaps the finest exhibition of football on the planet. From Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo it plays host to the best players in the world, assembled by teams boasting budgets as large as that of many small nations. But that injection of funds, the disparity that afflicts the game, makes it a little more predictable with every year that passes. […] In a world where money dominates the sport and, more often than not, dictates results, the Libertadores keeps its romance alive long after the Champions League became a private party for Europe’s elites. The likes of Red Star, Steaua Bucharest, Ajax and Celtic can no longer dream of taking down the big boys, but for their counterparts across the Atlantic, nothing is impossible. x

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Freshman Mistakes!

These are mistakes that people make all throughout high school, not just freshman! But to keep the title concise I just called it that  Also, long post coming up! 

In Class

  1. Not asking questions in class. At lot of students are shy and embarrassed about asking questions in class, But, there are always people who have the same question as you and it isn’t worth not knowing stuff on the test than feeling awkward for two seconds. Also, I’ve had teachers majorly bump up my marks because they say me asking for extra help and putting in effort.
  2. Not doing homework when it gets assigned. I will admit, sometimes there are times when you are 100% confident you already know how to do what was taught in class. But, mostly, doing a bit of extra practice can help you a lot even if it seems like a waste of time. When you are in upper grades and harder classes, doing homework every night is not optional, so get into the habit now. 
  3. Not taking notes in class. This can be hard when your teacher gives you handouts or just has you copy from a powerpoint. But what you should work on doing is listening to the teacher and write down extra information on your page from what they say, not just the bare minimum from the PPT. This is such a useful skill in upper years… I have some classes where the teacher just stands at the front of the room and talks and you have to create your own notes. 
  4. Not reading rubrics/instructions. I have so many examples of getting marks taken off even though my project was good, just because I didn’t read the instructions. Make sure you go through the rubric and/or the assignment sheets and check off that you have all of the components.
  5. Trying too hard to impress teachers. The best way to impress a teacher is to come get extra help, raise your hand in class, do all of the assignments as best you can and ask when you don’t understand something. Basically, show that you care about their class and are willing to work hard. Don’t bother sucking up to them about things outside of class or trying to prove yourself by writing an essay twice as long as recommended. Just try hard and your work will speak for itself. 

At School

  1. Not joining any activities at school. Activities boost up your resume, are a great way to meet new friends, and can be a really good way to stay involved throughout high school, because you can stay in the same club for all four years if you want. Pick one or two activities that really interest you and try them out!
  2. Joining too many activities at school. I know, I just said to join something at school… but the key words are one to two! I have been the leader of many clubs and groups inside and outside of school and there is nothing more frustrating than having people say they are interested and then backing out. Don’t sign up for everything you think sounds cool and then leave the cub a few weeks later. Find a few things you are actually passionate about and do those instead of doing 10 different things! 
  3. Not using class time/spares to your advantage. If you have work periods in class or you have a study hall or spare during school hours, use it! Its way better than having to work on something after school, especially if its a partner project. Way easier to organize when you guys are both at school.
  4. Worrying about who you sit with at lunch. I promise, no one will notice if you sit alone in the cafeteria for a few days. If you feel self conscious, just take out a notebook and people will assume you’re studying and want to be alone. 
  5. Not taking gym! I don’t know if this is the same way at every school, but usually you need at least one gym credit to graduate. Take it in grade 9!! It is easy, fun, and literally everyone takes it , so you aren’t going to be the worst at sports. I waited and ended up being forced to take online health just to be able to graduate.  


  1. Worrying about boys and crushes. Having a crush on someone seems like the be all end all of your existence when you’re 14, but its almost always useless. If you like someone and they like you too, that’s great and you should pursue it if you want. But if you like someone and they don’t notice you, try as hard as you can to move on. It is not a useful way to spend time and focus! 
  2. Hanging out with people who don’t like you. I did this so much in earlier grades! I tried so hard to force my way into groups that didn’t like me and didn’t want to hang out with me. Let go of the people who don’t accept you and try to find friends who actually love spending time with you. You are amazing and don’t deserve to have to fight for someone’s attention. 
  3. Trying too hard to hang onto friends from elementary school. This isn’t to say that you can’t keep being friends with someone if you go to different schools. But sometimes, a friendship just fades when you guys go off to different places. For me, I had friends that all went to private school together and I spent so much time worrying about being friends with them even though we only hung out like every 6 weeks. Let friends go if you grow apart. It’s only natural. 
  4. Not thinking about the consequences of your actions when partying. If you go out and get super, fall down on your face wasted, you might a) get in trouble from your parents, b) embarrass yourself in front of people or c) just feel like absolute shit the next morning. If you want to try drugs remember that you might a) get caught and get in legal trouble or b) have a really bad experience. I’m not saying to absolutely never go out and party, but think about what might happen and decide from there. 

Hopefully this post is helpful to freshman and others! Feel free to reblog and add your own advice. :) 

Straight White Boy Problem #626

*makes fun of one of my bros in my social circle* hahah jake is such a huge ass. He is the worst at sports and he can only pick up girls in band that play trombone

*somebody outside my social circle threatens to fight jake* hey man you don’t touch my bro. i will drop you in .5 seconds you better watch your fuckin back. jake is one of us

The gang and the sports they are best at

• Sodapop: Tennis, shut up its mAnly
• Steve: Basketball, but Steve makes it violent
• Two-bit: Baseball, even made the team at school, until they kicked him out because of his grades
• Ponyboy: Cross country/ Track, he’ll gets mad at you if you don’t show up to his meets
• Johnny: Soccer, it’s just the Italian in him
• Darry:Football, he had big dreams to be in the NFL
• Dally:Hockey, defINTEly not because of the fighting
• Tim: Rugby, there is a difference between football and rugby everyone, Tim will fight you on this
• Curly: Water Polo, but honestly is good with any sport, like he snuck into Ponyboys track meets before and competed
• Angela: Volleyball, WARNING she’ll spike your face
• Sylvia:None. She can break a nail.
• Cherry: Cherleader, she felt like she was forced into it because of her social class
• Marcia: Golf, cause her dad owns a golf

Here, of all places - Chapter 2

First of all, thank you for the amazing response to the first chapter!! Hope you enjoy this one as well ;)

First part here.

A ding announced the doors closing again, and a firm hand with long fingers stopped their movement, opening them back.

She prayed for Earth to rip open and swallow her into its deepest core, erasing her into oblivion and disappearing that very moment. Spontaneous combustion. The rapture. Anything. His smirk and the way he looked at her from under his eyelashes wasn’t helping either. She gaped, as if trying to expel some kind of coherent thought, but no sound come out of her mouth, and shut it close.

Geillis had already got in and was staring at her, arching her perfectly plucked blonde eyebrows.

“Claire?” She asked puzzled. “Care to join us?“

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Some Danger Days headcanons

- Jet can bench 300 pounds, but doesn’t brag about it because he feels slightly self conscious about it.

- The witch occasionally will scratch on people’s windows during the night if she see’s they’re awake in their rooms and then laughs to herself when they freak out. 

- Party secretly loves slaying a man bun.

- Ghoul and Kobra relentlessly dare each other to do stupid shit, like punching cacti and drinking entire bottles of hot sauce. 

- Jet has tried a thousand times to tell Party he cant build sandcastles in the desert no matter how much water he uses. Party in turn grabs handfuls of sand and throws it at Jet, elevating Jet’s stress level. 

- Ghoul is a cuddling master. 

- Kobra secretly has a 6 pack. None of the other 4, not even Party, knows about it. 

- Party is a HORRIBLE liar. 

- Ghoul likes to pour gasoline on random objects and then proceed to set said things on fire. 

- Dr. D has home videos of himself waking up each of the 4 by dumping water on them and watching their reactions. Of the 4, Jet was the calmest when getting water poured on him, and surprisingly Kobra was the worst sport about it, and refused to talk to Dr. D for two weeks. 

- Kobra holds the longest grudges.

- Cherri Cola likes to hide the 4′s jackets in random places throughout the diner. 

- Party installed an alarm device on his ray gun because the girl once took it and pretended to use it as a light saber and almost shot herself in the foot. 

- Jet’s favorite color is purple. 

- The four like to build “bouldermen” and make sand angels instead of snowmen and snow angels around Christmas. They also(carefully) root a cactus from the ground and decorate it like a Christmas tree. 

-Party love’s stargazing. He has a star map and knows every constellation in the night sky. 

- Ghoul once climbed out of his seat in the Trans Am and sat on the t-top and sipped on hot tea as Party drove down the road at 100 miles per hour. 

- Party’s music taste ranges from pure screaming to classical music. 

- When the girl has nightmares, she goes into Jet’s bed room and sleeps with him. Sometimes he wakes up with her beside him and he doesn’t remember her being there before but he rolls with it.

thesunsux  asked:

Who, if anyone, are you rooting for in the playoffs? Would you like to see the Cup go to a Canadian team?

Well, I’ll be cheering for the Flames against the stupid goddamn Mighty Ducks (the frat boys of hockey) mostly because the sooner the stupid goddamn Mighty Ducks (the frat boys of hockey) are out of the playoffs, the sooner my local broadcasts won’t blackout the competent broadcasts in favor of the worst broadcast team in sports. 

After that, though, there isn’t a Canadian team I have a strong connection to, though I have a grudging respect for the Oilers.

It would be a fantastic story for the Leafs to win it, but let’s be honest: it’s the Leafs. Enjoy the three games they have left in the season.

If I had to pick a Western Conference team, I’d pick the Blackhawks, but I want the Capitals to win it all, because I love Justin Williams. 


If things are this way, I’d rather see her single at the end. It would be INCREDIBLY PAINFUL if she ends up with Hyuuga, because it’s absolutely obvious Teppei’s still in love with her. He’s a nice guy so he’ll just smile and support them…NO, I DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT HAPPENING, PLEASE!

The scene where Kiyoshi is in pain and asks Riko to stay by his side a little longer makes so much more sense now…and it hurts. It hurts so bad…

Thank you Fujimaki. Now I’m depressed.


hi, everybody!

i’ve been lurking on tumblr for a while and i thought i’d start a studyblr! here are some facts about me:

name: adelaide

country: usa

age: 16

hogwarts: ravenclaw

favorite book: slaughterhouse-five by kurt vonnegut

song i’m listening to now: eugene by sufjan stevens

favorite movie: blue velvet

favorite studyblrs: @studyquill, @aescademic, @etoiletudie (you guys are awesome btw)

other stuff:

  • i want to be an english lit/political science major 
  • i’m a junior in high school rn
  • i’m not the best student - i manage to get alright grades but the reason i started a studyblr is so that i can establish a work ethic
  • my interests include all kinds of music (from indie rock to jazz), movies, t.v. shows (if you’re a jane the virgin/community fan, hit me up), fashion, travel and food (i love cooking.)
  • i love writing and singing and i’m trying to draw (though i’m not very good at it)
  • i’m the worst at sports bc i’m super awkward lol
  • i want to do a lot of stuff but my perfectionism sort of hinders me from doing a lot because i’m always too scared so i just avoid it - but i’m trying to be better about it

that’s it! if you’re a studyblr and you like/reblog this post, i’ll be sure to follow you! :) :)


Kunugigaoka Class Overviews and Personalities 

Each class has a page dedicated to it in the databook, with the exception of Class A, which gets two pages. There’s a bit of retreading on old information, but there’s also some interesting stuff in there. It’s six pages of the databook in total, so I’ve left the actual translation under the “Keep Reading” tab, but for a quick highlight of some info I thought was pretty neat:

  • Each class seems to have its own “personality”. It’s not like Harry Potter where people get sorted based on personality, of course, but one’s standing on the academic ladder and the pressures that come with it seem to affect each class’s morale as a whole. A casual summary boils down to -
  • Class A: We have a lot of expectations piled on us so we are very, very stressed, but we’d rather die than lose our “elite” status
  • Class B: We’re not as strong as Class A, but we’re actually the most popular class because we’re smart, we’re friendly, and we value teamwork
  • Class C: We just don’t want to stand out, but please don’t forget we’re here either. The best amount of pressure is no pressure. 
  • Class D: We may be near the bottom of the barrel, but we can still be the best goddamit!!! We have the most spirit!!! We’ll crush Class A!!! Also, we have to assert that we are not as bad as Class E by constantly degrading them!!! [TN: I have the feeling that most of the animosity towards 3-E comes from this group]
  • Class E: We’re supposed to be dirt, but this year we’re not  ;)
  • Gakushuu actually cameos in the background in the baseball arc (Page 15 of chapter 33). I never noticed him there because his hair is quite different! It looks like Matsui was originally planning on a different hairstyle for him
  • If you see random students drawn in the background, they’re almost certainly from Class C. It seems Matsui decided that Class C is the “random mob character” class
  • Oono-sensei (Karma’s and Nagisa’s old teacher) is apparently extremely hot-blooded. I felt like the book was describing Might Guy o_O 
  • Class E’s building is about 1 kilometer from the main school building, and one round trip takes 1 hour

But for those who want to read it themselves and not just my extremely casual summary, here’s the translation below:

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hi everyone! i’m quite new to the studyblr community so i thought i should write an introduction about myself ^.^

my name is quinn and i’m a high school junior! i live in germany almost my whole life, but i was born in vietnam and immigrated later on to europe. i found out about the studyblr community a while ago and it had motivated me so much to study more and focus more on my education, that i thought it’d be fun to have an own studyblr so here we are! 

i’m excited to get to know more people who truly enjoy studying and don’t just take school for granted! please always feel free to come talk to me, even if it’s about the most random thing :) 

❥ favorite …

color : blue
song : i need u - bts
food : everything my mom makes, chocolate
subject : english 
book : percy jackson 
app : i’m in between insta and tumblr but i think more insta 
sports : none. don’t ask. worst at sports. 
fruit : strawberries, mangoes, peaches

❥ academics/classes

so, different from the us, in germany you have basic classes like math and german that you have to take until you’re done with school. there’s no way out. but beside of these basics you can take whatever other class you want.

obligated : german, english, math, p.e., history, political science

self-elected : bio, chem, mandarin, latin, ethics, art

❥ interests

music : kpop (bangtan trash af), piano music (contemporary or as instrumental covers), hip-hop, rap, i’m literally open to anything 

movies : comedy, romance, action, action/comedy, scary movies (i won’t be able to sleep afterwards but it’s fine who needs sleep) 

hobbies : playing piano, drawing, writing (i used to have a bts fanfiction blog here lol), studying about stuff that i’m interested in (f.e. greek mythology, blame rick riordan okay), and procrastinating on social media ._. 

❥ wishes/dreams for the future 

getting that gpa for med school and become a cardiologist. ultimate dream of mine. otherwise, just have a good life with a good career (preferably in scientific areas, like marine biology that would be awesome) and have a sweet family.

❥ inspirations 

@emmastudies @elkstudies @revisiign  @studie-s @studeity @focusign  @quilavastudy @studyquill @studyblr @hobifulstudies @chrissiestudies @bts-studies 

❥ thanks for reading!

  • Emily Bett Rickards: (can't find Stephen Amell in a crowd)
  • Emily: (Using hands as a microphone) HOCKEY IS THE WORST SPORT EVER
  • Emily: There he is