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I'm was saying Spiderman 3 since last week dude for sure

the suit opens, a form comes out…

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don’t get me wrong i literally love tom holland, but never in my life will you ever see me disrespect andrew garfield like some people are. andrew got the short end of the stick when it came to playing peter / spiderman and he still did freaking incredible and i love him. tom hollands version of spiderman is by far my favorite but i love andrew (and tobey as well) and i will never disrespect either of them.

xXxSpider-ManxXx: tom AKA tommy AKA lord of darkness. bicurious RAWR i’m so random xD ~ 20 years young but wise beyond my years. emo isn’t a phase it’s a way life. if you have a problem with me then FUCK YOU!!!! favorite band is chemical romance you probably haven’t heard of them. best friend is harrison WHAT A LEGEND ~ my soul black like butterfly covered in tar. you know name NOT my story.

Troubled Calculus Pt. 1|Peter Parker x Reader

SUMMARY: After a mishap that happened with your school schedule, you are now stuck with the subject you are dread for, calculus. Will you be able to survive the year with this subject? Or will a little help from your one of your friends, Peter, that might lead to something more than just friendship. 

PAIRING: Peter Parker x Reader 

WARNING: Nope, no warnings at all 

IN THIS CHAPTER: Reader found out about the mishap that had happened and tried to consult with school counselor. However, after the attempt, the reader received a somewhat comforting from Peter. 

WORDS: 977

A/N: Hello and thank you for taking your time to read this fanfic I wrote. I really hope you enjoy this story and  hopefully it is not too plain for you to read XD The second part will be posted soon! If you have any other request for a drabble, fanfic or fanart, just hit us up. This art was also drawn by Cloudy too. - Mota

“But Mr. Wright, I did not apply for this class. How did I ended up in—” you looked down to your freshly printed schedule for the new school year, “— in accelerated AP calculus. I was 100% sure that I applied for the regular class last year,” You rushed through the hallway trying to catch up with your counselor.  

“Well, as I already told you, Y/N, there’s nothing I can do. The regular AP calculus class is already full and we simply cannot not place in anymore student into the class,” Mr. Wright still walked in a rapid speed toward his office, as like he was trying to escape from you.

“But you do know that this will effect my GPA right? I know that challenging class could benefit my class record, but this will bring my GPA down and I need to keep mi—” you still continued to follow him until you reached in front of Mr. Wright’s office in which he quickly stepped inside the room and leave his head through the door gap.

“Okay, Y/N, I’ve known you since freshman year, you are a bright student. A little challenging class won’t hurt you. Now, go to class, I sure you don’t want a tardy on your record,” Mr. Wright replied his annoying, calm voice that most student hates while tapping on his wrist watch. With that, you were faced with a door slammed in your face, causing you to jumped back from the door a little.

“Seriously, Mr. Wright!,” You shouted through the door, “are you just going to left me hanging like that? Argh!!” You pounded on the floor a few times before letting your hand slide down the door feeling defeated.

As this was the first day of school, this was the last thing you expected to happened. Why can’t a person just enjoy the first day of school? You turned around and lean onto office’s door to mentally prepare to the accelerated AP calculus class that were you about to go in. By the time you know it, there was a hand that came to rest on to your shoulder.

“Hey, Y/N, are you all right? Actually, you know what, I know you are not fine. I heard you screaming up from the second floor,” Peter, your one of your best friends who was walking pass by to his class came up to you. His voice was filled with conceded with with a hint of humor toward the end.

“It’s just that….my schedule….the class, ugh, you know what, just look at it,” you tried to explain your intricate situation in your friend but ended up falling before you handed him the paper.

He grabbed the paper from your hand and quickly scanned through the paper. His face shifting from content to a curious expression.

“Um…I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. The classes definitely look normal to me,” he replied has he still tried to shift through the paper to find the cause of your problem. “You have AP Biology, Biochemistry, graphic design and oh, you even fit in arts. Plus, I think you schedule is even more awesome since we have a class together.”

After those words left his mouth, you shift your attention to him. That was probably one of the best sentence someone told her today. How cannot you not be happy to have a class with one of your best friend?

“Really? What class?” You asked him, desperate for his answer.

“Accelerated AP calculus”

As soon as those words filled the air, you could feel like feel your face paler that your blood drenched away from your face yet very reassuring that you will have someone to support you in class.

“Well, you do know that that is the problem right? I did not applied for that class nor I am qualified for that class,” you whined back to peter with frustration. You knew that this is the Midtown School of Science and Technology. This is the school where everyone is smart, but that did not mean that people don’t have their weak subjects here. For you, it is the calculus class, your math skill is definitely higher than regular high school student, but not as high as most people here.

“I think you are going to be just fine, Y/N. Even if I can do it, I am sure you can do it too,” he replied back to you are you both made your way to the accelerated AP calculus.

“Oh yeah, speaking from the smartest guy in the school,” you rolled your eyes at Peter a little bit, “I mean like, how is it even possible that you got an A in Physic last year when you hardly attend the class and also, you never paid attention in it. I do know that you watch youtube all the time in class. I have a second pair of eyes you know,” you think back to the time last year when your best friend liked to disappear from school everyday and always caused you to worry about him despite the words from Ned that Peter will be fine.

“Come on, Y/N, just test the water out first. If it is THAT bad, we’ll figure out something together out, I promise,” Peter looked deeply into your eyes as he said reassuringly back to you and grasped your arms . You could swear you felt a little flutter as his brown orbs gazed into yours and it melted your heart just a little…..just…a…little.

“Fine,” you sighed, “let’s go to class then, you know how much I hate being late.”

“Oh yeah, I how could I forgot THAT time. What was it again—” Peter stated jokingly as you both made your ways toward the class.

“Shut it, Pete.”

Imagine requests!

So I’m gearing up to start writing. Send me your requests for most things. There’s not a lot I won’t be willing to at least try to write for. I’ll also keep you up to date on what my latest obsession is for imagines.

As of right now, Spiderman/Avengers and related are my main.

I do not write for Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, or real people. I haven’t watched either of the shows completely, and I’m not confident in writing real people.

Also, I’d like you to be aware that I’m currently struggling with some aphasia issues and I’ve been mixing up words and thoughts. Not too bad and usually I can catch myself, but sometimes incorrect sentences are gonna pop up.

EDIT: Additionally, I don’t have any prompt quote lists, so if you wanna request one from somebody else or your own, feel free!

Episode 1 was syllabus week and episode 2 is where the teacher assigns two projects and announces that you’re having a test

Did Sly and Bentley get One More Day’d?

This occurred to me while I was doing some mindless work at my internship (which, sidebar, I have now - if I’m quieter, that’s why). Was the sinking of both the ships Sly/Carmelita and Bentley/Penelope an intentional decision, a la One More Day?

One More Day, for those of you lucky enough not to know, is arguably the worst Spiderman comic ever put to print. Following the events of Civil War, Spidey’s identity was no longer a secret. The writers had no idea how to deal with this, so they fixed things. Very messily.

But OMD actually killed two completely innocent birds with one particularly blunt stone. For you see, as far as chief Marvel editor Joe Quesada was concerned, there was a far worse problem in play: Spiderman was married. And that’s terrible.

The thinking was that Spiderman is supposed to be young and hip and trendy, and “being married” is exactly none of those things. So along comes Joe with a story that solves everything. Spidey erases all knowledge of his identity from the public consciousness (via bullshit magic), and also saves a dying Aunt May. And all he has to do is sell his marriage to Satan.

Yes, really. This happened. Spiderman - “with great power comes great responsibility”, that Spiderman - made a deal with the devil.

I could talk about what an amazing trainwreck OMD is all day (this is skipping over all the subplots, which are all also terrifically awful!) so I’ll skip to the point. The strength of Spiderman, as a character, does not come from watching him flirt with a bunch of girlies. Anyone who legitimately thinks it does is a doofus. Instead, this was a move based in marketing. “If you look at the chart,” chant the suits in eerie unison, “married men do not have the same market penetration as their single counterparts.”

So here’s my worry: was Sly 4 making a similar play? Forcibly regressing Sly and the Gang to a younger, “hipper” state?

great buncha lads, driving around in a van, lovin each other, adventures

Sure, it certainly wouldn’t take a deal with the devil to break up Sly and Carmelita. A nasty argument could probably do that. But I remember being surprised when Sly 4 introduced her as “The EX-girlfriend”. That’s it? She’s furious, understandably so! But the second she found out, their formal relationship was instantly over? Five minutes into the game? 

They reconcile as the game goes on, but leaving aside Sly’s temporal exile, their relationship still took a heavy blow. I wouldn’t be surprised (if they were real people, not The Canon Ship) if, after Sly’s return, they decided to stay friends but not get back together.

And Bentley and Penelope have it far worse! Think about it: how much time do they actually get, onscreen, as a couple? Almost none. They hook up at the end of the pirate level. Then it’s Dr M’s level, where the focus is elsewhere and they get like one scene together. Then the game ends. By the time we reunite with Bentley in Sly 4, Penelope’s already gone - and with her, their relationship.

And y’know what? I get it. I do. Changing the status quo is hard. Putting characters in fundamentally different dynamics, and then trying to recreate what already came before under the new paradigm… it’s difficult. Very challenging for a writer.

But you have to try. Yeah, Sly/Carmelita is a very difficult ship to make work on a practical level; one or both of them has to sacrifice their professional identities. That’s what makes the dynamic interesting in the first place. But Bentley/Penelope? That would’ve been so easy to write for! They do crimes together, constantly complimenting each other’s talents. That’s good content, man! I would’ve loved to see that! And now it’s relegated forever to AUs.

You need to be able to let characters grow. Peter Parker can’t be a dorky high school kid forever - if he remains static, never changing, never improving, that’s just dull writing. Keeping characters in a youthful purgatory simply because you think it’ll produce more revenue… yeah. No. No to that.

I’m not making any hard claims here. This is just speculation, based on the fact we had two ships afloat at the end of Sly 3 and zero at the end of Sly 4. The harbour is empty now, and I fear it might remain so forever. That makes me sad.

…If Murray had a s/o, would they have broken up too?