worst songs of 2012


This guy makes some of the most hilarious videos I’ve ever seen.  I wish a year didn’t take so long so he’d make one once a week.

cutiejea  asked:

Hi... I just recently listened to 'Execution Commentary' for the first time and I have no idea what Matt was 'screaming' in the song or what the song is about. Can u help?

Hello love :)

the truth is that there aren’t really any lyrics to Execution Commentary. Muse’s official literally says this:

Fun Facts about Execution Commentary:

  • The song was first recorded in 1996 as an outro to “Crazy Days” (which later became “Yes Please”) on the Newton Abbot demo.

  • if you listen carefully, a few words can be distinguished, such as “yeah alright” and “come on”.

  • when someone removed the vocals they found out that a faint laugh can be heard at the end.

  • Matt called the song the worst song he had ever written in 2012.

lots of hugs to you<3