worst show on earth

catchingmoonbeams  asked:

DAIR OKAY JUST DAIR. Chuck was way too toxic for Blair and I am so pissed they were the endgame.


i mean why would any girl choose dan when you can have prince charming chuck bass who forced himself on jenny, who treated blair like a fucking object and made her feel MISERABLE during 90% of their entire dating history, sold her for his hotel, cut her with a piece of glass and yelled you are mine!!1111

why would any girl choose herself and her own happiness and independence???? why not give up your whole dream/career to marry the guy who treated you like shit for years. AMAZING.

why would anyone choose a guy who loves you for who you are, or makes you feel ‘strong and safe’, can’t think of any reason idk???? why would anyone want to be called ‘fiercely strong, independent, outspoken, beautiful’. I MEAN ISN’T LOVELY TO BE COMPARED TO A HORSE INSTEAD? ‘you’re like one of the arabians my father used to own, rode hard and put away wet’ SO ROMANTIC AMIRITE

  • Tyrian: *kills people, almost kills the protagonist of the show*
  • FNDM: It's okay! He's so random and funny (like me X3), so he can stay!
  • Cinder: *kills multiple people, destroys a school and most of one of the five major cities on the planet*
  • FNDM: OMGEE!! I hope she is okay!! That scar looks bad! :O
  • Roman: *destroys property, steals, ruins lives, kills people*
  • FNDM: But he's got a nice hat! And he's so funny and charming!
  • Neo: ?????
  • FNDM: XD I love her!
  • Jacque Schnee: *slaps a girl*
  • FNDM: >:O He must die!! Worst scum of the earth!! The most vile character this show has ever seen!!

“Enemies are never a problem. It’s your friends you have to watch out for.“


remember when that family dared to compare louis to his FATHER probably without even knowing the story of louis and his father just to gain sympathy and followers on their account? remember when that family shit talked the fandom saying that larry shippers were “ugly fat lesbians”? remember when byriani did nothing to stop them but went to the press crying because fans didn’t let her live and she only wanted privacy when she acted like she wanted nothing but attention from all this mess? remember when she and her family were the WORST people on the EARTH bullying people, insulting and showing their true colours since day 1 this “baby” was born? but yeah if you dare to remind people about this or drag her in an article that is all made up for press and narrative matters it’s automatically misogyny and suddenly YOU are the bad person and she is the poor girl dragged for no reason. looks like people here forget too easily or pick different sides in the name of a “politically correctness” / “tumblr social justice” that doesn’t exist in this world and definitely doesn’t work in this case.