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Is welcome to nhk an anime? Is it a good anime?

Is not only an anime, is one of the best animes created ever imo. 

We’re talking about an anime that touches on issues such as depression, desolation, relationships, love, disappointment, dependency, anxiety and even existentialism. It’s a black comedy, so sometimes it gets very depressing from time to time, and even if you don’t trust me, it’s also a drama.

One of the strongest points of this anime, of course, are the characters. All are either (1) Very funny and charismatic. Or (2) Very interesting. OR (3) Both things at the same time. We talk about characters suffering from severe cases of anxiety and paranoia, how to deal with these issues may surprise us coming from a comedy with sexual references but done in a way that isn’t superficial, making much emphasis on them and deepening each time the anime can do it

Sound smart? Well, the truth is that is not. The first episodes are full of humor and sexual references, and at first glance the characters look like your typical Japanese stereotypes reused to exhaustion, but don’t make the tone of the anime fool you, I can assure you that every subject raised in this is done in a very mature way.

What I liked the most is how the scriptwriter managed to make all the issues end up important for me. In addition he knew how to delve into each of the characters, what they like, dislike, their way of seeing life and sometimes their questionable behavior in front of some occasions. 

It’s a great balance between story and characters. It’s because for these characters and their charisma that it’s worthwhile to follow these issues that could be uncomfortable to watch, although it’s true that many times they can be quite exaggerated, I love how realistic the characters and their actions are.

They show you the otakus as they are.

It doesn’t insult them or degrade them in any way and in fact it’s quite positive with them, plus it shows you that even the worst being on earth is capable of doing something that everyone appreciates without cheap speeches, without stupid solutions or miracles.

Being the only bad thing about this anime, the animation. Because regardless if you have problems with it or not, it tends to lower the quality in a rather bad way in certain episodes, the movement looks awkward and the drawing loses all kinds of detail. And that’s basically the only bad thing this anime have, because in everything else it’s certainly perfect.

It’s an almost perfect anime but outside for the small detail of the animation. Graceful, depressing and even touching in the least expected moments.

Besides that it has the best anime ending ever, and if you don’t think so it’s because you’re simply being harmed by the work of a great conspiracy. ;^)

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DAIR OKAY JUST DAIR. Chuck was way too toxic for Blair and I am so pissed they were the endgame.


i mean why would any girl choose dan when you can have prince charming chuck bass who forced himself on jenny, who treated blair like a fucking object and made her feel MISERABLE during 90% of their entire dating history, sold her for his hotel, cut her with a piece of glass and yelled you are mine!!1111

why would any girl choose herself and her own happiness and independence???? why not give up your whole dream/career to marry the guy who treated you like shit for years. AMAZING.

why would anyone choose a guy who loves you for who you are, or makes you feel ‘strong and safe’, can’t think of any reason idk???? why would anyone want to be called ‘fiercely strong, independent, outspoken, beautiful’. I MEAN ISN’T LOVELY TO BE COMPARED TO A HORSE INSTEAD? ‘you’re like one of the arabians my father used to own, rode hard and put away wet’ SO ROMANTIC AMIRITE


“Enemies are never a problem. It’s your friends you have to watch out for.“

When A Stranger Calls Thoughts


  • The good
    • KJ, as always, gets a shout out. His facial expressions during the scene where Nick invites them to the party was so good. He was already wary of Nick, and that totally showed. However, during the breakup for Betty, about halfway through, he broke character. His lip started to quiver and he seemed heartbroken. Having to hurt CS, even if CS was in character, was a hard thing for him to do. I found that super sweet.
    • Vanessa KILLED! She is strong and sassy and just fantastic. I love how much she showed true empathy, whether Toni is actually empathetic or not, Vanessa played that beautifully.
    • Honestly, Jordan, he seems like such a good guy, so to see him play such an asshole shows great acting. I really love how sassy he seems. I’m looking forward to his inevitable one-liners.
    • Cole did well, for the most part, this week. I’ve been saying it for weeks that he was having Jughead flirt with Toni, and look who was right. I loved the myriad of facial expressions he went through after Toni called him “Juggie.” I hate Lice, but watching Cole break down like that was really great. And, as always, his acting was just off during the Lice scene, but otherwise, top marks.
    • I ALMOST FORGOT MADS. The silences are where the best actors shine. I almost love how few lines she has. She’s so emotive without talking.
  • The bad
    • I’m sorry, I hate Nick with all my heart, but seeing Graham as a bad boy was just so…odd. I’m so used to him playing a bitchy teenager on The Good Wife, and he wasn’t able to make me shake that. It just didn’t feel authentic.
    • Cami needs to stop watching the OC and gossip girl. I’d love to see her more as a Deb Morgan or Alex Nunez. She just plays Veronica so…slimy? And one dimensional? I hope she gets better, I mean, look at KJ now.
    • As always, LR. Nothing about this was good. It’s just simple, she can’t act, and I hate that people pretend she can. I wanted to feel bad for Betty, but I couldn’t stop cringing at how LR was playing her.  I mean, even just that first scene? She didn’t seem that scared? It took like three of those scenes for her to seem scared. I was just having such a hard time staying in the story when LR’s lip jutted out like it does for every single scene.


  • Betty is stupid. I don’t have a single positive thing to say about her. What the hell was she thinking? Going to that house? Answering the phone when there is a killer on the loose who you KNOW is doing it for you when it’s an unknown number? Being out alone at a bus stop? She had less sense than Archie had last episode, and that’s saying something. Also, I need more Archie and Betty, not because I like anything about them together, my hatred for Betty runs too deep. But because I feel like we are missing half this story. I want to see that playfulness, even in this situation. They love each other, so deeply, but that was just…missing. Also, I feel like The Black Hood is going to make Betty kill for him. Maybe as a serial killer, she would actually be a more interesting character.
  • The Black Hood, yes, he gets his own section. I feel like they watched every horrible police procedural with a ransom call and mushed them all together and came up with The Black Hood. He’s….funny. I was laughing. The lines were stupid and his obsession reminded me a lot of the LR is perfect brigade or Scamharts. He’s acting like a fucking fangirl, I mean, come on, can’t he be more innovative than that?
  • Archie was more of a friend this episode, which I really liked. We got to see Archie the caretaker. So much of the show has been focused on Archie and Archie’s problems, no matter how small or big they are. But we see Archie the best friend in a big way. I think that was really refreshing.
  • Nick is….real. With everything going on in the news right now, this was a perfect time for this episode to air. I think it was SO important. Nick is one of the worst types of people to walk the earth and they showed that expertly. I loved how he attempted rape on both Veronica and Cheryl so we saw it was a pattern and a well thought out one at that. I also LOVED how he said he was asking for it just by sitting there and flirting with him, which she shouldn’t have done, and I think says more about Cami’s lack of acting chops than anything. I also love how it’s the rich white boy doing the assault. One actual stereotype they didn’t follow. BRAVO! I get why Betty said his name, but I’d MUCH rather see a trial and watch Penelope destroy him. The other thing about Nick, it’s not just rape, it’s also peer pressure and drugs, and I think that’s really important. He made all the characters feel bad for themselves which caused them to give in. That’s just as manipulative as the rape and could have ended just as badly, probably would have if Betty had been partaking too.
  • Veronica was a very strong-willed woman tonight….and I still hate her. She gets major props for ending the song immediately the second she saw Cheryl and Nick leaving, and for kicking the shit out of him, all the Pussycats do. Those girls are FIERCE. But she was still so over the top and that drives me crazy. It’s like Fiona Coyne but less human. She should be more like Fiona. I’d like her a lot more if she was more like Fiona.
  • The Pussycats get their own category this week. First, I really wish they had chosen another song. This is the straightest least queer supportive show, and I felt like using Out Tonight was more queerbaiting. I loved Cami and Ash’s voices, they were PERFECT for the song. They have Broadway voices and I’m glad they finally used that to their advantage. Can’t wait to hear Mel and Val sing more. Asha and Hayley are fucking powerhouses.
  • Toni obviously has her own agenda, but it’s clear she cares about Jughead. She gave him that out and warned him before he was pummeled. If he goes through a sexuality crisis, it will be with her. She understands him and they are on the same wavelength, something Lice never has been. Jughead and Toni just work. My only anger is that they are keeping her straight, at least for now. She flirts with the guys, she should flirt with the girls too. It doesn’t have to amount to anything right now, but give us something, some wink or touch. Have more than one female serpent. You don’t get off the hook for diversity by having one POC girl in the serpents. That’s not progress, that’s quota.
  • Jughead was great, for the most part. I really don’t understand how Jughead and Betty can miss each other so much, it’s been two days, maybe less. I’m sorry, this is not how teen relationships work. This is not how any relationship works, actually, and for those who think it is, you must be a really fucking clingy partner. I think deep down Jughead knows that joining the Serpents is a bad idea and I think that shows on his face, I idly wonder why he’s doing it anyway. I really like him and Toni and hope that continues, they are really good for each other, the song choice was weird though unless they are implying this is the beginning of the end or something. Using a recognizable song there totally took me out of the scene for a second.
  • Alice. Fuck you. Blaming the victim???? REALLY? Though that outfit slayed and I totally thought it was Cheryl at first. That part was really well done.
  • Cheryl has gone through so much, LEAVE HER ALONE! I love how she put herself in that situation and they still made it clear that it wasn’t her fault. I am still completely shocked that he drugged her. I thought he thought she wanted it enough that she would have just gone back with him. She seemed to be interested, but I guess he thought she is stronger than that. That goes far towards showing Cheryl’s character. I love her and I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

My problems

  • In every interview, Cami was saying that Nick was Veronica’s ex…what happened to that. Does the cast just lie? Should we trust anything they say?
  • I thought hotdog was Jughead’s dog, that’s the implication we got in 13, what changed? Did the writers just forget their own narrative from just a few months ago?

Alright, that’s all I’ve got. Leave your thoughts below!

A post about Hetalia

I get too many asks like this so I’m going to tell you some more in depth shit okay so get ready, this is the last time I try to explain why I try to avoid this show even though i like some of the characters and some of the ideas of the show.

The idea of the show

The concept of Hetalia is really cool, maybe it could be good. A bunch of characters that are the representations of entire countries full of people that then have to interact and try their best to get along and make the humans behave while also teaching the audience about historical events and culture in various countries. Sure it’s really complicated and weird, but anime is always like that and the idea sounds kinda interesting. The show is very simple and silly and the characters are all goofy and funny. Nothing violent ever really happens its pretty much just the characters interacting and giving us some historical lessons full of jokes.

Is Hetalia offensive and racist?

I would say Hetalia could be a lot better, both in how its told and how its made, If you’re a person who has never read the manga or seen the anime the idea of it probably sounds very problematic but it’s actually not that bad. Dont get me wrong, parts of it are pretty bad but not as bad as you’d think, at least not the original Japanese version. The show doesn’t necessarily touch much on the very sensitive historical events its not like we see actual war scenes or characters dying, rather it tells us facts about the countries, about the culture. As a person who always loved history and culture I’d have to say some of the jokes in the show can be pretty funny and maybe even clever (but most of the time its just Italy running around and making weird noises). It’s safe to say the original idea for this show was probably for it to simply be an educational and fun way to learn world history, whether it actually is what it tries to be is up for debate.When it comes to racism the English dub however does have a lot of pretty terrible jokes, obvious stereotype accents and so on that many may find offensive, but that’s just the English version. But that’s not really the point, what makes Hetalia really offensive and annoying are the fans, and I feel bad for saying it but its true

The Hetalia fans

The show in itself may actually be pretty okay, some may hate it but the show in itself isn’t actually the worst show to ever be created on this earth believe it or not. But the fandom blows things out and create so much bullshit that it does make the show seem really bad. 

Anyone can tell that things are about to get problematic if you have fan girls shipping countries that in real life have been in war with each other. I wouldn’t say its wrong to ship the characters in the show they are fictional after all, but the fans go way out of hand and they bring their weird fan girl stuff into real life. I have literally met fans of the show that dressed up as Nazis, I have met people who drew so much problematic fan art, I have met people who constantly joked about horrible real life events and used them as content for their shippings. I can maybe understand if its events that took place a long time ago (many shows and comedians do that kinda stuff, Hetalia isn’t the only show that jokes about Hitler and nazis) but the Hetalia fans have a tendency to also use horrible things that may have happened very recently, events from which many victims are still grieving or events that are still going on right now and it’s very disturbing.

Not to mention that for some reason the hetalia fandom in particular is very good at creating loads of fan content that involves incest and rape, I’m not sure why but I have never seen so much of that kinda content in any other fandom. Usually I dont care what kinda weird creepy shit other people draw or write, but when there’e so much of it it kinda creeps me out.

Why are they so annoying?

Hetalia fans in most cases, are pretty young, about 13 to 17 years old, of course younger and older fans exist but this is just based on the many people I talked to for years. Also I personally liked the show from when I was 14 to when I was about 18. Because of this its understandable why many of the fans are considered reckless, uneducated and annoying, because that’s what people are like when they are teenagers. I was stupid when I was a teen as well.

The show can also be brought up at all times because the show is literally about the entire world. The fans appear as so annoying because they bring up Hetalia in every fucking conversation and it makes me want to die. Almost all anime fans are a bit like that, we like to bring up our fave anime, I’m guilty of that as well, but hetalia fans are the best at it for sure because you can almost always find a way to sneak Hetalia into any topic. I’m not saying thats some kind of excuse for hetalia fans behavior but at least there’s a bit of an explanation to why they can seem so obnoxious.

Personal experiences

I’m not saying all hetalia fans are bad people but many of them are annoying and many of them do things without thinking first. About a year ago at a convention I met a friend and she had a big group of hetalia fans. At one point one girl asked me if I was the person who made the “the adventures of potatoboy” comic and the fan art and such, she recognized me from selfies I had posted on tumblr. I told her that yes that’s me and then kindly asked her not to tell people about it because I don’t like getting too much attention. However only minutes later she had told the entire group and started showing my comic to everyone, about 30 people. They all started talking to me, that’s cool I guess but I have social anxiety so I wasn’t really feeling it. I clearly stated I wanted to leave and go to my friends and started walking away, but some girls followed me and asked questions about the comic; that is not cool. I ended up having to distract them and then literally run and hide for about 15 minutes until finally I met my jojo group and hid behind them for the rest of that day, that is absolutely not cool. They were never necessarily rude to me but I was really scared when several people started following me and didn’t want to leave me alone despite the fact that I told them multiple times. And I’m not saying all Hetalia fans are like them but many of them seriously are and I know because I have met them many times. 

Ever since I stopped posting Hetalia content and moved on to other shows the amount of drama, arguments and anon hate I used to get involved in without even trying has basically gone down to almost zero. Also my art doesn’t get stolen as much anymore, when I drew Hetalia my art got reposted by other people so much to the point where someone even made an instagram account and pretended to be me in order to gain more followers. Also people would sell my art on redbubble without asking me. If that’s not fucking weird then I don’t know what is.

So do I actually hate Hetalia?

No, I dont. I always liked the characters, they are silly and fun to draw. Yes the animation is probably the worst I have ever seen in an anime and the show certainly isn’t perfect in fact it’s pretty shit. But I don’t hate it and I dont hate people who like it, however I don’t trust the Hetalia fandom and I dont want to be a part of it ever again. All they do is argue, get into fights, act stupid in public and make me scared to go to conventions. If you like Hetalia that’s fine, if you think it’s racist and offensive then yeah that is your opinion and I understand that. For me what made me stop liking it was the fans, and yeah maybe I just had bad luck and kept running into the fans that steal and harass people but it made me very tired, and probably a main reason is also the fact that I got older

  • Tyrian: *kills people, almost kills the protagonist of the show*
  • FNDM: It's okay! He's so random and funny (like me X3), so he can stay!
  • Cinder: *kills multiple people, destroys a school and most of one of the five major cities on the planet*
  • FNDM: OMGEE!! I hope she is okay!! That scar looks bad! :O
  • Roman: *destroys property, steals, ruins lives, kills people*
  • FNDM: But he's got a nice hat! And he's so funny and charming!
  • Neo: ?????
  • FNDM: XD I love her!
  • Jacque Schnee: *slaps a girl*
  • FNDM: >:O He must die!! Worst scum of the earth!! The most vile character this show has ever seen!!

Dee Reynolds Is Terrible

-Lit someone on fire

-Serial rapist of men

-Ruined Rickety Cricket’s life

-Casually uses homophobic slurs

-Plotted to murder her brother

-Lies, cheats, steals

-Daydreams about murdering everyone close to her

-SUPER racist & does the most racial caricatures out of everybody

-Generally scary and violent

-Zero empathy ever

She’s complicated and interesting but she’s not a good person. On a show about the worst people on earth, she numbers among them rather than being the voice of reason or a pretty face. We should value this more.

remember when that family dared to compare louis to his FATHER probably without even knowing the story of louis and his father just to gain sympathy and followers on their account? remember when that family shit talked the fandom saying that larry shippers were “ugly fat lesbians”? remember when byriani did nothing to stop them but went to the press crying because fans didn’t let her live and she only wanted privacy when she acted like she wanted nothing but attention from all this mess? remember when she and her family were the WORST people on the EARTH bullying people, insulting and showing their true colours since day 1 this “baby” was born? but yeah if you dare to remind people about this or drag her in an article that is all made up for press and narrative matters it’s automatically misogyny and suddenly YOU are the bad person and she is the poor girl dragged for no reason. looks like people here forget too easily or pick different sides in the name of a “politically correctness” / “tumblr social justice” that doesn’t exist in this world and definitely doesn’t work in this case.