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i dont understand what the whole snowglobe thing is and where its come from>>?

I think Keegan started it all off because he said (I think) that he wants the ending to be Ali in Radley looking into a snow globe and for it all to have been in her imagination. Lots of people are now concerned this might happen because there are soooo many snow globe references throughout the entire series, including in the promo for the finale! It’s quite a random thing to feature so much. Plus, there’s a clip in the promo where the liars are sat outside in summer dresses and it starts to snow…. like how on earth would that happen?!

Soooooo many people have theorised over the years that it was “all just a dream” or “Mona imagined everything” etc, so as much as it would be the worst ending in tv history ever, I would not be surprised at all if they did it. I have absolutely everything crossed that they don’t!!

Homeland Finale - Quinn deserved better.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so angry and felt so cheated about a TV show than I do right now after watching the season finale of Homeland. I actually cared about these characters, and it was just pointless. Nothing, zip, no thanks for watching, nothing. It’s a terrible feeling, and I hate it, all of it. This finale was just heartless and cruel. 

That was the series finale for me. And it sucks because I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. They just killed the heart of the show. There’s no way it can come back from that. I know that I won’t be watching. 


One year later & I still hate the HIMYM finale! Still goes down in history as one of the worst finales ever in my book! There was nothing realistic about it at all! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the HIMYM series, just the finale!

The ending of The Sopranos is either the best or the worst series finale in television history, depending on whether the person you ask likes staring at a blank screen or not. The show ends with Tony Soprano and his family munching on onion rings in a diner, with a suspicious-looking guy in a Members Only jacket sitting nearby, then getting up to go to the bathroom. The last shot is of Tony’s face looking up at the door as his daughter enters, and then … nothing. Blackness.

Creator David Chase refuses to reveal what happened after that. So … does the black screen mean Tony took a bullet to the back of the head? Was the Members Only guy a hit man sent after Tony? A federal agent? Or just a guy with diarrhea who felt self-conscious about going into a restaurant only to use the crapper?

To our knowledge, the script for this episode has never been leaked or released. We haven’t read a word of it.

But actor Matt Servitto has.

Servitto played FBI agent Harris for six seasons of The Sopranos, and after a cast screening of the last episode, he talked to reporters about the script, revealing that the final scene continued after the cut.

7 Hotly Debated Movie Questions That Totally Have Answers

Bluehorned: To bluehorn something. To completely screw something up in the last second, even though it was pretty much a guaranteed success already.

Has its origin from the series finale of HIMYM, that was described by many people as one of the worst (if not the worst) in recent TV history because of its unnecessary and mostly unwanted plot twisting, which a blue french horn is symbolic for in the shows legacy. Hence to bluehorn something. “Manchester United completely bluehorned it in the overtime.”

“I loved Dexter, but the last season and the finale was such a bluehorn.”

This is the best thing ever so glad this is a definition now. It’s real!

It seems like we’ve been getting so much genuine hatred lately, and yet at the same time it feels like SWEN has never been so safe or happy or fun. We’ve got incredible writers and artists who never cease to amaze, people who never stop elevating the show with their own meta, people who relentlessly push for better by always asking the tough questions, we’ve got the SQ Movement setting out to spread positivity and share our story… It’s just really interesting to me that, at a time when we’ve created such insightful and hopeful and loving places to interact with one another, we seem to have more vitriolic opposition than ever.

I started wondering, as many of us often do, why? If we’re so insignificant, if there’s no reason for other ships to worry over SQ, why do they even bother? Why do they treat us like a bigger threat than they insist we are? And why is there so much resistance to the idea of us being optimistic? Why does that seem to piss them off more than anything?

And I realized something, or at least I formed a theory that, to my mind, helps explain their behavior. It doesn’t make sense to me that they’re simply threatened by the idea of SQ becoming canon because I think most of them truly don’t believe it could ever happen. And regardless of what the show does with SQ, we can never take canon away from them. We can never undo what they already have or what more they’ll get, and of course they want endgame, but some of the greatest, most beloved, most memorable ships from other fandoms weren’t technically ‘endgame’ themselves (Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Spike come to mind).

So maybe that’s part of it, but I think the existence of SQ, and the support it receives, is threatening to them in a different way. Because, while it can’t erase canon, it can devalue it. And I think that’s an incredibly alarming idea to people who think a single canon kiss is unequivocally worth more than three years of side by side character development and relationship growth. The idea that canon isn’t actually the most valuable thing at stake must be a scary thought to people whose main argument rarely moves beyond, “your ship isn't canon, ours is.” Which is true (for now anyway), but… so what?

Canon alone doesn’t denote value, canon alone doesn’t decide worth. There are plenty of canon stories that the majority of people acknowledge to be complete garbage and ultimately huge mistakes that never should’ve happened (the How I Met Your Mother finale is a recent example, with most media calling it the worst series finale in TV history, and almost the entire fandom “electing to ignore that stupid-ass decision” so to speak). Being canon doesn’t necessarily equate to being the best story, or even a good story.

And, really, what good is canon if, in ten years time, no one remembers? What good is canon if it gets lost in the din of stories just like it, past present and future? Who cares about canon when it’s fanon that stands out and makes a real impression on the world?

I think that idea is what’s so threatening to them, the notion that their canon ship is inherently less valuable than a fanon ship, especially one they derogatorily refer to as a “crack ship”. Maybe it bothers them to realize, even if only subconsciously, that their canon will never have the kind of impact our fanon does, that it’ll never have such significance to so many people, or be regarded as such a meaningful and revolutionary story.

It must piss them off to know it won’t be their canon ship that matters in the years to come, but a “crack ship” they spit out the name of like it’s a disease. Maybe that’s why they hate us so much, because they’ve realized if anything about OUAT makes a difference to the world at all, if the show is still relevant and the fandom’s still alive decades from now, it’ll most likely be thanks to our ship, fanon or not. Maybe they’re so damn angry because they know, regardless of canon, regardless of what they do, they’ll never have a bigger message or a better story than Swan Queen.

They can hate all they want, they’ll never change those facts. They’ll only affect the way history views them – most likely as ignorant, pitiful, petulant fools who were selfish enough to think a group of people fighting to be seen and heard were somehow an offense to them. If they’re remembered at all, it’ll be as people who fought against those who threatened to scrape away at the abundance of heteronormativity we live in. Canon or not, history will be on our side. I think that’s what bothers them so much.

HIMYM Series Finale

was seriously THE WORST finale I have ever seen in the history of my tv shows.

I thought I would be doing a little bit of this during the episode

with a little bit of this

and ending the series on a high note

But instead I was feeling like this

Honestly, I won’t get into everything that was wrong in this episode because I would be at the computer all night. But to have RoBarn break up after we’ve spent ALL season long at their wedding was pointless (and heartbreaking). And then have it turn out that this was not even about Tracy, the mother at all? It was really Ted and Robin’s story?!!!

So apparently I have been watching the wrong show all this time. I thought this was called How I Met Your Mother…not How I Met Your Stepmother.

My love for the HIMYM Finale will always "Last Forever"

I remember that one September night on the 19th of 2005. I was a wee little lad, laying on the living room couch. Dad just got home and decided to watch this new sitcom called “How I met your mother”. I liked the pilot, and kept returning from time to time, and eventually stopped when season 5 ended. When I got Netflix I saw the show was on stream. I decided to watch it from the beginning again and caught up to the current season 6. I started watching the show on season 7 again on TV, and on March 31st, “Last Forever” aired on CBS, the last episode of one of my favorite comedy shows of all time. Maybe it was because I was with them since the beginning back in ‘05. After the episode ended, I was surprised with the shocking ending. I was confused, sad, mad and decided to sleep. In the morning I thought about it over and over and thought to myself: “That was the best way to end the series”. I decided to watch the reviews online, and everyone hated it, claiming it to be “one of the worst ending aired in television history”. Maybe they’re feeling the same way I did before waking up, they’ll get over it.

It’s been 11 weeks since the finale, everyone still hates it.

But, why?

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