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Voltron Season 5 leaks

Keith your gay is showing

And the only other valid alternative would be

A lot of people seem concerned about Touhou being on Steam, which seems kind of ridiculous. You love Touhou. It’s something really important to you. Why would you be concerned about it being shared with more people? Wouldn’t you want people, who might not have gotten the chance to otherwise, to appreciate something that makes you so happy? Why do you automatically assume that if new people get into Touhou, they’ll ruin it or make it bad? A new influx of people will change nothing about the series, or what it stands for. Does what other people harmlessly do or think really affect your enjoyment of Touhou?

The western Touhou fandom is going to grow and flourish. Touhou is going to grow and flourish. We’ll see more fan works and ZUN will earn more for his hard work. Many, many more people are going to be able to experience the magic of Gensokyo, and the fantasy of Touhou is going to be stronger than ever before. So let’s enjoy it.


Well he must’ve done something right. You turned out pretty good.

Before the finale(yes there are 2 days but let me just speak my mind), the queerbait i will be rebloging if the advance review is true is going to be about THE PROMOTION of the episodes.

There is no queerbaiting on the actual show
- okay maybe the fucking amy winehouse scene.
They never implied that ed is not straight.

But the promotion side of things is just a joke.
Since like the 3.04? Evey promotion is nygmobblepot positive or about it. The picture from 3.20 is a perfect example. That is a COMPLETE DIFFERENT FUCKING ANGLE. We never see that we just see the daddy kink of ed. That is going to be the queerbait i will be mad about. The promotion,the photos,the whole gotham Twitter account you get my point. Not what the actors said or the show itself or the writers.

Here, Pitch fam: Have some inspiration

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how to spot a supernatural fan in public

1. start playing carry on my wayward son

2. look for the people who drop to the ground sobbing in a puddle of their own tears

3. that is all

There is no trans yellow
  • it’s late 2014
  • me and “friend” discussing new bionicles
  • he says Pohatu will have trans yellow parts
  • I know he is wrong
  • there is no trans yellow, only trans lime green


  • ffwd to early 2015
  • same jackass says skull scorpio will have trans yellow
  • getting real tired of his shit
  • there is no trans yellow, only trans lime green


  • ffwd to late 2015
  • jerkwad says this time will be different
  • uniter Pohatu will bring trans yellow
  • I’m shaking
  • there is no trans yellow, only trans lime green


  • now it’s early 2016
  • jerkass is adamant about Umarak the Destroyer’s trans yellow
  • I scream at him to get out of my room
  • crying on my bed now
  • I hear the wall crumble as Umarak the Destroyer enters my room
  • he is a gorgeous shade of trans lime green
  • trans yellow heathen bursts back into the room
  • locks eyes with Umarak
  • Umarak roars a mighty roar
  • idiot nonbeliever screams as the big, meaty, gear-operated claws tear his body apart
  • my tears are of joy now
  • I’m so happy
  • Umarak the Destroyer grabs me in his colossal claws
  • I’m so ready

There is no trans yellow, only trans lime green


Now and forever, my love.

hook “fans” that actually want him to be a murdering psychopath because he’s just “too soft” now.

emma “fans” that actually want her to go back to season 1 emma where she was all alone, heartbroken, and has so many walls.