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If you're still doing the soulmate au thing, 22 or 15 or 11 (couldn't really decide, so whichever you feel like doing) with Shinichi/Shiho (Conan/Ai)

(soulmate AU prompts)


tired, so have a short drabble. which went in a completely unexpected direction anon sorry not sorry


22. the one where it’s impossible to lie to your soulmate.


“Worst score you’ve ever gotten on a test.”

“76. After an argument with the professor, 84.” Ai doesn’t even bat an eyelash. “Truth or dare, Edogawa-kun?”

He clicks his tongue in annoyance. “Neither of us ever picks the dare, Haibara, I don’t know why you bother asking. Truth.”

“It’s the principle of the matter,” she says. “Worst lie you’ve ever told.”

“You’re looking at it,” Conan replies shortly. “I’m still surprised that I can tell you my name. Most embarrassing picture you have on your phone?”

This time, she actually pauses before answering. “Higo-san’s photoshoot from last month’s JSoccer magazine. Shut up.”

“I wasn’t going – ” the words die in his throat, unspoken and unspeakable.

“To say anything, right.” Ai waves a hand dismissively. “So much for that.”

Conan rolls his eyes. “I hadn’t pegged you for a Higo fan. Certainly explains why you were following Big Osaka’s games so closely last season, though, I know you have zero interest in the sport.”

“I’m still perfectly capable of lies of omission, if not commission.” Ai smirks a little. “Your turn. What do you most dislike about Holmes?”


(“They’re at it again, aren’t they?” Ayumi whispers, unnoticed by either participant. “How long has it been?”

Mitsuhiko checks his watch. “Almost twenty minutes. I think Haibara-san’s not planning to give up this time until one of them runs out of questions.”

“That’s… going to take a while,” Ayumi observes, and he nods in agreement. They can’t hear every word from over here, but it’s almost like watching a tennis match, except more fascinating and possibly lethal.

Genta yawns, and wanders off in search of a snack.)

How do I personally sue whoever it was that made me look at Buffon cry

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Who do you think has Cas' phone on their cell phone plan? Because even an angel of the lord isn't getting out of those contracts.

oh, i kinda just figured he had one of those pre-paid, $20-40/month plans! and they’re easy to cancel, because i’ve had to cancel them like twice lol

but if anything, i would say that sam and dean would share a plan, and they’d all probably save a little money adding cas on, not that they make it themselves or anything