worst scene in the history of anything ever

Thoughts about the finale

mixed feelings about this. 

I didn’t like it. Don’t get me wrong. I was rooting for twincer, I was rooting for the emison babies. I was rooting for mona being the bad bitch she is. I was rooting for wren being involved. But my problem isn’t with all this. Going with the twincer story, there was only one way marlene could’ve presented this, and it was the abandoned twin is sad lonely and vengeful. Which i understand. It was boring yes, but my theory came true so im not complaining. this is my problem:

It was the presentation that was just god awful. The first 30 minuted of the show had absolutely NOTHING happening. I kept checking the time and waiting for something to happen. I understand that we were supposed to see the liars lives and choices post A.D, but i’ve been watching this show for 5 years for the mystery!! I do want to see the liars in their lives but i wish the priority had been the mystery.

The reveal

I got so excited when i saw spencer look into her reflection. All she had to do was look at herself for me to know what was about to happen. Boy i got SO excited. That scene was AMAZING. Troian acting was phenomenal. That was one of the few things that i absolutely loved. I was expecting that twin but i was not expecting that accent. That left me shook. Besides that i really didn’t really particularly enjoy the reveal. The problem was that it was SO predictable. We all had guessed the airport scene was twincer. We all guessed wren shot twincer to look identical. We all guessed twincer had sex with toby. I was expecting that. What i wanted to know though, was the lies within charlotte’s story? why sara was working for charlotte. I know they mentioned that but i still have no clue. and out of ALL people, it was jenna who realized the truth about twincer. not toby not aria not melissa but jenna. One thing i truly will never know is if jenna is really blind or not. Bitch can see i swear.

More plot holes. How did spencer know what book toby was referring to if alex gave it to him? They played it way too safe in my opinion. Jenna is one bad bitch, they could have incorporated her into the story so much more. Lets not forget WREN. wren could’ve been an AMAZING sidekick. He was a creep in radley, it would have explained how charlotte got in and out at times? Secondly, before wren was ingested into the rosewood crap, he was a pretty decent guy. When you see your exgirlfriend’s sisters secret twin, you just hook up with her? That is some creepy shit how did he not pick up the phone and dial up melissa? that is the most unreal thing i’ve ever heard of.

The end

Let’s talk about that ending. Toby not knowing his way around his own house that he built? come on? I enjoyed the last scene with the liars together. However i really wished we could have seen more of the hastings. I mean, i wanted to see Veronica react to Alex. I wanted melissa’s reacting. When they said they were bring melissa back i was SO excited. She is one of the best actors. But what we got was 1 scene of her next to a horse? i mean are you kidding me. i get she has chicago med to film, but they couldn’t have her in one more 2 minute scene, maybe of her hugging spencer post alex or SOMETHING. Besides that the end scene with mona. Loved it. Really made me feel full circle. i didn’t quite understand how that happened but i was okay with it. I don’t know why mary was in there. She didn’t really do anything wrong in my opinion. I actually liked mary but ok fine.
The end scene. Those 3 girls in the cabin. one girl wakes up (aria parallel), asks where addison is. The 4th girl (spencer parallel) comes in. Addison’s gone. “i think i heard her scream”. LITERALLY WORST ENDING EVERY HOLY SHIT. I don’t think ive ever been so angry. That was TERRIBLE. JUST AWFUL. I hated it. I had suspected this happening, when addison+4 were cast but i prayed no. I hate the whole history repeats itself thing. History already repeated itself x3 already! jessica/mary. Spencer/alex. Lily/grace. If this addison thing is really history repeating itself then we already know whats to come. not to mention how many damn girls disappear in this town damn. I get it was supposed to be full circle or whatever. But it felt like a fucking pentagon. The devil’s pentagon. Hated it. I probably would have minded it soo much, if it wasnt so specific. but everything down to the lines was exactly. the. same. I did not watch this show for 5 years and waste my youth to watch addison and co. being the last scene

I’m not even disappointed to be honest. I have always watched the show with low expectations. I hoped this being a series finale would make it somewhat better, but nope. I thought i would cry at some point. But no scene in this whole episode made me cry. I didn’t hate it completely. There were times where i was smiling so wide. I was having a stroke during that twincer reveal. I loved parts of it. Lily and Grace were cool. Troians acting was amazing. all the scenes with the 5 girls were also so lovely. but generally i wasn’t too impressed. If anything i feel content that its finally over. 

Goodbye pretty little liars. You had the potential to be the greatest show, instead you got fucked over time and time again. 2010-2017. 

“’Right, Neville,’ said Professor Lupin. ‘First things first: what would you say is the thing that frightens you most in the world?’

Neville’s lips moved, but no noise came out.

‘Didn’t catch that, Neville, sorry,’ said Professor Lupin cheerfully.

Neville looked around rather wildly, as though begging someone to hep him, then said, in barely more than a whisper, ‘Professor Snape.’

Nearly everyone laughed. Even Neville grinned apologetically. Professor Lupin, however, looked more thoughtful.

‘Professor Snape … hmmm … Neville, I believe you live with your grandmother?’

‘Er– yes,’ Neville said nervously. ‘But – I don’t want the boggart to turn into her either.” (POA)

a couple of things about this particular scene:

1) “Even Neville grinned apologetically” reads to me that even Neville is aware that his fear of Snape is… well, not ridiculous. But more ridiculous than, say, a fear of something ‘scarier’ such as spiders, mummies, dementors, etc. Neville himself probably realizes that it’s a) a little rude and b) kind of strange to name a professor as your greatest fear. 

2) “I don’t want the boggart to turn into her either” acknowledges that Neville’s boggart could also be his grandmother. Neville, at this point in the series, is literally frightened by everything: the reason his first answer is Snape is because Snape was literally just there a minute ago and he’s fresh on Neville’s mind. If Snape hadn’t been just in the room, Neville’s answer might have been his grandmother or the uncle who threw him out of the window, or any other number of people. Honestly, knowing what we do about Neville’s history now, I’m more surprised that his answer is Bellatrix Lestrange. 

3) People use this scene a lot to justify the trauma Snape inflicts on Neville. Their argument tends to be that since Neville’s boggart is Snape, therefore Snape has bullied Neville so terribly that Snape is Neville’s worst fear. But I think they tend to look on this scene and think about the kid Neville grows to become and not the kid that Neville is at this particular moment in time - continually frightened, jumping at every shadow, intimidated by almost everyone and anything. And he was like that before he ever came to Hogwarts, so don’t try to pin that behavior entirely on Snape’s intimidation tactics. 

4) Not included, but Neville banishes the boggart-Snape. You can’t do that with boggarts that show you what you really, actually fear. There’s a reason Molly Weasley can’t banish the boggart that shows her entire family dying - boggarts show a multitude of fears, and there’s one that is the true fear, the one that you can’t laugh at or banish. Neville being able to banish Snape - and so quickly and easily - speaks to how little he truly fears Snape. Hell, even Ron has more trouble with his spider-boggart.

Honestly, this little moment gets blown way out of proportion by anti-Snape people and it still kind of baffles me. 

How many times will I re-watch Gossip Girl by having it on the background while I work! This terrible, terrible show is one of my favorite television experiences ever created. 

I’ve got the episode on now that followed the infamous Dan/Vanessa/Hillary Duff As Kristen Stewart three-way episode. In this one, Dan is presenting this short play he wrote to a bunch of people who he’s really hoping to impress with his abilities as a playwright, except the play is like… the worst thing ever written by a person. Ever. In any genre, in any language, throughout history, there has never been anything more unwatchable than this play. It’s so obviously terrible, yet within the world of the show, Dan is a Really Good Writer, and everyone actually enjoys the play, and then Lady Gaga is there, and there’s a whole bit where Dan and Vanessa and Hillary Duff as Kristen Stewart improv theatre through their post-threesome awkwardness, and MEANWHILE this is all interspersed with scenes of the main plot, which is about Serena having an affair with Nate’s cousin, because Nate is a Kennedy and Serena is I guess in this episode Marilyn Monroe? But Blake Lively is such a sucking black hole for all energy and passion that a scene might contain, it’s just extremely awkward, like at one point Serena is telling Nate about this incredible raw physical attraction she feels whenever she’s around his cousin, she’s saying it is physically impossible for them to keep their hands off each other but they’re both fighting it as hard as they can because he’s married, and of course Blake Lively is just, like, sitting there listlessly relaying all this information like a pale, silky-haired sloth. 

Listen: I like Riverdale and all and I gamely sat through two and a half seasons of Pretty Little Liars with the best of you, but nothing could ever be the same as Gossip Girl for me.