worst photoset ever



THIS IS GOING TO BE LONG PROBABLY. (did i even spell that right ? idk) omg you are all grown up now, and i am beyond happy that you are my friend, bestfriend, but you are more like a sister to me. We have known each other for so long now, and i can’t. These years that we have been friends or “sisters” have been the most amazing years. We have honestly been through alot, like when you first met Chachi ! And we were so exited, i know i was ! ahah. And when you were going to meeting Ian (he better tweet you a happy birthday or else ill punch him with my skateboard). AND THIS YEAR you met Ariana and you are now meeting Selena. I am so so happy that you got the chance to meet them both because out of all people, you deserve it. I am so proud that you are my friend, best friend and sister. 

I remember all the good times we had and there are so many more to come, remember when i got you to stay up all night cause i was bored and didn’t have anything to do, or when we talked on the phone together for the first time ? when i sat up all night talking with you guys on skype, when Selena messaged our tumblr saying a “thank you” for our support, and now here we are. I met her a month ago, and now its your turn, ASDFGHJK. You have been there for me through all of my obsessions hahaa and thats alot, and i applaud you for that (remember skrillex, one direction and Beau, thoues were the days). I most of all want to thank you for always being there for me and always making me feel better, i hope i have done the same thing for you and i hope you know i’ll always be there, no matter what happends. You are the most beautiful and wonderful person, and never change for anyone okei ? You deserve the best doll. One day when we’re old, and you are married to Ian we will sit on our porch and remember these good days, and i hope life gives us alot of other amazing adventures.

Shannon i know you’ll be something great in life, i love you so much, Happy Birthday ♡ 


“I really love David Cook.” [x/x/x/x/x/x/x/x/x/x]