worst persons

“i wish there were more non-bar lgbt spaces”

me, nodding: ok, good, alcoholism is a big problem in our community, plus not everyone drinks + under 21s can have a hard time finding places to meet

“…bc the lgbt community is so ~sexual~/gay bars are Dirty/it’s gross :(/it’s acephobic/they’re harmful to children”

me, recoiling: bad fucking content,

the worst part about tumblr is that whenever a blog i follow gets into a new fandom and its all over my dash i’m so tempted to just watch one episode and i’m convinced it won’t be a big deal but then the show ends up being super good and i watch the whole series and it’s just like guys my life is already controlled by too many fandoms i don’t have time for any more yet here i am how is this my life

Neurotypicals giving comfort is literally the worst/most hilarious thing. Some of my favourites are:

“It will get better! In a months time you won’t even be thinking about this so just smile!”

“I felt suicidal once too but I thought about *insert minuscule thing* and told myself to keep going, and I’ve felt so much better ever since!”

And the all time best:

“You’re such a lucky person! You have so much that other people would kill for! Why be suicidal when you can be happy!”

Gay Things I Shouldn’t Have Allowed My Mother To Do (but it's too late now)

-Read my 1950s lesbian pulp novels
(“Wait, what’s happening? Why did she die? This is some BULLSHIT!!!”)
-Watch Carol
(“Well, if I were to be with a woman, I would want to be with a woman like Carol. She seems like a very attentive lover. Look at the faces Therese is making!”)
-Watch The L Word
(“Why are they always having sex? Is this what you and your friends do when you disappear into your room for two hours? Is this really how dramatic being a lesbian is?”)