worst of deviant art

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sorry to bother you but what is your thoughts toward KingSkyeRain (they're on deviant art)?????

The worst.
I mean look at their gallery! It’s hopeless!


People on tumblr still think humon is a credible artist.
People on tumblr think humon is, or ever has been a shining exemplary supporter of all the varying shades of LGBT jazz.
Like… she wrote an entire webcomic about some (white) spy who basically swoops in a saves this black couples life (or something) by pretty much just fucking the both of them none stop. He’s aparently a better father to their kid that his own dad.
And everyone is okay with this?
And her blatant fetishisation of pretty much every culture outside of her own for her yoai fantasies?
Wait OF COURSE tumblr is ok with that.