worst night to release this


I’m finally back with another installment. To the bots, I’m so sorry you had to wait so long.

It was customary for the Amaris to reserve one night out of the week to watch a movie together. They usually took turns picking out which film to watch, but Angela had been making the selections for the past month. She had a list of movies she wanted to get through and had somehow convinced Fareeha to forfeit her turns.

“Babe, do you think I could pick out the movies for the foreseeable future?”


“I promise they’ll be great.”

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Thank you all! You guys are amazing and I love you.

It’s been now a little over a week since the game’s release.

I couldn’t sleep during the first night after the release. I was anticipating the worst, that the game was shit, no one likes it, or it has huge game breaking bugs. But in the morning I was able to relax after reading peoples comments and seeing them being excited about the game. Yay, I didn’t fuck up!

In general I’m really happy and surprised for the positive reception. The game isn’t perfect, and it shouldn’t be. It’s my first game (well, first where I worked alone) and I started it as a “practice project” for my other project. I really appreciate all the critique you guys have given me! Some of the things I knew people wouldn’t like or would find problematic, but some things I hadn’t even thought about! Really helps me when I’m working with future stuff. And one of the biggest help with feedback has been watching people’s let’s plays! Seeing how they react to certain things and how they see the world and the story helps me figure out what worked well and what didn’t, even when players don’t realize it themselves.

But most of all I’m happy how people seem to like the story, since that was the main reason I wanted to create this game. It’s a small story with important message I wanted to tell. I could have done better with some of the scenes and the dialogue, but otherwise I’m happy how it turned out.

But yeah that’s for the “feelings!” part. So what’s happening next?

I will do an updated version of the game where I will fix some minor issues and maybe add a little more sound effects and otherwise polish the game. I can’t say when this will be done, but hopefully soon.

I was also approached for a possible Spanish translation of the game. So that is going to happen. If you are interested in translating the game for another language, send me a message.

I probably won’t be making any more Imaginary Friends related posts here. Of course I will keep answering your asks and maybe occasionally drawing something small, but since the game’s out, I have nothing really to update about it :D (Maybe we’ll do a Q&A similar to ones we did years back)  But for now I’m starting to focus on my next project. I’ve actually started working on it already since i don’t have any other life. I don’t know when I’m going to reveal it though, I could either show it you guys right now, or I could wait a little bit longer until I have some gameplay to show. I’ll think about it.

But hey. BIG Thank you for playing the game and leaving feedback! And special thank you for those who have donated money in itch.io, I really appreciate it. All that money is going towards my future projects (software licenses for start). And a very very very special thank you to all who have been following the development of Imaginary Friends and been supporting me these two years. Thank you <3