worst lightning

imagine Baze + Chirrut as young men, still in training, and their relationship is the worst-kept secret ever:

  • Chirrut keeps accidentally calling Baze ‘my love’ in public, sometimes while yelling for Baze in a crowded room*.
  • Baze dreamily staring at Chirrut for hours and getting into trouble for not paying attention.
  • They constantly drag each other around by their robe belts.
  • If they have to sit or stand close together in public, they inevitably end up pressed against/leaning on each other and holding hands**.
  • Anyone who hurts Baze during sparring promptly becomes Chirrut’s enemy.
  • Baze refuses to talk about Chirrut ever, and blushes if anyone else mentions him.
  • Chirrut refuses to talk about anything but Baze.
  • If you interrupt any of their conversations – no matter how inane the conversation or how important the interruption – they’ll both glare at you for hours***.
  • Chirrut constantly and visibly wearing the starbird pendant that everyone knows used to belong to Baze.
  • Whenever someone comes into their shared room, they find Baze and Chirrut standing in opposite corners looking very ruffled.

* Chirrut has on occasion tried to save face Chandler-Bing-style, by calling Silvanie and Killi and his teachers ‘my love’ immediately afterwards. (Luckily the echo box isn’t sensitive enough to detect even the biggest eye roll)

** 80% of the time they don’t seem to realise it’s happening, and act very shocked when someone points out how entangled they’ve become. 20% of the time they do realise, and it’s even more entertaining to watch them both try to fight the urge to snuggle and unfailingly lose.

*** It is very disconcerting to be glared at by Chirrut, especially since he’s never actually facing you, but you still know.


“Do you remember when we met all those centuries ago? Do you remember what you told me? ‘Keep your eyes front, I’ll watch the rear.’”

“But I didn’t. I couldn’t!”

“Oh, but you did! More times than you know. As long as you were with me, Light, I didn’t have to fear anything. I’m not scared…not even now…because you’re here

Scared of flying? These unsettling plane facts won’t help. Some of the most frightening secrets kept by pilots include how often planes are struck by lightning, the worst time of day for turbulence, plus the one thing pilots fear more than turbulence…

1. Lots of planes get struck by lightning. Don’t panic. Planes are built to take it. If lightning strikes while you’re on-board, the worst that will usually happen is just a bright flash and a loud boom. Experts estimate that each U.S. commercial fleet is struck by lightning at least once annually.

2. Afternoon flights are the worst for turbulence. Afternoons have an increased likelihood of both bumpy air and thunderstorms, but the air in the late night and early morning becomes more level as the night cools off.

3. There’s something pilots fear more than turbulence. Turbulence is something pilots plan for but an updraft is a completely different story. It is difficult to detect an updraft on night radar. Hitting these violent winds at high speed can throw a plane up and down hard, and even spin a plane out of control.

4. Planes don’t fly with a full tank. Carrying extra fuel can lead to an unnecessary waste of it. Most major airlines play it safe and schedule their flights without full tanks. But it’s far from a death sentence as planes can land at an alternative airport.

5. There’s no such thing as a water landing. The phrase ‘water landing’ is nothing than a euphemism for crashing into the ocean. It can often be a controlled descent as opposed to a deadly crash, but there are generally no cases where a plane has landed in or on the water if not for an emergency situation.