worst interview

“ ‘There was love between you and the vampire who made you?’ I leaned forward.

“ ‘Yes,’ he said. ‘A love so strong he couldn’t allow me to grow old and die. A love that waited patiently until I was strong enough to be born to darkness.’”

-Louis & Armand, Interview with the Vampire


Embarrassingly low representations of both strong women and minorities is something [Aya Cash] feels compelled to speak on even as a white woman playing a great, fleshed-out character. “I feel like it’s my job as a white actress to say that I see it too, and that as a white person who is privileged from the lack of diversity in our business, not saying something, I think, is actually wrong. Because then it makes it seem like a problem that is not mine, when it actually is all of our problem.” And the way she sees it, white creators trying to blatantly appeal to the solution in the most miniscule manner—or avoiding the situation to swerve around any potential backlash from misrepresentation—is just worsening the problem.

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did you see kellyanne conjob's interview with matt lauer re: flynn's resignation? it felt like groundhog day listening to her say the same thing over and over. she also looks Shook

i did she looked rough as per ush, but like this time she really looked completely drained and defeated. this hands down was the Worst interview i’ve seen of her, really glad lauer persisted with his questions too. we’re literally watching trump’s inner circle crumble before our very eyes, incroyable!

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The absolute Worst™ Dom interview is the one where he's drunk in France, wearing a white dress shirt. Everytime I see those gifs, I just shake my head and ask myself why I got attached to such an impossibly attractive person.

Wait this one? Where they’re drinking beer?

Because everything about this interview is my absolute favorite thing in the universe. He’s just so beautiful. It’s honestly stupid how cute he is wtf