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“Do you remember that restaurant where we used to get the chocolate croissants and the espressos in the morning?” Hammer asked Chalamet, who simpered in response. “Do you remember that little place on the piazza where they had the pizza and the other stuff?”

“Ahhhh, yeah,” Chalamet gushed.

“You remember everything,” Hammer said.

“Speranza!” Chalamet recalled, referring to an eatery.

“Yeah, Speranza,” Hammer said. “Where they had the fish. I mean, Timmy’s got some great memories, too. It was an experience that was so surreal and such a treat that honestly if nobody saw the movie, if nobody liked it, if it didn’t go anywhere, I’d still carry it with me as such a point of pride.”

“Hopefully you build an audience that appreciates your range, rather than being a traditional leading man or someone who looks good in a cop’s uniform,” he adds in a smooth, sophisticated accent with an ever-so-slight nicotine rasp to it.

“Why isn’t Tim Curry a big star?” - San Jose Mercury News - 15/10/87

andrew minyard is the worst at interviews
  • interviewer: how many goals do you think you've saved in your exy career?
  • andrew: many
  • interviewer: what do you think of your fellow teammate, neil josten? fans speculate there's somethin-
  • andrew: kevin!
  • kevin, in the middle of his own interview: what
  • andrew: who the fuck is neil
  • interviewer: what team do you hope to play for in the future?
  • andrew: i don't
Outlander star Caitriona Balfe on snakes, sexual violence, and what to expect in season 3
Outlander returned to Amazon Prime this weekend, and the third season of the cult time-travel saga has already been earning raves from the critics.

Caitriona - “There was a day when I got to work with a snake! Animals are always an unexpected, but these snakes weren’t exactly trained very well. I had a snake basically slither its entire body across my neck, but it wasn’t always willing to play ball. It would try and find - this is going to sound terrible, but it would try and find dark little crevices in my costume to go and hide itself. That was quite… interesting. It’s not like I’m usually that afraid of them. I’m terrified of cockroaches, for some reason, but with this snake there was a certain amount of thinking,“I’m OK with this, I’m OK with this, wait - where is it going!? I’m am not OK with this any more!”


Luke Evans and Daniel Brühl talk about The Alienist at Turner Upfront 2017.

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Can you link any of your fav bts or q&a I love those videos but I can ever find any good ones

for a while i started making a compilation playlist of all the sunny bts stuff and now i regret not finishing i really should

okay right off the bat any bts by an official sunny account is good and theres so many of them but my favorites are

alright now some of my favorite other things i know i’m missing a lot but i’m taking forever to make this post:

comic con ‘10/’11/’13 if you like q&as and there are snippets of paleyfest 2009 all around

if you havent watched the nightman cometh live or the old videos like sunny side up/part twokaitlin’s audition, or the making of the pilot those are good as well. if you like listening to podcasts and/or learning about the history/conception of the show, i recommend the commentaries or the marc maron interviews

The Wynonna Earp cast is the worst. In interviews, all they talk about is how much they love, admire, and support each other. In panels, they cry about how amazing it is to work with each other. In Twitter, they gush about their fans and compliment each other while watching their own show. In private, they talk about how talented the other is and how glad they are that the rest of the world can now see it. Like, stop it. Seriously. As Wynonna Earp said, “You guys make The Notebook look bleak.”


Boyfriend Shawn blurb with mild smut elements

Heaven Ashley. Yes, that was her real name.

It was the number one question she was asked multiple times a day. The follow up always, “Well how did you get that?”

Southern parents.

She managed to answer every time with a smile, letting her soft Tennessee accent through to charm them further. She’d tell them her mother named her Heaven because she swore Jesus Christ himself sent her down from heaven to bless her life. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Amen!

She’d save the eye rolls for her dressing room. Six years in the music industry and she’d heard it all. The first two years playing bars meant she had the luxury of hearing her favorite pick up line nightly. “Is your name Heaven cause you’re an angel?” At this point she felt like her eyes should be stuck in the back of her head from all the eye rolls. Thanks Mom and Dad.

The industry knew her as Heaven Ashley. Her friends knew her as Evan. He called her Ev.

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CNN treats politics like a sport - that’s making us all dumber.