worst idea ever now i can't stop

Shendak has so much potential tbh?? Give me evil boyfriends doing evil things for the good of the Galra Empire. Give me “every villain is a hero in his own mind” and shared briefings with Zarkon and sparing sessions that end in stalemates because Shiro and Sendak have grown unbelievably accustomed to their respective strengths and weaknesses. 

Don’t like the idea of an evil Shiro? Fine. Give me a Sendak that survived his deposition into space and a reunion that buds into common goals and interests. Give me a character redemption arc that transforms Sendak into a better version of himself or maybe a friendship between him and Shiro that turns into something more. 

Give me a Sendak who tirelessly maintains Shiro’s undercut while Shiro untangles the knots in Sendak’s fur. Give me a power duo that looks out for one another.

I guess I’m tired of the blatant dismissal and automatic accusations that come with Shendak like some sort of package deal. This pairing can be consensual and, dare I say, loving. I know what the canon entails, but I see no harm in weaving the characters in a way that portrays a relationship based on mutual understanding.