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little things to notice in the new Ducktales 2017 trailer!
  • In the fireplace scene, there are copies/replicas of famous Carl Barks paintings!
  • Scrooge has both an umbrella and a sword in front of his fireplace. Atop appears to be an old-timey radio.
  • Webby has shot an arrow through her Quacky Patch doll - in fact, the room has several arrows and daggers. She also appears to have a Mr. Peabody plush among her toys.
  • you can spot glomgold!
  • the ghost that scrooge slides under has a horse with no head
  • making it a
  • wait for it
  • /inhales/
  • Headless Horse Man

If you or a loved one suffers from tiny wing syndrome, contact Johnson and Gruben, you may be entitled to a settlement.

Long time bobdude people know that I hate drawing Scootaloo, she’s worst horse as far as my tier list goes. So rejoice all of you Scootaloo fans! Your horse is here. This one, like the last few posts, will be a sticker for EFNW and Bronycon if you’d like one.

Christ I’m such a sellout. I wish living didn’t cost so much money.

Edit: also for all y'all sending me asks calling me a monster for not liking this character, chill fam it’s a cartoon horse. I just think she’s boring, that’s all. Never express horse opinions, it never ends well. And also, I can’t believe I have to say this, but Scootaloo is normally unhappy that she can’t fly. This tends to be a pretty pivotal part of her character, so that’s what I drew. If this keeps up I’ll just take this post down.

I was the secret santa for @ann13doodles ! I drew your OT3 but in ugly christmas sweaters sorry if you wanted something nice rip

Happy Holidays! 

Equestrian Questions

Reblog this and people will put a number in your ask box. That number= one of these questions. A fun way for your followers to get to know you!

1. Your horses name

2. Your favourite horse breed

3. Your discipline

4. Your favourite discipline 

5. Your first fall

6. Your worst fall

7. Fondest horse memory 

8. Your proudest equestrian moment

9. Your favourite celebrity equestrian 

10. Your favourite internet equestrian 

11. Your favourite horse

12. Your biggest riding pet peeve

13. Why you started riding

14. The last time you rode & what you did

15. Any riding injuries you have

16. A bit about your barn

17. Your dream horse

18. Your favourite tack brand

19. Your dream horse (dead or alive)

20. Your equestrian idol (dead or alive)

21. A discipline you’d like to try

22. Your dream barn (real or imaginary)

23. Your favourite equestrian film

24. Your favourite equestrian book

25. Your best equestrian friend

26. One horse that has influenced you (good or bad)

27. Your favourite item of tack

28. Your grooming routine 

29. An equestrian trend that you don’t like

30. Your equestrian future 

Feel free to add any if you think of some! :)

People have told me

That I am too hard on magical horses recently, between posts like “Centaurs aren’t named for being half-horse, they’re named for how much like they like to murder the shit out of cows”, the whole “There are 5000 kinds of faerie horse and all of them are dicks” thing, and making horrible faces in the direction of Ponyfinder.

In my defense, I worked as a stablehand for two summers when I was a teenager. I can safely say that -normal- horses and the stuff that comes out of them? Also awful. So how much worse would magical horses be?

It’s like wizards. Once you add magic to something, the capacity for it to be a huge asshole increases exponentially.