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Angelic Soulmate

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Title: Angelic Soulmate

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Castiel

Word Count: 809

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all love this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Lately Castiel had been trying to get you out of heaven.  He swore to you that Earth was not this bad place most of the angels believed it to be.  When you agreed to meet these Winchesters Castiel spoke of you were very nervous.  He said they were the best humans he knew, but you had reservations.  You had met a few humans before when every angel fell from heaven.  They were the worst of humanity.  You weren’t sure you wanted to return to Earth ever again.

However, Castiel convinced you to go with him.  You trusted Castiel.  He had been your friend for as long as you could remember.  You never gave up on him, and he never gave up on you.  You were willing to trust Castiel.

Castiel took you to the bunker with him that day.  You looked around, noticing the amount of books inside the room.  It had to be a library.  There were no humans inside the room though.  

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I’ll Be Good

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 3 832
summary : based on the song ‘I’ll Be Good’ by James Young
note anon, i hope you like it and apologies for taking so long
* gif by me


     "I hope one day you will forgive me because I can’t live knowing that you hate me.“ he whispered, lightly brushing his fingers against her cheek before pulling her blanket up. Three days, thats how long they hadn’t been talking and every night in the middle of the night or shortly before sunrise he’d sneak into her room and watch her sleep. Things had stormed so out of control during their fight, he was afraid he had lost her forever and he just couldn’t bear the thought or imagine his life without her in it. That version of his life didn’t exist anymore. He leaned over her, ready to kiss her forehead when she stirred in her sleep, but before she had woken up he was out the door.
Her eyes fluttered open, looking around thinking maybe she had left the window open and that had caused the gust of wind that had woken her up, but the window was closed. Y/N glanced at the door and laid back in her bed starring at the ceiling for a few long moments before she got up, her feet kicking at the ground for a few seconds before finding their way into her fuzzy bunny slippers. A short sigh left her lips and she glanced at the clock before heading towards the kitchen to get a glass with water, seeing how hers was empty.
Y/N opened the door and stepped into the hallway, trailing her fingers on the light blue painted wall with all the framed pictures. For a moment she stopped, looking at a picture of her and Kai from one of the first days they spent together as roommates. It was almost as if their smiley faces glowed from the picture and the corners of her mouth curled into a smile instantly. There they were laughing while making a mess in the kitchen one of the first times they made cupcakes together. Kai used magic to take the picture and ‘capture’ the moment. Flour covered their clothes but neither of them seemed to care and the longer she stared at the picture, the more it seemed as if the image moved like it was a tablet screen on the wall. Her hand reached towards the picture, touching Kai’s smiley face for a few seconds before she cleared her throat, continuing on her way.  Not talking to Kai was almost as painful as her broken arm hidden under the cast, but what truly hurt the most was how much she missed him and the sound of his voice. They went from best friends to strangers in 15 minutes and now she felt more heartbroken and alone than ever –
    “Kai ?” she stopped in the middle of the living room, seeing him laying on the couch semi-hugging a bottle with alcohol. Instantly she rushed towards him. "W-what happened ? Are you hurt ?“
Kai glanced at his clothes covered in blood, then at his best friend and finally at the bottle, bringing it to his lips. Those were the first words she had said to him the past three days and he couldn’t help but feel a happy, even if it was only for a second. He never thought she’d ever talk to him again after what he had done let alone that her first thought seeing him there would be about his well being.
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair and sat on the coffee table, leaving her empty glass next to her looking at him with worry in her eyes. They had been living together for almost a year now and her best friend coming home covered in blood wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was the way he was looking at her in that moment. There were rarely tears in his eyes but – there they were, but it wasn’t just that. They were filled with pain and regret too
    “Tell me.” she said softly, reaching across to him giving his hand a light squeeze. A sigh left his lips and he just kept starring at her. Three days ago they had had one of their worst fights ever and Kai hated every second since. He hated not being able to talk to her, to hug her. What he hated even more was that it had all been his fault.

      “Would you stop acting like this !” she raised her voice, bumping into his shoulder on her way down the hall. “I swear sometimes I just –”
    “You what ?” he grabbed her forearm, forcing her to turn around. Y/N yanked her arm back, raising her hands in the air trying hard
not to ball them into fists and hit him. Kai looked at his best friend, the girl he loves, and his heart broke. He hated it when he got her upset with him. He hated even more seeing tears in her eyes and knowing he was the reason for them, but his pride always got the worst out of him. “You wish you never met me ? You will turn your back on me ? Leave and never talk to me again ? Is that it ?”
    “If it gets you to stop hurting people and act like the jealous boyfriend I don’t have, then I will !” she raised her voice even more, storming down the hallway towards the kitchen with him right on her tail. Her angry steps echoed in their apartment, louder than possible and Kai wondered why. Perhaps it was because he was afraid he’d lose her, or maybe it was just his heightened hearing.
    “Don’t walk away from me!” he grabbed her arm and pinned her against the wall. He kept trying to meet her eyes but she kept avoiding his gaze. Y/N put her hands on his chest trying to push him off but he wouldn’t move an inch. “That guy was dangerous. I was only trying to protect you –”
    “'That guy’ as you referred to him is one of my best friends from college –”
    “I thought
I was your best friend.” he said with a hint of hurt in his voice. “I thought what we had was – something special and now, what ? One screw up and you give up on me ?!”
Y/N shifted her weight from one foot to the other finally looking into his eyes. He looked more upset than angry, flashes of hurt sparkling in his brilliantly blue eyes. “How can you even
think that let alone say it Malachai ?! How can you even think I’d ever give up on you ?!” she interrupted him. “I said he was one of my best friends from college, meaning he stands out above the others. You are my best friend and I know you are still new to the whole feelings and emotions thing, but –”
    “But what ?” he dared, trying not to think how she had used his full name. That was reserved only for major screw ups.
    “– you can’t let them control you all the time!” she tried to push him off again and he stumbled backwards. “It wasn’t one screw up and you know it ! You can’t choke with magic every guy who gets near me! You can’t make them breathe out fire or break their limps or compell them away –”
    “I can and I will !” he said with determination, shoving her against the wall again. He braced his hands on the wall a little louder than he intended and Y/N jumped up.
    “There it is.
Again.” she raised her voice,  struggling to push him off her. “The jealous boyfriend I don’t have. What ? Do you have feelings for me or something ?! Cuz if so just say s–”
    “Feelings ?” he stepped backwards. “Don’t be ridiculous. I am a sociopath, remember ? I am not burdened by… love or guilt or any of those pesky annoying things called emotions.”
    “Riiighht.” she ran roughly her fingers through her hair. “So, you are
not jealous then ?”
    “Me ? Jealous ? No. I just –”
    “You just what ?” she took a step towards him, folding her arms on her chest. “You are doing it for fun ? To prove to everyone that you are the abomination, the monster they see every time they look at you? Just because your family –”
Kai clenched his jaw, fire burning in his eyes. “Don’t say another word –”
    “– saw you as one, doesn’t mean you have to prove them right ! But what does it matter what I say ? You never listen to me anyways or want to see that someone actually cares about you and believes in you and that you can be good.”  she took a step towards her bedroom when suddenly he smacked her against the wall, purple/black veins flashing under his eyes. “There it is. Again.”
Y/N tried pushing him off but it was like trying to push away a ten thousand ton rock. He was too strong for her even before he became a heretic. Their eyes met and for a moment  she got truly scared. Her best friend looked like a completely different person. They had bickered, they have had their fights but he had never looked at her like that – as if she was something he couldn’t even stand being near at, an obstacle that had to be removed so he can continue in his wicked ways.
    “Get a grip on your emotions. You can’t keep coming home covered in blood every other night. Not to mention those times I had to pull out wooden bullets out of your body –” she tried pushing him off her. “You are
not this person. I know yo–”
    “Stop telling me who I am!” he raised his voice. “This is who I am ! I am never going to change.”
not who you are –”
    “Stop !” he shouted, banging his fists right next to her making her jump up his vampirism showing again. “Stop trying to change me! Stop acting like you know what’s best for me and stop –”
Y/N pushed him off her, storming towards her bedroom. “Fine. You want me to stop ? I’ll stop. I’ll stop talking to you. I will stop defending you every time someone brings up all that you’ve done. I’ll stop everything. Look for me when my best friend returns because
this person, whoever that is right here, is not my friend.”
    “Oh, so we are not friends now, is that it ?” he grabbed her forearm forcing her to turn around. A split second later he heard a crack and she screamed out in pain, her eyes starting to fill with tears. He glanced at his hand noticing how her skin right under his arm had turned purple/blueish and let go off her instantly, his anger dying down in a blink of an eye. Y/N lifted her arm flinching in pain when her fingers lightly touched her skin. Their eyes met and he took a step towards her trying to touch her, but she flinched away for the first time since they had met.
    “Y/N, I –” he took a step towards her but she backed away from him. “I didn’t mean to I, … Please, let me heal you.”
    “No. No !” she shouted, taking another step backwards from him until her back bumped into her bedroom door and she groaned in pain again. “Stay the Hell away from me !”
    “At least let me take you to the hospital.” he pleaded with her. “Or get you some ice.”
Y/N shook her head and walked into her bedroom, slamming the door shut with such a loud bang one of the pictures on the wall fell on the ground.
Kai knelt down to pick it up and gather the broken glass shards and sat by her door looking at their smiley faces. How had this happened ?! Out of everyone he never meant to cause her any pain and now he had not only gotten her upset with him and hurt her emotionally, but had also broken her arm, not realising his strength. He listened to her breathing getting heavier, her heart thumping in her chest and raised his hand, ready to knock on her door when he heard her slip down on the other side, crying.

    “Tell me.” she said softly. “Whatever it is, you can tell me. I am your best friend –”
    “Are you ?” he asked quietly, afraid to look at her. He had spent the night after their fight by her bedroom door and the next morning when he had woken up, she hadn’t been in their apartment. For a few hours he had thought she had actually left him, but then she had come home with her broken arm in a cast and unlike what he had expected, his best friend hadn’t told anyone what had really happened.     “After the way I hurt you, after everything I did –” he took another sip from the bottle in his hands. “You haven’t said a world to me in three days. You haven’t even looked at me –”
    “Friends fight.” she grabbed the bottle from his hands and took a large sip, finishing it. “Damn, what is this ?! It’s stronger than the pain killers my doctor prescribed.”
    “Rum.” he said with a small smile, watching her face scrunch while the alcohol burned down her throat. “It’s a bit too tropical but –”
Y/N left the empty bottle on the coffee table.  "So, why are you covered in blood this time ?“
    “That’s um … that’s not important.” he sat up, patting the spot next to him and she tossed herself on the couch next to him just like always, forgetting about her broken arm and she whinced in pain. A small smile hid in the corners of his mouth. Not only she was talking to him but she acted as her usual self, as if nothing had happened. “May I ?”
Y/N glanced at her arm and then at him, nodding slightly. Kai crushed the cast in two seconds flat, being very careful not to her hurt her again in the process and placed his plams over the large blue/purpleish bruise, muttering a spell. Warmth spread through her arm and a few moments later, the pain was gone and her arm was completely healed.
    “Thank you.” she smiled and he couldn’t help but smile too. He muttered a ‘yeah’ and sighed.
    “I came home about an hour ago and I um … I went to the bathroom to take a shower and clean up all this.” he gestured towards his clothes. “And I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, seeing for the first time how I look with those veins flashing under my eyes and my clothes covered in blood. For a second I thought I saw the Devil looking at me, and then – I realised it was me.”
Kai sighed and rested his back against the couch, wiping his face with his hands. It has been almost half a year since he became a vampire and for the first time he understood why people ran away screaming when he was ‘hunting’ or ‘blowing off steam’ or whatever it was he was doing. Even he wasn’t sure what that was anymore.
    “I have done so many awful things in my life, hurt so many people including my own family, but when I hurt you the other night –” he turned towards her, his voice breaking. “Y/N, I am so sorry for what I did, for everything I said. I never meant to hurt you in any way. I never meant to cause you any pain but in the end that’s exactly what happened and you spent the entire night crying, three days in pain and crying yourself to sleep every night because of what I did. ”
    “It happens.” she smiled for a second.
    “But it shouldn’t have happened. You were right.” he got up, pacing back and forth between the couch and the coffee table. “You were right about all of it. All my life I’ve shut out every feeling, every emotion instead of learning to live with them because it was easier not to feel. My family thought me compassion is weakness. They turned me into this this… This cold, merciless person who refuses to feel a thing and can’t let anything slide or show any kind of mercy, I –” he glanced at his hands, rubbing his fingers trying to get the blood off them. “It scares me to death.”
    “What ?” she brought her knees up to her chest.
    “This !” he raised his bloody hands, showing her both sides. “It scares me what I am capable off. How many people I’ve hurt. Innocent people – ” he looked at his shoes. “I became the monster everyone saw. Maybe I was better off in the Prison World where I couldn’t hurt anyone..”
    “Don’t ever say that okay.” she said softly, smiling at him while taking his hands in hers and he sat down on the coffee table. “You made a mistake and you paid for it. You are not a monster. You are not what they turned you into, you are what you choose to be.”
    “But I am this person.” he rubbed his thumbs on her hands. “Y/N, I killed those people tonight, just because they got in my way. It’s their blood on my hands and I –” he sighed, gazing into her eyes. There was only compassion and understanding, no hint of judgement in them. Not now, not ever. Not even when they had fought the other day and he had hurt her. It was the way she was, with heart big enough for everyone even for the vampire/witch heretic who killed his entire family and put one of her best friends in a sleeping coma. No matter how many times he screwed up she never seemed to give up on him or stop believing there was good in him. Which had been one of the many reasons why he had fallen for her. But he knew there was no way she could feel the same way about him.
    “All my life I’ve been trying to shut out the light, doing everything to snuff it out. There might not be any of it left after all those years but if there is, I want to find it. I want to be a better man. Starting today. I want to find a way make it up to everyone I’ve hurt, for all the bruises and the tears. To love the world like I should. I – I’ll be good for all the times I never could.”
    “You want to know where the light is?” she smiled at him and placed her hand over his heart. “It’s right here. In your heart. It has always been there. All you have to do is just – let that spark burn bright and turn into a fire. And I’ll teach you to be good.” she winked at him for a second, her expression getting serious. “I will always be here for you, no matter what.”
    “You will ?” he asked. Y/N nodded and Kai smiled at her placing his hand over hers on his heart keeping it there. “I want to be a better man… someone who deserves having you in his life. I’ll be good, for you.”
    “Me ?“
    “Yes!” he smiled, his heart about to leap out of his chest and he knew she could feel it too. Her gaze drifted from his eyes to their hands together and back to his eyes and he decided to take a leap.    "You were right. I was acting like the jealous boyfriend because I know there is no way for me to measure up to any of those guys who got near you. I let my fear of losing you to someone else take over because… I am in love with you. I am in love with you and I can’t bear the thought of losing you in any way. You said the light is in here.“ he pressed his palm over hers a little. “But it’s not. It’s right in front of me. You are my light.”
Y/N smiled, feeling her cheeks blush and his heart thumping like crazy under her hand, just like hers. “Kai, I –”
    “You are so special and you deserve someone who is good, compassionate, kind… not someone who caused you and your friends so much suffering. Someone like –”
    “Don’t I get a say in this ?” she interrupted. “Don’t you think if I wanted to be with any of those guys or anyone else for that matter, I would’ve said something.”
    “What?” he asked confused.
    “Neither of those guys could ever measure up to you.” she said softly. “In truth, no one can.”
    “What ?” he asked hopefully.
    “God, you are slow.” she cupped his face in an instant and kissed him, slowly getting on his lap. Kai was surprised at first, but 0.2 seconds later his arms wound around her and he pulled her towards him, feeling her heart thumping in her chest faster than ever. Her hands moved towards the back of his head, playing with his scruff and she pressed her body against his not carying her PJ’s might get blood stains on them. Too soon she pulled away, resting her forehead on his gazing into his eyes. “Kai, I – I am in love with you too.”
    “You are?” he smiled, tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear.
    “Yes !” she smiled. “I love you and I always will, but I mean it when I say this – you have to stop hurting everyone who dares walk or breath in my general direction.”
    “Done.” he said suddenly, “But if they dare kiss you or their hands move somewhere they don’t have the right to be, or hurt you in any way I –”
Y/N stared into his eyes, her lips pressing together. “You will what ?”
    “I’ll go over there and kiss you as if my life depends on it.” he held her tight in his embrace. “And I will try not to hurt them. Unless they are hurting you. I will protect you always.”
    “No one can ever take me away from you.” her lips pressed against his, leaning in to whisper in his ear. “You know, the jealous over protective version of you – so hot, I just – ”
Kai grinned.   “Hey, so… Does you kissing me means I am forgiven?” he asked nervously. “Because I need your forgiveness. I can’t live with the guilt –”
    “Does this –“ she kissed him passionately. ”– answer your question ?“
    “I don’t know –” he pretended to think about it. “It was a bit unclear. Maybe say it a little louder ?”
Y/N slapped him playfully on the shoulder and kissed him as if her life depended on it.



Prompt #6 if you don’t ask her out. I’m going to do it for you + #362. “You have the most amazing eyes.” 

Warnings none, pure fluff

Pairing  Derek hale x reader

Y/n =your name. Y/h/s+c = your hair style and color. Y/e/c = your eye colour.

story -

Scott was leaving school with Lydia and stiles, when his phone buzzes. It was a text.

Derek: meeting, @ the coffee shop 5pm.

Stiles looked at his best mate with frowned eyebrows, “why is he always holding meetings in the coffee shop?” asked but Scott didn’t know too. “it’s like the 4th one in two weeks” he stated.

Lydia laughed, “your both clueless” stiles looks at her pleading to know but all she says is “no, if you don’t already know I’m not telling you” “I don’t care as long as he’s buying us cakes ” Scott answered.


You was having a busy day, the morning rush was double then normal. And now it was the turn of the after work rush. You had only been working here a few week but was good you remembered faces and orders the names of cups. Your new cakes where selling like crazy.

You looked at the time waiting for the tall dark haired man who’s name you had never gotten to come in. Over the past 3 weeks Mr Green eyes as you have secretly named him, Had come in twice a day. Everyday it was no lie you had developed a small crush on the hot mysterious man.

Today was no different 4:55pm like clock work Mr Green eyes walks in walks to your counter giving you a sexy smile that makes your knees weak. “you with your friends today?” you ask knowing lately he had a group of teenagers meet him some evenings. “yes” he simply answered his voice was smooth and melting. “2 coffees and two caramel hot chocolates coming up cutie” you replied. He went a little pink but chucked every time you said it. He was infectious the bright green eyes the wide grin made you smile even more.

You watch as he sat in the table near the back. Minutes after his friends walk in.


Derek handed out the group there drinks. After talking about new training ideas stiles was curious about Derek’s new meeting place. “Why do we always come here now, not saying don’t like it but what’s wrong with the loft?” He asked blowing the hot drink in his hand.

Derek didn’t answer but instead involuntary looked over at y/n the girl behind the small cake counter. That’s when it hit stiles. “NO you have a crush on her ” he shouted a little to loud. Derek kicked him under the table.

But Derek couldn’t deny it. He walked into the shop over 3 weeks ago to get cakes for Cora. That’s when he saw y/n for the first time. The was the sun hit y/h/s+c making it shine. She was smiling busy making an order for a snotty guy. He had told her the order so fast she missed out a cup of coffee when she repeated it. The guy sighed “no its 7 coffees 4 black 2 with sugar 2 white none with sugar 1 white with sugar and cream and an ice tea stupid girl don’t you listen”

Derek was about to say something to the man when the she looked at him “look if you spoke slower I would have heard and before you start some dumb-assed attempt to mock me, remember I make the drinks and I know what one is yours don’t test me darling” her voice was threatening mixed with bitchy sass as she spoke she smiled. The man waited with his head down. Muttering.

Derek was impressed with the she handled herself, something about her made his heart beat faster “what can I get you cutie ” y/n asked him. He smiled hearing her heart quicken similar to what his had done. After that Derek found himself coming into the shop twice a day just to see her. Trying to make small talk when he saw the chance.

“if you like her ask her out” Scott told Derek. He gave him a glare like he’d just said the worst thing ever. Lydia got up to get the refills as stiles and Scott talked Derek into asking the girl out.

Lydia came back with the tray of paper cups each one y/n had written each name. When they looked on Derek’s his name wasn’t there it was labeled ’ Mr green eyes ’ Derek smiled at the words. Thinking he never told her his name when she first took the order for the pack.

“coffee for Lydia hot chocolates Scott and stiles” she repeated slow as she wrote on the cups “and the other coffee” y/n had asked. Derek took the cup drinking out of it “that’s mine I don’t need my name one it” winking as he said it.

Stiles voice brought Derek out of his memory / daydream. “Derek…. if you don’t ask her out. I’m going to do it for you stiles said. "stop being a sourwolf” Derek froze as he heard a heartbeat behind him and a fimilar sent. Y/n was stood behind him.

“what’s a sour wolf? and what’s he gotta do” she asked. Derek clenched his jaw, looking at stiles ready to kill him. “sour wolf is a nickname for Derek” stiles explains to you. Laughing you take the empty cups. They teens all looked wide eyed at Derek to encourage him to say something. Lydia rolled her eyes “speaking of nicknames why do you label his cup Mr Green eyes” she asked y/n

You looked deep into Derek’s eyes answering her question but talking to Derek, know you knee his name making a mental note to give stiles extra chocolate and cream next time. “You have the most amazing eyes.” you said then face the rest of the group I didn’t know his name so he became Mr Green eyes” you smirk walking away.

Derek jumped out his seat grabbing your arm “y/n would you like to go out one day maybe for a cof” Derek stopped himself thinking a girl who works in a coffee shop wouldn’t want a date in a coffee shop “for something to eat.. Erm with me” he shyly said rubbing the back of his neck.

Your face went flushed “it’s a date” you smile back “yes a date definitely” he said back before going back to his table to face a overly excited stiles and giddy Lydia “sour wolf is in love” they said. Derek just smiled knowing they was right.

Little Arrow

“Little Arrow” is based off this dream I keep having of our beloved Daryl Dixon. I decided to write it as a short story, though I may continue it as the dreams continue (if they do).

Daryl acts like he may finally be ready to take this ‘relationship’ to the next level, but then he tells you a heartbreaking reality.

  • Daryl Dixon
  • 1015 Words
  • No warnings that I know of
  • I am writing this at 3am so excuse how poorly this is written <3 I may rewrite eventually~

You walked up to the neighboring house of Alexandria. Rick called a meeting for the morning once Negan’s men had left yesterday, claiming over half of the rations this time and taking a couple of your people. Luckily, they hadn’t caught sight of Daryl, who was just coming back from Hilltop for a quick visit.

The chatter was loud, even with the door shut. You didn’t want to walk in, knowing that this meeting was the meeting. Rick would split all of you up, keeping you as far from them as possible, seeing as Negan and his men clearly knew you were a little too close to the escapee.

Deep in your own thoughts, you missed the shadow of a man standing on the far end of the porch, at least until a low growl escapes his lips and you were forced to spin around, hand on the knife strapped to your thigh.

Daryl stepped out of the shadows and raised his hands in the air, giving himself in. “Jus’ me. Though I been injured by everybody but you.” He joked.

You dropped your hand and shook your head, a smile hint of a smile playing on the corners of your lips. “I figured you would be halfway back to Hilltop after yesterday.”

This time, Daryl smiled. He shook his head and some little brown hairs fell into his face, causing him to squint just a little bit more.

“Ready to head inside?” You asked him and rested your hand on the doorknob.

“Wait,” Daryl nodded to the spot he was standing two minutes ago, and walked back over, taking his position.

With a little confusion plastered across your face, you follow suit and stand beside the man. He’s digging around in his pocket, finally able to find what he was in search for.

He pulled out a rectangle, black box. “I saw this and I…. Jus’ open it.” He thrusted the box into your hands.

“Daryl…” You looked at him warily before taking the box and staring at it for a moment before you decided to finally open it, a gasp passing your lips as you noted the small necklace inside. “Oh my…”

“It’s an arrow. See?” Daryl peered into your hands and pointed at the little object. “’cause you’re my little arrow.” He beamed and you felt your heart melt. ‘Arrow’ was always his nickname for you, since the day the two of you met.

You had never seen Daryl this excited about anything—in fact, you couldn’t remember seeing him feel much of any emotion. It was a nice change, and you hated that after this moment, you two would most likely have to go your separate ways.

“It’s beautiful.” You tilted the box so the necklace fell a little more in place. It was a beautiful arrow with a stone of your favorite color in the middle. It was either very sweet how he remembered, or a huge coincidence. “Can you…?” You motioned to the piece of jewelry and Daryl carefully took it out of the package for you.

You spun around, pulling your hair to the side so Daryl could easily slip his arms around you and clasp the necklace around your neck. You could feel his breath on you; it was warm and you had to admit, you wanted more.

“Thank you, Daryl.” You look over your shoulder at him, giving him a big smile and assuring him this was the best damn present you thought anybody had given you. “This means the world to me.”

And it did. You and Daryl had been flirts toward each other for months now. It was apparent that you two had something between you, but Daryl was too shy to ever act. In fact, any time the others would bring it up, Daryl quickly left the room or he would turn bright red and refuse to speak to anyone for a week. You thought maybe the flirting was all in your head. Until he was taken by Negan.

His crooked smile appeared on his lips. It was adorable how his sky blue eyes never left your eyes. Not to be cheesy; but you wanted to soar away in them, get lost. You cherished those moments you could stare into his eyes and imagine the two of you running away in a normal world.

A normal world would mean you wouldn’t have to worry about men such as Negan wandering through the gates at any minute, threatening to take the one person you cared about. Those few weeks without Daryl were the worst, you had no intention of going back into that deep, dark hole.

Daryl turned his head and this mask draped over his face instantly and his shoulders tensed up. “I’m leavin’.”

Immediately, you knew what was about to happen. Another argument. “Okay. As long as I’m beside you.”

Daryl snapped his head up, although he avoided eye contact this time. “Negan is on the lookout for me. I ain’t gonna be the reason yer caught too.”

He wouldn’t understand. “I don’t care about that. You can’t be out there on your own, Daryl.”

“If anything ever happens to you…” He choked up and turned his head away. 

Without much thought, you grabbed the man by his cheeks and kissed him.

Before the walker infestation, you would watch romantic movies. They all told you the first kiss was meant to be “magical” and fireworks were supposed to go off around you. Some even told you there would be an ‘awe’ from the crowd or an applause.

This kiss was so much more than any of that. Magical didn’t describe it enough.

Daryl hesitated, but only for a brief second before his hand clamped on the back of your neck, throwing himself into the kiss. You stumbled back a couple of steps until your back hit the railing, steadying the two of you as the kiss became a little too clumsy, but still sweet and full of passion; a passion only a man neglected of the word all his life could give.


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 3 993
summary : based on the song ‘Happier’ by Ed Sheeran
note i couldn’t help myself with the ending. sorry not sorry.
* gif by chris-woods

Losing the best thing in his life hurt like hell. What hurt even more was seeing the person he loved in someone else’s arms. It had been a month since Kai and Y/N had broken up because of a stupid impulse to get back at his coven and Bonnie for ditching him in 1903. He should’ve known this would be a mistake. He should’ve gone directly to his girl right after coming back instead of getting on the revenge path and losing everything. Instead he had let anger get the worst out of him again.

They had been together for almost three months , the happiest months in his life. He had never really understood love or falling in love until he had met her. Y/N had given him a chance even before the merge and always had stood up for him to her friends until his sister’s wedding day. He had pushed it too far that day and his life got turned upside down – and even though they had been apart for a month he was still in love with her and needed her in his life more than ever.

Kai heard her coming before she had even stepped inside the barn. There was no way for him to mistake the speed of the steps or her heartbeat. Someone had told her about what had happened , that he was back and – that he had linked her cousin and best friend to Bonnie. Before he had had the chance to get outside Y/N ran inside , stopping so abruptly at the entrance she nearly slipped on the blood on the floor.
    “Oh my God –” she muttered , covering her mouth with her hand. Her eyes took in the scene in front of her - all the bodies , the blood mixed with flowers and glass shards. Then she saw him and her eyes lit up. For a moment she took a step towards him then stopped. “You are alive. T-they said you killed yourself.”
    “I did , but I came back.” he smiled nervously at her. “I missed you so much Y/N -”
Kai took a step towards her but she took a step back , holding a hand out gesturing for him to stop. Almost two weeks since he had last seen her , hugged her .. kissed her. His girl was standing right there barely a metre away and he couldn’t touch her because she wouldn’t let him. A tear rolled down her cheek and he reached to wipe it away faster than she did. Kai couldn’t help but notice how her heart skipped a beat when he did yet she didn’t smile.
    “You screwed up Malachai. Big time.” she said quietly. Kai flinched - the only time she used his full name was when she was beyond upset. “How can you even — You liked Bonnie to Elena. Elena who is not just my best friend , she is like my sister the only family I had left. You didn’t even come to see me when - ”
    “I was going to. I swear , just things got in the w-”
    “Yeah , I see. Things always got in the way… ” she pushed away his hands. “I stood up for you. Even tried to convince Bonnie to let you out or to send me there so I can be with you not giving a damn we’d be stuck there and what do you ? You didn’t even talk to me - ” she raised her voice. “ - instead you proved to everyone you are still the same monster they saw you as when you first got out of 1994. You lived up to everyone’s horrible expectations of you. Congratulations. Now you are the monster everyone sees when they look at you.”
Kai took a step towards her , stepping over one of his family’s bodies reaching for her , dying to wrap his arms around her and apologise. Nevertheless what came out of his mouth was completely different. He knew Y/N’s words hadn’t meant to hurt him but that had been exactly what had happened and they had cut deeper than any knife ever could. How had he managed to push away the only person who ever gave him a chance and ever made him happy? The only person he ever loved and who ever loved him ?
    “That’s right. I am the monster , the abomination. Always the one everyone treats like some irredeemable piece of trash. All my life that’s all I’ve ever known. All those people you see here - you have no idea what it was to live with them. To be always the one to blame , not to be able to touch anyone because they shriek in fear – I thought you were different. I thought you’d understand like always - ”
    “Understand what ?” she snapped. “That you acted on an impulse again ? Not thinking or caring who you’d hurt in the process ? You know what — I can’t do this anymore.”
    “Y/N please -” he took a step towards her trying to touch her but she pulled away not even looking into his eyes. “ - I can change. I will find a way to undo the spell. I will do anything.”
    “No. No , Malachai.” she said quickly wiping away a tear from her cheek. “This is too much.  You lost me the second you decided getting revenge is more important than what we had. We could’ve been happy. We could’ve had a family of our own. You could’ve had everything you have ever wanted but - ”
    “You have been waiting for this moment haven’t you ? You and all your stupid friends. You never loved me or cared about me. It was all pretend so you keep me in check wasn’t it ? I can’t believe I spent even a second believing you love me and you’d be by my side.”
Y/N’s eyes widened. “Actually no. I haven’t , they might’ve but not me.  I believed in you and loved you and if you had chosen to come to me first things would’ve been different.  I was ready to leave town with you before you got trapped in 1903 and even after you got stuck there. We could’ve left , but instead you made the decision for both of us. You know , I kept trying to convince them to let you out. To give you another chance , to except you despite of everything you had done… I have done that ever since day one , remember ? I am done with all of it. I’m done.”
    “Wh-what are you -”
    “It’s over. We are over. I – ” she wiped a few tears off her cheeks. “ - I don’t want to see you or hear from you. Ever.”
    “Y/N …” he took a step towards her as she spun around on her heels running outside. He could hear her crying on her way to the car and afterwards punching the steering wheel.
    “What did I do?” he whispered looking around , holding his head in his hands before smashing one of the chairs into the wall screaming out in pain.

A lump got stuck in Kai’s throat when he stepped into the town square. Across the street walking towards the Grill were Y/N and … her new boyfriend. Kai stopped right on his tracks looking at them. For a moment a small smile spread across his face seeing her after all this time , then his smile faded.
Y/N and her new boyfriend had wide smiles on their faces and he couldn’t help but notice they were wider than the ones he and Y/N had had on theirs when they had been together.  His girl was moving on and looked happier with someone new , laughing at something her new boyfriend said to her while he put his arm around her shoulder leaning in to kiss her before they walked inside.
Kai looked at the ground feeling his eyes starting to water. It hurt so much seeing her with someone else , worse than having his heart ripped out ever would. This should’ve been him with her. Putting his arms around her , kissing her , waking up next to her in the morning…  not this person.
Last thing he wanted now was to watch his girl with someone else at the Grill and he started to turn around when Damon bumped into him , putting his arm around his shoulders.
    “There he is. My favourite heretic.” smirked the vampire. “Come on , lets go get a drink so I can tell you all about how much it hurts being away from the person I love the most.”
    “Not in the mood Damon. Why don’t you find another drinking buddy ? I can’t lift the spell even if I wanted to. I told you and no one hates me more than I hate myself for what I did that day.” replied Kai , pushing Damon’s hand away. “You lost your girl because of me and I lost the best thing in my life trying to get back at you.”
    “And that’s exactly why we need to go get a drink my friend.”
    “Not your friend.”
    “C'mon , I need a new drinking buddy. Alaric’s alcohol tolerance as a human is a joke now -”
    “I said no , Damon. Your girl is in a coffin taking a magical nap but you will see her again one day and she will be in your arms again. My girl … is happier without me.”
Damon’s expression changed suddenly , looking at him almost sympathetically . He knew how the young heretic felt , not exactly but he got enough. He had had to watch Elena with Stefan for years before they finally got together and seeing the person  you love with someone else is one of the worst feelings ever.
    “As someone who had lived longer than you – one day you will be happy again. You will get over her.”
    “No. I will always love her , it will always be her and only her even in a thousand years. It will always be Y/N and no one else. All I can do is try and not to take it personal while she moves on with someone new. Try and smile to hide the truth –”
    “ – and get drunk with your knew best buddy.” grinned Damon.
Kai scoffed pushing Damon’s arm again. “Go find another drinking buddy Damon.”

A couple of hours later Kai got in his apartment , reaching almost immediately for the bottle he had bought on his way home. It was full but in an hour or two it would be empty just like the rest of them. He pulled out his phone , feeling an ache in his heart seeing his screen wallpaper - a picture of him and Y/N. A whole month and he still hadn’t changed it. Why would he ? He liked seeing them smiling widely at the camera with their arms around each other. They had been so happy before he had screwed everything up. Y/N had been right - they could’ve had it all together. They could’ve had a family of their own in some other town away from his family and everyone else. All they had always needed had been each other. Now — he was alone , and she … she was moving on with someone else. A tear rolled down his cheek but he didn’t even bother wiping it away not realisig when he had opened the bottle. He didn’t bother to pour the amber coloured liquid into a glass. What would be the point ? Its not like pouring it into a glass would get things back to the way they were before he had linked her cousin and best friend to Bonnie that day making it so Y/N would never see Elena again. It’s not like it would stop him from drinking the entire bottle.
He searched through his contacts , scrolling until her name popped up on the screen. For a few long moments his finger hovered over the screen as he was debating whether or not he should call her. A deep sigh left his lips and he rested his back against the wall with the bottle in his hands. His eyes closed and he slid down sitting in the corner of the room , bringing the bottle to his lips. He didn’t even know what he’d say to her or if she will even answer. Seeing her earlier in the day had wrecked him all over again , shattering all the pieces of his heart to dust.
Sitting in the corner of the room Kai could almost see her walking around , could hear her laugh echoing in every room of his apartment. He glanced at the couch and she was standing there waving for him to come over before the movie started , snuggling into his arms the moment he sat there. Then turned around seeing her leaning against the kitchen door frame with a smile on her face before running up to him and jumping into his arms while he was making breakfast.
How it was possible that everything reminded him of her ? Even that wine stain on the carpet which had been a complete accident and she had tried so hard to remove. A whole month and he could still smell her perfume in the air. Not even in the Prison World he had missed and needed her so much. By the time he got up the bottle in his hands was empty. Quickly he got a piece of paper , a pen and started to write. He planned on sending his letter the same way he had sent her hundredths of messages while they had still been together. Maybe she’d read it — or maybe she will toss it in the trash and forget about him completely. Who knew , maybe she already had.

Y/N was laying in her bed starring at the ceiling thinking about how it had been a month since everything. Or more like trying not to think how it had been a whole month since the last time she had seen Kai. When she had told him to never call her again , it had been her emotions in that moment talking. There hadn’t been a part of her thinking he’d actually give up that easily. What they had had been this instant connection where you see the person and you just know thats him/her. So many nights every time her phone buzzed she thought it was him but it never was. Every time someone knocked on the door or threw pebbles at her window her first thought was KAI. It never was.

“Get back on the market. It’s the easier way to move on.
What happened was for the best. He would’ve hurt you or gotten you killed.
Why do you keep defending him after everything he had done? He killed his entire family – he linked your best friend , your cousin to me.”

A sigh left her lips. Her friends’ words kept repeating on a loop in her head. A tear rolled down her temples at the last happy memory she had of her and Kai together , right before he had gone over to the Salvatore’s to try and help. He had really thought they were giving him a chance and had been excited about it. They had made plans for the next day , and the next… Then Elena had called and her world had turned upside down. Then almost two weeks later Kai had come back and her world returned to normal for a few seconds before it got turned upside down again.
Y/N’s eyes closed for a few seconds and then her eyes opened seeing flames burn on her night stand for a few moments. Quickly she sat up in her bed confused as to what was happening at first before her mind placed things together. There was only one person who could have sent her that. Kai. It took her less than a minute to snatch the piece of paper and read it twice , tears rolling down her cheek and a small smile on her face seeing his hand writing. There had been smudges on the paper and by the looks of it maybe he had been lightly buzzed while writing it.

“I know you don’t want to see or hear from me but you need to know…
What I did and said that day was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my entire life.  I hurt you like no one else has ever hurt you and I know you won’t forgive me for any of it , I know I will
never forgive myself.
I was happier with you and I know there are others who deserve you and who will love you but no one will ever love you or need you like I do. I saw you today with your new boyfriend and your smiles were twice as wide as ours used to be. You looked happier with him than you had ever been with me and it hurt , but I promise not to take it personal that you are moving on with someone new. I knew that would happen someday… Damon said one day I will find someone else and feel that kind of happiness again but there will
never be anyone else for me but you. I am still in love with you and I will be waiting for you , if he breaks your heart.  I will put on a smile and act as if it doesn’t hurt because you looked happier … Are you ? Happier with him ? ”

Y/N reached for her phone , her finger hovering over Kai’s name in the contacts closing her eyes for a second she tapped the screen with her thumb , wiping her nose with her hand smiling through tears. No answer. Why would she send her a note and not answer his phone later ? It made no sense.

Kai laid almost face first on the couch , half drunk and semi awake when someone knocked on the door. Groggily he got up , taking a few short steps towards the door. His hand hovered over the door knob for a few moments while he tried to figure out who would come over at 3AM. A sigh left his lips and he turned around heading back towards the couch. Probably it was Damon looking for his new drinking buddy. No. Kai wasn’t planing on doing that. Almost half way to the couch whoever it was on the door knocked again and this time he opened the door.
His heart was about to leap out of his chest seeing Y/N there , still wearing her PJ’s and knowing her , probably she had gone outside wearing them and her fuzzy slippers. A small smile spread across her face seeing him smile back at her. Kai wanted so badly to hug her , kiss her – just one more time but no. He couldn’t do that. Y/N had a boyfriend now , not that he cared much about that , but she would.
    “Hi.” he finally managed to say. “Wh-what are you doing here ?”
Y/N unfolded Kai’s note , holding it in front of him. A lump got stuck in his throat. Why had she come in the middle of the night because of the letter ?
    “Can I – ?”
    “Um yeah , of course.”
Kai stepped aside letting her walk inside. Y/N looked around Kai’s apartment - it looked exactly the same except for the empty bottles and the pieces of glass near the wall. A small sigh left her lips hearing him close the door taking a step towards her until she turned around to face him. Their eyes met and for a second everything was the way it used to be. Just the two of them.
    “No.” she said quietly.
    “What ? I haven’t asked anything –”
    “Yes , you did and the answer is no.” she pointed at the letter. “You are not the only one who can put on a fake smile and make it believable Kai. How can I be happy with someone else when my heart belongs with you ? When I — belong with you.”
    “I am drunk and dreaming.” muttered Kai to himself. “Or hallucinating. Definitely.”
Y/N took a step towards him with a wide smile on her face , placing her palm on his cheek. Kai looked into her eyes afraid she’d disappear at any moment.
    “If you were dreaming would I do this ?” she said lifting herself on her toes gazing into his eyes. For a moment she almost kissed him and then she slapped his cheek , not too hard but hard enough to convince him he was awake.  
    “I deserved that.” he said rubbing his cheek for a second , scooping her into his arms and twirling her around in the next. Y/N’s laugh echoed in the house and for the first time in weeks he felt complete. “God , I really hope this isn’t a product of my imagination but even if it is - it feels so good to have you in my arms again. I will never let you go. Never ev-”
Y/N’s lips crashed against his , more hungry and greedy than ever kissing him as if her life depended on it. He wrapped his arms around her tight , pulling her towards him feeling a tear roll down his cheek.
    “Wow happy crying.” she said wiping it away from his cheek. “Thats new.”
    “Tell me about it.” he laughed , not willing to let go off her.
    “Come on. Lets go to bed. I walked like 2 miles in the middle of the night and now I just want to go to bed with my boyfriend.”
    “Y-your b-boyfriend ? What about – whats his name ?”
    “I’ll deal with that tomorrow. Right now , you have a month of cuddling to make up for.”
Kai scooped her up and carried her to the bed unable to take his eyes away from her the same way she couldn’t tear her eyes away from him. Seeing him smile and his eyes sparkle like never before was everything she could ever want in life.

    “Wake up. Kai ?”
No , no, no. No. Don’t wake up. he thought to himself. Whatever you do , do not open yo- Wait — whats happening?
Kai felt someone’s lips on his , kissing him gently as he started to wake up. He recognised who it was immediately and his hands wrapped around her pulling her towards him , not ready to open his eyes just yet. Then his eyes opened slowly finding Y/N leaning over him on the bed with a wide smile on her face.
    “You are here.” he smiled , brushing his fingers through her hair.“For a moment I thought -”
    “That me coming in the middle of the night wearing my PJ’s and fuzzy slippers , slapping you and then kissing you like my life depended on it before we fell asleep cuddling on your bed had been a dream ?”
Kai laughed. “Breathe. That must’ve been the longest sentence you have ever said. And yes , for a moment I was terrified it had all been a dream -”
    “It wasn’t.” replied Y/N , hooking her arms around his neck. “I am here and I am not going anywhere — but to the store. You have no food here and I am starving.”
    “No. No you stay here. I’ll go.” said Kai getting up quickly. “What do you want ? Pancakes ? Waffles ? Ice cream ? Pizza ? I’ll do anything -”
Y/N laughed sitting on his bed with her knees up to her chest. “Whatever you decide. I missed your cooking so even if you fry me an egg I will love it.”
Kai ran back towards the bed , smashing his lips against hers for a long moment before heading towards the door when Y/N got up after him.
    “Hey , Kai ?” she said running into his arms. “I forgot to tell you something very very important. I love you.”
Kai smiled widely at her. “I never thought I’d hear you say those words to me again.”
    “I love you.
    “I love you too Y/N.”


College AU

“Felicity hey.”

“Hi honey.”

“Are you ready?”

“Hmm…ready for what?”

“We are meeting my parents today.”

“I thought dinner was on Wednesday.”

“It is Wednesday.”


“What are you doing anyway?”

“Finishing this project for profesor Steele.”

“Have you slept?”

“No, not really. Oliver I can’t meet your parents for the first time looking like this, I am a mess.”

“Babe you look fine.”

“Fine won’t do for the Ice Queen.”

“Are you talking about my mother?”



“Have you met your mother? Well of course you have. She is freaking intimating. I actually might be scared of her.”

“Felicity everything will be fine. They are going to love you.”

“Because you love me and I make you happy?”


“I am still not convinced.”

“You know what could help?”

“I am listening.”

“First take a shower and then maybe change those clothes.”

“Are you saying that I am stinking?”

“A little bit.”

“You didn’t mind kissing me.”

“No smell in the world will ever stop me from kissing you.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too. Now go get ready. Oh and one more thing.”


“Maybe don’t call my mother Ice Queen at least not into her face.”

“I will try to remember that but you know with the lack of the filter it might be hard and it probably won’t be even the worst thing to say.”

“Yeah I think we will have to come up with an idea why we are late.”

“Think of something.”

“I already have.”


“We had sex.”

“Omg! Oliver that’s not what your parents want to hear.”

“At least we can make it true.”

“What- Get out of the bathroom.”

“Are you sure honey?”

“Why are you naked? You know what it doesn’t even matter. Come here.”


“We are going to be so late.”

“I will make it worth it.”



I’ll Never Forget You

          - Part II

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
 : 3 667
summary : continues the story from part I … 
*not my gif

   “What are you thinking about ?“ wondered Kai, pulling her closer to him while both of them watched the night sky. Seven months spent together and sometimes he still wondered if maybe he is dreaming or something. He had never thought he’d see another person, let alone that this person would except him as he is, with all the good and the bad and they’d become friends. Well, more than friends in the past few hours.
   “Nothing.” she smiled, turning her head towards him.
   “That’s not a ‘nothing’ face.“ he smiled back. “Let me guess – you are thinking about that pancake tower I made you for breakfast ?”
Y/N shook her head. “No, though … How did you make 15 pancakes stand on top of each other with that maple syrup pouring down on them?”
Kai laughed. “Would you believe me if I told you – magic?” he winked at her, noticing how her eyes keep drifting towards his lips. “Wait … I know what you are thinking about. You are thinking about our fight earlier, aren’t you ? You know, when you couldn’t stop laughing at me for getting cupcake frosting on my nose and I kissed you to get you to stop and then you challenged me to a race through town and you chea–”
   “– you refused to except that a girl beat you ?“ she said amused, almost rolling on top of him. “And you got upset about it and ended up chasing me around the house –”
   “Hey, I didn’t lose. You cheated !“ he rolled on top of her, his knee resting between her legs. “And you refused to admit it. Admit it. You cheated.”
   “I did no such thing.“ she turned her head away.
   “Yes, you did !” he tried to meet her eyes, a smile hiding in the corners of his mouth.
   “No, I didn’t Malach–“ she started to say and his lips crashed against hers, drowning her in a demanding kiss. “Are you going to do that every time I call you Malacha–” his lips crashed against hers again and he pinned her wrists on either side of her head to keep her from trying to push him off. Only she did no such thing.
   “Don’t tell me you don’t like it. I can always go back to siphoning you –“
   “No, no. I um – I definitely like it.” she smiled, pushing him off her before getting up. “Catch me if you can. Which you can’t … cuz I beat you –”
Kai laughed under his breath, glancing at the ground for a second then at her running towards the house.“Oh you are so on, little witch.“


There hadn’t been many people in Kai’s life he cared about and losing the only one he ever felt anything for hurt like hell. The first couple of days after Y/N was dragged away kicking and screaming, without even given the chance to say goodbye, were the worst. He missed her more than he ever thought possible. Every morning when he opened his eyes watching the sunshine seep through the windows in her room, it felt as if somehow he had time travelled back to May 10th, the actual May 10th when his father had banished him in the Prison World for all eternity. Losing her felt just as painful and if it wasn’t for her diary remaining in his possession, he probably would’ve convinced himself she hadn’t been real. That everything they did during those eleven months they spent together had been a hallucination brought upon being left alone. Only that wasn’t the case and Y/N had been real. All those memories were real. The pain was real and contrary to what he had expected, it didn’t deminish as the days went by. How can it ? There had been someone in his life, someone he had cared about more than he had ever thought possible and he had lost her… and there was no way to change that.
He didn’t want to break his last promise to her about not reading her diary again, and at first he only looked through the sketches. However a couple weeks later his entire self craved her way of thinking and he read her diary cover to cover, almost able to hear her voice as he did. Up until this point he had never understood sentimental attachments because it always hurt so much when you lose the person/thing but… Keeping her diary, going through it over and over again until he knew all the words written in there by heart and even after, made him feel less alone. Kind of like she was there with him.
Almost half a year since Y/N had been taken from him, he left his childhood in Portland leaving her a note just in case she found her way there. Kai knew she’d try everything she could to get back to him and get him out. Back in their first few months together he had shown her how to use a pager and he just couldn’t bear the thought she’d come back or they’d send her there again and she’d end up all alone. Kai headed to Virginia with his car, taking the long route there hoping maybe she’d catch up with him somewhere. But she never did.
Nearly half a decade later he got not one but two unexpected visitors and there it was again, that spark of hope that hadn’t been snuffed out completely, that maybe it was Y/N or someone who knew her. Kai spent four months watching the new comers, listening in on their conversations and found out his new cellmates were a vampire and a Bennett witch. He had the Ascendant, a Bennett and his hopes for getting out grew with each day. After crafting his plan carefully he managed to get Bonnie’s magic back and not too long after he found his way out of 1994.

When he got back to the real world, first thing he did was go looking for his friend at her house. Kai’s excitement only grew as he made his way up the stairs to her room, remembering the way as if he had been in her home a thousand times when in reality in had been just a few visits back in 1994. There was no one in the house at the time and he figured he’d wait for her in her bedroom until she comes back. A part of him hoped that maybe Y/N was in the house after all, laying in bed with her headphones on listening to music and he could almost see her eyes lit up and her smile when he showed up at the door. He could almost see her jump off her bed and into his arms, holding him tighter than ever as if her life depended on it. However, nothing could’ve prepared him for what he found inside when he pushed the door open. Which was absolutely nothing but an dusty old dresser in one of the corners. His heart sank at the sight before him. What had happened ? Had they sent her away again or –
   “Who are you ?”
Kai turned around, coming face to face with a young boy around maybe 13 or 15 years old. He had the same hair and eyes as Y/N which meant that was her little brother.
   “Hey.” smiled Kai nervously, putting his hands in his pockets. “D-don’t scream. I am just looking for your sister. Y/N ? Is she here ?” he scratched his forehead. “I mean, her room is empty. D-did um did she move or something ?”
   “Y/N is in the cemetery.” said the boy, glancing at his shoes for a second. “Are you her boyfriend from 1994 ?”
   “B-boyfriend ?” asked Kai, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth realising Y/N had talked about him. “I um… I don’t know if that’s the word. We kissed a lot and did things before she um left… I am really bad at this ‘relationship’ stuff.” he laughed nervously.
Her brother smiled and Kai couldn’t help but notice how Y/N’s and her brother’s smiles were almost the same and for the first time in almost five years he felt a spark of happiness inside him. But it wasn’t just the smile. Kai’s mind was stuck at the word ‘boyfriend’. They had had their moments, here and there and he had read in her diary, after she had left, that she felt something for him. He still had trouble believing his girl had used words as ‘falling in love’ referring to him.
   “I am Thomas, her little brother.”
   “Kai.” he said shaking the boys hand. “Parker. I guess you know that. Can I wait for her here ? When is she coming back?”
   “No.” said her brother glancing at his shoes again. “I mean, she is not coming back. There was an car accident about six months ago.”
   “What ?” asked Kai, feeling his heart sink all the way to his shoes and possibly through the floor to the living room downstairs. “What do you mean ? Tell me.”
   “My sister… she talked a lot about you. She never stopped looking for the Ascendant, wanting to get you out, trying spell after spell and about a year ago she almost succeeded but um … your father found out and tried to take her memories of you away. Only it didn’t work because she was ten steps ahead of him.” said Thomas.
   “Smart girl.” said Kai with a small smile, dreading her brother’s next words. “My father he um… didn’t have anything to do with her death did he ?”
   “No. Not that I know of. Y/N was coming home from college to spend the weekend here. There was a storm, probably the worst one this town has ever seen. They said her car had slid down the road, hitting a car coming straight at her from the other end of the road.”
Kai swallowed hard. Five years and when he comes back he loses her all over again and this time forever. There was something weird happening in his eyes and felt them start to water a little and he fought back to push away all those emotions, refusing to believe she was gone. How can she be gone ?
   “A few days before she left for college, I walked in on her writing a letter … addressed to you. I guess she knew you’d find your way out.” said Thomas, walking past Kai into Y/N’s room. Her brother opened one of the drawers, revealing a double bottom and pulled out an envelope and a picture. Kai took them in his hands recognising her handwriting instantly. Malachai said the envelope. Weirdly he didn’t feel mad about it, because he now knew she liked his full name and that’s why she had kept using it.
   “She printed it out.” smiled Kai, thinking back of the memory. This had been around the fifth month after she arrived there, on her birthday. He had prepared a small picnic and they had been laying on the grass in the front yard when she had pulled out her camera and had suggested they take a ‘selfie’.
   “Y/N called me when the accident happened and asked me to tell you, if you ever got out and come looking for her and she is not around –” started her brother “– she never forgot about you. Not for one moment.”
   “I never forgot about her for a moment either.” said Kai quietly.
   “My sister carried this picture with her everywhere. She always said that was the best birthday she has ever had.” smiled her brother. “They um … they found her holding it when she –”
Kai swallowed hard. Last thing his best friend had been thinking about had been this moment. At least it had been a happy memory and… he had been in her thoughts when she died –

   “Come on, let’s take a picture.” she said enthusiastically.
   “No.” he covered his face. “Why do you need a picture ? We are together all the time –”
   “As a keep sake.” she said as if it’s obvious. “Please ? It’s my birthday after all. You can’t say ‘no’ to the birthday girl…”
Kai glanced at her. Y/N was giving him her best puppy dog eyes and a smile hid in the corners of her mouth. There was no way he’d ever say ‘no’ to her. Not now, not ever.
   “Give me the camera.” he grinned at her, taking the camera from her hands. “Alright but we do it properly right ?”
Kai blew his cheeks and glanced at her. Y/N covered her face and burst into laughter.
   “You look like Flounder.” she teased, laying on the grass next to him. “You are such a goof ball. On three … one, two –” and three she kissed his cheek and he snapped the picture.
   “I blinked.“ said Kai.
   “No, no … you didn’t, see ?” she said taking the camera from his hands, her fingertips brushing against his. Y/N tapped the screen and zoomed in on his face, mouthing a ‘wow’. “This is my new favourite picture. I will carry it with me, always.”

Thomas took a step towards Kai, studying his face. He had heard the stories from his parents and had heard the stories from his sister and now knew for sure his parents’ story had more than a couple of things wrong.
    “Can I um … have a moment alone with her?” asked Kai, his fingertips tracing the edges of the envelope.
   “Yeah.” said her little brother, patting him on the back. “I’ll be downstairs if you need me.”
   “T-Thanks.” said Kai, opening the envelope. He unfolded the letter, trailing his fingers on the handwritten words with a small smile on his face and slid down the wall, sitting on the floor in her room.

“Hey there stranger,
I guess my letter got to you before I had the chance. You must know, if I was there in this instant you’d be suffocated with hugs and kisses. Hahah. I am happy you got out of 1994 and even though I am no longer around, just know I never forgot you. Or any of our memories. There hasn’t been a day I haven’t thought about you or missed you. I wish we had never fought that day. I wish I had opened the door sooner. Maybe if I had, we wouldn’t have gotten separated.
As I am sure by now my little brother had told that I tried going back for you and getting you out. I tried, but your father found out. (P.S. What a dick ! Your father, I mean…) How ? That’s still a mystery to me and things didn’t end very well. I’d say I am sorry for stabbing him that day… but I am really not. ;)”

Kai laughed, wiping a tear from his cheek. Crying. He hated crying, though weirdly in that moment he didn’t really mind. “Damn Y/N !“

”You are probably wondering what happened that day. Honestly, it’s still a bit of a blur for me too. I was just opening the door when they appeared from thin air and someone grabbed me and dragged me towards the window. I wanted to say goodbye. I really did and I tried but they covered my mouth with a piece of cloth and drugged me. Next time I woke up, I was back in my room.
My parents tried to convince me it had been a dream, but I knew better. I could
never forget you and luckily for me, they hadn’t gone through my backpack and hadn’t found my camera. For sure they would’ve deleted all our pictures and I wouldn’t have been able to get over losing the last piece of you I had. By the way, that small black thing in here is a memory card with all of them.
You and I… we
will meet again. I have to believe this because other ways, going through the day is unbearable. I haven’t stopped trying to get you out and I think I got a lead and I really hope I reach you before this letter does.”

Kai reached inside the envelope and found a small black memory card. A small smile showed on his face realising he was getting a piece of her back, that he’d see her again even if it’s just still moments on a digital screen. He rested his head against the wall and was just about to continue reading when Thomas showed up and sat on the floor next to him.
   “My parents will freak out if they learn I know where their alcohol stash is, but I think you might need that.” he passed him a bottle with bourbon.
   “No. No, thank you.” said Kai folding the letter. “I um … Will you take me to her grave? I want to go there. To say goodbye. I never got to say goodbye in 1994.”


They walked there, stopping on the way by a small flower shop where Kai got her her favourite flowers. Neither of them talked much, though Kai had questions about Y/N – where she had gone to college, what she was studying and most importantly how her parents had treated her after they got her back. Turned out Y/N had enrolled at Whitmore as an art major. Her parents had continued with her isolation because they had been afraid she’d corrupt her little brother and turn him into a monster. Not that this had stopped the siblings from spending time together and they had a lot of secrets kept from their parents and everyone else.
Almost a half hour later, they arrived at the cemetery and Thomas left him alone by Y/N’s grave just as Kai requested. He knelt down, left the flowers next to her headstone and sat before it cross-legged, running his fingers on her name engraved in the stone.
   “Never thought the next time I see you or talk to you again, you’d be two feet underground.” he sighed. “That’s kind of depressing and … kind of weird, isn’t ? Talking to a solid rock with an engraved name. You are making me break all my rules. I never care, I never feel … this pain. You broke me. Not really broke me but… I don’t know. I miss you and I truly am sorry for what happened that day. I wish I could go back and change it. Our last memory together was a fight … through a door. How sad is that ?” he pulled our her diary from his jacket pocket, opening the cover where now laid safely tucked away her last letter to him. “Until I met you, there had never been anyone important in my life and… losing you not once but twice. It’s just too hard, you know.” he swallowed hard, feeling his eyes water a little. “I never forgot about you either. God, I wish I had known about all this stuff you wrote about me sooner. Feelings are hard and I would’ve been a terrible boyfriend, but for you, I would’ve tried. I really would’ve.”
   “You wouldn’t have been a terrible boyfriend.” said a familiar female voice and a moment later Kai felt someone’s hand on his shoulder. He turned around and his eyes widened so much, they almost fell out of their sockets. There she was. It couldn’t be her, it was. Y/N looked different, older but it was definitely her. He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and opened them again, seeing her still there less than half a metre away smiling, wearing black jeans, a white top and a black leather jacket with black converses.
   “Yep. I have most definitely gone mad.” he muttered.
   “No.” she smiled, kneeling on the ground next to him. “No, you haven’t. It’s me. I am really here.”
   “You are dead.”
   “Yes… and no.” she smiled and ran her fingers through her hair. “I am not a ghost, stop looking at me as if I am one.” she teased and Kai laughed. “I know my brother told you about my encounter with your dad. Anyways, ever since that accident, I made sure there was always vampire blood in my system and I met this girl at Whitmore – Elena Gilbert, who agreed to help me. I met your sister too by the way and your other brother, Olivia and Lucas –”
   “Y/N ?” he pinched her cheek. Y/N mouthed and ‘ouch’ and the next second Kai surprised himself by tackling her on the ground with a bear hug. “I thought I lost you forever. How – What ?? Does your family know ??”
   “Of course they know.” she said as if it’s obvious. “I became the family shame after I turned and my parents officially disowned me. My brother is forbidden from having any contact with me but … we get around.”
   “I can’t believe I am seeing you again.” he smiled widely. “Y/N, I am so sorry about that day –”
   “I know.” she smiled, cupping his face. “I heard you and thank you for the flowers. “she pressed her lips onto his, kissing him gently. “You know, I have never seen you this … distracted. I sneaked up on you and that was hardly possible in the Prison World.”
Kai laughed, drowning her in a kiss before resting his forehead on hers. “Wait, who is buried here then?”
   “No one.” she sighed. “My parents come to visit once a month, which honestly is very surprising considering everything and sometimes I lurke behind that giant angel tombstone over there, watching. However every time they walk past me, it’s like I am wearing Harry’s cloak of invisibility.”
   “Who?” he asked confused. “Who’s Harry ?”
Y/N laughed. “Right, we didn’t get to the Harry Potter books back in 1994. Come on, lets go somewhere, get coffee. I’ll tell you about Harry and you can tell me everything you’ve been up to. Starting with …. how you got out.”


I’m gonna drop some dark and depressing headcanon on y’all, so gear up. While I feel the writers didn’t do the best job with Blaine’s amnesia story, I have come to understand why he would continue faking it, from a character standpoint.

It’s pretty clear that aside from his grandfather, Blaine had no emotional support system or love in his family. I also don’t believe he had any real friends. Sure he acts friendly with those who work under him, but they are all too quick to turn on him when he loses his memory. They take advantage of him, lying to him and keeping secrets. Ultimately, they are criminals and their loyalty is to the almighty dollar.

Liv and the others always saw him as the bad guy, someone they couldn’t trust but had to tolerate because he fed Seattle’s zombies. Yet when he lost his memory, they didn’t lie to him or take advantage of him. They told him the truth about who he was and what he did to them. I think Blaine liked that brutal honesty, and I think for him it made the times they did trust him all the more meaningful. These were people who saw the worst in him and were still willing to come support him when he did his set at the lounge. He got his first taste of genuine friendship.

So when he told Liv he was afraid of remembering, I think that was still true. He was afraid that him remembering who he was would destroy the friendships he was building. Being himself only ever made people either not care for him or leave him in some way (his grandfather, his mother, Kurt Cobain), so he kept pretending to be this other person. His new self had a job that he earned through talent alone, a woman who was happy with him, people who trusted him… He was afraid that once he told the truth, all of that would be gone.

And I think this scene punctuates that fear being realized. That look on his face when it hits him that no one will ever see him as anything more than a murderer and liar. And knowing that he’s once again lost something important to him simply by being Blaine.

8. Kara x Reader 

requested by: @youngjusticeimaginesus 

SUMMARY: Kara takes care of you when you have a migraine 

You lay in your living room on the couch with the lights turned off and the windows shut. This had to have been the worst migraine you’ve ever had. All of a sudden, the light flicks on and you sit up. Though, you immediately regret doing that.

 "Hey babes.“ Kara smiles, leaning over to kiss your temple as she takes a seat next to you on the couch. "You’re home early.”

 "Yeah, they let me off early cause of this damn migraine.“ You sigh, leaning your head back against the couch.

 Kara gets up and walks to the kitchen, and you lift your head off the couch, turning to look at her. "I didn’t want you to go.” You whine. “Come back and lay with me.”

 "I’ll be there in a second, love. Just lay down.“ She giggles. 

You do as she says, resting your head on a couch pillow and closing your eyes. Not long after, you feel the couch dip in and you open your eyes to see Kara sitting on the edge of the couch. You smile sleepily at her as she hands you an aspirin and a small glass of water.

 "Go ahead and take these.” She says with a kiss on your cheek. She covers you with a blanket and turns the lights off again before picking your head up and setting it on her lap. She plays with your hair and rubs your head as you sit there in silence and soon enough, you’re fast asleep. Even as you sleep, Kara stays on the couch, looking down at you with complete adoration. 

(A/N: Let me know if you guys like when I add gifs. I’m gonna try it for the next few that I post and see how it goes :) )

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“You know,” Dean started when the quiet got too much. “The food wasn’t half-bad.”

“It was disgusting,” she frowned, pushing a branch out of her way.

“Oh come on, it was fine,” he waved her off.

“No, I’m with Y/N on this one—it was terrible,” Sam added, twigs snapping under his feet.

“It wasn’t the worst thing we’ve ever had to eat.”

“Oh, good to know the bar is on the floor,” she shot back.

Dean shook his head. “Look, we’ve eaten on the government’s tab before, and this wasn’t the worst, that’s all I’m sayin’!”

“No, you said that it wasn’t half-bad, implying that it was even edible,” Sam pointed out.

“And, as the only one here without a criminal record, I shudder to think of what you’ve eaten where that wasn’t ‘half bad,’” she huffed, blowing some hair out of her face.

The dense trees broke enough for them to find a cabin. It was rundown, dilapidated, and kind of a miracle that it even still stood.

The three exchanged looks and had a silent conversation. Their plan agreed upon, they began walking towards the abandoned cabin.

Y/N took her boyfriend’s hands in hers before turning to Sam. “Promise me something, guys?”

Sam nodded and Dean squeezed her hand.

“Whoever…gets to go home,” she started, proud of herself for only tripping over her words slightly. “Promise to eat a delicious meal not made by the government.”

The silence that would’ve been otherwise absolute was broken only by the soft chittering of animals and the crunching of leaves beneath their boots.

Then, it was broken by Dean mumbling. “As long as there’s pie.”

Sam and Y/N laughed humorlessly, but didn’t berate. And, as they built up the cabin in a way that would’ve made Kevin McAllister proud, they added more and more to the imaginary banquet, treats to please everyone involved.

And when they all got to return home, they made and ate that banquet together.

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Oh Sweetheart…

gif is not mine

Title: Oh Sweetheart…

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,172

Warnings: talk of sexual assault, angst, and a little fluff

A/N: This was requested by @ally-miller16! I hope this is what you were looking for! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 <3 *You can still submit headcanons, imagines, and onshots!*

As you entered the bunker, you kept trying to forget about this hunt.  You thought maybe if you kept trying to repress it, that it would go away.  This wasn’t something that you could just forget.  Going on this hunt alone was perhaps the worst decision you had ever made.  Not only were you on edge, but you were on the brink of a panic attack.

You didn’t want to talk to Sam or Dean, not right now anyway.  You headed to your bedroom, shutting the door behind you.  You wanted to go to Dean because you liked Dean.  You liked Sam too, but you felt something more for Dean.  However, you didn’t want to worry either of the Winchesters, so you sat on the floor against your bed.  You kept trying to hold on; you kept trying to stay strong, but you couldn’t.  Tears streamed down your face as you sobbed.  You pulled your knees to your chest, letting the tears fall from your eyes.

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                          KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 8

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: Haha, I lied, here’s part eight. Enjoy having your hearts ripped out! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 3.1K+

Warning: chant with me ANGST ANGST ANGST!



There was a lump in your throat, one you couldn’t seem to swallow, he was so…sincere, and it pained you even more to hear the breaking in his voice. Why? Why the sudden turn in emotions? Why was he so hell bent on you and why were you so cruel to him? Me? Cruel to him? With all the negative thinking, something in the back of your mind was tugged, as if there were a shift in the Force calling out to you…begging you to remember something you couldn’t. “I’m sorry. I thought what I did to you was for your own good…but seeing as how it wasn’t…I regret my actions.”

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Imagine – Sam helping you with your abusive boyfriend.

Word Count – 2,448

Pairing – Sam x Reader and some Sam x big brotherly Dean

Triggers – Abusive relationship, angst, really really rude boyfriend


You and your boyfriend Adam have been dating for three years, sadly. At first it was all rainbow and sunshine’s then after about a year, maybe not even he started getting very aggressive and jealous all the time which led to things starting to get emotionally abusive, then sometimes physical. Sam and Dean always told you to leave, especially after it got abusive but the thing was you were terrified to.

Adam would tell you not to see those “Winchester demon boys” as he would call them, and would beat you if you did. Of course you still went and saw them, they were family and nothing was going to ruin that.

You buried your face in makeup and put on the tightest, shortest dress you owned knowing if you didn’t you’d regret it after with him. Tonight was the night you were going to meet his “friends”, you were terrified.

“Hurry up, I don’t want to be fucking late just cause you’re doing your makeup.” He yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m… I’m coming!” You yelled nervously, taking one last look in the mirror.

“You look hot, good. Let’s go.”

The ride there was quiet, mostly like every car ride with you guys unless you were arguing. You felt a tear slip down your cheek, being careful of not smudging your makeup and being careful that he didn’t notice. You just wanted this over, this whole thing to be all over.

When you arrived to the bar you could already feel the night going horribly.

“Alright, my friends opinions on you mean everything to me, so try to act hot and cool, okay?”

‘It means more to you than how I feel?” you asked quietly, looking down at your lap.

He just growled and slammed the car door shut, making you jump. You climbed out of the car slowly and headed in with your head down. When you looked up to look around you noticed two guys who looked really familiar, one of them were wearing a blue jacket with flannel and the other was wearing a leather jacket – shit.

Once Adam yelled your name both of their heads turned to look at you with wide eyes. You tried to act like you didn’t notice them and walked off with your jerk of a boyfriend, sliding into the booth next to him.

“This is my hot babe, y/n.” Adam said wrapping his arm around your shoulders, filling you with disgust.

“She is hot man, way to go!” The one guy said, giving him a high five while the other two couldn’t stop staring at you.

“Where’d you two meet?” the other man asked you

“Um, I think here actually.”

“Nice, nice. Come here a lot?”

“Eh, sometimes.”

“Cool! Maybe one day you can bring me a friend, or maybe I can just get with you.” He winked while you gave him a rude look and everyone else laughed, including Adam.

The night was filled with just them laughing and leaving you out of everything. You just sat there like a log, sipping on your beer and thinking about how much you wanted to leave. You also would give quick glances at Sam and Dean while they did the same, not when you noticed though.

“So hot stuff, tell us about yours and Adams sex life! Must be so interesting.” The guy asked, making you want to puke in disgust.

“What the hell? No!” Adam gave you a mean look while you gave him one back.

“Sorry guys, she just needs to be reminded who she’s dealing with.” He said with an angry tone, still looking at you.

They went back to laughing and being childish when you snuck out and went to the bathroom, wanting to get away from their rudeness. On your way there you didn’t realize you were walking past Sam and Dean till Sam walked in front of you, stopping you in your tracks while Dean was in the bathroom himself.

“Hey y/n, how come you didn’t say hi? We miss you!” Sam said, bringing you in for a hug but you didn’t hug back, making him frown.

“This is about Adam, isn’t it?” He said with a sad tone and worry look, breaking your heart.

“Sammy, I gotta go…” you whispered, looking at Adam then looking back at him

“Why do you let him do this to you y/n? You deserve to be treated like a princess, not a – a Barbie.”

“You don’t get it Sam, you really don’t.”

“No you’re right, I don’t. But if you need anyone … I’m just a call away, see ya y/n..” Poor Sammy, always putting everyone before himself.

Sam walked back to the booth him and his brother shared, taking a big sip of whiskey which he rarely ever would drink. He was sad, he’s been sad since you’ve started getting treated that way. Since you started dating … him. He wanted to protect and love you as his own. He wanted to sleep with you in his arms every night, and wake up with you every morning. He wanted to take you out on dates on the days they weren’t busy with hunting. He wanted to help you hunt even though you were already badass, he just wanted to keep you safe and be your “hero”. But that could never happen now, cause of Adam. He knew you were terrified of leaving Adam, and didn’t feel the same about him anyways but he was wrong, so wrong.

“That bathroom in there is gross, man! I could barley –“ Dean stopped, noticing the tears running down his little brothers red cheeks with his quivering lip.

“Sammy, what’s wrong?” He asked, sitting in front of him.

“Let it out baby brother, I’m all ears.”

“She’s with that Adam dude, the one who beats her. You should see the way she’s dressed man, she doesn’t even look like herself. You should’ve seen how scared and upset she looked. She kept looking over her shoulder and she could barley look me in the eyes. I don’t know what to do.”

Dean sighed and patted his shoulder, giving him a sympathetic look.

“I’ll go talk to her if you want, okay? I’ll be right back.” Before Sam could say anything he was up and walked away, leaving him to himself again.


You walked out of the bathroom, trying to fix your makeup as much as you can from the tears. Getting lost in your train of thought you didn’t realize Dean was standing in front of you, accidentally bumping into him.

“Oh sorry – Dean?” You asked, panicking more when you realized you’d be gone for a while again.

“Hiya y/n, long time no talk. You doin’ okay?” You nodded, lying.

“Really? Cause that bruise on your wrist tells me otherwise.” He said, nodding his eyes down to your wrist with the huge purple and blue mark. You looked away and rubbed up and down your arm nervously.

“Closed it in a door by accident.”

“More like your boyfriend closed it into a door, why are you still fucking with him y/n? You’re a smart, beautiful girl who could get any guy she wanted! Why waste your time on that piece of shit?”

“Anyone I wanted? That’s fuckin’ funny, Winchester. Cause I’m pretty sure your brother doesn’t want me, so I can’t do much.”

“You don’t know that!” He said louder.

“Yes I do! Now, I have to go and deal with Adam and get flirted on by his “Friends”. I’ll talk to you at some point when there’s a case close by. Stay safe, tell Sammy I said stay safe too.” You said, walking away without a good bye.

“I think you’re the one who needs to stay safe!” He yelled, but you ignored him.

When you came back to the table Adam looked as angry as ever, if looks could kill you’d be dead. You sat back down without looking at anyone, hearing them talk trash about everyone and anything.

“Me and y/n best be going, we got other plans to do.” Adam said, making your heart pound.

“Oh, what plans? We were just startin’ to get to know the girl.” One of his friends asked.

“Just things we have to do, she knows those things.” You looked at him with fear, then looked over at Sam who was already staring at you with sadness and anger in his eyes, giving you a quick fake sad smirk after. You wanted to say something so bad, but knew you couldn’t with Adam around.

He grabbed your arm tightly and pulled you out of the bar, but the boys didn’t notice sadly. You were hopping they would so they’d come to the rescue, but nothing. He pulled you to the side of the bar, throwing you against the hard brick wall and punching you in the nose after.

“You stupid bitch, I saw you with those … those Winchester boys!” He said, punching you again.

“Adam, we were just talking for 10 seconds! Maybe less, fucking stop!”

“You probably fucked that punk looking dude in the bathroom, I saw you go in there with him! Disgusting!” He punched you again, but this time in the stomach.

“Adam – please!” You cried, holding your stomach.

“You are the biggest slut, and biggest let down I ever met. You’re a hunter and you can’t even protect yourself from a man, weak!”  

“Nobody will love you, and that’s a fact. You had the best thing ever and you fucking lost it baby, gone! You’re all alone, just how you started and that’s how you’ll die…alone.” He reached up his first but took to shock when he felt someone place their hand over it, and twisting his wrist after. You opened your eyes, realizing you didn’t feel anything hit you and you were so thankful for what you saw, Sam.

“You’re wrong on that one buddy, cause I love her. Also you’re not the best thing ever cause she is. You’re actually the WORST thing ever and you sure as hell are not a man!” Adam spat in his face while Sam just chuckled and threw him on the ground, punching him In the face after.

There was cracking and blood everywhere. It was on Sam’s fists, and Adam’s firsts but it was your blood instead of Sam’s. After 5 minutes you got out of your shock and realized if you didn’t stop him he was gonna kill him, which you didn’t feel like dealing with at all even though he deserved it.

“Sammy, please!” You yelled over his grunts and Adams muffled swears. Dean came behind you quietly and buried your face in his chest, placing his hand on the back of your head and running his hand through your hair softly, letting you cry into his chest as he held you and tried to distract you from the view.

“Come on, you don’t need to see this.”

You and him walked back to the Impala and sat together as you cried. He rubbed your back and would whisper sweet things to calm you down.

“Anything broken sweetheart?” He said softly, looking at your bloody nose and busted lip along with your black eye.

“No, not that I know of.”

“We’ll keep an eye on your nose, it’ll all be okay. It’s over… it’s over. You’re safe.” You hugged him again while he hugged back softly, trying to not cause you anymore pain.

“How am I safe? I have no home, and my stuff is probably gone.” He looked at you like you were insane.

“You are always welcomed in our home, y/n. Me and Sammy might be a pain in the ass to live with, but you are always free to stay with us for as long as you want. You’re family.”

You nodded with a smile, a real smile for the first time in years. You actually felt safe, like everything was going to be okay and that was a feeling you haven’t had in so, so long.

“He was cryin’ over you, you know?” Dean said, looking down at the ground.

“He was?” He nodded slowly.

“He was terrified, y/n. He was scared to death. I never seen him cry like that before.”

The sounds of Sam’s boots clomping caught your and Dean’s attention, seeing his fists still covered in blood and a little on his shirt and jeans.

“You okay?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, can me and y/n talk for a second?” You got out and walked with him, leaving Dean alone.

“I’m sorry I didn’t do that sooner, it’s just … when I heard your whimpers and his screams, I knew. I told Dean “man, this ends now.” And I meant it y/n. I really, really freaking hope you’re not going back to him cause I swear to Christ if I gotta kill him just to get him away from you and keep you safe I will.”

“I love you, Sam.” The four words he’s been dying to hear for years, the words he dreamed about.


“Open your ears, moose. I said I love you.”

He walked up to you, cupped your face with his big hands and kissed you as hard as he could, knowing his lips would be sore tomorrow but he didn’t care. You ran your fingers in his hair and kissed back, making him smirk against your lips.

“God, I’ve been waiting years to hear you say that.”

“Well get used to it because you’re going to be hearing it a lot more.” You smiled while he smiled too.

“I’m so excited to treat you how you deserve to be treated, like a princess. You have no idea how excited I am to make you happy!” You kissed him again while he hugged you tightly, kissing your nose, eye and lip after.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I didn’t help you earlier.”

“Sam, better late than never. I’m so thankful that you came and helped, if you didn’t I don’t think I would’ve made it home alive.” His heart broke at the idea of that happening.

“Well you won’t have to worry about that anymore.”


“So, are you guys ….?” Dean asked. Sam wrapped his arms around your shoulders like Adam did, but this time it was different with Sam. You felt comfortable, and safe. He nodded and pulled you in with a smile while Dean smiled too.

“About damn time.”

     - Part III

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
2 648
warning : slight smut
* gif by lightwoodxalec


Y/N and Kai sneaked around a lot the following few weeks. Kai would wait for her in the morning driving her to school when her parents thought she would get a ride with one of her friends. Then later in the day he’d wait for her classes to end. A couple of times he had even sneaked into her classes , startling her. He had worked his magic in a way that she’d always be able to see him when he is cloaked.
It was distracting when he was around , specially when there were tests and he kept telling her all the right answers. Kai wasn’t doing it on purpose , he just wanted her to exit the class room early so they could be together. Y/N protested always , glancing at him , giving him warning looks but he’d only grin at her.

“You know this stuff anyways. I am just speeding up the process…” he’d say with an innocent expression on his face. “I am just selfish and I want to be with you every minute of every day.” he’d whisper in her ear , getting her to lose her concentration completely so she’d have no other option but let him tell her all the answers.

It was barely Monday and Y/N wanted nothing to do with school. All she wanted was to be with Kai and this time on the test , she didn’t even protest. Barely 15 minutes into the class , she got up handing her teacher the completed test.
“Keep this up and you will be valedictorian.” she said , glancing at the paper.
Y/N only smiled awkwardly , feeling a peck of guilt, and walked towards the door with Kai following barely two steps away from her.
As soon as they were outside the classroom , he pulled her into the cloaking spell. Kai snaked his hands around her waist , resting his chin on her shoulder.
“What do you want to do now , princess ?” he asked. “ We are cloaked and I bet there is an empty classroom somewhere … Yep , down the hall there is one.”
“Kai , we can’t … someone will hear. We’ll get caught.”
“No , we won’t.” he said spinning her around and slowly backing her against the lockers. “No one would even know what had happened. We have … like 25 minutes before the bell rings.” said Kai , his hand slowly sliding under her dress.
Y/N could feel his fingertips slowly tracing up her thigh and her mind started to get foggy. Kai grinned at her knowing well the effect he had on her, leaning in to whisper in her ear.
“I want you … here. Now.”
His fingertips traced her folds through her panties for a few moments before he pushed them to the side.
“And you are already so wet.” he whispered again , just as the tip of his middle finger pressed a little at her entrance. Y/N could feel her cheeks flush , a low moan escaping her lips as Kai pushed in slowly his finger inside her warmth. He dipped his head , leaving wet kisses on her neck pushing another finger inside her. There was no way she’d say no to him , her self control had slipped away completely.
“20 minutes…” she whispered , her hand sliding between their bodies into his jeans. A low growl came from Kai’s throat and he pulled out his fingers. Y/N grabbed his hand , licking wet his fingers while looking at him in the eyes watching him lick his lip , a low groan following.
Next thing she knew Kai had whooshed them away into the empty classroom , locking the door behind them.

* * *

A few days later Kai sneaked into her bedroom in the middle of the night.
“Y/N?” he said , laying on his side on her bed , stroking her cheek gently. “Wake up…” he whispered to her , lightly shaking her shoulders , his hand covering her mouth making sure she wouldn’t scream.
Y/N’s eyes fluttered open and the closed again , catching a glimpse of Kai in the darkness. Suddenly she shot up straight in her bed , her eyes wide. She grabbed his wrist , pushing his hand off her mouth.
“Are you crazy ?” she said in a hushed voice. “It’s 2.30AM , I don’t mind being woken up by you but … my parents are down the hall!”
Kai tried to say something but Y/N shushed him with a kiss rolling on top of him.
“Lock the door.” she whispered , waiting to hear the lock. “Why are you here ? Is everything OK ?”
Kai sighed ,his hands holding onto her hips.
“I had .. a nightmare.The worst one ever and .. I had to come see you. I know it’s risky… I just..” he swallowed hard. “I hate being away from you , not being in the same place as you at night.”
“What was the nightmare about?”
“You.” he said so quietly , if she hadn’t been listening probably would’ve missed it. “I dreamt that I lose you. We um … we were walking down the street at night and this car showed up. I tried to stop it but my magic wasn’t working and I wasn’t a vampire anymore … couldn’t heal you and you … … you died in my arms.” said Kai , his voice breaking at the last words.
Even in the darkness Y/N could see tears in his eyes at the memory of the nightmare. She rested her head on his chest , her fingers brushing through his hair.
“It was just a dream. We will always be together… I won’t let anything or anyone separate us.” she said softly , kissing his cheek. “Tell you what , I’ll talk with my parents… No , no calm down.” she said seeing the terror in his eyes. “I’ll come up with something and I’ll stay over at your place some nights of the week… and after graduation , it will be just you and me.”
Kai’s eyes lit up at her words and a small smile showed on his face. He seemed to calm down a bit from his nightmare and the idea of spending his nights with Y/N was more than appealing to him. He pulled her in for a kiss , rolling on top of her.
“I would love nothing more than to wake up beside you in the morning…” he whispered to her. “Every single day for the rest of my life.”
Kai hessitated for a moment before continuing. His nightmare earlier in the night had impacted him more deeply than he cared to admit , he needed to tell her.
“I love you , Y/N.” he whispered to her , Y/N heart skipping a beat at his words. “I should’ve said it before…but I need you to know this. I don’t want something bad to happen to you without you knowing how much I love you.” he kissed her forehead. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
“I .. I love you too , Malachai , more than I could put into words.”
Y/N could see the devilish spark in his eyes even more clearly in the dark. He leaned in , kissing her fiercely. She pushed off his jacket , pulling him closer before remembering where they were and that they couldn’t do anything , yet … she didn’t stop him.
“I can’t wait until tomorrow … so I can have you all to myself.” he whispered tracing her jawline with his finger before rolling onto the bed next to her pulling her towards him , her head on his chest and her hand where his heart is.

In the morning Kai had woken up before her. He loved watching her sleep. Around 7AM he heard footsteps down the hall. He kissed Y/N awake before quickly getting off her bed, taking his jacket and cloaking himself.
Y/N woke up from the sudden disappearance of Kai from under her and just as she was about to call out for him , there were knocks on the door.
“Y/N? Are you awake ? You are going to be late for school …” Elena’s voice sounded through the door , trying to open it. “Why is your door locked ?”
Y/N quickly got up from the bed , rushing towards the door.
“Sorry , mom. I was so tired last night , I must’ve locked it without realising.” she said popping her head in the hallway. Her mother held a cup of coffee , handing it to her. “Thanks.”
“You must’ve been really tired , considering you slept through your alarm… you have 10 minutes to get ready and head to school unless you want to be late.” her mom said with a smile before heading downstairs.
Y/N closed the door , resting her back against it while taking a sip from her coffee.
“That was close…” she muttered under her breath , glancing at Kai who was grinning at her.
“See you at school ?”
Y/N left her coffee cup on her desk , hooking her hands around Kai’s neck before kissing him. “How about I skip school … and we spend the day together ?”
Suddenly Kai tightened his grip on her waist , a low growl escaping from his throat.
“Go downstairs. Now. I’ll call you later.” he said , kissing her briefly before disappearing through the window.

Y/N had no idea what was happening downstairs but got dressed as quickly as she could , grabbed her bag as if she’d be going to school and rushed into the living room quickly pulling her hair in a ponytail.
“Hey .. I’m off to - ” she said freezing on the spot noticing Bonnie was in the house. The past few months Bonnie hadn’t visited them and her being there made Y/N nervous , specially after the way Kai had acted upstairs before he left. “W-what is going on ?”
“Nothing , sweetie … just go to school.” said Elena , but Y/N didn’t buy it.
“Dad ?”
Damon glanced at his daughter with a pained expression on his face. He took a sip from his coffee looking at the ground.
“You always tell me everything… why not tell me now ?”
Damon cleared his throat. “We are going to spend a few days at your mother’s cabin. Come right back home after school.”
“It’s the middle of the week. I am a senior , I can’t just skip classes plus there are tests coming up…”
“It’s all taken care of.” said Caroline popping into the living room with a lunch paperbag.
Y/N let out a frustrated sigh. No wonder Kai had left in such a rush. Caroline was a vampire , she could hear him upstairs… or maybe she already had. Y/N knew what all of this was about. They knew Kai was back in town. How had they found out ?
“Well , have fun at your cabin get away trip. I am staying here and its not up for discussion.” Y/N said with a serious look on her face. “OH and before any of you try anything … just remember what happened last time.”
She turned on her heels heading for the door but Caroline blocked her way.
“Klaus is coming. He found out Elena is a human again and he wants to give his hybrid army another shot.” she said , opening the door for Y/N. “We can assume he knows about your existance too. So , yeah. You are going away with your parents until this all blows over.”
Y/N walked outside , her mind spinning , and turned around.
“Maybe he doesn’t.. and if he doesn’t know , then it is for the best to keep it that way. So again - NO. I am NOT going anywhere. I can just stay over at a friend’s house until this all taken care of.”
Everyone glared at her as if she was insane.
“Trust me , I’ll be safer that way. Don’t wait up for me.”

Y/N got in her car , dialing Kai’s number as soon as she was out of vampire hearing earshot. He picked up almost instantly.
“I did not see that one coming.” Y/N said , listening to him laugh.
“You can stay over at my place until this blows over. I am the friend you were talking about right ?”
“W-were you listening in ? Where are you ?”
A few seconds later Y/N saw Kai pop up on the side of the road. She stepped on the breaks so hard , the tires screeched and lightly started to smoke. Kai laughed and got in the car with her.
“You are not allowed to drive my car.” he said with a serious tone. (‘Shut up.’ Y/N mouthed to him , laughing.) Are you still going to school today ? If so , I am coming with you. No way I am letting you out of my sight until Klaus is out of Mystic Falls.“
“I have to.” she sighed , “Otherwise if someone calls them and tells them I never showed , they’d think Klaus kidnapped me or something… ”
Y/N started the car and headed for her high school.
She parked the car on the school’s parking lot. For a few moments she just stared out the front window trying to figure out how her life had turned out so complicated all of the sudden. Everything had been perfect and something just had to happen to mess it up.
“You can still change your mind …”
“No. There is not enough time.” Y/N turned around smashing her lips against his. “Cloak yourself , we have to go. The bell will ring in … 3 , 2 ,1.”
… and just by que the school bell rang marking the start of another school day.

First period went well. Or as well as Y/N could’ve hoped. Things started going south around noon. Kai had gone to pick up their lunch leaving her alone for a few minutes in the crowd on the front yard.
“What does a beautiful girl like you does sitting all alone at lunch , love ?”
Y/N glanced towards the direction the voice had come from. The guy had an unmistakable accent. The moment she lay eyes on him she knew who he was.
“Enjoying the sunshine.” she said as calmly as she could , knowing well he could probably hear her heart beat getting faster. “It’s a lovely day , don’t you think?”
Klaus sat across from her , his hands clasped on the table in front of him. He met her eyes realising she hadn’t dropped her gaze for a second , following his every move.
“Yes , it is.” he agreed.
“You look too old to be a student. … and too old in general , Klaus.”
Klaus looked surprised she knew who he was and hadn’t ran away yet. Her hands were clasped on the table in front of her too and he wondered why she was acting so calm.
“My reputations preceeds me , fantastic. Let’s skip to the fun part then , shall we ?”
“I don’t think so.” Y/N said getting up and taking her bag. “I have classes which I do not intend on missing just because a psychotic stranger decided to use me as bait to try to get to my parents.”
Klaus grabbed her wrist , his grip so strong it felt as if he might break her hand just to make a point. “Sit down.” he said , his hybrid nature showing for a moment. “Or I will make a spectacle of your death right here in front of all your friends.”
Y/N glanced at him. “What would Caroline say … when she finds out you killed me ? Do you think she will ever forgive you killing her god daughter ?”
He let go the grip of her wrist , anger clearly written on his face.
“That’s what I thought… ”
Y/N took a few steps towards the school , noticing Kai coming straight at her with their take out. She smiled relieved to see him and the next moment his eyes widened in terror. Someone grabbed her , putting a hand over her mouth , the world around her going dark in a second.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017


Since there’s not enough kieran on tumbr and cause he’s cute af 😍

Who’s that? A Kieran Wilcox imagine

Kieran’s POV

Today had to be one of the worst days I have ever had. Noah kept rambling about Brendon James and who might be next in the killings. With everything going on I try my hardest to not think about it.
“Can we change the subject for once?” I asked annoyed.
Noah caught on and stopped talking. Everyone looked at me giving me a weird look.
“Are you okay?” Emma asked laying her hand on my shoulder.
“Yeah. I’m fine.” I answered sternly.
She frowned moving her hand.
“WELL! Since everyone is in a bad mood, I have to get to class.” Brooke said walking off.
Eventually everyone followed along, me being the second to leave.
I just couldn’t take it anymore. The talking about the murders. The more I thought about it the more I thought about my dad.
I was quickly walking down the hall trying to get to my locker before anyone could stop me. As I turned the corner I very hardly bumped into a girl.
“Oh my god I’m so sorry I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” She ranted.
I smiled helping her pick up her book.
“It fine no need to apologize it was my fault.” I reassured her.
She smiled grabbing her book from my hand.
We stood there in awkward silence for a moment.
She laughed breaking the awkwardness.
“I’m I haha I’m sorry.” I stammered.
She shook her head laughing again, “Its cool.”
“So are you new? I never seen you around?” I asked.
Wow smooth kieran, I thought to myself.
She smiled, “Uh yeah. I actually just moved her with my dad.”
I nodded, “And your mom?”
She looked away, avoiding eye contact.
“Oh I um I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you.”
She shook her head, “its not that, it just looks like someone really needs to talk to you.” She smiled pointing down the hallway.
I looked back spotting Emma. I sighed turning my attention back to the new girl.
“She’s just a friend.”
She smirked, “I see.”
“Well I should go don’t want to be late to class on my first day. See you around.” She smiled.
I quickly stopped her before she go any further.
“Wait!? You didn’t tell me your name.”
She grinned, “Its y/n. And you?”
“Kieran.” I smirked.
“See you around cuttie.” She waved.
Emma came up to me, I slightly grinned back at her.
“Who is that?” She asked a bit annoyed.
“No one.” I answered.

[SUMMARY: Clarissa is tired of Negans on and off flirting and decides to play a drinking game with the Saviors while Negan watches jealously. What she doesn’t know is that Negans always liked her, he just never felt good enough for her.]

Semi smut/ jealous Negan

Negan and Clarissa.

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I was going to avoid talking about this for several reasons but i honestly can’t. I’ve seen mixed reactions regarding what happened today during the broadcast of “Flower Crew” from angry fans to fans brushing it off as “it’s really not a big deal” 

First of all saying that the producers were not aware of Jungkook’s popularity seems pretty dumb. I mean, if anything, his popularity is the whole reason they had him join the show in the first place. I was excited to watch Jugkook’s first solo variety, but once it started, I only felt more uncomfortable as the show went on. The first thing that ticked me off was the whole situation with the food Jungkook bought for everybody. He went out of his way just to do so and you could tell he was really excited but all he got were rude remarks and even got called “weird kid” You could tell he was disappointed and when Minseok started eating one, Jo Seho was just rude to him as well. The whole situation was uncomfortable to watch. 

Through the rest of the broadcast, some were either sucking up to Jungkook or just making him feel uncomfortable about the whole situation he was in. Korean fans were protesting sooner than we were since the subtitles were awfully slow and continuously commented on how they were making Jungkook feel uncomfortable but all we got was an excuse such as “it’s funny” In many variety shows, I’ve seen many people joke around and mess with idols, but there has to be some sort of bond or closeness in order to do so. I don’t think that was the case at all.

I think the participants of the show should’ve been aware of how the voting system worked beforehand. But they didn’t and that just lead to Seo Janghoon to complain about the system not being fair, causing Jungkook to feel even worse. Jungkook basically asked fans not to vote for him because whoever had the most votes would be the “flower path” leader and of course he wouldn’t want to have that pressure. He said he wouldn’t mind being in the dirt team as long as the system was fair and that just seamed like an attempt to make things right somehow. Even when he had not done anything wrong, he still felt burdened by the consequences oh his popularity. 

Honestly the MC’s were so rude, not just to Jungkook but even to Minseok and Ahn Jung Hwan. The whole thing was a mess ad of course fans would feel angry after such thing. I’ve seen idols mocked and teased on several variety shows, but this is by far the worst. Specially taking into consideration his age, his attitude and the fact that he had never really been on a variety show on his own. Honestly, i won’t be voting on the next broadcast.I don’t want Jungkook to feel burdened because of his popularity ever again. Now that fans know how voting works, i hope everybody will vote fairly. And hopefully, the producers/MC’s will see all the negative feedback they received today and maybe they treat Jungook a bit more humanly. 

Regardless, I am still proud of him fro pulling through! 

AN: It’s been forever since I’ve done a Pietro imagine! I’m excited! Thank you anon for sending this in! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro AoU X Reader

Prompt: Hii! Can you write an imagine where the reader is Pietro’s girlfriend and they have a prank war, like they’re always pranking each other, but they make a bet that however pranks Tony (her father) wins? I love your blog so freaking much! 💘


“Prank War”

I’m going to kill you.”

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