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You disgusting Humans!! How dare you canoodle in my back seats!!

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i learn to miss you all over again

but this time i’m
forgetting how to
get the words
down, forgetting how
i used to have
a body, forgetting
there’s a different way
to break. i learn there

is a different
love behind the old one
and this one sings
in a voice too big
for its lungs, aches
with a different strength: this
love is missing you. blue boxes and cold
feet and too much  s p a c e
between the letters and words
leaping to my nerve
endings that i didn’t know
were growing. drawing
the pain out of me like
smoke. this love is

and letting go
and i am learning
how to curve its
edges. because it’s not
easy to leave this light, to
wrap my own hands around
my poem throat and
choke the words up
just because i want to hurt
the hard way. because i am learning love

is never
a lasting thing. i take june
and i crush it to dust, spend it
splintered and split and spitting
in the sputtering skin of a starling. i am such a
soft folded thing in
rosedrop hands. i am whisking
my junedust through this color blood. i
am fighting the fade. and blue boxes. cold feet. deep
breaths. sea green. your scent
in tatters.

i am overgrown and i am
glowing: my roots
hang loose with nothing to
love to, and that’s the worst part,
it’s the empty in me

(you slip into the
moon when you
sleep: i can feel the
beams of your love
on me still)

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honestly, if I ever found out a dude asked my dad for permission to marry me before asking me, he’d be dumped so fast

pidge: keith i have a gay problem and need the help of a gay who is more experienced

keith: ok. what is it?

pidge: i like this girl but there’s no way she likes me back and i dunno what to do about it

keith: nothing. absolutely nothing. you do nothing, and then you do your best to ignore it but it’s just eating at you and it’s so hard to pretend it’s not there so then you watch ten thousand heteronormative hallmark movies but eventually you start getting daydreams about how great your life would be if you actually were dating and how much fun you’d have doing the cheesiest coupley stuff and you aren’t even paying attention to the hallmark movies anymore they’re just lights and sounds in the background of your daydreams but we’re in space so you don’t even have the hallmark movies so you just go straight to the daydreams and you get this idea in your head that if you two date you’ll finally be a happy functional person and you won’t have any more problems ever and you know that’s not true but you still wanna believe it anyway and now the crush is getting bigger and bigger and you’re even more of a mess and you talk to your friend about it since he says he’s always there if you need someone to listen so you think that’ll help a little bit but it turns out it doesn’t because your friend is an asshole and says “well why don’t you just tell him?” but if i could tell him then this wouldn’t. be a problem, shiro!

keith: (breathing heavily)



pidge: actually i think i’m gonna go to lance

keith: …good plan.

Samurai Jack Premier

Absolutely outstanding. I loved all the information we were given in this episode with minimal dialogue and exposition:

The most powerful of the daughters of Aku has a latent weakness. Both Aku and Jack have been absent from the public eye for an unknown amount of time. Aku doesn’t know Jack has lost his sword. And Jack’s growing apathy for the wellbeing of the innocent is tearing his moral sensibilities, and mind, apart.

Calling it now:


…Is what Jack is afraid of becoming.

He can’t return to the past. He can’t defeat Aku in the future. He can’t age. And he doesn’t want to die. Barring eternal flight and struggle against an immortal, all powerful enemy, he fears his only option may be to stop fighting against Aku and join his evil ranks.

This final season is going to be exhilarating. 

Episode 2 Update

Just further confirmation for me.

On the right we have the old Jack, the one who would have rather died before ever joining Aku or giving up his ideals (literally.) And on the left, we have what Jack has become over the years. Rejecting his past self, and opting for survival at any cost:

Outstanding imagery that what he must become, what he previously ran from and feared, is now showing him the path to survival:

And then we have him realizing what that will ultimately cost him:

Favorite Person: *has a busy life and cannot interact with me constantly*
me: why in the shit does nobody on this entire planet give a multicolored fuck about me


If you liked it, then you should have put a croissant on it.

[Yes, hello, I would like to issue a public apology to all of France,,,,,]