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I know that you are a reptile tumblr but I was wondering if you knew if it were healthy for dogs to be vegans? I'm just curious because of some vegans that have animals and they make them vegans... is it harmful towards the animal or is it completely safe? thank you :)

It’s an absolutely horrible idea. Dogs cannot be vegans and thrive. They’re not vegetarians and they’re not even really omnivores in the same way we are- while dogs will eat everything we do (and more), feeding them a vegan diet is terrible for their health. A lot of vegans who make this decision will blather on about supplements in the vegan food or about how you can make artificial amino acids or how dogs can survive on it so therefore it’s safe, but dogs can also survive eating Ol’ Roy, the worst dog food in the world. Surviving isn’t the same thing as thriving! A dog’s biological structure means that eating plants and only plants isn’t going to work well in the long run- so let’s look at some of the reasons why dogs need to be fed a diet based in animal protein. 

1. The canine digestive tract is not good at digesting plant matter.

Plant matter is really tough to break down! Meat, on the other hand, digests quickly. Carnivores and herbivores have differently structured digestive tracts that work with their diets. Let’s look at a rabbit’s digestive tract and a dog’s.

See how a rabbit has a functional cecum, while the dog’s is just a little snub of a thing? The cecum is an organ that plays a really important role in non-ruminant herbivore digestion. It’s a large pouch where cellulose and tough fibers in plant-based food get broken down. Dogs, like humans, don’t have one that’s functional for digestion. 

In addition, herbivores like rabbits have very long, complicated digestive tracts. Their food sits in there and breaks down over a long period of time. An average adult rabbit (with a body of about 40 centimeters long, we’re not talking the giant breeds or the dwarf breeds here) has about three meters of small intestine. In American units, that’s a 15 inch animal with almost 10 feet of intestines. A dog, on the other hand, has a small intestine that’s about two and a half times the length of its body- so for instance, a dog that’s two feet long would have about five feet of small intestine. There’s neither enough time nor space in the canine alimentary canal for dogs to fully extract the nutrients they need to survive. 

2. Dog drool doesn’t have amylase.

Amylase an enzyme that converts plant starch and glycogen into simple sugars. Herbivores and omnivores typically have amylase in the saliva, which starts to break down those starches immediately. This means by the time the starches hit the intestine, they’ve already started to convert into something that’s actually useful. Dogs, however, only produce it in the pancreas. There’s no salivary amylase in dogs or any other carnivore. This means that digesting plants and converting their energy into something that’s actually useful is really inefficient for dogs; they can only get something like half of the energy and nutrients they’d get from a comparable amount of meat. It also means that to digest plant material, dogs’ pancreases have to go into overtime to make enough amylase, which can lead to severe pancreatic strain.

3. Dogs can’t digest cellulose.

While the dog pancreas makes amylase, something it doesn’t make is cellulase. Granted, herbivores don’t make it either- in fact, very few animals do. Termites are one of the only animals that make their own cellulase. Herbivore digestive tracts have a reservoir of symbiotic bacteria that produce plenty of cellulase. We’ve actually talked about it- it’s what goes on in the cecum! The bacteria in carnivore ceca, however, is linked to the lymphatic system, not the digestive system. 

There’s also the issue of their teeth not being adapted for a plant-based diet or even the way they eat being good at taking in plants- but the same is true for anything that’s not animal carcasses, including kibble and wet dog food. That’s just evidence that defines them as opportunistic carnivores; what makes a vegan diet so bad for dogs is their digestive biology.

There is one exception to this rule, and that is when a vet prescribes a vegan diet for an animal with significant food allergies or other dietary issues. This is not something vets do unless it’s the best course of treatment for the animal. 

Veganism isn’t the same thing as being an herbivore. Herbivores don’t have a choice; their bodies aren’t built for eating meat. While they might take in animal protein on occasion (deer, for instance, will eat birds sometimes), their teeth, their digestive systems, and their metabolisms all work together to make eating plants the best way for them to survive. A rabbit’s not a vegan- it’s an herbivore. Only humans can be vegans. To be a vegan is to make a choice; it’s to evaluate your place in the world around you and to renegotiate your relationship with all sorts of things- your own body, the food industry, the people around you, and of course the animals you don’t eat. Responsible vegans understand that humans can thrive on an all-vegetable diet; they know that we evolved to be really, really flexible when it comes to the source of our nutrition. While humans are biologically omnivores, we can make that choice.

A dog can’t, and it’s not humanity’s place to force that on them. There are some pets that thrive on an all-vegetable diet. Rabbits, tortoises, finches, hamsters, snails- but not dogs. 

If you’d like more information, this is a fantastic write-up, complete with sources! This is a good, short article written by a vet. This is a blog post that talks about some of the other nutritional deficiencies, particularly involving D3. This is another great writeup with diagrams!

Office-mate who loves CNN but doesn't understand how televisions work is destroyed by that which she loves most.

I work in a small office with only 6 people. The way the office is broken up I share my office with another person, so we’re essentially facing each other. It’s away from the other offices, so we’re kind of left to our own devices. I’ve been working here for about three years now, and have always gotten along with my office-mate. My old office-mate left to start a family, so I’ve been alone for a bit before they hired Marge.

Marge is what you’d find if you googled “worst office-mate.” She brings in smelly food she eats at her desk, she plays loud music in our shared space (even after being asked not to), she fights with the boss on every little thing, she’s nosy (always asking me where I’ve been when I walk back into the office, and I’ve literally caught her listening in at the bosses door). She asks me invasive questions, and when I finally snapped at her to mind her own business she acted like I’d personally assaulted her.

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The Signs as Food Network Shows
  • Aries: Cutthroat Kitchen
  • Taurus: Iron Chef America
  • Gemini: Beat Bobby Flay
  • Cancer: The Kitchen
  • Leo: Food Network Star
  • Virgo: Worst Cooks in America
  • Libra: Cupcake Wars
  • Scorpio: Restaurant Impossible
  • Sagittarius: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives
  • Capricorn: Barefoot Contessa
  • Aquarius: The Great Food Truck Race
  • Pisces: Guys Grocery Games
Office-mate who loves CNN but doesn't understand how televisions work is destroyed by that which she loves most

Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster. I told this story to my friend and she suggested I post it here, so here it is for your judgement/enjoyment!

I work in a small office with only 6 people. The way the office is broken up I share my office with another person, so we’re essentially facing each other. It’s away from the other offices, so we’re kind of left to our own devices. I’ve been working here for about three years now, and have always gotten along with my office-mate. My old office-mate left to start a family, so I’ve been alone for a bit before they hired Marge.

Marge is what you’d find if you googled “worst office-mate.” She brings in smelly food she eats at her desk, she plays loud music in our shared space (even after being asked not to), she fights with the boss on every little thing, she’s nosy (always asking me where I’ve been when I walk back into the office, and I’ve literally caught her listening in at the bosses door). She asks me invasive questions, and when I finally snapped at her to mind her own business she acted like I’d personally assaulted her.

She HATES Trump, which, I mean, everyone in this office does, but she feels the need to CONSTANTLY TALK ABOUT HIM. She is CONSTANTLY relating headlines and giving her commentary, it’s like we have CNN on at the office. I honestly wouldn’t find this so irksome if she didn’t call him a racist in one breath, and in the next lament that there “are not enough white doctors” in America. Whatever. I only bring this up because of what happens next.

Since she loves to be outraged by Trump she needs to watch CNN as much as possible. And again, I just want to point out that we’re ALL outraged by Trump, we just don’t talk about him constantly - and gleefully. It seems like she enjoys hating him. While WE are all sick about the racist shit happening across the country, it seems like SHE is enjoying the unrest, like she loves to be outraged. It seems inauthentic to me, and for whatever reason her attitude offends me.

Anyway, she needs to watch CNN. So, on her break she heads to the office break room which is shared by everyone in the building (like 300 companies). The TV is set by default to CNN but sometimes someone will change it. I noticed that, since she is electronic illiterate, she cannot figure out how to change the channels on the flat screen TV (she asked me for help but I told her I didn’t know how lol). I noticed that she got really upset one day when the TV wasn’t turned to CNN, and complained to the front desk reception (lol wut?) who dutifully sent the maintenance man up to change the damn channel.


So, since I am a petty person, I downloaded an app that can work as a universal remote. I synced it to the break room TV and, since I take my lunch before her, I’d switch it away from CNN from the comfort of my chair. No one is in the break room while I’m on lunch, so it’s not disruptive.

Every day I’d take my lunch, relax in the break room, and watch the nature channel. Every day Marge would demand that the maintenance man go up and switch the channel for her. I don’t know if they offered to “teach” her to change the channel, or if she’s just too stupid to figure it out from watching, or what, but every day she is upset, and every day she comes back from lunch complaining that “this whole office is against me.”


This went on for a while. BUT, one fateful day I was heading to the bathroom when I heard a commotion coming from the first floor lobby. I wander over and look over the railing to see Marge squaring off with the girls at reception, yelling at the top of her lungs.


(Side note: she totally has the “I want to speak to your manager” haircut)

The poor girl at reception says something back, I can’t really hear since she spoke at a normal volume, but I think it was along the lines of “our maintenance person is busy” because Marge continues with:


She was yelling all sorts of things, some of which I can’t even remember. The gist of it was that Marge felt the staff of the office building was personally attacking her by not switching it to CNN on demand.

I get an idea and sprint back towards our office. I vault over a desk, skid around a corner, fling open our door, and compose myself before calmly walking by the bosses office, stopping in his doorway and tilting my head.

“Do you hear that?” I ask, innocently.

“What?” He asks, looking up from his work.

“That yelling - do you hear that?”

The boss gets up with a curious look on his face and I shrug and walk away. He walks out of the office and out onto the landing, just in time to witness Marge call a tearful receptionist an “incompetent idiot.” and “a stupid Mexican” (I know, she’s a racist pig, that’s part of why I’ve been messing with her).

Boss watches quietly for a minute before going back into his office. I sit down at my desk and get back to work. Soon, Marge storms in, still angry. She’s grumbling and visibly upset.

Boss calls her into his office. Meanwhile, the clock strikes 6 and I pack up to leave. I can hear muffled yelling coming from bosses office but it’s time to leave so I grab my stuff and head out.

The next morning I head to work and notice something is different right away. I walk into my office and see that everything that belonged to Marge has been cleared away.

She’d been fired. My boss bought the receptionist a bouquet of flowers to apologize and fired Marge. I’m told that she didn’t do much work anyway and they probably won’t replace her.

Now I not only am rid of the most hateful bitch I’ve ever know, but I have my office all to myself now.

I’m pretty pleased with myself, honestly. And my boss.

Edit: Maybe I shouldn’t have added the bit about Trump, but I thought it was important to show her hypocrisy as one of the reasons she’s deserving of petty justice. I didn’t mean for the comment section to focus on the politics of it or devolve into name-calling, though I probably should have guessed it.

Look, bottom line: There are shitty people who are democrats, and shitty people who are republicans. There are also great people who are democrats, and great people who are republicans. Marge was a shitty person who happened to be a democrat - this says nothing about anything other than that she is an awful, hypocritical person. If you’re using this to justify hating on democrats, or republicans, blindly, then you’re likely just as bad as Marge herself.

“That’s not how you negotiate !” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

OH YES !! Haha that particular “batmom” will be me if I ever get married. Fuck the dentist ! Anyway, here it is for you @cupcakequeen1999 (warning for language by the way) and hope you’ll like it, really hope you will : 

Awesome fan art of this story here : clickclickclick by @loganhowlett-ismyhusband

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


-I swear to everything holy in this World, if you touch me, I…I…I don’t know yet what I’ll do, but I won’t hesitate to do it ! 

Bruce sighs and rolls his eyes. He took a quick look at his watch, and sighs some more. You two had been arguing now for the past hour. You were cuddled under a blanket on the couch, pretty adamant on the fact that you would not move, and he was standing in front of you, arms crossed and an exasperated look on his face…


It started at breakfast a week ago, when your husband noticed you only ate your food on one side of your mouth, and winced whenever you forgot and automatically switched side.

-Cavity ? 

He simply asked, and you looked at him almost panicked before regaining your composure. 

-What ? Cavity ? No, no cavities in my mouth. You should know, you’re often in it…In more than one way. 

You wink at him and he smiles fondly at you. Damn you and your antics…

-Yeah well I thought I felt something with my tongue this morn…


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So today (28/08) marks exactly 1 year since I first begun to upload all this DA nonsense. It was just a joke about my first impression(and impending disappointment) of Alistair. So I thought it was fitting if I drew the actual first meeting between these nerds. Tacked on another two pages because why not.

Also, can’t believe I’m still drawing stuff for these two and that so many people still read and like all this silliness. x’D But I’m very glad for it. So thank you.

An amusing thing happened on Friday. Probably the funniest thing that has happened to me all year. (Some context: In my first year of fashion there was a person who somehow decided she was my friend, but she was HORRIBLY annoying, and thankfully she moved away and has lived in another city for 3 years. In that time I’ve come out as trans and started hormones, and she does not know this.)

This weekend she was back in town for a costume convention, and she spotted me and walked up to me and it went like this:

Her: “Hi!!! Remember me?????!!”
Me: “Uhhhh” (In a much deeper voice than she’s ever heard me talk in)
Her: “Wait, are you a boy or a girl?”
Me: “Uh, a boy.”
Her: “Oh my god you look JUST like one of my friends from college! Only she was a girl. Haha, wow amazing, you’ve got a double out there!”
Me: “Oh, ok. Sorry.”

And then I walked away trying my best not to laugh.

Yearbook Superlatives (KagePro Edition)

Best Hair

99.9% sure that Marry’s hair are super smooth.

Best Eyes

Quite ironic because KagePro is about red-eyes-giving-power. But I’ll say Ayano. Because her eyes are full of compassion.

Best dressed

Momo, with all of her idol outfits.

Nicest Smile

Long hesitation between Seto and Ayano. But Seto won. Because … Just look at him!

Most Likely To Be President

You better like soda. He is the only sane one. Kinda.

Most Likely To Win A Nobel Peace Prize

FIGHT ME IF YOU DISAGREE! Haruka almost get it.

Most Likely To Get Caught Sleeping In Class

It’s a fact that she has some problems with sleep.And she actually falls asleep during summer classes instead of studying. So I’m sure she also sleeps in normal classes.

Most Likely To Die First In A Zombie Apocalypse

What do you mean by “you don’t even respect Hibiya anymore”? Let’s be honest. Almost put Shintaro in here, to be honest.

Most Likely To Get Bald

Stress is really bad… But Bald-Shintaro would be so scary…

Most Likely To Become Internet Famous

Worst than cats, ENE will conquer the internet!

Most Likely To Be Scared Of The Dark

I seriously headcanon this: Kido having a phobia of darkness.

Most Likely To Own A Dog

Please forgive me.

Most Likely To Wear Crocs

I’m not even sorry anymore.

Most Likely To Wear Flip Flops In The Snow

Konoha discovered flip flops. Konoha discovered snow. But Konoha still does not know that this is not a good pair.

Most Likely To End Up In Jail

Do I really need to explain why?

Has Imaginary Friends

Other headcanon of mine: at first, Seto believed that the voices he was hearing were his imaginary friends.

Scared Of Bugs

I can picture him being scared of bugs and Hiyori being unimpressed.

Closet Otaku

Again, do I need to explain why?

Worst Driver

Do not go driving while he is. I repeat. Do NOT drive at the same time than Kano!

Worst Cook

Her food is dangerous. She is better at eating food than making it.

Best Dancer

Sure you were expecting Momo here but friendly remind that she is super clumsy on stage. I can imagine Hiyori dancing perfectly on Momo’s songs.

Best Artist

It can’t be otherwise.

Best With Children

Best . Big . Sister . Ever .

Best Singer

Let’s give some light to the idol one.

Best Hugs

His hugs have the power to always make you happier.

Best Person To Be Stranded On An Island With

He will save you from anything and everything.

Biggest Gossip

Definitly! And with ENE, it’s even worse!

Biggest Flirt

Kano, you are everywhere.

Biggest Nerd

If you’re wondering why … Then, we haven’t watch/listen to the same KagePro.

Party Animal

If you want a good party, then ask him some help.

Class Clown

I can imagine him make you laugh in class … Just before killing you! 

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Helloooo~ Can I get a headcanons for Toshinori with a 20-something s/o who is a university student?

i had so much of this typed up then my laptop CRASHED IM SSHSHND i’m sorry this took so long honey bun o h m y g o d. enjoy <3

> He wouldn’t brag about being in a relationship but he wouldn’t try to hide anything either. If someone were to ask him about his love life he would tell them he’s in a happy and committed relationship.

> To be sure that his partner isn’t ever hurt by anyone or anything, he keeps their identity hidden which does lead to some jokes of course which he doesn’t mind but everyone respects the decision.

> He would not hear the end of it from his students when they first found out he was dating someone because everyone assumed he was single and honestly too old to date. He plays along with them in the moment and fakes a tear before describing how happy he is.

> Some students find it sweet, others are like omg all might pls, and Bakugou is literally pretending to gag in the corner because of how sweet it is.

> For a while it was all the kids would talk about and he would have trouble keeping them on track for class. He would randomly get questions from them about his significant other to figure out who it is and it kind of turns into a game for all of them. 

> They never figure out who it is.

> He would gently remind them that knowing about his love life was definitely not a part of being a hero and get them back on track of whatever lesson they were working on.

> Toshinori would feel a bit lonely sometimes because being a pro hero, a teacher, and even a father-like figure towards Izuku is very time consuming and they can’t necessarily come to him whenever they want to because of uni. It bums him out a lot.

> He’s thankful that they’re able to communicate through phone calls, emails, texts, and sometimes even a video call. He always starts those off with sweet compliments and laughs lightly at his s/o’s reaction. He only does video calls in the safety of his home.

> There are times where they both have time off on the weekends and go on a date or two but most of the time they end abruptly due to his hero senses tingling. The poor guy feels bad every time he has to leave but his partner understands and urges him to go save some lives.

> He leaves them with a kiss on the cheek before dashing off to quickly buff himself up then go off to fight whatever villain there is.

> He gets anxious very often when they’re together in public because he doesn’t want to be the reason that his love gets taken by villains but luckily he’s able to stop himself from thinking too far ahead.

> Whenever he’s at his time limit and they have some time off from school they choose to stay in, watch movies, and eat all the worst foods possible. It happens about once or twice a month and he appreciates the time together greatly. He would thank them quite often for staying with him because he knows it’s not easy dating a pro hero whatsoever. He’s extremely happy with them and he knows he can get through anything while they’re with him.

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A most Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln!

Here is a bit of trivia concerning Lincoln’s birthday, on February 12 in 1809: There is not single instance recorded in his life when Abraham Lincoln actually celebrated his special day.

Not even in 1861 when Lincoln had left his hometown of Springfield, IL, only a day prior to his birthday, on February 11th to travel to his inauguration in Washington D.C..

On the train trip that lasted 13 days and covered 1591 miles, many friends and political acquaintances had obtained a seat but none ever mentioned any sort of birthday celebration on the second day of the journey. And, just in the years before, there was never a mention of the date being recognized in the years of Lincoln’s presidency.

It certainly wasn’t unheard of at the time or in the place – after all, there are several mentions of birthday parties given to Lincoln’s children alone.

The fact that he himself missed out on the fun might be one of the reasons why we enjoy celebrating today…better late than never.

And there are quite a few things to do on this beautiful birthday Sunday!

If you are lucky enough to live around Springfield…take a trip to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum today – in honor of Lincoln’s birthday, there will be NO admission fee today!

If you’re an early bird – head to the Lincoln Home visitor centre and catch some lectures that start at 8:30am:

  1. Tom Martin, chairman of the Mount Pulaski Courthouse Foundation, will present “Preserving the Mount Pulaski Courthouse.”
  2. Wayne C. Temple, retired chief deputy director of the Illinois State Archives, talks about his forthcoming book “Lincoln’s Springfield/Pittsfield Connection - A Tale of two Cities.”
  3. Bill Thomas, economic development director of Logan County, presents “Uncovering Connections: The Story of the 1875 Grand Old Style Barbeque on the Grounds of the Atlanta Union Agricultural Society.”

There will also be various celebrations in Washington, Vandalia and, of course, Lincoln, IL – just check your local newspapers!

If you aren’t anywhere close to the relevant Lincoln sites in the US or even outside the country, you can still party!

Some friends and I, for example, are doing “Do as Lincoln Did Challenges” and they’re completely unattached to a certain place.

They could be:

- Read a Shakespeare play (for the advanced: Write an embarrassing review and send it to a well known Shakespeare actor)

- Play with a kitten (for the advanced: bring the most fancy spoon in your household and tell anybody scoffing at it that “if it would be good enough for Buchanan, it’s good enough for *Tabby/name of cat you are cuddling*)

- Walk a full two miles and leave two cents at the exact end to honor Lincoln’s dedication during his postmastership in New Salem (for the advanced: Give the two pennies to an actual person and ask who’s birthday it is today)

- Get a hold of a chapter of one of the 13 books of “Euclid’s Elements” and understand it by the time the sun sets (for the advanced: Use the just learned mathematical theorem on a practical matter that concerns your life right now; write a one page essay, hand it to the teacher you like best and ask his opinion)

-       Honor one of Lincoln’s greatest, yet most underrated speeches – Peoria 1854:

 “And now, why will you ask us to deny the humanity of the slave? and estimate him only as the equal of the hog? Why ask us to do what you will not do yourselves? Why ask us to do for nothing, what two hundred million of dollars could not induce you to do? (…) -some poet has said “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

At the hazzard of being thought one of the fools of this quotation, I meet that argument—I rush in, I take that bull by the horns.”

Prepare a full argument to speak up on something that it is really, REALLY, important to you and think it through ALL THE WAY. (For the advanced: Discuss it CALMLY with one person you know would be of opposite opinion).

- Take an ugly selfie and post it to your most used social media (for the advanced: Point out that you are most certainly not two-faced for if you were, you would not wear THIS one!)

- Make food! Abraham Lincoln went hungry often in his life and he never developed a distinguished taste for any particular dish. There are many “his favorite” recipes but they are ALL fake (seriously, he never mentioned his wife’s cake or actually liking a gingerbread man!). The only mention Lincoln ever made about a food he enjoyed was about cornbread (“I can eat them faster than two women can make them”). Most contemporaries stated that he would eat without complaint whatever was put in front of him – even in the worst restaurants on the circuit. So, go ahead and make food! Eat it, no matter how it turns out and enjoy that you did it yourself. (For the advanced: DO try your hand at cornbread – and if it turns out yummy, please DO send me the recipe, for I haven’t figured that out yet!)

Last but not least - just enjoy the guy; he was cool!


marianne as the goblin queen

    • i drew this last night on a whim
    • i remember seeing a lot of awesome versions of goblin marianne, so please consider this inspired by all of them
    • EDIT: a fairy bog to go with this >:)

4.5 Fredag 25.08.17 20.55

Elias prostrated before his prayer rug. He was supposed to meet up with the boys in a few minutes. Kneeling down, he whispered under his breath in Arabic, “God is the greatest.” With a deep exhale, he uttered, “O my Lord, forgive me.”

He had been praying more often ever since last week, feeling lighter with each prayer. Although, right now he had a hard time focusing on the prayer at hand; he was too busy thinking about Laila. He hadn’t heard from her since Tuesday when he’d seen her with some guy. Even Sana told him she hadn’t been in class the last few days, which certainly didn’t help his uneasiness. He knew he shouldn’t be feeling this awful; there had never really been anything between them. But that didn’t stop his heart from aching.

Pressing his fingers to his temples in mid prayer, he tried to clear his mind and be completely present. And it worked. For a few seconds, he relished in the feeling of Sujood and the calm he experienced throughout. Once again the need for release overtook him, but the tears refused to come.

Elias finished off his prayer with a plea for forgiveness, as he said, “Our Lord. Forgive us our sins and efface our bad deeds and take our souls in the company of the righteous.”

Lastly, he prayed that Laila was okay.

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ya know what, man? I'm gonna direct your attention here because I fucking h a t e pickles, pickles are *the shit* in some cases, but at the same time completely fucking shitty,,, like it's the worst food to eat but,,,, cronchy and mildly satisfying but id die before I eat any trashy green tangy cucumbers

^^ yall see this guy. I support this guy and whatever he stands for.

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Who has the worst eating habits?

Uvogin, without a doubt. This guy runs on fast-food and beer. Chews with mouth open. Disguting.

- mod Feitan

It’s Kalluto, Don’t get me wrong, they have the best table manners, and eat all their vegetables, but they snack on candies all day! It’s unhealthy. They say it runs in the family, they all eat Chocobots.

- mod Chrollo

It’s not “Chocobots”, Danchou, it’s Choco Robots. Chocobot is this giant chicken in Final Fantasy. Thanks for your concern, but Feitan has the worst eating habits. He always eats other people’s food. No matter how we tag our food, he picks it, says : “Hi, pudding named Danchou” and he eats it. This is true, he told me. This is very rude and a terrible habit.

- mod Kalluto

Are you all fucking kidding me? Danchou’s lunches are 118% sweets. This guy bleeds mapple syrup. He spots a pudding at 3 miles. I swear i saw his tattoo spinning to point the nearest bakery.

- mod Uvogin

boy….. oikawa needs 2700 calories to maintain his weight of 74 kg / 159 lbs  & eating the no. of calories an average humans needs (2000) will only make him lose weight. this means this boy eats  at least 4 meals a day  & they’re heavy with protein & carbs. he probably drinks a lot of shakes because he simply can’t make himself eat that much food in one day.

man this sucks hahaha i feel like he’s the type of person to not get an appetite so he can go with 2 meals a day just fine. but he also has a fast metabolism so any weight loss would be quickly evident on his body & people will yell at him for not eating enough.