worst fight scene ever

relating to that last post, how far do you have to reach in order to claim a healthy ship like starmora is abusive?

peter respects gamora and her boundaries. he doesn’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do nor manipulates her in any way. if he did, he would have forced gamora to kiss him for example.

their relationship has been progressing naturally and realistically. they care for each other, and the worst that ever happened between them was the fight scene in gotg 2, which is still not abusive either.

please stop.


The Worst Fight Scene EverI love when things are so bad that they are absolutely perfect in every way.

A fanart I made for a friend who really loves Star Trek =)
The “Kirk vs Gorn” scene, aka “Worst Fight-Scene Ever”, is probably the most famously bad clip from the original Star Trek series. And it’s amazing.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the clip for you here: link

I secretly wish for J.J. Abrams to include this scene in “Into Darkness” (though he probably won’t, since the Gorn seems to be absent from the trailers). But he probably will make more sequels, so maybe we shouldn’t give up hope to see this scene gloriously recreated in HD and 3D and whatever. 



Worst Fight Scene Ever
Hey there followers. >.< I just got back home from my day long field trip to Vasquez Rocks for my Geology lab. =P Apparently this was where they filmed the Flintstones movie as well as the worst fight scene ever from Start Trek. XD If you see the giant cliff face behind them, I climbed that and came back down alive. ;]


Happy Monday, y'all! 


What in the fucking hell is this?