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Fictionkin askbox game

1. Who of your kins is most likely to stick out their tongue while focusing/working hard?
2. Which kin to you identify most with?
3. Who was your first kin?
4. What is your favorite memory?
5. What is your least favorite memory?
6. Which sense most connects you to your kin(s)?
7. How many kins do you have? (Fiction only)
8. Is there a kin you’re embarrassed about?
9. Who is your most obscure kin?
10. Is it hard for you to find canonmates?
11. Are you okay with doubles?
12. Who of your kins is most likely to cause mayhem or panic?
13. Which of your kins has the worst sense of fashion?
14. Who from your canon do you miss most?
15. What was your favorite canon?
16. Which canon do you have the most memories from?
17. Which canon do you have the fewest memories from?
18. Do any colors remind you of certain kins?
19. Do you have kins from the same source and canon?
20. Do you have kins from the same source but different canons?
21. Who of your kins is the biggest meme?
22. Who of your kins is the mom/dad friend?
23. Does any non-kin know that you’re kin?
24. Is there anything you could do in a past life that you wish you could still do?
25. Do you have any kins that aren’t from media? (Otherkin)


Ryuji shouldn’t be one of the least popular characters in Japan. I won’t allow it.


hE HAS CHAINZ AND a belt that says “KING”. He is the King and arguably one of the best boys. Ryuji dresses like a fukboi but is a sweetheart. 

2. His selfie game and smile is on point.

Look at how precious he is in the photo! His smile is so perfect~

3. He’s a great bro who is always willing to hang and spend time with you.

He’s literally one of the first co-ops available and wants to hang out with you. You are the first person to really appreciate him, and he’s there for you, bro!

4. He gets himself into incredibly hilarious situations. 

No spoilers, but you’ll see. His facial expression tells all xD

5. HE’S not a perv, but he’s a straight (and honestly who wouldn’t give Ann a look????)

Ryuji respects Ann and isn’t all creepy like other bros. They have a great friendship and look at how comfortable she is with him :D 

6. He’s a fantastic party member who has gone through a lot and just wants to be loved! He’s endured so much pain and deserves more!

With Zio attacks and heavy physical moves, Ryuji will be sure to kick butt in nearly every situation. His awakening and backstory is emotional, as he has endured both physical and mental trauma. Give him some love!

Surface Tension - Jughead Jones x Reader Imagine

Warnings: Nothing

Request by @timelawds : Hey! I was wondering if you could do an imagine with the reader and Jughead? One as Archie’s younger sister, who is loud, tough, and sarcastic (still in the sophomore class) where she is friends with all of his friends except Jughead because there is a hatred between them, but in the end it’s all fluff and things? Thank you so much!

Here you are. I hope you enjoy it! Sorry it’s so long.

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Things that are important about the newsies even though they really aren’t
(aka Asper has random pet headcanons for almost every character that don’t really influence anything he just holds them near and dear to his heart)

  • Jack has a love/hate relationship with the color blue. he loves it to death, but can’t ever mix quite the right shade. for some reason, he still paints the sky a lot and then complains about how much he hates blue to anyone who will listen
  • Spot hates chocolate. so much. he thinks it tastes like death. one time he bit into a handful of m&m’s thinking they were skittles and almost threw up. Race isn’t allowed to order dessert for him any more after he ordered a brownie volcano on their fourth date when Spot had specifically told him how much he hated chocolate on their third date
  • Race has The Worst fashion sense out of anyone. if he’s going anywhere with anyone they make sure to have either Spot or Jack make sure he doesn’t wear anything embarrassing after the time he showed up to something wearing a completely clashing outfit. Jack was in charge of making sure his wedding suit wasn’t horrible.
  • Romeo’s real name is Romeo. His mom loved Shakespeare overly much, called him “Will” in casual conversation, and named Romeo after her favorite character. Fittingly, he ended up being the biggest pansexual flirt anyone has ever met, and lives up to his name.
  • Finch loves birds so much. He own seven, has at least ten bird tattoos, cites random bird facts when given any semblance of an opportunity. He has an entire bookshelf full of bird books. His idea of a super romantic date is birdwatching. He owns four pairs of binoculars specifically for birdwatching.
  • Davey loves history and space more than anything else in the universe. He cried when he found out he couldn’t be an astronaut because he’s broken his arm before. He firmly believes that aliens are out there and that the probably helped build pyramids. He can quote many historical documents, and probably read hieroglyphics.
  • Crutchie is claustrophobic and has OCD and cannot use elevators because of a combination of those two things. Therefore, he launches himself up and down stairs at the speed of light and gives anyone who sees it a heart attack because it looks like he’s going to faceplant at any given second

Team Natsu collectively has the worst fashion sense omfg

Lucy’s outfits have gotten better since the beginning, but are still impractical for the most part.

Erza’s armor is cool, but is either too bulky for it to be used in a practical fight, or, like, not actual armor because it doesn’t cover any of the essential bits.

Natsu’s scarf could get him strangled and those sandals are an accident waiting to happen.

Happy is naked so???

And Gray’s just a hot mess.He’s had a few cool (HA) outfits, but then he also wears things that are just god awful like wtf Gray do better.

whichever one of you replied to my ‘which overwatch hero has the worst fashion sense’ survey with “Is it bad to fuck my roommate? It seems like a bad idea.“ i think things must’ve gone pretty downhill for you to ask an internet stranger that question on a video game poll and i give you my condolences

angleterre97  asked:

McKirk AU where Bones is a single dad and Jo needs a costume (Halloween, cosplay, School drama?) And Leonard wanting to be the proactive dad goes to a craft store to learn how to make it himself, and is so overwhelmed. Enter Jim, cosplay expert (maybe went to fashion school?) And all around good guy, a bit full of himself maybe, to save the day.

  • Joanna picks up theater club. Of course she does. Which, you know, it’s fine. Bones is a proud parent and makes sure to invest time into learning whatever theater club entails whenever they’re together. Inevitably, at some point, that means she needs costumes. Jocelyn can afford those costumes for Joanna just fine, but Bones is that proud (maybe envious) dad who offers to pay for them instead.
  • They walk into a costume shop, and Joanna is just instantly gone. Trying on different outfits that have nothing to do with the actual drama she’s playing in: from a Wonder Woman costume to Hermione Granger. “You’re Ariel, Jo,” Bones calls out to her some 20 minutes later when she rushes past him to try on a Beauty and the Beast dress, “you don’t need to try out every other Disney princess.” “Just this one!” Joanna calls out while she runs to the fitting booth. “You’re only going to find those overly sexualised Ariels in this shop,” someone calls close to Bones, and Bones glances at the other. Tall, blond, blue eyes that shouldn’t look at him with such interest. “Okay? I’ll just.. give her a cardigan, or something.” “No, no,” the other says, “all you need to do is find a simple t-shirt, attach that to-” “That sounds like a lot of effort,” Bones interrupts him, and the other shrugs. “I do it all te time. Why don’t I get your daughter a nice Ariel costume, instead?” “You would?” Bones asks, and the other nods. “Sure, just give me your number.”
  • Jim Kirk is more than a fashion school graduate. He’s a bartender (which is straight up Leonard’s alley), and he’s a real charmer. Talking smooth, texting flirty, and though Bones is afraid to open the photo Jim just sent him; it turns out it’s just an update on Ariel’s dress, and it looks adorable.
  • Bones picks up the dress a few days before Joanna’s play. Jim hands it to him, and it looks incredible. “How much do I owe you?” Bones asks, and Jim shrugs. “No, it’s okay.” “What? No, you spent hours on this. Let me pay you,” Bones insists. “No, no, c'mon, just have a drink with me,” Jim says, sitting down on the couch in his small apartment. It’s a mess of clutter, but it’s not exactly dirty. Somehow, that seems to suit Jim’s personality. “I’m driving,” Bones says. “Well,” Jim suggests, “you don’t have to be driving back right now.”
  • They get way too drunk, and Bones doesn’t even make it home. He sleeps over at Jim’s place, and in the morning he slips out before Jim wakes up. He thinks about texting Jim, but then he’s not entirely sure what to say. Thanks for the sex? No, that’s not happening. So instead, he stays quiet, probably overthinking it all until Jim visibly wakes up, because he’s spammed with text messages, ranging from “how did Jo like the dress?” to “I can’t believe you didn’t even leave me breakfast”, and that’s reassuring enough.
  • Jim keeps making Joanna costumes. Often for her plays, sometimes just because she asks him, and sometimes because he wants to practice his skills. He makes beautiful things, too, making cute little dresses and showing up with the occasional fancy ties for Bones. Bones finds himself wearing them frequently at work. The funky colors and patterns work out quite well with the sick children he’s treating.
  • Joanna plays a female Peter Pan in her next play, and she insists Jim makes the outfit for her. Jim’s happy to oblige to that, and Bones doesn’t think he’s ever seen Joanna so excited when she tries on the green costume. “Are you coming to see play?” Joanna asks, and Jim turns to look at Bones before he answers. “If you want to,” Bones says, though really, he’s actually looking forward to that. “Then yes, of course! Everything’s better than Bones’ terrible photography skills and hearing him gush about your play,” Jim says, and Bones huffs. “My photographer skills are not terrible!”
  • “So,” Jim says when he catches Bones alone, “you know, when I go to that play and Jocelyn is there, how should I introduce myself?” “As Jim,” Bones replies. “I– you smart ass,”  Jim says, “am I your friend, or what?“ Instead of that awkward talk, Bones decides to skip feelings altogether. "No,” he says, and he leans in to kiss him. Jim’s arms are instantly around Bones’ shoulders. Those arms go nowhere even when Bones pulls away, and Jim stays close to him. “I can’t believe I fell for the guy with the worst fashion sense ever,” Jim says, and Bones raises an eyebrow. “I do have a fashion sense.” “Yeah, it’s called terrible,” Jim laughs, fingers brushing over Bones’ cheeks, “but it’s not entirely bad. I like those clothes especially when they’re on my bedroom floor.”

Everyone on the base agrees that Fareeha and Angela have the worst fashion sense and try to get them to shop for new clothes. But, everytime they go they try on the most ridiculous outfits to try to make the other laugh. The team has decided they’re hopeless

Naruto Questions Anyone?

1. If you were a ninja, what village would you be from?

2. Top 3 favorite moments in Naruto ( Part 1 / Shippuden )?

3. Character with the best fashion sense?

4. Character with the worst fashion sense?

5. Most underrated character in the manga?

6. Top 5 characters you would marry?

7. What character are you offering a free ass whooping to?

8. Who would you be trained by?

9. Character that you identify with the most?

Character you’d share a dysfunctional bond with?

10. Out of the given teams in the manga, what team would you chose to be on?

11. What character would be your best friend for life?

12. One thing you learned from watching Naruto?

13. 3 things you love about Naruto Uzumaki?

14. Which female character stands out to you the most?

15. Top 3 moments you hated the most?

16. Character you would NEVER date even for a million bucks?

17. 2 characters you could see yourself chilling with?

18. Who would win in a ramen eating contest? You or Naruto?

19. What male character would look good in a bikini…and why (sorry *sweatdrop*)?

20. What character would you do an ultimate jutsu with?

21. Who are you twerking with on your birthday…and why (sorry *sweatdrop*)?

22. What character are you reviving?

23. What character would you do a photo shoot with?

24. What character would you lose to in a 3 round game of rock, paper, scissors?

25. A character you would twerk for…and why (sorry *sweatdrop*)?

26. A character that gives you the creeps?

27. If you could talk to any character right now, who would it be and what would you say?

28. If Gai Sensei and Lee asked you to work out with them, what would you say/do?

29. Would you be effected by Naruto’s sexy jutsu/ Reverse Harem jutsu?

30. Who is the funniest character and why?