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Hi!~ :) I was wondering if I could get private specialized ship please with BTS, and Seventeen? I’m 5'7, the eldest of 4, making me reliable & a good leader. Very caring, affectionate, kind, strong both physically & mentally, competitive & fearless. I’m a good listener so as a good adviser. I love sharing my love w/my fam & people I care. I LIKE flowers, animals & LOVE cuddling, skinship, theme park & advanturous things. I can cook too. I hate heat & worst w/directions. I’m always there for my siblings. Smile’s always on my face & I hope everyone can smile, too. Thank you so much for your time. Hwaiting ♥ I’m supporting you~ 😬 I hope you have a lovely day filled with smiles and love.❤❤❤


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Hey there angel! Sorry these took forever but I hope you enjoy them! And thank you for your sweet words! ❤



In BTS, I ship you with…


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How you met:

Over the summer you like to keep busy, so you decided to volunteer at a charity for underprivileged children. It wasn’t anything full time, but you were still committed one hundred percent to it! There was an upcoming fundraiser event that was going to bring in a lot of donations, probably a record breaking amount, so this was a huge deal to the organization. You decided that you had to go no matter what. Since you’ve been such a hard worker and have really proven yourself a capable and dedicated worker for the cause, the charity decided to make you one of the heads of the operation! You were strong willed but socratic; just the kind of leader they needed. The fundraiser was going to be a dinner paired with an auction with some celebrities. A couple actors, some corporation owners, and even some idol groups! Among these groups was the ravingly popular BTS. But of course, you never paid much attention to the lineup, your job was to organize the operating staff and keep things rolling (respect my dude). It’s the night of the dinner, and even though you’re working, you are full ham dressed to the nines. You’ve donned a knee length wine v neck dress with an a line skirt, coupled with dangling silver earrings and a diamond necklace. Needless to say, you’re smokin. The night kicks off and you are in full range of motion, you are hopping from place to place, keeping in check with everyone. The sponsors and guests pour in, adding to your stress, but never letting it get the best of you. As you speed by BTS’s table to go check on how the kitchen is holding up, you fail to notice a certain maknae’s eyes trail your frame as you disappear from sight. The whole night you’re completely focused on your task, but Jungkook is completely focused on you. The whole night through he keeps scanning the crowd to hopefully catch a glimpse of your dark locks or the sateen of your wine dress. He doesn’t know what it is about you. Maybe its how you carry yourself. How you walk with purpose. How you’re in charge. How you command respect while still holding up your poise and grace. Or maybe it’s your smile. How even though you’re focused, you still have a genuine smile on your face that makes his heart sing. The members tease him about it the entire night, poking him whenever you’re in sight or making faces whenever you walk past. At one point they gave you a code name; Ruby (for your dress and dazzling smile). They’ll be like “We should push Kookie into Ruby to see what happens” “dON’T YOU DARE” “Ruby 10 o’clock, smile at her” “What? No hyung that’s weird, I don’t want to scare her away.” As the end of the night approaches, one of the charity heads gives a thank you speech and specifically mentions you and commemorates your hard work and dedication. As you smile and bow for the round of applause, Jungkook is clapping a little too enthusiastically. His flurry of hands catches your eyes, and for the first time that night, your eyes land on him. His heart catches in his throat as you beam a smile at him and bow your thanks. After you turn away to bow to your boss, the rest of BTS is in a fucking riot. They all saw you look at him and they start to freak out. You decide to head off to the restroom to freshen up before starting to wrap up the night. As you leave the restroom, you pass Jungkook on his way to the restroom. Little did you know, BTS forced him to go up and intersect you. Full of adrenaline, he stops you and thanks you for your hard work. Of course you know him, he’s freaking Jungkook from BTS like who doesn’t?? But you retain your mature and graceful demeanor and thank him. You two actually strike up a conversation, mainly about your charity work and what you do for the charity and so on. The conversation is cut short when Jungkook’s manager comes up and tells Jungkook it’s time to leave. Before he can drag him off, Jungkook turns to you and asks if he could find out more about you, maybe over dinner? Shocked but excited, you say yes!

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You two would have such a balanced dynamic. I mean that he’s used to being the youngest and you’re used to being the oldest, so you naturally balance each other out. You have these natural, mature, almost mother-like tendencies that have developed as the older sibling, so no matter how you guys actually measure up with age won’t matter, because you’ll always be the one to take the lead and be the mature one. But that’s one of the qualities he loves about you. Your confidence without compensating your kindness is such a perfect balance. 

But, just because your maturities vary slightly doesn’t mean that sacrifices your ability to connect and have a fun time! You two like to go on a lot of adventures that involve nature or just generally being active, so there’s a lot of morning hikes that take place. He’d love to spend the whole day exploring the trails, but you insist that it’s done on a cool day because you ain’t about to die from heat stroke in the middle of the wilderness. One of your most memorable hiking trips wasn’t a famous nature spot or anything, it’s actually your own spot that you two found. You were hiking one morning and you ended up taking a wrong turn off the trail. You walked a little ways until you came across a little clearing with a couple boulders that overlook the city. You guys like to go there at night for romantic late night adventures. You post a bunch of pictures of you guys having romantic night time picnics there and everyone keeps trying to find out where that freaking spot is, but no one knows, only you two. 

Even though it may seem like a conflict of interest, you were brought onto the BigHit Entertainment production crew. You were looking for a new job and Jungkook was like, “Babe just come work for us,” You laughed it off at first. Like, yeah right, you’re girlfriend is just gonna casually join your company and start a professional relationship with you. But he was dead serious. Even though you turned down his offer, he went and submitted an application without you knowing. So you get this phone call: “Hello! We received your application for our opening on our production crew and we think you have great potential, can we set up an interview?” And at first you’re like, “Uuuuuuuh, who is this….?” And they’re like, “….BigHit Entertainment ma’am? You submitted an application last week?” You knew immediately what happen, because you turned on your heels to glare at Jungkook smiling smugly on the couch. In the end, you accept the offer and have since become a fundamental part of the team. You are always one hundred percent professional, never letting your relationship get in the way of your job, which everyone deeply respects and appreciates. Jungkook on the other hand… “Jagi, you’re looking beautiful today!” “What? I’m your boyfriend! Of course I can kiss you right now!” “Come here and sit on my lap jagi! Why are you looking at me like that?” But even though you’re professional at work, you show him so much love at home. Most of the time you two are around each other, you’re touching him somewhere, like holding his hand, leaning your head on his shoulder, sitting on his lap. He loves your skinship because it makes him feel so wanted, which really boosts his confidence. 

The members still call you Ruby from time to time, but just as an inside joke. Mainly to remind Jungkook of the first night he met you and how shy he was at first. 

When you guys first started kissing, you’d only do it privately, but as time went on, you generally got more comfortable showing skinship in public. Since you naturally take the lead in the relationship, I think that kisses is where Jungkook takes the lead. He’s never overwhelming, but he’s definitely a dominant kisser. He’s a huge fan of against the wall kisses. Not rough all the time but he wants to be in control. 

Okay, your guy’s’ first kiss is so cute oml. So you guys have been dating for a little over a month (way to build up to it huh?), and you decide to shake some things up and have a stay-at-home date. You’re in the kitchen, making a Honey Soy Glazed Salmon, and you feel a pair of hands on your waist. You jump a little and turn to see Jungkook. You face him and see his eyes soften with warmth. You were just so beautiful and amazing and he couldn’t think about anything else except how your smile made him feel. That’s when he tightened his grip on your waist and gently pushed you against the counter as you two were locked into a kiss. The location wasn’t the most romantic, but the kiss made that kitchen so much more.

In Seventeen, I ship you with…


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How you met:

It’s a crisp Monday morning, and you’re walking along the park’s garden. Well, you and three dogs. Your neighbor is out of town for the week, so you’re dog sitting. And any good dog sitter takes out the dogs for a little fresh air. But perhaps your decision to them all at the same time was a little…not thought out. You’re navigating your ever tangling web of leashes as these excited balls of energy pull you forward. Suddenly, Arianne the Plott Hound lurches forward. She probably saw a squirrel or a flittering butterfly, because she took off. The blue leash is ripped from your hands and off she charges into the garden. You’re about to run after her when Dyson, the Thai Ridgeback, charges after her, ripping away your other red leash. All you’re left with is a hopping Shih Tzu named Mara that you scoop up in your arms as you start chasing after the runaway dogs. The garden is a twisting maze, full of dead ends and crossroads. You’re frantically running all over the place, trying to follow the sounds of the clinking tags and yelping barks, but you can’t seem to pinpoint them. You’re only thought is “I’m literally the worst dog sitter ever.” Just as you’re about to resort to just jumping the bushes instead of playing this game of maze, you hear someone clear their throat behind you. You turn around and see this towering, dark haired, handsome man with Dyson at his side. You rush to relieve the man of the leash and give him a million thank yous and apologies. He’s in a muddied wool coat, reading glasses are perched awkwardly on his nose like they were knocked off, and a book in hand that had muddied pawprints that matched the stains on his coat. Apparently while he was reading on a garden bench, Dyson came out of nowhere and clobbered all over him. You bow your head in utter embarrassment and continue to sincerely apologize, even though you’ve apologized like at least 7 times before. Instead of being annoyed, he flashes this genuine sunshine of a smile that lights lights up he seemingly brooding features and makes your head spin like damn. He brushes it off and says it’s not a bother, just hilarious. Fun fact, he was actually about to ask you for your number right then and there, but suddenly you two heard a crash and bark and you knew. “Oh god there goes Arianne,” and he’s like “There’s another???” You give one final thank you and apology as you run for Arianne. You stop after a minute to scan the area for her bobbing brown head, only to hear running footsteps behind you. The man is catching up to you and you’re like “What’s wrong? Did I do something? Did Arianne do something?” and he’s just like, “No, I’m here to help!” The rest of the morning is spent with you two teaming up to try to catch Arianne. After a couple failed attempts, many involving Wonwoo crashing into the mud or you and him falling into garden bushes, you corner her in a gazebo and finally snag her. You turn to him victoriously, only to have him burst out laughing at your appearance. You’re covered in mud, hair falling out of your braid, and flower petals sticking to you. He didn’t look much different. You guys just start doubling over laughing because you two just spent an hour wrangling a dog in the morning mud of the local park and you guys don’t even know each other’s names. That’s when he breaks the laughing fest with, “So, I’m Jeon Wonwoo, and you are?” After formal introductions are finally made, Wonwoo offers to help finish walking the dogs, even though they clearly got their exercise for the day. He takes on Arianne and Dyson to help you with handling three dogs at once. He walks with you all the way to your neighbor’s house and you’re like, “Oh you don’t have to stay and help if you don’t want to! You’re awfully sweet!” and he’s like, “It’d look pretty bad if I didn’t stay and help the pretty girl whose number I really want.”

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This relationship would have a lot to do with exploring yourselves with each other. Like, you guys learn a lot about everything when you are together, either about the world or yourselves. You two both have a lot of depth. You’re a smart, strong girl with a natural maturity who never lets that keep her from being kind and gentle when needed be, and Wonwoo could see that the moment he spoke to you. Your relationship would be made up of a lot of boundary breaking conversations, usually late at night lying on the roof of a car looking at the stars. 

You guys are never afraid to go deep and to probe each other’s minds. It’s because of this that you guys have such outstanding communication. Since you’ve torn down these barriers that might keep you from expressing your feelings, you never have problems coming to each other with concerns. But it is always done with love and caring. You guys are literally the definition of a mind-meld relationship. Since you know each other so well, you’re like one person. It’s actually kind of weird sometimes. One time, Wonwoo and the guys were going out to eat and they’re like “Hey where’s your girlfriend? Shouldn’t she be here by now?” And Wonwoo’s like, “Yeah, but there was a farmer’s market on the way here. She stopped and got a couple ingredients because she has a specific breakfast she eats every morning and we’re running low, so she’ll be here in roughly 10 more minutes,” And Joshua’s like, “Did she text you all that?” and he’s like “No I just know,” Sure enough, there you are, ten minutes later with a bag full of produce and you’re like, “Sorry there was a-” “A farmer market and you stopped to get ingredients for breakfast because you’re running low?” asks Seungkwan, “Yeah, how’d you know?” and Minghao’s all like, “What in the hell Jeon Wonwoo?” 

You guys may love to relax and take things easy, but you both love having fun experiences, Wonwoo just prefers it to be by yourselves. Don’t him wrong, Wonwoo loves the guys, but he doesn’t want to share you on dates, or for you to have to share him. He want’s all of his attention to be on you without snubbing the guys. 

Disneyland is your guys’ motherland. Like the first time you went on a date there, you both looked at each other and knew, “This is our natural habitat.” Disneyland may seem contrasting to your deep, introspective relationship and maturity, but you guys love it. You go all out with the twinning mouse ears, souvenirs, food, everything. You guys don’t typically do couple’s outfits, but when you do, it’s at Disneyland. It’s like a second home, and you can go in free all the time because your friend is a manager who works there. Your favorite area is Adventure Land, and the Indiana Jones ride is the one you have to go on at least 3 times to be satisfied. Wonwoo’s favorite on the other hand is Fairytale Land, and can stay on Dumbo for the rest of his life. One time for your anniversary, he booked a room in the Disney Hotel for you two, literally the best present ever

The best way to describe your kisses is that they’re smooth and romantic. The energy is usually a steady rise instead of sporadic. He a cups your face with his hand and lets his long fingers slip into your dark hair, he loves to play with it when making out with you. You usually slip your arms around his waist hold him near the small of his back. There is no dominant when kissing, you guys are again on the same level, like equals. 

Your first kiss was really adorable and kind of on accident. You were in a bookstore looking for a new book for Wonwoo. You decided to pick one out for him, The Glass Castle to be exact. As you were leaving, you realized that you had to go pick up one of your siblings. So, you turn to him to say goodbye, but in a moment of not thinking, you kiss him goodbye. Wonwoo stands shocked and blushing furiously, but you didn’t even notice and just took off. You don’t realize that it was your guys’ first kiss until you’re halfway down the block, which made you whip around and see Wonwoo still standing there blushing. In an instant he came rushing to meet you and pulled you in for a longer, passionate kiss.


Thanks again for submitting @channynipa, I’m sorry if they weren’t your biases but I still hope you enjoyed them!

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best vs worst

Aries at their best: cheery, laughs a lot, talks to people they usually don’t, tries to spread laughter
Aries at their worst: passive aggressive/aggressive, dismissive, exclusive, irritable, prone to ranting and jealousy
Taurus at their best: agreeable/easy to talk to, offers to help you a lot, is good company, projects good self-image
Taurus at their worst: talks about people behind their backs/gossips, and is judgmental - just super neverendingly obviously crushingly judgmental, they feel alone
Gemini at their best: helpful, encouraging, protective, gives compliments, makes you feel confident and special, is a loyal friend, not worried about anything
Gemini at their worst: passive aggressive, makes you feel super insecure and inferior to them, is really feeling insecure themselves and is stressed/worried
Cancer at their best: expresses love and compliments a ton, reassuring, makes random things totally hilarious
Cancer at their worst: moody, confusing, eager to pick a debate/purposely annoy you and then act like you’re being oversensitive, sad, very stressed
Leo at their best: is a super loyal friend, helps you with anything, celebrates your triumphs, is happy for your triumphs, a few compliments
Leo at their worst: prone to starting explosive fights, is super possessive, purposely annoys people, manipulative, feels neglected for no reason
Virgo at their best: humorous, expresses their confidence in you, calm and ready to relax
Virgo at their worst: gets disproportionately angry about small things, overly controlling, very critical, agitated
Libra at their best: empathetic, witty, will help out when needed, deliriously happy (usually because of something good that has happened/they got something they wanted)
Libra at their worst: moody, insecure, depressed, withdrawn, speaks as little as possible, wants to be left alone, very tired and bored, easily jealous
Scorpio at their best: starts to trust, willing to commit, secure in themselves, happy, is made to laugh easily, not worried about anything, relaxed
Scorpio at their worst: paranoid, overly possessive, makes accusations, makes rash decisions (they usually later regret)
Sagittarius at their best: displays affection for people (even in small doses), is there to listen, is understanding of other people’s quirks, attentive
Sagittarius at their worst: will not follow direction or listen at all, does not understand why things they might do/say make other people upset or are inappropriate, juvenile and reckless
Capricorn at their best: helps people solve problems, listens, opens up a little when given opportunity, levelheaded and inspires the same in others, calmly happy, not too serious
Capricorn at their worst: judgmental, not understanding, acts fake, self-absorbed and overly serious
Aquarius at their best: allows themselves to feel for other people, analyzes themselves, not scared of the long-term, sees what the reasonable and decent thing is to do in situations, tries to rectify issues with others
Aquarius at their worst: reckless, impulsive, inconsiderate, does not sympathize or empathize, hurts others/plays with their emotions and does not care
Pisces at their best: restful, is a good listener, helps people solve their problems, performs kind/good deeds for others, generous
Pisces at their worst: naïve, absentminded, too easily offended, self-absorbed, somewhat outwardly conceited/self-congratulatory, exaggerates

Twelve Odd WWII Facts

You might enjoy this from Col D. G. Swinford, USMC, Retired and a history buff. You would really have to dig deep to get this kind of ringside seat to history:

1. The first German serviceman killed in WW II was killed by the Japanese ( China , 1937 ) , The first American serviceman killed was killed by the Russians ( Finland 1940 ) ; The highest ranking American killed was Lt Gen Lesley McNair, killed by the US Army Air Corps.

2. The youngest US serviceman was 12 year old: Calvin Graham, USN. He was wounded and given a Dishonorable Discharge for lying about his age. His benefits were later restored by act of Congress.

3. At the time of Pearl Harbor , the top US Navy command was called CINCUS (pronounced ‘sink us’ ) ; The shoulder patch of the US Army’s 45th Infantry division was the swastika. Hitler’s private train was named 'Amerika.’ All three were soon changed for PR purposes.

4. More US servicemen died in the Air Corps than the Marine Corps. While completing the required 30 missions, an airman’s chance of being killed was 71%.

5. Generally speaking, there was no such thing as an average fighter pilot. You were either an ace or a target. For instance, Japanese Ace Hiroyoshi Nishizawa shot down over 80 planes. He died while a passenger on a cargo plane.

6. It was a common practice on fighter planes to load every 5th round with a tracer round to aid in aiming. This was a big mistake. Tracers had different Ballistics so (at long range ) if your tracers were hitting the target 80% of your rounds were missing. Worse yet tracers instantly told your enemy he was under fire and from which direction. Worst of all was the practice of loading a string of tracers at the end of the belt to tell you that you were out of ammo. This was definitely not something you wanted to tell the enemy.
Units that stopped using tracers saw their success rate nearly double and their loss rate go down.

7. When allied armies reached the Rhine , the first thing men did was pee in it. This was pretty universal from the lowest private to Winston Churchill (who made a big show of it ) and Gen. Patton (who had himself photographed in the act ) .

8. German ME-264 bombers were capable of bombing New York City , but they decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

9. German submarine U-120 was sunk by a malfunctioning toilet.

10. Among the first 'Germans’ captured at Normandy were several Koreans.  They had been forced to fight for the Japanese Army until they were captured by the Russians and forced to fight for the Russian Army until they were captured by the Germans and forced to fight for the German Army until they were captured by the US Army.

11. Following a massive naval bombardment, 35,000 United States and Canadian troops stormed ashore at Kiska, in the Aleutian Islands . 21 troops were killed in the assault on the island… It could have been worse if there had actually been any Japanese on the island.

12. The last marine killed in WW2 was killed by a can of spam. He was on the ground as a POW in Japan when rescue flights dropping food and supplies came over, the package came apart in the air and a stray can of spam hit him and killed him.

if the apocalypse is ever a thing that happens i definitely won’t survive it but it won’t be because i’m lazy (although i am) it’ll be because i have the worst sense of direction and geography ever like i’ll go out on a supply run or something and forget which way home is or i’ll be running from idk zombies and like step right off the edge of a cliff

Random Marius Pontmercy + amis things

-Technically, he actually met Joly before anyone else. Marius broke his arm when he was 10 and his grandfather took him to the hospital where a young Joly was waiting for treatment for his heart problems. (He didn’t actually have heart problems. He just had eaten something very very spicy)

-Marius has the absolute worst sense of direction. Like. Worse than Bossuet. He needs some kind of map to get anywhere. One day he feels brave enough to get to the Jardin de Luxembourg without one and he gets so lost that Bahorel has to drive to the other end of the city and pick him up

-he’s the guy who shows up to every university class in a shirt and tie. Even the 8 am ones. Jehan is staying over at Marius and Courf’s place one night and they’re still awake at 6:30 am when they see Marius get out of the shower in that formal wear. Jehan is mortified.

-Courfeyrac was his first kiss, under the mistletoe at the Amis’ holiday party. Courf was kissing everyone under it and Marius just so happened to wander past. He spent the rest of the night flustered and screaming into the pillow because THAT WAS HIS FIRST KISS. Five years after Marius and Cosette meet and fall in love he tells her that story and she laughs for a solid 10 minutes

-He and Combeferre don’t agree on all that much but it turns out they have very similar taste in movies and both secretly think that Titanic is a cinematic masterpiece

-He gets so fed up with the holes in Ep’s old clothes that he offers to mend them for her and does a really good job of it and that’s how Marius ended up being the Amis’ unofficial tailor. Feuilly is proud.

-he’s also unexpectedly good at drawing. He doesn’t do it much, just sketches in the margins of his notes when he’s early for class but they’re quite pretty

-Grantaire jokingly asks him to draw Enjolras one day. Marius decides to do it anyway when he’s bored. He shows the sketch to R who takes it and stares at it but he doesn’t say anything so he thinks the drawing is bad. But years later, Grantaire paints Cosette for him as a gift and it’s so beautiful he can’t speak and then He Gets It

-he’s low-key scared of Enjolras’ strong ideals but still backs him up as best he can at protests etc. because he admires his leadership and is thankful for his friendship in spite of their differences

-Cosette can see that Marius wants to connect with the Amis but doesn’t know how to so it’s her who helps him find points in common with them and he loves her for it and all the Amis love her for it and they all come to love Marius too and Marius loves them they’re all a very big happy family okay

-Years and years later, after Marius and Cosette are married, after the Musain closes its doors for the last time, after the Amis are hitting their 30’s (still working and fighting for a better tomorrow), and the title of Les amis de l'ABC has been passed down to the next generation of students, Marius and Cosette convert one their huge rooms they don’t need into a space that looks suspiciously like the second floor of the Musain. He takes the painting of Napoleon off the wall and replaces it with the French flag. It becomes their new meeting place.

-(he holds on to the painting, though. Puts it in the back closet with his all old coats).


you’ll find a way, i’ll be your light (no ships, just brothers) (3k)

they stop breathing for a wild moment and then it hits like a hurricane. they’re knocked over, overwhelmed with what they’ve been given.  
(spoiler: they’ve been given the world, given a chance, given a family so they don’t have to do this on their own. they just don’t know it yet.)

or, the folklore of one direction from start to finish. five boys that fall together and make each other home.


i hit the one year mark of being in this fandom, and since i was pulled in by their relationship i thought i’d write about it. (gifs not mine)

good morning class today we will look closely at the topic of how harry looks like he’s having an orgasm on stage

let’s get started please save all questions till the very end so we can all focus on this topic without any interruptions

I will now go more in depth into this topic, so take notes 

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etherealbatwing  asked:

Hello! May I please get some HCs for the chocobros and how they would react spending the night with their S/O for the first time? The thing is it was completely by accident that they end up having to do so~

OKAY OKAY, SO I’m bad at this s/o thing bc i much prefer character/character shippy things, so it’s very neutral and if you close your eyes it works for any ship really. BUT I did it?? I think? I DON’T KNOW GUYS. 

After being fussed over by royal attendants all day, then dragged around the Citadel to blocks of princely meetings he paid little mind too, Noctis only wants to feel some semblance of normalcy again. So when he’s had a long day, Noct usually finds himself making evening visits that end with him on their couch, feet propped up on the coffee table, suit jacket slung over the armrest and tie hanging loose against his chest. Popping a few of the buttons open on his dress shirt lets him feel like he can breathe again. He makes a passing mention of having a massive headache, but apparently finds himself well enough to stare at flashy pixels for the rest of the evening; he gets up to turn on the gaming console and grab the two controllers off the entertainment center, tossing the second one at them (the one that will give them the 2nd player screen, because even though it might be their house, he is the prince and he’ll use that as leverage— but only for important things, like making sure he’s got the 1st player, top screen view).

It’s a small activity, filled with sitting close enough to bump shoulders, playing dirty to get ahead, and cursing at each other with a smile on each of their faces, but Noct just wanted this. To come over, play some video games with his favorite person, and unwind— and he does. So much so that when they get up to grab something to drink from the kitchen, they return to find Noctis laying across the couch, controller loosely still set in his hands, head resting where they were previously sitting, out cold. In short, it ends up being an impromptu sleepover.

He’ll wake up, long eyelashes fluttering, with his head in their lap and their hand brushing through his hair. Noctis has a moment of tired deliriousness where he’s trying to figure why the ceiling looks nothing like the one in his room before he catches the other’s gaze. Oh. Right. He shifts in their lap and makes a move to sit back up, only to be gently kept against them. A blush rises against his cheeks as he tries to apologize, his voice a low, sleepy rumble in his chest. They can tell he’s trying to play it off with a cool attitude, but the redness tingeing his ears says otherwise. He’s probably asking a million self-conscious questions in his head, most of which come across as a blow to his imagined nonchalant-ness— he’s worried about snoring too loud, sleeping with his mouth open, drooling on them— but he manages to ask what time it is. 3am. With their hand still in his hair, nails scratching against his scalp, and his eyes closing as he tucks his face against their stomach and sighs, there’s no argument. He might as well stay the rest of the night.

With Prompto, accidentally staying over the first time is unquestionably because of an accident. This boy tries so hard to impress the one he likes and what better way to do so than help them make dinner? He comes over prepared: finds the recipe that morning, picks up all the necessary groceries, and arrives at 6 o’clock sharp to get started. He’s only a little mad at himself for forgetting his “Kiss the Cook” apron at home. Nonetheless, Prompto insists that he do it all himself, arguing that they do too much for him as it is—and maybe he feels a little guilty over the fact that they paid the quite substantial bill for their last diner date at Galdin Quay in its entirety. The least he can do cook a small meal for the two of them. Except it’s not small. And it’s exceedingly more complicated (and expensive) than anticipated; but it’s fine! He’s been watching a lot of cooking shows lately, that’s definitely gonna pay off tonight.

Except none of it is much help when he’s quite a bit flustered being around someone that makes his heart flip in his chest just from meeting his eyes, let alone actually laughing at his stupid puns (‘Penne for your thoughts?’ he said, pouring the penne into the boiling water. And they had actually giggled, like, a real one! Not out of pity!) But the combination of being nervous and jittery while trying to be a literal Bobby Flay, causes him to forget to put the lid on the blender. There’s a quick pulse, a decisively girlish screech, and then silence. There’s now homemade spaghetti sauce splattered over the walls, down the counter, and, mainly, all over Prompto. Down his chest, in his hair and across his face. He thinks for a moment that they’ll be peeved, but when he’s greeted with the sound of laughter and a finger swiping at the line of sauce down his freckled cheek to take a taste, he’s relived if not extraordinarily embarrassed. 

By the time they’ve got his clothes in their washer, him in the shower, and dinner finally done, it’s late; his clothes still need to dry and food still needs to be eaten. When Prompto comes out of the bathroom, hair damp and drooping without any gel, wearing some mismatched amalgamation of their clothes he borrowed, it’s natural to suggest that he spend the night. He agrees, perhaps a bit too eagerly, laughing and watching them break out a jar of spaghetti sauce to replace the one now slowly drying against the wall.

Gladiolus tends to pride himself on being smooth— in some part, it’s the charm that got him in this relationship in the first place— but, damn, is he so much more sweetly conniving than they initially gave him credit for. Usually he finds himself planning dates on the weekends, but when he calls them on a weekday to let them know he’s dropping by their place for a visit after work, they know something’s up. It doesn’t hit them until they’re cuddled up on the couch, hand-in-hand and stomachs full after a junk food filled night of Cup Noodles and a couple beers, watching the nightly news. “A strong storm front moving in bringing periods of light snow throughout the evening, ending in a combination of sleet and freezing ra—“ A dusting of snow had the entire city of Insomnia shutting down, let alone a whole inch. “It is advisable that people stay off the roads if possible and take caution to avoid—“

Gladio pulls them closer to kiss the top of their head and smiles into their hair, “Guess I’m spending the night then?“ And that’s all it takes. Honestly, how had they not seen this coming? He’d planned this since he heard the weather report two days ago; he knows what he’s trying to set up. They have to resist laughing with a roll of their eyes when he excuses himself to grab something out of his car and comes back with a small, pre-packed sports bag filled with spare clothes, a toothbrush, a razor… he is not trying to hide this at all. Talk about over-confident. Yet still strangely coy enough to have never outright asked to spend the night without an excuse? Cute.

The night is spent doing lot of shitty movie watching, finding the worst direct to television productions possible and binging them— everything ranging from one about supernatural sharks, to another about a scorned housewife that plays off like a daytime soap opera. Gladio’s infectious laugh makes them both more than giddy and they find themselves making fun of every little corny line and botched CGI until the credits roll then the early morning block of infomercials start playing. Gladio stands up, back and arm muscles pulling his tattoo taut as he stretches and yawns before hoisting them up too. Tossing them a wink, he declares himself ready for bed and saunters on into their room, shedding his shirt on the way. It’s like he’s lived there the whole time, like this wasn’t something new. The casualness of it all is more than welcoming. 

The shops began closing their doors and the plaza’s usual throngs of people were thinning when Ignis suggests calling it an evening; it’s getting quite late after a long night of a reserved, high-class dining and walking the city streets together, popping in and out of small boutiques and sitting on park benches, watching daring street performers make their living. It’s painfully obvious that Ignis doesn’t often find time to unwind— and, gods, does it take an hour or so to whittle the advisory persona down— but from the way his shoulders slouch far more than usual, the way his lips curve into a smirk instead of a tight line of concentration, the way he backtalks and quips, anyone can see the ease the night has brought him. Being nothing short of an extraordinary gentleman, he’ll offer to drive them back to their place. He outright refuses to let them take the Insomnian subway system at the dead of night.

So the plan was to end the night at their doorstep— walking them up the steps, leaving a chaste kiss against their lips with a promise to see them again soon— except when he retreats, leaving them floating on air in the doorway, watching him get into his car with an almost dorky wave goodbye, Ignis can’t get his stupid royal car to start. Gods, it’s making the saddest little stalling noise and it’s nearing midnight, and Ignis is a little panicked when the ‘check engine’ light turns on. When he’s asked to come inside their house to figure out what to do next, he agrees, a tad defeated. Once inside, they ask him to stay the night— not for sleazy intentions. It’s simply that Hammerhead is far away and overnight towing is expensive. Despite the fact that they know he can pay for it, it seems senseless. Stay the night and wait until morning? 

Ignis feels alight with nerves. He clears his throat and tries a few excuses as to why he shouldn’t stay— it’s not out of ungratefulness, he assures them. Most of what he says is trivial, nervous talking that stems from not wanting to sleep in his clothes, or not having clean clothes to wear the next morning, or disturbing their sleep. He plays it off as being a bother, but, really, he’s reluctant to let them see him not at his best; as if this will change their whole view of him if they see him so undignified in the morning, with his horrendous bedhead and un-pressed clothes. It’s a level of personal that Ignis is not used to anyone seeing. But when their hand is on his, and their waving off his excuses, he’s convinced to stay.

Regardless, they can’t stop him from being so apologetic for imposing on them, acting as if he sabotaged his own car. And, wow, he is so awkward when he crawls into bed with them, murmuring little apologies when his legs, bare from stripping down to his briefs, brushes against theirs. They convince him it’s more than fine by tangling them together to guide him closer into their arms, where he’ll find that he spends the rest of the night.

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131, for the life of me, 131 please <3

131. ”This is an apology pizza. Please take it or I will start crying right here.”

Thomas hadn’t touched his phone all day. He refused to contact anyone. Most people cried and ate ice cream but Thomas cried and hugged his bowl and half eaten mac and cheese closer and sobbed quietly.

He and his boyfriend had gotten into a bad fight. Alex had said, “Fine, I’ll just go find someone else to fuck.” And it hurt, a lot.

He ignored the knock on his door and sniffled, hugging his mac and cheese closer and he ate it.

He groaned as the knocks got louder. He paused his movie and got up. “I’m coming.” He called out, his voice hoarse from not talking for the past hours.

He unlocked the door, opening it. His eyes narrowed at his boyfriend with a pizza box in his hand and started to close the door but Alex pushed the door open all the way. “What the hell!?”

“This is an apology pizza. Please take it or I will start crying right here.” He said, looking at him with an apologetic gaze.

“I’m sure you can give it to whoever you planned on fucking.” He glared at him, unimpressed with him.

Alex sighed and Thomas could see frustrated tears build up in his eyes. “I’m so sorry… You know I didn’t mean it.” He stressed out, looking at him.

Thomas looked like a mess. His clothes were rustled and his hair was sticking up in different directions. The worst was his face, His face didn’t light up like it used to when he saw Alex. His eyes were sad and puffed up, red. He had been crying, anyone could tell that.

“I hate you.” Thomas mumbled, grabbing the pizza out of his hand and walking back inside.

A;ex smiled slightly, he knew Thomas didn’t mean it. “I know.”


He will need it, he thinks, for a great many things.

- From the Spirit/Spirit AU by @feynites

I can’t express all my feelings… I had to keep looking away from the words to clutch my heart. I love this plot so much, it’s just wonderful. ;_; I must know what happens next. Does he ever have to make polite small talk with Elgar’nan?

OC Questions

1. Which oc routinely threatens to sue over minor inconveniences?

2. Which oc is the worst driver?

3. Which oc is the backseat driver?

4. Which oc is most well known in their community?

5. Which oc is the most infamous?

6. Which ocs are good friends but always end up on opposing teams?

7. Which ocs couldn’t cooperate if their lives depended on it?

8. Which oc has the worst sense of direction?

9. Which oc gets bogged down by all the emergency supplies they carry with them at all times?

The strange thing is that when people come together in a community for the purpose, simply, of production, or for reasons of geography,
they start to hate each other and do one another down. Because each one only loves himself. Community is an illusion, as a result of which sooner or later there will rise over the continents evil, deadly, mushroom clouds. An agglomeration of people aiming at one thing—filling their stomachs—is doomed to destruction, decay, hostility.
Man is made up of opposing characteristics. History demonstrates
vividly the fact that it always moves in the worst possible direction.
Either man is not capable of directing history, or else he does direct
it, but only by pushing it down the most terrible, wrong path there is.
There is not a single example to prove the opposite. People are not capable of governing others. They are only capable of destroying. And materialism—naked and cynical—is going to complete the
—  Andrei Tarkovsky, Time Within Time: The Diaries (Entry for September 7, 1970.)