worst dialogue ever

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Does Jack have grace or a soul?

Oooh, he definitely has both. 12x10 confirmed that nephilim have a human soul and angel grace, which is WHY they’re so powerful - combining what’s basically a flare gun with an eternal indestructible battery, when it comes to power levels

(angels burn out hot and fast but souls are forever B))

I think the real argument that fandom’s going around in circles on is how much of each is affecting him/how much he’s relying on one or the other. Like the early suggestion he DID sleep and then the “I don’t sleep a lot” contradiction as he’s in different stages of understanding and growing into his powers. (And 12x10 suggested he WOULD grow into his powers)… I think it’s fascinating because it means they get to explore the nature of both souls and angels through him and I’ve been really interested in his characterisation. Especially comments like that the angel grace is muting his feelings about some things, but in other ways he’s acting deeply emotionally and human.

And what his powers are exactly - they’re all his and coming from him. They’re a nephilim’s powers and not just a human USING angel grace, because 12x10 showed us that too, with what Lily could do. He’s working on a whole cosmic level. But there’s some interesting suggestions about how in control he is of it, to go with his understanding and grasp of his powers, AND his emotions, which are like two sides of the scales, balancing one way or the other.

I am curious about how much more they explore Jack’s nature because it would involve a lot of exposition on souls and angels to go much deeper than what they can just show on screen and leave us to deduce for ourselves though. The exposition in 12x10 about what nephilim are is honestly the worst dialogue Yockey has ever written because why the heck would angels recap to each other what nephilim are. The only way I can make that work is that Ishim really did act like a sort of teacher to them and made them parrot back lessons to him about whatever they were facing as like, some sort of creepy obedience thing. There were such creepy undertones in him having the only male vessel, despite there being 3 male-identifying angels in that group. (I know a couple more joined them later, but first impressions - the Benjamin, Mirabel, Castiel, Ishim group seemed like the main clique :P)

… I’m so off topic. Sorry… I’m going to be thinking about that episode for years :D

Winter Anime Watchlist

Like I’ve mentioned before, I won’t be able to do my usual weekly rankings for this season (or be around a lot in general), but if anyone wants to talk about any of the shows I’m watching feel free to hit me up, I always do enjoy discussing anime :D

Top priority: 

Haikyuu S2 I’m not ready for the Seijou match ;A;

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Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Hands down my favorite new show this season. 

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Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (oficially titled ERASED in English, but damn is that a terrible translation and completely overlooks Kayo’s composition)

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Durarara!!x2 Ketsu. I’m not ready to say goodbye to ‘bukuro ;A;

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AssClass S2: I think this is the only comedy I’m following, so it’s good that it’s a great one.

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Lupin III: Continuing in its full greatness from the last season. I love this Lupin series, it’s just so much fun

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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime S2: This is my weekly dose of pleasant-looking fluff. Zen’s overprotectiveness is starting to wear on me a little though

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Low Priority

Gundam; Iron Blooded Orphans: It may be this current arc we’re going through, I’m still enjoying the show and I love the characters, but it feels like its meandering a little/going nowhere

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Prince of Stride: I do love and enjoy this show and its characters, it just doesn’t leave me begging for more week after week. There’s literally nothing wrong with it, it’s just a different type of dumb fluff and I couldn’t put it in the same league as Lupin or Showa Genroku

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Fairy Tail: At this point it seems obvious that the anime adaptation won’t get better, period. Even when they animate the parts I love from the manga, like Aquarius’s sacrifice or the on-going Mavis story, I can barely muster any enthusiasm for it because it’s just so… dispassioned. I don’t feel any love from the people animating this. The fact that the muddy colors are obviously here to stay -I expected them to go back to a brighter scheme for Mavis’s story, but it was a hopeless dream- doesn’t help at allIt has nothing to do with having read the manga, I’ve read HQ too and that anime is at the top of my list.

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Dimension W: It’s an okay show, it has just failed to grasp me and its relatively tame yet awfully forced fanservicey moments are just eeeeh. I’m honestly more hooked in its look than in the story or characters. Could drop any moment.

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Ajin: So far it feels more like tryhard edgy grimdrak stuff, but at least Kai is a really likable character. The CGI looks like literal poop though. Honestly I’m just hanging on becaue the manga has received so many awards and the cover of volume 1 looks so cool.

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Watching out of spite/nothing better to do

HaruChika: It’s not boring but it isn’t entertainment, it just kind of exists. Plus, the two leads are kind of insufferable in diferent ways, I find Haruta exposing people’s painful memories and vulnerable feelings to everyone is a rather awful way to recruit people for the band.

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GARO: Guren no Tsuki. Same as above, not boring but not entertaining. I do like Yorinobu, he’s probably the only character I like at this point. Honoo no Kokuin must be rolling in its grave. Honestly just watching to complete it at this point. 

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(this gif does not represent the show itself but my feelings about it lmao. Same Alfonso, Same.)

BBK/BRNK: I did say I quite enjoyed the second episode, but as the week passed by, I realized I didn’t really care about what happened next. I’m also bitter because the first episode gave us all this backstory about MC’s cool sister and she seems to have e disappeared from existence, she’s not even in the opening, which gives me little hope about her ever coming back, and I don’t care about the cookie-cutter mini Power Rangers team. I’ll keep up with it if I can, but since it comes out in the weekend, chances are I’ll fall behind eventually.

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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar: This show is just… it has some brilliantly quiet moments, like most of episode 2, and then it just has to literally shit the bed with 10 minutes-worth of gross “guys peeping on girls/guys wondering about girls without underwear/guys blaming the girls for wearing provocative clothes” and I’m jjust like… I really want to like this but the neverending sequence of Haruhiro pondering about how his female guildmates are not wearing panties was just so bloody disgusting it’s a miracle I made it to the inconsequential second half of the episode. It’s a shame because it looks gorgeous, but I’m ready to drop it if it doesn’t stop the gross bullshit.

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Divine Gate: In a season flooded with Meh-diocrity, this one manages to earn the golden poop for worst dialogues and most heavyhanded story-telling. Emo Kylo Ren’s got nothing on Aoto, who puts ice cubes on his ramen because HE HAS NEVER EATEN WARM FOOD OKAY. 

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*must clariy that when I say I watch them when I got nothing better to do, it means I watch them in my rare off-time during work, time in which I can’t work on my dissertation, obviously

Dropped: Acive Raid, Phantom Colors Myriad World, Phantasy Star Online 2, Norn9 and Nijiiro Days, simply because they all bored me to tears and/or were stupid beyond comprehension (the first two in particular. Ugh, the limbooobs)

Eh, TVD 8x03 {Spoilers}

OK! So before I watched this, there were people in my inbox so I already knew the big reveal because y’all don’t put spoiler warnings in your comments! LOL it’s cool though I actually don’t care. You know the drill, I write my thoughts in real time, which means that if there’s any mistakes at the beginning of the review I may correct them by the end. This review will include: anti-Damon sentiments, anti-Delena sentiments, anti-Steroline sentiments, anti-Bamon sentiments, anti-Bonenzo sentiments, mentions of misogynoir and anti-blackness, references to other television shows If you do not like it, do not read. You ready? Let’s go.

1. I like how they show a flashback of Elena nearly drowning as a way to fuck with Damon’s head but they can’t give us the flashback of Stefan saving her life. I don’t care if you don’t ship SE I don’t care if you’re SC or DE af, Stelena was a fundamental part, the fundamental part of season 1 and their erasure from a season meant to go back to season 1 is transparent and actually just badly written.

2. What is Sybil’s accent though? And she’s entirely non-diabolical.

3. They have yet to even clue us in why Sybil can’t take random men on the street, why it has to be Damon and Enzo.

4. It’s actually really cute to see Bonnie and Caroline be FRIENDS, I mean it doesn’t pass the Bechdel test of course because TVD.

5. Yo, Paul looks good in that jacket in Ric’s house though.

6. I love how it’s become such a big deal that Sybil has mind control. “We’re dealing with something that has the power of mind control” SCARY MUSIC. Right because vampires compelling people was just ….


8. “Poor Bon Bon, literally always the bridesmaid never the bride” no one can tell me that the show doesn’t make a meal and has an enjoyment in pointing out how unwanted Bonnie has been or how lonely she’ll always be, no one. And when it comes to Damon attacking her, they always make a meal out of that too whether it’s emotional taunting or just slow pain, it’s ridiculous.

9. Both of them beating the shit out of Damon gave me life though, I actually did get 1x12 vibes. “We can just kill him.” “I’ll help.” This is the kind of friendship bonding I like.

10. Sybil’s dialogue is fucking ridiculous.

11. So Damon gets all the flashbacks then. Cool.

12. As an anon pointed out, it makes no sense why Bonnie isn’t trying to find her magic to combat Sybil or help Enzo.

13. OK this Sybil and Bonnie scene though.First of all Sybil asking Bonnie if she ever slept with Damon is exactly like when Katherine asked Caroline if she and Stefan ever hooked up, I’m sure BD fans caught that, the rest of it though is tacky because it feels like Julie Plec having a dialogue with said BD fans pointing out all the reasons why they would be together but aren’t. “You can’t spell Damon without Damn” is probably the worst piece of dialogue ever.

14. Who wrote this? This is terribly written.

15. Damon describing Sybil’s hold over him is literally describing compulsion.

16. Caroline, see what happens when you open your mouth.

17. So Sybil is Rebekah and the Salvatore Mansion is the library and instead of Elena, Caroline and Stefan talking about SE and DE it’s Caroline and Bonnie talking about Damon and Enzo.

18. OK so Sybil is also Klaus who has to “Siren” obedience like how Klaus had to Sire hybrids.

19. OK so Sybil is Klaus again making Bonnie choose between Enzo and Damon like Klaus going, “So Elena, Jenna or Stefan?” Or she’s No Humanity Caroline who essentially did the same thing with Matt and Tyler. ‘Bout the most sadistic game imaginable, writers you’ve recycled this at least three times.

20. There is A LOT OF talking.



23. Omg just snap Damon’s neck, Stefan.


25. Yo I’m not feeling any tension that Enzo and Damon have to fight each other I kind of want them to demolish one another. They won’t but a girl can dream.

26. Caroline vamp-speed over there, jfc.

27. This fight to the death is hella weak man, no one’s arm is twisted in odd angles, no one is bleeding profusely.

28. Damon’s surprise that Bonnie didn’t choose him is actually hilarious.

29. Sybil is legitimately Klaus.

30. THIS IS TERRIBLE DIALOGUE. I know I keep saying it but OMG.

31. This BE scene is supposed to be heartbreaking but I just think back to Stelena.

32. “Bonnie, I’m going to count down from 10 and then I’m going to let Damon finish what he started.” Like the clock Klaus put on Stefan biting Elena? LOL OK TVD.

33. Intern, who is with the kids?

34. Yeah, Stefan looks good this epi.

35. “But I hated it.” Did you really, Stefan? It just seems like it was mildly inconvenient for you. Also total rip off of, “I hated that fight.”

36. Oh fuck off Ric, if you brought Damon back before there has to be a way to bring him back again, nah Damon should’ve DONE graduated to not needing so much fucking hand holding.

37. “I’ve never seen him like this”, Stefan, we’ve ONLY seen Damon like this.

38. If Sybil’s plan is to raise the devil then she’ll just be Ruby from Supernatural.

39. I thought Tyler’s death would be more impactful but nah he dies giving Damon a speech about how he needs to be better, why the hell would Tyler even care about Damon? He was like the ONE person who didn’t. Totally OOC.

Final thoughts; This episode was awful but like awful in a way where I have things to talk about and not like last Friday’s where I was just at a loss for anything to say because I was so bored.

  • wwe: we want you to like roman reigns
  • wwe: *limits his moveset to fit the power wrestler archetype*
  • wwe: *gives him literal garbage feuds that make no sense*
  • wwe: *pits him against someone w/ a slow style that won't help him at all*
  • wwe: *gives him the worst dialogue ever*
  • wwe: what do you mean the fans think he's just cena 2.0

This is the worst science-based dialogue I’ve ever read. They didn’t even write it on their own, they just rephrased the Law of Conservation of Momentum (word for word) as a question. This is lazy writing at its worst.