worst car

new mazda commercials:

darkness.  “can you drive…a storm?”  fade in on a shiny new car.  “can you smell…a steering wheel?” pan over the car, which is so very shiny.  “this car is you.”  loving examination of the dashboard with all its dials and features.  “the interior is freedom.”  extended shot of a happy, confident man driving it down the road.  music swells.  “the exterior…is a wolf.” driving montage.  “the new mazda 6…it’s an idea.  an idea that’s really cool and you really like it.  it’s all about you.  please buy it.”

being sex-repulsed can really suck sometimes. it’s alienating, and our sexualized culture often makes the world an uncomfortable place. TV shows, movie, music, social media, advertisements, friends, family… the prevelance of sexual content and praise of sex can make it feel like you’re the only person in the world who feels the way you do, and it sucks. i promise, though, you’re not alone. keep your chin up, there’s nothing wrong with being sex-repulsed. there’s nothing wrong with you. we’ll get through this together.


Way Better than Bumble (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Hi loves! Another Unbeta’d fluffy request fill for anon who wanted “request about reader is Garcia’s close friend and she sees the team out for drinks or something and she goes up to Garcia’s and gets introduced to the team & hits it off with Reid.” Hope you enjoy it! xx 

You tousled with your hair one last time before you grabbed your keys, thinking that it was as good as it was going to get (a conclusion you had to make each time you got ready to go out, if you were being honest). Half of you was excited at the prospect of meeting this guy from Bumble, but another half hated this. You and Michael had hit it off well enough on the app, he was good at keeping up conversation without being pushy or getting weird, but there was an awkwardness that you couldn’t shake. You didn’t even tell you best friend Penelope about the date, afraid to look desperate - or that Pen would try and set you up herself.

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Funny (horrifying) story.

So I recently switched vehicles for the winter (I’m using my brothers car instead of my own). I get in, and right away the key isn’t working.

Being the smartass I am, I use my best Keith impression and go “it’s me…im your paladin!”

And the fucking car starts!

Then the radio starts flashing this word over and over. Won’t stop. Won’t let me turn it off. Won’t play any music or make a single sound. 

Just ‘protect’ on repeat.

Protect what! Or who!? I’m not prepared for this!!

What does it mean!

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Perfect - Made in the A.M series

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Pairing: Harry Styles x reader

Warnings: some violence 

I’ve tried posting this once already but it didn’t really work? I’m hoping it works better this time!

Harry was exhausted. It had been a long day of interviews and album promotion and he felt completely drained. In that moment, nothing could have compelled him to peel himself off his couch at home.

That was what he thought, at least, until he received the phone call from you.

“Hello?” he answered groggily.

For a moment you didn’t speak, but Harry sat up in his seat as he heard you trying to suppress your sobs on the other end of the phone. “Harry,” you cried, trying desperately to regain composure.

“Where are you?” he asked, already locating his shoes and getting ready to head out of the door.

“I’m outside the front of my apartment. Harry, please come quickly he’s going to start looking for me soon.”

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@shlavweek day 6:  first times or routines

anyone else hate themselves lmao