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day 12! season 11 started out with all the characters’ clear list of priorities, and i like where the ended up once the episode was over–i think crowley is the only one that made it out with any of his own key personal goals met  [inktober tag]

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I find the concept of home very interesting. I hadn't thought about it much until recently when I realized that I didn't have one. I have an apartment where I'm living for a few months while at university in a place I will leave the second I graduate, so not at all a home. And where I grew up and where my parents still are most defiantly is not home. I guess it depends a lot and creating roots which to me seems tied to personal identity and as someone extremely closeted I can't really form

it’s just keeping a fine balance between remaining grounded but not digging yourself in too deep. you have a place where you’ve grown up, you have a place where you live now, and you can make anything your home if you want to. just because you know you’ll leave doesn’t mean some place can’t be home for the time being. i lived in paris for just a month a few years back and for the month that i was there, the house i lived in was my home. just ‘cause it was only a month doesn’t mean it wasn’t my home, it was the place where i had my suitcase and a bed that was mine

i mean the way i cope with having the place i live changing all the time is just relying on nature to be my home. the sky looks different on different places on the globe but it’s the same sky, the stars shine in the sky whether you see them or not, the moon’s there most nights. the sun rises everywhere, and it sets everywhere. trees grow almost everywhere, wherever you live there’ll be a park or a little dandelion growing from a crack in the sidewalk, nature envelops the whole globe and because i’ve accepted nature and forests and beaches and just all of that as my ‘home’, i’m never really truly feeling out of place.

when i get that ‘homeless’ anxiety, i go outside. i stare at the sky, i go to the woods, i put my hand on the trunk of a tree or i pick up a leaf, and it goes away. there isn’t a city or place on this earth that doesn’t have nature present in some way or form, and, since it’s so omnipresent, i’ve fixated on nature to give me a homelike feeling when nothing else can. it’s like seeing nature reminds me that i’m a part of nature too, that i’m just a part of this whole huge big ecosystem, and that, by extension, the whole planet’s my home. 

that’s what keeps me grounded when i get those anxious ‘i belong nowhere, i’m nobody’ feelings that everyone gets once in a while

You know what sucks?

When the stuff you bought at very different times runs out all at once.

The individual cost of make-up isn’t so bad, but in the aggregate… yikes.