worst book covers

Why do really bad books always have to go out of their way to describe how characters, particularly women but damn if every gender doesn’t get the same stupid treatment depending on who the writer is, are attractive?

You know, you get the sentence of description and it always begins with, “They were an attractive (blank) blah blah blah bullshit bullshit.” It always has to begin with the fact that they’re attractive.

A particular book I’m reading at the moment, one which I’ll likely burn upon finishing it’s that fucking awful (and I *love* books), seems cursed to introduce female characters in the same way: “She was attractive”, “She was surprisingly beautiful”, “She was just as gorgeous he remembered”. I’m serious, it has happened every single damn time, and it’s pissing me off so fucking goddamn much.

I dunno why. It’s not like I’m against characters being attractive, but it’s so goddamn lazy to say “They are attractive”. Is it so much to ask, “Why?” Why are they attractive? What’s so beautiful about them??? Can I have one fucking goddamn female character in this stupid bastard son of a bitch book that doesn’t immediately have their looks brought into who they are? I mean, thank god for books that don’t do this. Thank god for books that just describe their character, and *you* get to decide if they’re attractive or not. Thank god for books that don’t rely on “This character is pretty” to make them interesting. Thank you, books that do that. I really fucking miss you right now.


Someone “borrowed” my copy of the Mysterious Benedict Society when I was in middle school, and I never saw it again… But I got a new copy for Christmas this year ^u^  I reread the first two books in the series and had a sudden urge to draw a few of the characters! Here’s Rhonda, Ms. Perumal, Number Two, and Moocho. 

i’ve made it clear that i deeply dislike christie golden as a writer and as an agent of lore but also it’s soooo funny how blizzard always gives her very bad books the worst possible cover art. like remember the tides of war cover…………….. remember Garrosh Bondage