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Ummm... hello.. *waves awkwardly* can you do Sugawara x Tsukishima for the ship thingy? (•//_//•)

hi anon!! sure i can :3 thanks for the ask! ❤
(@yes-fangirl-things you might be interested, since you asked about them too? :3)

send me a ship and i’ll tell you

  • who hogs the duvet
    It’s a battle between them because while Suga is a blanket-hog, Tsukki has longer limbs that easily get caught. The bed is almost never properly made because the blankets will just be kicked/pulled off throughout the night.

  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going
    Suga! He’s always spamming Tsukki’s phone with comments/questions/pictures, etc. Tsukki answers him back pretty often but his responses aren’t very long.

  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
    Suga, he’s really attentive to the things Tsukki mentions liking/wanting but he also likes surprises so he’s pretty clever about his gifts.

  • who gets up first in the morning
    Tsukki, he doesn’t feel productive unless he gets an early start to the day. He gave up trying to get Suga out of bed early; he just lets the alarm do the work and then sing-songs “you know you’re 15 mins late ri~ght?” to which Suga will either jump out of bed or flip him off, depending on how much he believes him.

  • who suggests new things in bed
    Suga, usually, although Tsukki certainly will if something really intrigues him. Tsukki is usually more than willing to try whatever Suga wants.

  • who cries at movies
    Not often but Suga more than Tsukki (he can count on one hand how many times he’s seen Tsukki shed tears).

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Your opinions on grade changes aren't bad. Actually many conversations I've had with teachers lean towards the change of school systems in general.

Oh heck yeah, changes definitely need to be made, and not just to grades! The whole system is whack, and a lot of it just sets students up for failure >:/ 

I used to think that I only thought that way because I was an angsty lazy fake-rebellious teenager, but I still feel the same way years later haha ^^;

I don’t understand why some people seem to believe Lorelai didn’t let Christopher see Rory? She literally says: “I’ve always had the door to Rory open for you… You’ve hardly ever used it.”

Do you really think she moved to Stars Hollow without telling him where she was going? 

Christopher chose to move to California, he chose to have only phone contact with Rory, he chose not to visit. Don’t put it all on Lorelai.

I’m bellarke af but…do you ever think about how much Bellamy probably misses Gina? He was with her for 3 months, which on the ground is a long time. She knew him when things were the best they had ever been for them, and while he had a lot of shit bottled up inside no doubt, there were probably moments when he was just happy. They were happy together. She knew him well enough to get him The Iliad. Imagine them flirting while she worked at the bar. Imagine her staying over his place for the first time. Imagine Bellamy Blake smiling because a girl like Gina wanted to be with him. 

And then I think about how she died, and how Bellamy found out she died, and all the shit that he went through afterwards. And I’m sad.

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Taichi Yagami Headcanons

- Loves Naruto to an unhealthy degree. Literally does the Naruto run at practice, and the coach needs to convince him that it does not make him faster.

- Often finds the other Chosen hanging around his house when he’s not home.

- “How did you get in?” “Your mom.” “… And she knew I wasn’t home?” “Yeah.”

- When he rants, he does so to Koushiro because he knows Sora would worry too much.

- Him and Yamato have done countless school projects together. They always turn out horribly. They continue to pair up anyway.

- Loves summer. Freedom and hot, sweaty afternoons. Popsicles, lemonade and lightning bugs.

- Remember that time he drew a map and it was indecipherable chicken scratch? Yeah, he doesn’t get any better at drawing.

- Considers breaking a comb while trying to comb out his hair an accomplishment.

- The absolute worst at every board game ever. Even ones that are more down to luck than strategy. He just… no

- Gets addicted to coffee his junior year of high school

- Has days where he starts walking and doesn’t stop. Out of the building, out of town, over the bridge, exploring miles and miles from everything he knows.

- Brave, thoughtful, adventurous

Other Chosen Headcanons

Strangers in the Night

Owen x Reader

Summary: Owen and the reader meet at an annual masquerade work party, where Claire drags the reader (her assistant) along, and she ends up meeting Owen. The only problem is she doesn’t know it`s Owen, thanks to those pesky masks.

A/N: This idea came to me in the bath…random, but hey! inspiration strikes right? I am gonna make this a multipart but I haven`t decided how many parts yet……enjoy folks!!

Warning: swearing

Word Count: 2023 

“Come on y/n, you have to go! It`s the park`s annual party for the staff” cries Claire, as she nudges you. You were both walking to the control center, and you were reading Claire`s schedule for the day, when she decided to hound you into going to the staff party for Jurassic World.

You hummed, and knew that you really should go, especially since you were Claire`s assistant. The party was a big deal to the staff, and Claire made it certain that you were expected to attend, even if it was just to keep her company.

“Seriously, you are going tonight, you owe me” she teased, shaking her head at you in mock anger.

“Damn it Dearing, when are you gonna let that date go?” you sighed, opening the door to the control center.

“Never, it was the worst, Grady arrived wearing board shorts, and I only went because you set it up!” she growled.

It was true you set Claire up on her disastrous date with a certain raptor trainer, Owen Grady, who is undeniably hot (according to the victim herself), is apparently also a tremendous train wreck.

Rumors swirled around the island that he was a love `em and leave `em kinda guy, and you still scorned Barry for suggesting his colleague as a suitable contestant for the Claire Dearing Date Show. Owen wanted to drink the night away, relax, and that was not Claire. You had never met the man, yet you knew you could drink him under the table.

Your boss was a powerful woman, and admirable, she was also a very close friend, but my god was she an unbearable woman sometimes.

Her lack of ability to relax was annoying, her constant ache to work was irritating, but her worst trait was her regimented drinking schedule.

According to Claire, her diet allowed for tequila once a month, very different from your weekly visit to Margaritaville.

“Just show up tonight, y/n, even if for a while. I need to talk to somebody sane!” Claire pleads, and you can`t help but admit that you owe her.

“Claire, it`s a masquerade party, how the hell am I supposed to get an evening dress before six tonight?” you panicked, the extreme effort for planning Claire`s evening, had led to a lack of effort for yours.

“That`s where I come in, you can have the dress you picked for me, that I didn’t choose, plus I have an extra mask you can borrow. Problem solved. You have the key for my apartment, just go and fetch the outfit, and I will see you at 6:30” with that she strutted off to her office to deal with whatever new problem occurs.

Sighing, you get into your jeep and head to Claire`s place to get the dress. You knew which one she was talking about, it was a deep red, strapless, with a slit up the side to the thigh” you loved it, and knew it wasn`t quite to Claire`s taste. Claire chose the white chiffon gown (obviously), her style was much more precise, and neat than yours.

You were constantly running around the island dealing with situations, and emergencies for Claire, so often that you rarely managed more than shorts, and a tank top. She disregarded your choice in attire, mainly because you were always rushing around in the heat, dealing with the trainers, while she was reeling in the bigwigs in her designer dresses.

Claire`s apartment was a clean, and neat as she was, and you quickly grabbed the dress, and mask she approved of, then drove back to your bungalow, a messy contrast to Claire`s organized haven.

Pulling up, and stomping into your home, you glance at the clock, and see it was 4:30, ugh not much longer until the party, you huffed.

You shower, shave, and wash your hair, singing along to the radio. Drying your hair was a task, so you sat outside your bungalow in sweats, with a coke, letting the humid air dry your locks.

After twenty minutes outside, you walk, look in your mirror, and gasp; your hair was suddenly a hot mess.

“Shit! Ugh, time to curl I guess” you moan, and grab all the hair products you owned.

Twenty minutes later, and you had perfectly curled hair; you even had the burn marks on your hands to prove it.

Ten minutes later, and your makeup was on, red lips painted so well Claire would be impressed. You put the diamond earrings (a Christmas gift from Claire) in your ears, and your favorite bracelet on, it was a small locket that held a photo of your parents in it, a parting gift from them when you came to Jurassic World.

Glancing at the clock again, it read 5:45, and you cursed yourself again.

“Fuck, that leaves no time at all, it takes twenty minutes to get to the conference center” you were rushing now, especially since Claire texted to say that she would pick you up. “No drinking this week” she had sent, and you rolled your eyes in response.

Fifteen minutes later, Claire pulled up in her Mercedes, and you struggled to walk the rocky ground in your heels, grinning in triumph when you finally reach the car.

“Wow y/n, you look hot! Seriously, that dress is perfect on you” she praised, causing you to blush slightly, you were definitely not used compliments; so you twiddled your bracelet in your fingers to hide your embarrassment.

Claire and you casually chatted throughout the journey, avoiding work subjects: tonight was your night off.

The car pulled up to the valet, so you and Claire reached to put on your masks on. Your mask was an intricate design of black and white, with red diamante, perfectly matching your dress.

You both made your way into the ballroom of the Jurassic World conference center, and were greeted by décor similar to a Disney movie: the room awed you.

“Awesome right? Mr. Masrani is currently obsessed with Beauty and the Beast” she giggled, and spotted the man in question as he made his way to you.

“Miss Dearing, Miss Y/L/N, may I say you both look stunning this evening. I only recognized you both because of Claire`s hair” you all laughed at that comment.

“Thank you very much sir” Claire replied smoothly gently touching her red updo.

The next few hours were spent laughing with various co-workers, and dancing with Claire, and a few other single park ladies.

You still had your mask on, and you suddenly felt parched.

“Claire, I am gonna go get a drink” you inform her, and she nods, getting back to dancing with Barry, and a few other workers.

You saddle up to the bar, and hold your hand out to summon the cute barman.

“Wanna let me buy the lady a drink?” a smooth voice questions, and you turned to see a handsome looking man, wearing a black mask, and insanely hot tuxedo, the tie hanging loose around his neck.

“Depends on what the drink is” you reply, smirking slightly.

“What`s your poison, dollface?” he whistles, and the barman heads over to you both.

“Tequila” you order.

“Damn, you don’t play around” he was clearly impressed, expecting you to order a frilly daiquiri or something.

He orders the same, and the two of down the shot, not even flinching.

“So what`s a guy gotta do to get some conversation?” he pats the seat next to him.

You hesitate, but sit down anyway, because the guy is ridiculously hot. Sexy, even with the mask on, and you immediately think of the Phantom of the Opera.

“Well, this guy is going to purchase this lady some shots, and we can play twenty questions” you challenge.

He looks at your face for a second, and then licks his lips, “I think that can be arranged.” He calls the bartender over to set down a tequila bottle, salt, and some lemon slices.

“So what`s your name?” he begins, and you shake your head.

“No personal questions, it takes away from the mystery,” you tease, and his shoulders shake in a chuckle.

“Fine, beautiful stranger, worst date you’ve ever had?” he resigns.

“Well, this guy told me to get dressed up for a fancy date, and ended up taking me to Outback. He was so nervous he spilt his drink down my dress, and was sweating so much; he had to get three new napkins. Needless to say, there wasn`t a second date, but I did feel bad about everything” you giggled.

“Jesus, that sounds awful” he laughs, and you can barely make out the crinkles at the corner of his green eyes, annoyingly hidden behind his mask.


“I was set up with this woman, and let’s just say she wasn’t for me, she hated tequila, had the whole date planned out, and still hates me for not meeting her standards” he grumbled.

“Poor baby” you nudged him, and he looked down at you in mock annoyance.

You spent another hour laughing about failed life ventures, and drinking, when suddenly “Strangers in the Night” by Frank Sinatra started playing.

“May I have this dance milady” he held his hand out to you, bowing at the waist, showcasing his broad shoulders.

“Why I would be honored kind sir” you curtsied back when you slid off the barstool.

He held your hand, and pulled you to him on the dance floor, wrapping his arm around your waist.

You placed your hand on his shoulder, feeling the muscles move even beneath the suit, and you looked up to those stunning green eyes.

He stared back down at you, his hand caressing the small of your back; when he leaned down to move his face closer to yours.

His lips brushed slowly, soft on your own, as you tilted your face to meet his. He pressed his lips more against yours, and you gasped slightly.

He took his as an invitation to bite your bottom lip, smoothing over it with his tongue, and seeking entrance to your mouth. You allowed him, and tasted the tequila and lemons that you were consuming not minutes earlier.

Pulling away to catch your breath, he breathlessly said, “please let me know your name” and you hesitated, aching to let this man kiss you again.

“I`m Owen” he revealed, and pulled his mask off.

His face, something that was clearly made by the gods, stunned you and you had the urge to kiss his face off.

“Wait…Owen? As in Owen Grady?” you questioned, silently freaking out.

“Yeah, how did you-?” he began, but before he could finish you sprinted away from him.

“Shit, shit, shit, why did it have to be him; Claire will kill me, and he is such an asshole…apparently” you cursed yourself in your thoughts, as you spot Claire near the entrance talking to Barry.

“Hey! Stranger! Come back” you hear Owen yell behind you, and you move faster, a miracle really in your drunken state.

“Hey y/n-“ Claire smiles when she sees you, yet it drops from her face the moment she sees your panic.

“Claire we need to go, I don’t feel well,” you beg, and she nods, holding you as you rush out of the building. You feel a tug on your wrist, and don’t even question it in your tequila and Owen haze.

You are seated in Claire`s car in no time, and avoid the blazing questions in Claire`s eyes as you leaned your hot head against the cool window, mask long forgotten.

Owen meanwhile had barely managed to push his way through the crowd, running after you as quickly as he could manage, but fuck you were a fast little thing.

He found Barry talking to one of the interns by the entrance, when he noticed a shiny object on the floor.

He picked it up, his head spinning from the movement, and saw it was a locket bracelet; the same one he saw you wearing tonight.

“I have find that girl,” he swore, and his mission had only just begun.

To Be Continued…


I just had an epic love story happen on agar.io

So, Agar.io is a browser game where you play as a cell trying to eat other cells that are smaller than you. There are skins you can use, most of them being flags. Naturally, I play as Greece. You can shoot mass into other players to force alliances by pressing W.

So, being trash, I allied with a Japan.

Japan and I did our thing for awhile, coming in clutch, ya know. He was the most beautiful cell I had ever seem. We shared mass regularly… I think it was love.

But then, tragedy struck. We got separated. I was devastated, of course. I worried for the safety of my beloved. Not long later, I assumed the worst. I wandered the board, lonely, lost, scared, Japan-less, until finally, I saw him again. It was as if God was smiling down on me.

But there were several giant cells gaining on Japan. I could see the hope drain from his pixelated flag face, losing hope quickly. I readied myself to help. But then, suddenly, Japan did the unthinkable. He began to shoot me his mass. The ultimate sacrifice.

“No, Japan!” I screamed at my laptop. But it was too late. Japan cell had sacrificed his entire self so I, a humble Greece cell, could live to fight another day. I vow to avenge him.

R.I.P Japan Cell 2015-2015

Spyfall is the exact opposite of Trivial Pursuit because it’s fun and doesn’t take so long that it’s interrupted by players’ funerals. (Which would still be a welcome break from Trivial Pursuit, to be honest.) In this game, you’re always listening to friends instead of demanding they bask in your pointless knowledge, and enjoying paying attention instead of staring at your phone until it’s your turn. It’s everything good about talking to people at parties, with added espionage and space stations. The final triumph over triviality is that when people start to remember the cards, it gets even more fun instead of making you look like a dick with the world’s worst facts.

There are 30 locations, like Casino, Space Station, School, Submarine, etc. Each player gets a card showing the same location and has to find the Spy. Except the Spy, who has a card saying “Spy” and is trying not to crap themselves too obviously while working out where they are. Players take turns asking each other questions within a time limit, and can answer any way they like. It sounds simple, it’s easy to start, and it’s the greatest generator of “Oh shit!” moments outside of a laxative factory.

Awesome Alternatives To The Worst Board Games Ever