worst blind date

Modern AU where Kurogane and Fai find out they gotta work together or someshit, but they actually have met before.

It was like a year ago and the worst blind date of their lives.

Kurogane tries to play it cool and professional and act like they havent met before, but of course Fai wont let him do that.

Alternatively Kuro was on that terrible date with Fai’s twin bro and Fai is just pretending it was him. Why? Probably just because it is funny to see Kurogane so uncomfortable.

August 2016 Fan Week Masterpost

BokuAkaKuroTsuki Week:

  • August 5th: Firsts // Soulmate AU
  • August 6th: Differences // Support
  • August 7th: Getting together // Vacation
  • August 8th: Magic AU // Injury
  • August 9th: Celebration // Crossover
  • August 10th: Reunion // Routine
  • August 11th: Parenting // 3rd Gym

AkaaHina Week:

  • August 7th: Training Camp // Same Team // Different Sport
  • August 8th: Zoo // Picnic // Beach Day
  • August 9th: Cafe // Baking // Alcohol
  • August 10th: Long Distance // Pen Pals // First Meeting
  • August 11th: Music // Art // Animals
  • August 12th: Blind Date // Worst Date // First Time
  • August 13th: Free Prompt // Age Swap // Sun and Moon

Yakulev Week:

  • August 12th: Infatuation // Fluff
  • August 13th: Paralysis // Futurefic
  • August 14th: Burn // Hurt/Comfort
  • August 15th: Freeze // Domestic
  • August 16th: Sleep // Alternate Universe
  • August 17th: Flinch // Didn’t Know They Were Dating
  • August 18th: Free Day

Captains Week:

  • August 13th: College // Magic // Favorite Captain
  • August 14th: Roommates // Music // Favorite Quote
  • August 15th: Stag Do // Theater // Favorite Moment
  • August 16th: Apocalypse // Sports Swap // Favorite Relationship
  • August 17th: Road Trip // Grocery Shopping // Flowers
  • August 18th: Cooking // Childhood // Favorite Interaction
  • August 19th: Superhero // Parents // First Introduction
  • August 20th: Free Day

Terushima Week:

  • August 19th: Magic/Fantasy AU // Confessions
  • August 20th: College/University AU // Responsibilities
  • August 21st: Team/Sports Swap // Rivalry
  • August 22nd: Soulmate AU // Friendship
  • August 23rd: Crossover AU // Training Camp
  • August 24th: Working/Domestic AU // Vacation
  • August 25th: Free Day

UshiMoni Week:

  • August 22nd: Gloxinia (Love at First Sight) // Daffodil (New Beginnings)
  • August 23rd: Bougainvillea (Passion) // Aster (Patience)
  • August 24th: Hollyhock (Ambition) // Polyanthus (Confidence)
  • August 25th: Feverfew (Warmth) // Acacia (Secret Love)
  • August 26th: Pear Blossom (Comfort) // Sweet Pea (Delicate)
  • August 27th: Spirea (Victory) // Magnolia (Dignity)
  • August 28th: Free Prompt
My Worst Blind Date Story

Since I am getting stories shared with me, here is one of my gems. 

Okay, so a little over four years ago I was single and tired of the dating scene so I joined a dating website. I talked with a couple of guys, nothing too special, but one guy I talked to for about a week before he asked to meet with me. I thought, sure, why the hell not. I took my own car, told my roommates to text me in an hour to make sure I was okay and to wait for me to send them a secret code word. We were going to dinner in a public place that I could easily escape from as well. I took all the precautions I could basically.

So I get to the restaurant we were going to eat at and this 5′ nothing man walks up to me and introduces himself. I try not to judge people on appearances, but he was obviously already a little tipsy. We got to our table and ordered our food. I am thinking we will have a polite conversation, but nope. He immediately beings to tell me the most intimate details of his life. Turns out he is an alcoholic (no shit), been in and out of jail and just recently quit doing some elicit drugs. He tells me about the last relationship he was in which was with a married woman who he got pregnant which caused her to leave her husband. But not only her, he got her sister pregnant. He told me he is a sex addict, and just the list went on and on. I sat there flabbergasted that he was telling me all these things.When my roommates finally texted me all I could tell them was “You will not believe what I am going to come home and tell you.” 

So, after he spills his guts I pay for my meal and he pays for his and as we are walking out of the restaurant he gives me this really awkward hug and asks me where I live. I told him I lived in an apartment complex near the apartments I lived in then. He said he lived in those apartments and we should hang out sometime. I was polite and said maybe and I stood there by the restaurant as he left, waiting for him to get in his car and drive off before I went to my car. 

Needless to say, it could have been a lot worse but I never went on a blind date or used the internet for romance again. 

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Chivalry & Loyalty


“Do you think perhaps they know we’re here and are even now taking bets on how long we’ll continue to stare at an empty building?” Normally Remus greatly enjoyed his missions with Tonks - enjoyed them more than he would admit even to himself - but their ‘stake out’, as Muggles would call it, had droned on for several hours longer than was bearable. Remus’ front was getting damp from the grass he was lying against - for the only place within hidden view of the dreary little hut was on the edge of a hill between two rather prickly bushes - and he was starting to dearly regret having neglected to bring dinner.

The Order had gained intelligence that this place might be being used as a safehouse for some of the lower-level Death Eaters, but Remus was starting to sincerely question the intelligence of whoever had told them that. This was all starting to feel either like the worst blind date in all of history or a truly cruel practical joke.