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You stare at your phone screen and bite one of your nails as you wait.

“He’s not going to text back,” Taehyung mutters from his seat next to you.

“He has to. We slept together,” you say with faux-confidence. Because you know he is right.

But you are so focused on your phone that you miss the way Taehyung winces and the grimace that takes over his features. He hates that Jungkook is playing with you and dangling himself in front of you. He hates that he cares so much. But most of all he hates that you don’t seem to care enough.

“Maybe I was too forward… I’m reading too much into-”

“Okay that’s enough!” His sudden outburst has your eyes opening so wide it hurts. Taehyung stands from the couch and turns to you. “I’m sick and tired of you moping over that asshole. You’re "reading too much into it”? He slept with you! If he doesn’t text back he doesn’t care, ___. Stop pretending like you mean anything to him because you don’t! I would know. That asshole was my friend. He goes through girls so fast I only remember a handful of them. Someone who cares about you won’t ever be too busy to be with you or even send you a damn text back. But whatever. Live in your stupid dreams.“

With that he storms out of the room. His hands are shaking and he wants to punch something.

For the first time ever, he feels he might hate you.

But he knows that whenever you decide to call him, drunk out of your mind, he will go to you.

Maybe he isn’t all that different from you after all.

It became a contest. We were in a race to see who caused the most damage. You had a new girl in your bed three days after we decided there wasn’t anything left worth saving and I kissed your bestfriend. Worst of all, when you found out you didn’t hear it from me. I like to think that in love we are racing towards survival and this is the only way we knew how. So I cried when I found out about her and you never forgave me for what I did. we forgot about how much we really did care for each other. It was there in the moment you decided to cover up the pain with the sweet look on her face as she slept beside you and it was there when I decided he was the closest to you I’d ever get to be again. I’m sorry for the both of us because we didn’t know any better than to hurt each other.

His girlfriend doesn't like you || part 4 || l.h
What are you supposed to do as you watch your best friend fall in love with someone that isn’t you, and she hates your guts 

“Because I love you” he croaked. His hands slapped his thighs then went up to tangle themselves in his already messy hair. “okay I admit it, I fucking love you. And it scares me, it scares me because you’re my bestfriend but I’m in love with you. Jesus I’m so In love with you. I tried to be with abbi, and make her the center of my world but no one will ever replace you. I tried to fall in love with someone but every time I thought of you (Y/N). I’m sorry about what I said, I sorry about what she said to you but none of it is true.. you mean so much to me that it’s insane. If I lost you I would loose myself. I’ll admit when I was dating her I acted like I was in a different world, I acted like I was happy with her but I wasn’t at all. When Ashton lashed out on me I snapped back to reality and everything rushed back, and I can’t handle you not being next to me.” he paused to catch his breath. 

At this point you were so mesmerized at what he was saying and how much he was opening up to you that slowing the pain started to go away. “fuck and when I saw Calum being all cuddly and close to you I almost lost it. I want to be the one to hold you when you’re sad or tired. I want to be the only one that gets you kiss you passionately at 3AM after we just watched a marathon of god knows what. I want to call you mine and show you off to everyone that passes by us on the street. I want to be able to tell you that every song I’ve ever wrote is about you” he stopped his eyes widening slightly. “well I guess I just told you” he chuckled softly. You smiled ever so slightly as a few years escaped your eyes. Luke pulled his lip between his teeth and reached up and gently brushed the tear away. 

 “Baby girl please don’t cry, I know I’ve been an asshole, a nightmare, the worst best friend ever. And I know this is a lot to take in but I swear it’s true and I will show you how much I love you every day” You sucked in a large breath not knowing what to say, you were completely shocked. Everything you’ve wanted to hear from him has now been said. You couldn’t shake the feeling of him choosing Abbi’s side earlier tonight. 

“What about Abbi” you broke eye contact with him and looked down at the ground. Luke shook his head closing his eyes tightly. 

 “You never have to worry about her again, she’s gone” he said truthfully taking your hand in his and bringing it up to his lips, leaving a gentle kiss on the back of your hand. 

You used your other hand to wipe the rest of your tears away. “I can’t forgive you this easily” you whispered sadly. 

 “I know you can’t baby, I know. And I’m so sorry that you can’t. But please give me a chance, I need you” he begged. He was willing to drop on his knees and beg for you to forgive him and give him a chance. After knowing Luke for basically your whole life, you knew when he was lying or when he was telling the truth. And for a fact without a doubt he was telling you the truth right now. You nodded your head slowly biting your lip ever so slightly.

 “I never want to hurt you, I never want to make you feel like I did tonight. You mean to much to me” his hand was placed on your cheek so you were forced to look at him. You noticed the state he was in, his eyes were watery and few tears were falling down his face. You knew he was doing everything he could to keep himself contained and not cry. Little did he know that it was okay for him to cry in front of you.

 “I thought I lost you, you stopped hanging out with us. You stopped coming to movie night, you even stopped sitting with us in school. I was so scared I lost you Luke” the tears were now freely flowing out of his eyes as well as yours. You quickly brought your hands to your face to wipe away the tears.

 Luke’s arms wrapped around your waist as you tightly wrapped yours around him burying your face into his chest and letting everything out. Before you knew it you were sitting down on the steps in his lap, you legs draped over him and your head in the crook of his neck. He placed a small kiss on your forehead, as you were sniffling finally calming down from the past events of the horrific night. “I hate seeing you like this” he said sadly while moving the few stands of hair that’s were stuck to your face out of the way. 

 “You did it to me” you said bluntly. Luke closed his eyes and sighed tightening his grip on you and leaving a kiss on the top of your head as you nuzzled further into his neck. 

 “I know baby girl, I know. And I’m so sorry” he breathed out holding you even tighter than before. You breathed in his sent and smiled ever so slightly. All the crying, fighting, and worrying had really work you out and your eyes started to get droopy. You yawned and covered your mouth with your hand trying to stop yourself.

 “You must be tired, let’s get you inside” he scooped his hands underneath your boys and picked you up with no problem. He carried you into the house kicking the door open with his foot and closing it the same why. 

 “Ashton said he was coming over though, to see how I was” you instantly remembered. 

 “I’ll text him and explain everything’s okay, you have nothing to worry about” Luke reassured you as he carried you up to your room. You were basically half asleep, your arms limp around his neck. He placed your back onto your bed, keeping your eyes closed you groaned and snuggled into the side of a pillow. 

“You’re going to be uncomfortable sweetheart, do you mind?” knowing exactly what he mean you shook your head telling him it was okay. He shuffled over to your dresser and pulled out one of his oversized tees that you stole from him once.

 “I was wondering where this went” he laughed as he peeled your current shirt off your body, Luke was seen you in your bra and underwear many times before so this didn’t phase you much. He carefully slipped the shirt over you head and pulled it down to make sure nothing was exposed before pulling your pants off. He nearly folded them onto you desk and pulled back your covers so you could climb under. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow okay?” he kissed your forehead and turned to leave the room.

 “Luke?” you mumbled turning onto your side to face him. 


 “Stay, please” you breathed

 “I thought you’d never ask” and turned the light off before making his way over to you and climbing under the covers himself. He slung his arm around your waist and pulled you on top of him so you were comfortably resting on him. Although you have cuddled with Luke many many times this time it felt different, it was so much more passionate and more meaningful. Everything seemed to fit into place and you smiled against his collarbone and left a small kiss right above it.

 “I love you Luke” 

 “I love you too baby, I’ll make up for this I promise you” he kissed you on the forehead and closed his eyes before you both fell asleep to the sound of your synchronized breathing. 

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18. Who’s She? Part 7. (JokerXReader!)

Who’s She? Part 7.

So guys, here it is finally, the 7th part of Who’s She, I’m really sorry it took me a little longer this time. And I hope you will like this one ‘cause I decided at nearly the half of the chapter to change the plot a little bit, for creating a better ending in the last part that will come. :) Anyways hope you all enjoy it, and also that I didn’t suck at changing some things in my mind. :’) <3

„ … the GCPD had now confirmed that the death of the young college student Fredderick Freddy Cramer, wasn’t an accident like first conceived. Comissioner James Gordon said that …“

You didn’t have to listen to the end of the interview, you already knew what happened and who killed your ex boyfriend.

Tears were forming in your eyes, you didn’t loved him anymore, but he was still one of your best friends, and in the end being your best friend till now became his biggest fate.

You looked down the hallway from the living room to the frontdoor.

He wasn’t there right now.

You had been with him since one week now, he brought you out of your old house and took you with him in his penthouse straight in the middle of Gotham City.

Mr J gave you everything you needed, he treated you like a princess, but the price for living with him like that was high.

He had separated you from all of your friends, not to mention from the only family you had, your mother. 

No one was allowed to be in your near, besides him and sometimes his right hand Frost.

Jealous wasn’t a word to describe the Joker’s behavior towards other people, when they wanted to be with you.

You were all his and no one else had to lay a hand on you, no matter who.

He wanted you to be his very own perfect little doll, but he didn’t see that he was just destroying important parts of your former life.

The moment you looked away from the TV you heared the frontdoor of the apartment close.

„Is everything alright, Miss?“

It was Frost, Joker always told him to make sure that you’ve got everything you need, while he was out, running some business.

„Yes … When will he be home?“, you asked, while the TV was still on.

„In a few minutes, he had a rough day. You’re sure you don’t need something?“, he asked again.

„Yes, thanks, Frost“, you said and sat down on the large sofa.

Frost left the room with a slight smile, while you were all by yourself again, hearing Comissioner Gordon on the TV saying how Freddy had been killed.

It now seemed like he had been tortured before someone, finally drowned him in the Gotham river.

Tears were running down your cheeks, you wanted to switch the channel, but you couldn’t, those pictures of him were hunting your worst nightmares.

He was your bestfriend, after you two broke up with each other.

He was a good guy, he didn’t deserve that.

What would all your other friends say, if they found out, that he died, just because of you, just because J was jealous.

And why were you still with this man, the one who killed your mother, the one who killed your best friend, the one who separated you from everyone you knew?

Because you’re crazy enough to love him, a little voice in your head sneered back.

Yes you loved him, but you couldn’t stand it anymore that he killed the most important people in your life, just because he wanted to be the only one you pay attention to, or think about, or …

„Alright doll, daddy’s home“, you heared his raspy low voice in the doorframe, but you couldn’t look at him.

„Don’t you want to say hello to daddy?“, he asked a little offended and came towards the sofa you now layed on.

„(Y/N). You know I don’t like it when you ignore me“, he growled now and made you look him in the eyes.

He was standing above you, looking down and seeing that you were crying.

„Why are you doing this to me?“, you finally whispered with a weak voice.

„Why do you have to kill all the people who meant something to me?“

„You don’t need them“, J simply said.

His voice was all cold when he said it, like he wanted to murder them all again, for being with you, before he met you.

„You need me.“

„But you don’t have the right to kill them. You always say that you would never hurt me, but you did, with murdering my mother and my best friend.“

You finally stood up from the sofa, your face all wet from the tears.

„Hey, where are you going?“, J asked and grabbed you by your wrist as you were about to leave the room.

He seemed mad but underneath that there was something in his eyes and something in his voice that  said that he didn’t want you to leave him.

„I can’t stay with you, you took away all the people I cared about“, you sobbed, trying to break the grip from his hand around your wrist.

„No. You can’t leave me“, he growled and pulled you back into him.

His arms wrapped around your body like a vice, as he gave you a hard and rough kiss, he was biting your lips, trying to put so much passion in what he was doing, that you weren’t able to leave him anymore, but no matter how much you wanted him, you still knew what he did.

„Don’t you dare to leave me. If you do, I will find you and I won’t give up, until I got you back, no matter whom I have to kill for that“, he snarled.

You just shook your head and pushed him away a little.

„This is the reason, why I can’t stay with you. You don’t care about any people around me, you just wanted to see them dead, if they’re in my near, but I care about them and I can’t watch you kill people who meant something to me. I’m sorry, J. But I have to leave now“, you said.

„(Y/N), I swear to god, if you leave me now-“, he shouted after you, as you already packed your things in a bag.

„What? What, J? Will you kill me, for leaving you? Go ahead! Then maybe I’ll get my mother back“, you cried.

„No, no, no, no you are going nowhere“, he hissed and dragged you on the bed, while you were just about to leave this place.

„J, let me go!“, you said now in anger.

You know he wouldn’t hurt you or something, but he also would try to do everything possible to make you stay.

„Listen to me, listen, doll!“, he nearly screamed at you, as you don’t wanted to stop pushing him away.

You looked into his cold blue eyes and suddenly you were scared.

He had never screamed at you, never.

„Let me go“, you whispered.

„Don’t think this is over yet. I will find you and you will come back“, he whispered before he let go off you.

You stormed out the penthouse without looking back and as soon as the door was shut behind you, Joker got into a rage.

He tore the whole penthouse apart, there was nothing that wasn’t broke after he stood in his own chaos.

Find her, you have to find her and bring her back, whatever it costs.

„Boss, what …“, Frost just stood in the hallway confused as hell, as he saw what a mess Joker caused in his madness.

„Find her …“, Joker just growled at him, with his back turned into Frost's direction.

„Don’t you think it would be better to let her leave, just for the moment“, Frost said seriously, even if he knew that Joker would probably try to shoot him for that.

„I SAID FIND HER!“, Joker yelled and shot only a few inches besides Frost into the wall behind him.

Frost just nodded and moved as fast as he could out of the danger zone.

Six weeks later you haven’t heared a single word from J, after you left him, but not because he gave up on searching for you, no, he was still trying to find you.

Well, Frost was trying to find you, while J got himself drunk in his apartment again, having another mental breakdown because of you.

He never thought that an innocend little girl like you, could make him this weak and confused.

And while J was still a prisoner of his own mind, you were able to live with a friend of yours.

You knew Laura from your old High Shool in Washington, she was one of your best friends there, besides Freddy who also moved to Gotham City with his parents before he got killed.

Anyways Laura moved into Gotham because of her new Job and she called you a few hours after you had left J.

At first you didn’t want to met her, ‘cause you looked like you cried for three days, and because you were scared that J could find you and that he possibly would’ve killed her too.

But after all her begging you couldn’t say no, so you decided to met her again, of course she saw that you weren’t okay.

You told her that you just broke up with your boyfriend, but you didn’t mention his name, you already knew what she would’ve said, what everyone would’ve said.

And that’s how everything led to another, Laura provided you a room in her little apartment, she really wanted to help you and you were thankful, but at first you refused her offer, 'cause you didn’t know if this would be safe for her, having the ex girlfriend of the Joker in her apartment, for which he was still searching for.

But Laura was adamant that you will live with her, until you found something better, so you couldn’t say no again.

She was stubborn in those things, she always wanted to help other people, exactly like you remembered her from High School.

But if she had only known that she just invited the devil in her house, she sure would’ve been more careful with what she did back then …

BTS Reaction To Going Out Eating/Shopping With Their Crush In Her Hometown And People Keep saying "What a cute couple"


You two where walking together down the street in your hometown. You decided to take him to your favorite bakery in the town. You guys weren’t dating but unbeknownst to you he liked you a lot. You guys where close and he felt like if he tried something it would ruin your friendship.

You entered the bakery and went to the register to order what you wanted. “Hey y/n!” said the elderly working woman. “Hello” you said smiling. “I will have two of the regulars” you said smiling. She went off and came back with a bag, You started to pull out your wallet but a large gentle hand stopped you. “huh?” “let me pay” He looked down at you flashing you his dimples “You took me around all day atleast let me do thins” he said smiling again letting a small blush rise to your cheeks and nodded. He paid and as you two where walking away you heard the elderly woman say “"ahh~ youth…what a cute couple.” he was incredibly happy and you were embarrassed but smiled thinking it would be nice to be a couple with one of the sweetest guys ever.


You where at the mall in a clothing store. You where both pointing out cute shirts for the other. “Y/n-ah this would look cute on you” he laughed pointing to clothing for an elderly people. “wow meanie!” you said laughing and he laughed and came over and pulled your head into his chest. “Worst bestfriend of the year award goes to Taehyung!” you said laughing.

You continued to wander around and then you heard a woman  look to her boyfriend and say “What a cute couple…Why cant you be romantic like that.” you both blushed and put a little distance from each other secretly enjoying that you where mistaken for a couple.


You had taken your friend out to the ice cream parlor and you had heard countless people saying “What a cute couple” and you started to feel awkward. You two weren’t close but he definitely was attractive.

You two where walking next to each other and you heard it again. “Wow look at those two..what a cute couple” you lowered your head and took another lick of your ice cream. Then again…“what a cute couple” said by an elderly woman passing. “oh no we aren’t a couple” you said politely

 "Not yet" you hear Suga say from behind you as he sent a smile your way.


You two were shopping and laughing at weird clothes. You heard a few people calling you two a cute couple. You both decided to get a matching sweater to remember the first time you showed him around your hometown.

You came up to the register and purchased the sweaters. “Awe how cute matching couple sweater” the cashier woman said. You both lowered your heads blushing not correcting her cause it didn’t bother you it just slightly embarrassed you. You both wanted to be together but you where both to shy to make the first move. The rest of the time together was silent but it was a comfortable silence enjoying each others company.


You both were shy. You two sat quietly across from each other at the café that was in your town. You two had seen elderly couples pointing to you two and saying things like ‘ah youth~’ or 'remember when we were like that?’ but mostly 'what a cute couple’. it didn’t bug you it was just embarrassing.

Every time he would hear those comments her would smile and chuckle. “To be honest I agree with them…although we are not a couple I think we would be cute together.” he said smiling to you. “What I am trying to ask is if you will go out with me” you blushed while nodding your head quickly earning another chuckle from him.


You where at the store looking around and you heard some girls saying “what a cute couple! I wish I had someone as handsome as him~” you sighed and looked at him. He was indeed handsome but you didn’t know how he felt to you. You two were friends. Nothing more nothing less. Or so you thought.

“you two are a really cute couple” a woman said to you. “O-oh we aren’t a couple” you said blushing a bit. “Though I wish we where” you turned around to meet the intense gaze of J-hope.

“Wanna be a couple?”


You where looking at sweaters when you heard all of the comments people sent your way. 'how cute, look at the couple’ you blushed and pulled jimin out of the store.

“does it bother you that much?” he asked you “It isn’t that its just…embarrassing.” You said looking down. “You would be embarrassed to be a couple with me?” he asked you looking upset “No! no its just weird to be called a couple when you aren’t.”

“Then lets be a couple” he looked into your eyes smiling.

Hope you enjoyed~! <3



Let’s pray for Kuroko, who has the worst bestfriends in the world.

P.S. : Neither of us wanted to loose (and so take their arm off), eventually, Aomine had to go to Kagami’s flat. As Kagami couldn’t make food properly he asked Aomine to “fucking let go off him” and Aomine complied, bc, if Kagami had asked, that means that he had lost. (Ahomine >:O )

i’m such a bad person. my two bestfriends sent me long messages begging not to kill myself tomorrow and i still wanna do it…
i know i’ll hurt them but i don’t think i can live like this.
the only thing that i’m holding on for is them and my siblings. i love them and i want them to be in pain because of me. 
i’m a shit friend and sister. i think they would be better off without me thou, honestly.

Hold You Down (You/Camila/Lauren)

Hold You Down 


Chapter 2 


A/N: okay so in the last chapter I was supposed to change a few things but I forgot, so instead of being in high school still, I wanted to say you actually in college already, I was supposed to add another sex scene, that’s why you tell Lauren you and Camila had sex a couple of times and I was supposed to let you guys know I was going to explain your ‘situation’ in this chapter and when you told people and what not… and I will do a flashback of you doing your draw my life video just to give a background on your life… one last thing, I may forget sometimes if do or say something in one chapter that may contradict what I do or say in another chapter now I don’t think I’ve done that before but it’s just warning because I always check and I’m sorry for any mistakes(:…. enjoy! 


p.s you will NOT be girly what so ever, I’m kinda basing 'you’ off of this girl who’s a butch lesbian but she is so fucking sexy and she’s my roommate, so I really hope you don’t mind 

Your POV 


After we celebrated, the girls wanted to take me out to a club. They contemplated on changing or not and I prayed they wouldn’t wanna change but of course thought it was necessary. They dragged me all they way back to the house they share so they can change. I waited down stairs until Camila called my name asking me to come to her room.  


“Yeah?” I asked but stopped in my tracks when I saw her, she wearing this dress that hugged her perfectly. 


“Zip me up hun” she said. 


“O- um yeah okay” I stuttered as I shook my head before walking over to her. 


“You look beautifully breath taking my dear” I whisper in her ear as I zipped her up before she turned around and out her hands around my neck. 


“Thanks babe, you are so charming” she say as she lean up and kiss me, I grab her ass and pick her up causing her to moan as she wrap her legs around my waist and I smile into the kiss. 


“I think we can have fun until the others get ready” she smirk and I walk over to close the door.  


“Where at?” I ask her as I unbutton my pants. 


“Right here would be fine, I wanna test you strength” she smile seeing as I was standing up so she just wanted me too fuck her and not use the bed or wall, I slide her dress up to her stomach but when I reach to take panties, I realize she isn’t wearing any which causes me to smirk. 


“You.Are.So.Naughty.” I say as I smack her ass with each word and she use feet to pull my boxers off. 


 "Only for you my love" she smile “God, I want you so fucking bad” she grunt, going from cute to sexy literally in a second, she reach down and grab my cock but before she can put it someone knocks on the door. 


“She still getting ready” I blurt out but the person doesn’t listen as the door is thrown open the second I finish revealing Lauren. 


“Lauren what the fuck!” Camila say to Lauren as she get down. I didn’t freak out when came in because people already know I have a dick so it’s not a secret unless you live under a rock. Camila fix her dress and I pull my pants but when I notice Lauren still hasn’t said anything I look at her and see that she’s staring at my cock and she bite her bottom lip before shaking her head and walking away. 


“Ugh, come on let’s go” Camila groans as she pulls me to the living room. Camila and I sit on the sofa for a few seconds before our hands start roaming and our lips are pressed to together it doesn’t take long for her to straddle me and my hands to find comfort on her ass. We are broking out of our lip lock when Lauren when she screams in our ear that it’s time to go. 


“Seriously Lo” I almost yell. 


“Dude your cock blocking is pissing me off” Camila say as walks to the door. 


“Whatever, you two been all over each other all day an was late to the meeting to have sex, I think you’ve had enough.” she reply to us. 


“I could never get enough of this” Camila say while patting my crotch area and I give her a toothless child like smile and giggles at me as Lauren scoffs and roll her eyes before walking away and Camila and I share a look before shrugging it off. 


We’ve been in the club for about two hours now and having a good ass time. We all danced til we couldn’t dance no more and we got liquor in our system as well. The other girl were to tired to still dance but Lauren didn’t wanna stop, so the girls asked me to stay with until they come back. So that’s why Lauren is dancing on me right now and I swear she made it ten times hotter in this club for me. This wasn’t Lauren first time dancing on me though so it wasn’t a big deal. Like this one time when we were hanging out, it was a chill night I mean I only had on my sports bra and some gym shorts. The other girls was in another room but Lauren and I where in her room having a dance party. We played several songs and danced around, jumping on the bed and fist pumping. Until a more sexual or sensual song came on, Lauren said she wanted to show me how girls be in the club and well she did. She grinded on me the whole time and when she was finish I had a visible boner, Lauren laughed at me and I composed myself. That didn’t happen a lot but it happened.  


I come back to reality when Lauren grab my hands and put them on her waist as she grinds her ass into my crotch. No lie, I love Camila with everything in me and then some but I would be lying my ass off if I said I didn’t wanna fuck Lauren. Of course I wanted to fuck Lauren, I would never actually do it but when she walked past half naked and danced on me I couldn’t help the thoughts that passed through my mind. I shake those thoughts away though, I wasn’t going to do that Camila again, to make it worst Lauren’s her bestfriend.  


So I tell Lauren I’m tired and thankfully she don’t try to stay and she just follow me. We make our way through the crowd and back to the table the girls are at. When we make it to the table the girls are getting up. 


“Hey we were just coming to get you two because we’re ready to go” Normani yells over the music. Camila grabs my hand as we walk out the door and we part ways with the others girls before heading to my apartment. But Lauren doesn’t let go of me when the other girls try to take her away. She holds onto my arm tighter and snuggles it as she whine ’nooo!’ 


“Ughhh just take her with you, she basically sleeping” Ally says in an annoyed voice. 


“What? No!” Camila shouts “Y/N and I had plans for tonight” Camila nudges me to help her out. 


“Ye-yeah we did, big plans” I say. 


“Don’t you two have enough sex-” Dinah starts. 


“Yeah, you two are always doing it.” Normani chimes in. 


“Exactly” a supposedly sleepy Lauren blurts out. 


“Kiss my ass, just bring her” Camila says with aggravation and I could’ve sworn I felt Lauren smile against my arm. 


We make it to the car and put Lauren in before getting to our apartment, I mean my apartment, well you can say our apartment because she basically lives here. Seriously, every time she comes to LA she’s at my apartment, she lives her clothes here, she buys food, she basically gives me an example of what life would be if we lived together. I’m telling you I wouldn’t mind doing this forever, waking up next to her, her making those good ass sandwiches, the sex 24/7, and just the comfortableness I have with her.  


“Babe, go put her on the sofa and I’ll be in the room” Camila says the last part seductively before sucking my bottom lip. 


“O-okay doll” I say a little flustered. 


I go get some blankets and pillows for Lauren and pull out the bed from the sofa. I help take of Lauren shoes before waking her up to give her some painkillers and a snickers. 


“Lauren I know you’re not sleeping so take this” I say to her. 


“Fine” she says and I can’t help but laugh because she pretended to sleeping the whole time. 


“Why did you pretend to be sleep?” I ask her and she leans her head on my shoulder. 


“I missed you Y/N, since we came back you and Camila been having sex all the time” she say, as she says 'sex’ with disgust. 


“I mean I guess but-” I start but Camila cuts me off.  


“Y/N I’m ready” she says peeking her head out the door. 


“Of course” Lauren mutters before laying down “can you at least bring me your headphones” 


“Yeah, hold on” I say, before grabbing my beats out the kitchen and handing them to her “goodnight” I say, Lauren mutters something and wave me off. 


I just shrug it off and head my room, I open the door and for the second time today Camila makes me stop in my tracks. I walk into the room to see Camila in a very short and sexy nurse’s outfit and I walk up to her with the biggest smile on my face. 


“Hey handsome” she smiles “the doctor told me you need some assistance with your dick” she seductively as she rub my hard on. Camila and I only role played once before and we both fucking love it. Camila cups my neck and pull me in for a kiss while she unbutton my pants but before she can pull them down I stop her and she look at me with a confused expression. 


“Let me” I say as I pick her up and she wrap her legs around waist “you always go down on me first” I say laying her down on the bed “but not this time, let me take care you” I kiss her lips before trailing the kisses to her neck “okay?” 


“Okay!” she moan when I suck on her pulse point. I was going to make the girl underneath me feel so special tonight, she always made me feel so good and I needed to start returning the favor, starting tonight. I changed my life for her and I knew one day I would be getting on my knees asking her to spend the rest on her life with me. I just wish I could give her something to show my love and appreciation, that’s when it hits me, I’ll get her a promise ring and give it to her for our one year anniversary in a couple of months but tonight I was going to take my time and love her right. 



Lauren’s POV 


God, I’m so fucking pathetic it’s ridiculous and embarrassing. I’m sitting in Y/N’s living room while she’s in her room with Camila and I already know what they’re doing. They’ve been at it like gorillas since we came back to LA, sneaking off to the restroom when we go out, going into the room when we hang out, just all the time. And yeah I shouldn’t be feeling some type of way ad I wouldn’t be feeling like this if I didn’t like Y/N and Camila knew that. I was the one who told her about Y/N, you see I love watching her videos on YouTube and Vine, I thought she was funny as hell and cute. She was my guilty pleasure and I had a huge crush on her but Camila got her heart and I can’t lie I’m bitter about it, I couldn’t deny it I could see it in their eyes when they look at each other.  


I hear Camila moan out Y/N’s name loud as she tell her to go faster and harder, I roll my eyes and put the headphones on and turning on any song. My mind wandered to when I purposely walked in on them earlier, Y/N’s cock was so hard and I tired my best not to stare but I did. My mouth got watery as thoughts of all the amazing things she could do to me ran through my mind. I turn the music of on my phone go to YouTube, I type in Y/N’s name looking for a certain video, I remember when I first saw this video that’s when I realized I really liked her. I click on her draw my life video and I get comfortable. 


“Hey loves, it’s Y/N obviously don’t know why I said that. Anyways you guys have been asking me over and over again to do a Draw My Life video so hear it is.” 


Okay so my mom had a crush on my sperm donor that’s my father, just a little fyi I rolled my eyes, they had sex it didn’t last long, words from my mother haha, and my dad didn’t stay around but my mom met this other guy who really liked my mom and didn’t mind that she was pregnant. Eight months later, on June 29, 1994 my mommy gave birth to a six pound healthy baby boy, are so she thought. See I was born with a penis so through out my young life my mom and dad dressed me as a boy but then things started to change when I started going through puberty. We went to the doctor and found out I really a girl born with a penis and this throw my whole family for a loop. I hated myself, I thought I was a freak, I even tired to kill myself because I thought I was God’s biggest mistake. One day I was almost successful with suicide but my late grandma walked in on me and called my mom. I cried the whole way to the hospital and I told my mom I will kill myself, I told her didn’t wanna be here. I felt like no one loved me or ever would be able to, I had turned to drugs and everything trying to kill myself. My family put me in rehab and a psych ward, I found out although my condition was rare it was real and there were others like me. I learned that me having a pens was not as terrible as I made it, there are people going through hell and back and probably wish all they had to worry about was being born with and extra appendage. So I started to embrace the real me, now I didn’t start wearing girly clothes are anything but I didn’t let my situation hold me back from living my life.  


I told my friends, the people at school and at first a lost friends and got bullied but it stopped when they realized they couldn’t get to me. I mean how could they? I already had became my own number one bully so them calling me a freak didn’t phase me. Soon people started liking me again and I did forgive the people who left because they only did it to be apart of the in crowd. I played soccer and basketball in middle school and high school, yeah I was popular and I lot of girl liked me. I also was a musical prodigy, I was in the school band and I was pretty much living a good life. 


One day I made YouTube video of me being silly with my friends and it got a good response, people wanted more, so I gave them more. I also made a video telling you guys a had a penis but it wan’t as detailed until now. That same year I was accepted into this performing arts school and I did pretty good. I love singing and playing music more than anything, I love meaning of songs and just they damn thing. 


Recently my grandmother passed away and it killed me, I miss her so much I swear to God. She was my rock and the funniest person ever, I adored her. 


I’m a player, yes I said. I don’t really do relationships because I enjoy being single way too much. So yes I have bitches on top of bitches lol, don’t hate the player hate the game. 


I’m still in school but I’m a senior, whoop whoop Class of 2012. I graduate next month and I got accepted at my number one performing arts college and I’m proud. Hashtag mama I made it, I actually wrote a song like that swear to God. Right now nothing special is happening in my life, I’m still making these videos and I love it. I love that people have accepted me for the freak I am hahaha. No seriously I appreciate it, I love being different and I’m not ashamed of who I am. God made me this way and although I had a problem with it at first, I don’t now. I’ve accepted myself and all my flaws and I honestly never loved myself as much as I do right now.  


Okay so that’s it for this video, you guys are pretty much caught up on everything Y/N 101 and I hope I didn’t disappoint and I honestly don’t care if I did. I love you guys and subscribe, like, comment and peace.“ 


Y/N blow a kiss to the camera before it goes of and yeah I did cry again and I probably will always tear up while watching this video. Just knowing that she tired to kill herself and hated who she was hurts because knowing her and knowing that she really is the most amazing person makes me sad. I’m so glad she didn’t go through with and I could see that she inspire so many people.  


I hear Camila and Y/N moan this time and quickly put some music on and decide to go to sleep, I really need to get over her. Y/N will never be mine, yeah it hurts but it’s true besides I got a boyfriend anyways. 


A/N: so this is long, I’m terribly sorry but how did who guys like this chapter? Yes you are super oblivious to the fact that Lauren likes you. Do you think you’ll actually give Camila a promise ring or nah? I know they are other things I wanna say but I can’t think right now, I hope you guys like this, if you have any ideas I’m welcomed to them and feedback would be lovely…. lastly