I got a gorgeous Waratah for my studio yesterday. Flowers in my workspace help me stay motivated and inspired when I have heaps of editing to get through or photos to package. What helps you stay motivated when you’ve got work to do?

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Lifehacks101: Workspace

I know, most of us had been more tired of procrastinating rather than working. Procrastinating helps somehow but not in the middle of work. To avoid such disturbances, finding your Workspace is the one of the best solution to do.

What is a Workspace?

I’ll describe it as a temple, your sanctuary, a place with no distractions, disturbances and temptations. It’s a place where you can think of work and nothing else.

Where/How I can find my Workspace?

It’s your choice, of course. But for me, here are the traits of my own Workspace:

1. No internet connection (unless you really need it).

2. Peaceful as possible.

3. Comfortable but not too comfortable.

4. Complete with all your necessities (water, food and tools for working)

5. No outside connection (ex. cellphone’s dead, no visitors)

Why use a Workspace?

Seriously, you’ll need it.

At this generation, technology gave us the easiest, fastest and the greatest temptations here in life. Way back then where people don’t have greater technology, they’re more prone to concentration and the perfection of their work. Concentration is all about relieving yourself to temptations.


…it’s your choice again. But I’ll promise you, the productivity you’ll exert today will be very useful for days to come.