adoremel  asked:

hi!! could you write a theo raeken smut? wheres reader is 16-teen shy girl, maybe kira or lydia younger sister? and she had a huge crush on theo. and lydia/kira asks theo about staying with her in house bc they are going on the mission and they are worried about their sister. and i think you know how it end. i really like your worsk and also i'm sorry for my bad english, ugh. have a good day!!

Hi sweets! Sorry for taking so long time answering. I just wanted to tell you that your requests is finished and I’ll post it asap. Thank you for requesting!


Dear Scott,

years have passed since you saved us all. Now we are happy… in some way. Stilas and Lydia have little daughter: Melissa, Isaac and Cora just returned from New York where they studied and now they are planning wedding. Even Derek met love of his life but all of us  remember you, Scott. We feel little holes in our bodies. Parts of you which saved us. Mine is the biggest. You took my heart to the grave and I forgive you,



On Bleach ending next week

I’m praying it doesnt, I mean next week chapter is comming out august 1st on japan, and Bleach anniversary is august 7 so maybe we can have an epiloge on august 8?

Anyway, true or not, this is sad, this is really sad because so many things are going to be unnanswered, so many bankais we will never see, so many holes to be filled, this wasn’t Kubo’s decision, he worsk reaaaally slow, and these last chapters were too rushed, this was probably the editors and SJ tbh

Then, I dont know if Ichiruki will become canon, or if Ichihime will, or neither of them, but I need something at least, and is a closure for Orihime’s feelings for Ichigo, maybe is my shipper side talking but it’s essential for her character, she’s grown so much (Ichigo as well, he finally trust his friends enough and I love that) and her feelings have been adressed from Kubo so. many. fucking. times. I just need to know what will happen with them