worships silently

depoussiiere  asked:

Never knew I could feel like this. Like I’ve never seen the sky before.

m.  ——  moulin rouge sentence starters.  —  accepting.

lumière finds that  NOTHING  is as fulfilling as  love.    for that,    he finds himself in eternal debt to plumette.     time passes but his feelings for her only  grow,   which is both odd and wonderful,   and he can’t help but noticing that he has  never  experienced such a  wholesome  relationship before.     romance is in his veins,    yes,    he   is   french,    after all.

   the sky may be a  beautiful  sight,    ma belle,    but i would gladly never again   glance  at it,  if that was the pr - rice to pay to see your smile once more.               lips stroke  lazily  against bare collarbone,   a silent  worship  to every inch of her skin.    what has he done to deserve her affection?    (  when did he become so lucky?  )     her eyes may get distracted with the sky but his are focused solely on her,   as it  should  be.

It’s not about who I am to the world. Not even who I am to my family and my friends. It’s about who I am in the quiet spaces. In those quiets spaces, am I committing to my spiritual growth? Am I letting God be my hiding place? Am I making spaces for silent worship? In those moments when I am alone, am I filling myself with the spirit of God? I work to live a life where who I am on my own is who I am around others. I want the who I am on the inside to be the same as who I am on the outside. I aim for consistency of presence and character.