Because it is a dead language, not understood by the people, there is an element of mystery about the Latin tongue.

The use of an unknown tongue conveys to the mind of the people that something is going on upon the altar which is beyond their comprehension, that a mystery is being enacted.

The Jews in their worship made use of the ancient Hebrew, the language of the Patriarchs.

Both the Greek Catholics and the Greek schismatic employ the old form of the Greek language form divine service.

Msgr. George J. Moorman, The Latin Mass Explained

Another question! you guys are so helpful! 

I really want to get into spirit work and worshiping/working with a deity or a god/goddess. Even though I’ve looked somewhat into it, I still don’t know what I’m doing. Two of me biggest issues is a lot of people say to look for signs that you’re trying to be contacted or send a message out and wait for a reply. What are the signs? How do I know that its right or how I’m being contacted? And I also don’t know what religion to look for ‘celestial beings’ in. I’m always very confused. 

Where would a beginner in this area (especially spirit work) start? Any guides, blogs, web pages that can inform me of this would be wonderful. 

Also wondering if its possible to be a low-key empath? A lot of guides/website keep making out empaths to be these ULTRA SUPER caring people that can’t stand to see people/animals get hurt. I enjoy gore, but I can’t stand animal abuse. I also enjoy being in large crowded places, I love the energy giving off of it, I could spend my life at a mall just walking around. But I feel I could be in-tune with the empathetic energies I just don’t know how. I have some empath qualities but not all.



These shots may not necessarily be something truly exceptional, but each of them has meaning. Every one of them is a moment in time, captured and solidified.

- 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 - 
My photography partner, and dear friend Ingrid.

- 5 -
Youth Pastor, Mthoko Ndaba

- 6 -
Senior Pastor Ryan Langkilde.

- 7 -
Founding Pastor Cedric Baillie.

- 8 -
Worship leader Carmen Naidoo.

- 9 -
The band … enough said.

All of these images are courtesy of New Life Church, Witbank. They allow photographers like us the time and space to do what we love, and to develop our craft.