worship your body


it doesn’t matter if you have:

• chub (chub is good!)
• scars? Beautiful!
• stretch marks? Wonderful!
• acne? it’s 100% okay!
• small boobs? Great!
• big boobs? Great!
• thick thighs? Amazing!
• thin thighs? Amazing!
• a round butt? nice!
• a flat butt? nice!
• teeth aren’t 100% white? Cute!
• crooked teeth? Adorable!
• teeth gaps? Graceful!
• long legs? Wow!
• short legs? Wow!
• small hands? Magnificent!
• big hands? Magnificent!
• a bone-y face? Gorgeous!
• a round/plump face? Gorgeous!


Preference #3: Sex

A/N: Obviously this preference is NSFW. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can skip over this. As for the gifs, they’re not going to have any nudity in them. Included in this preference is: Matthew Murdock (Daredevil), Steve Rogers (Captain America), Wade Wilson (Deadpool), Vision, Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Erik Lehnsherr (Young Magneto), Kylo Ren, General Hux, Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield, and Jim Moriarty.

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What EXO Would Be Like Having Sex With Their Girlfriend For the First Time

Xiumin: Xiumin would be kind during your first time, always asking if certain things felt good and taking things slow for your sake. He would be super considerate, always asking you if it was okay for him to do something.

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Suho: Ugh, he’d be such a gentleman. Slow kisses, soft touches, always asking permission for kisses, touching, removing clothes; this man would be amazing for your first time.

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Lay: What a cute, gentle baby Lay would be. He’d worship your body and shower you with compliments about everything; your flaws included.

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun would be respectful for your first time; putting aside his playful antics to make sure that you have the best first time ever, always peppering you with sweet kisses and the occasional tickles.

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Chen: Chen would be playfully sweet during your first time together; teasingly touching and kissing you and making sure that you both were having a good first time.

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol would be a giant, cuddly goof. He’d be sweet and slow for your first time, and he would be the king of aftercare, sharing a warm bubble bath with you afterwards.

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D.O: Like Suho, D.O would be the perfect gentleman. Always asking if certain things felt good to you, making sure you were comfortable and worshiped like the true goddess you are.

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Kai: Kai would be so sweet during your first time. He’d be Jongin in these moments, giggling along with you when you’d both stumble or have awkward touches, always asking for permission before doing something.

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Sehun: Sehun would be really soft and precious during your first time. His kisses would be gentle and his movements slow and fluid as he whispered praises and compliments into your ears.

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Dating Malia Tate Would Include...

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  • Mal being protective of you all the fucking time
  • Her sneaking into your house every night
  • Cuddling every night
  • Her being the big spoon 
  • Malia being dominant over you
  • And you thinking it’s so hot when she does top you
  • “I know you love it…” Malia mumbles before pinning you on the bed.
  • But, she knows consent and she knows when you don’t want to have sex
  • “I’d never do anything without your consent. I wouldn’t be that asshole who rapes you. Consentual sex is the only sex we’ll be having.”
  • You loving how she understands this concept so well.
  • Malia staring at your boobs
  • Malia staring at your ass
  • Malia worshiping your body
  • “I’m not very religious but, thank you lord for this beautiful body and such a fucking hot girlfriend.”
  • Malia being jealous is a daily thing
  • Trying kinky stuff with her and then doing it over and over
  • Watching porn together
  • But, Malia gets turned on within the first five seconds and starts kissing you
  • Also, her having a competition with the porn stars to see who can make the girl come the fastest
  • After sex, more cuddling
  • Kira walking in on you having sex with Malia and staring in shock
  • “OH I-I’m so-so so sorry” And quickly closing the door.
  • Malia wanting to continue after Kira has been scarred for life
  • “Well, now that Kira is gone. May we continue?”
  • You slapping her afterwards for not locking the door
  • Studying with her
  • And by studying, it usually means you trying to get her to study but, she can’t concentrate and stares at your boobs
  • “I can’t concentrate. Something is distracting me!” 
  • “Mal, I see you staring at my chest. Stop it.”
  • Malia groaning
  • Taking her home to meet your family and them loving her
  • Meeting her dad
  • Hating Peter and denying that Malia is a Hale
  • “You’re a Tate. And I will hurt anyone who says otherwise.”
  • “What if I say I want to be a Y/L/N?”
  • You realizing that she was hinting at marriage
  • “If anything, I’m taking your last name.”
  • Her smiling at your remark 
  • You loving when she gets romantic because she rarely does
  • Being friends with Stiles causes him so much pain as Malia punches him whenever he touches you
  • “Malia! Stop that right now!” 
  • You constantly having to scream at her 
  • When she gets a bad grade, you tell her no sex until she gets an A
  • “That’s enough motivation? No sex until you get …. an A!”
  • Her scowling at you and growling through her teeth
  • “I’m not scared of you. I know you wouldn’t hurt me.”
  • “Fuck you”
  • “That’s your job.”
  • Having sex a lot like every day of the week and even more
  • Quickies in the school’s janitor closet
  • “This is risky, Mal”
  • “I know… but, I’m horny…”
  • PDA game is stronger than an Alpha
  • Sitting together every where
  • Malia pushing Stiles over so, she can sit with you
  • Getting into fights
  • “I hate you so much, Y/N!”
  • But after yelling that she comes over to you and starts apologizing like crazy because she knows she hurt your feelings.
  • “I didn’t mean it. Baby, I love you.”
  • Your fights barely last a day because you give Malia the silent treatment and she can’t handle not talking to you.
  • “I’m sorry! Now please talk to me!”
  • Her treating you like a princess
  • Knowing that you’re soulmates
  • Malia even saying that you’ll end up together in the end
  • “I love you. And it’s not a cheesy high school love. This is real. I love you, Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.”
Dating Calum Hood would include...

1. Grilled Cheeses in the middle of the night.
2.Singing and dancing together in the middle of the living room.
3. Rough Sex cause Daddy AF
4. Shitload of puppies cause Calum…
5. You tracing his tattoes when you are bored.

6. His hands on your waist when you are in public cause his is protective AF.
7. Stupid little gifts like candybars and flowers all the time
8. Skinny dipping.
9. Showering together to “save time” but actually always being late cause shower sex is so good.
10. Kidnapping you from work/college just to spend some quality time together.

11. Stupid fights that end with him pulling you into a hug.
12. Once in a while spending lazy days laying on the bed.
13. Him waiting for the right time to say “I love you” for the first time but actually blurting it out during a fight.
14. Smirking at you all the time.
15. You biting his botom lip when you kiss.

16. Him loving and worshipping your body as it is.
17. Loving your boobs so much that he always looks at them even when in public.
18. Skyping and texting every night before you go to bed  when he is on tour
19. Taking you out on formal dates when he gets back home.
20. Being in a long distance relationship for most of the time but none of you mind because you are both so in love.

21. Him being scared that he’ll lose you, but not admiting it to anyone.
22. Watching each other sleep, but him doing it almost all the time when he is home, because he thinks you are a work of art.
23. Cuddles all the time.
24. Supporting you through everything you decide, either on a professional level or a personal issue.
25. When you are sick or on your period, he runs you hot baths, makes sure you sleep peacefully, makes you food and takes care of you because “You are sick, you are my girlfriend, I have to take care of you cause I love you. Now shut up and drink your tea.”

26. Grocery shopping together for his or your apartment and him thinking that he wants to live with you.
27. Concert dates.
28. Beach walks.
29. Him squeezing your butt while you sleep and you pecking on his jawline while he sleeps.
30. Making plans for your shared future even if they are plans of places you’d like to go with him or talking about bigger stuff (like houses, kids etc…)

Taeyong’s Kinks


  • Body worship.
  • “baby, your body is so beautiful.”
  • “You’re a goddess…”
  • Thigh riding.
  • “Come sit on my lap.”
  • Before you grind on him he’d hold onto your thigh.
  • He’s actually obsessed with your thighs.
  • Taeyong thinks they are beautiful.
  • How soft and squishy they are.
  • Especially when you are wearing a skirt.
  • Ice play.
  • He’d blind fold you.
  • Your body would jump at the sudden cold sensation.
  • He’d lick up our body adding warmth back.
  • Hearing you moan.
  • “I want to hear you more, Princess. Be louder so I can hear you.”
  • Oral.
  • “Is this what you like?”
  • “You look so beautiful from down here…”
  • “You taste so damn good.”
  • Taeyong would always have very slow passionate sex with you.
  • Although, if you asked him he can be rough.
  • He’s an amazing dom.
  • Though occasionally you like to top him and he is never opposed to watching you ride him.
  • His hands holding onto your waist.
  • Gripping your ass every once in a while.

Holy by Zolita (tw: hanging)

“A young girl explores a lesbian relationship in a patriarchal schoolhouse and starts a secret feminist girl cult.”

Worship your body as you walk my way/ Your the only one who can make me pray/ I fall at your feet, your breath defined/ And underneath my skin’s intrinsic shrine/ Mm mm 

Drink my tears, i’m at your mercy/ I love you most, but i’m not worthy/ I’ll give my soul, sacrifice me/ Cause your love is holy/ Is holy 

I can fight but the devil wins/ And i will fall like i sin new sins/ Forgive me Father i am weak/ And it’s not forgiveness that i seek/ Mm mm

Monsta X reacting to you walking around in your bra and panties

Based on the anon request: Can I request Monsta x Reacting to them coming home and seeing you walking around in just your bra and panties? Thank you so so much!

Shownu: With this man it could go two different ways. 

If he’s really taken by surprise by it or he hasn’t seen you naked a lot he’d be an embarrassed ball of fluff

BUT If he’s in the right mood and isn’t unfamiliar with your body… here comes daddy

Kihyun: It doesn’t matter if you were doing it on purpose or he just so happened to catch you in the midst of changing. It. Is. On.

Minhyuk: The never ending chatter box would finally be at a loss for words, trying his hardest to avert his gaze even after you told him 5 times that you don’t care and he can look. Minshook

Wonho: You’d think this boy would go full beast mode but he’d actually be kinda adorable about it. He loves worshiping your body up and down so being able to see it makes him super giddy and happy

Hyungwon: He’d be a bit flustered but overall it would still get him pretty excited. He might act a little shy at first but don’t be fooled. He’s putting together a battle plan in his head.

Jooheon: Poor shocked baby wouldn’t know what to do with himself. Does he look away? Are you trying to get him to initiate something? All he can really do is stand there and drool over your body

I.M: Immediately tries initiating. He walks in, takes one look at you, and is immediately trying to get what’s very little left of your clothing gone

Wonho’s Kinks


  • When you think of the word freaky.
  • That is Wonho in bed.
  • He is certainly into body worship.
  • “Ah… Jagi-ya. Your body is heavenly.”
  • Kissing up your body while spitting out compliments.
  • Occasionally leaving hickeys.
  • His hands never leave your body.
  • He is very emotionally connected when it comes to sex.
  • He will always consider your feelings too.
  • If you wanted to try something new he would respect that.
  • If you turned down something he thought of he would appreciate that you were honest.
  • And expect the same from you.
  • Something tells me that he’d be into wall sex.
  • Not only does he work out like crazy, but he is probably convinced that fucking you against the wall would be a better work out.
  • Not only is it kind of a work out, but he gets to fuck you.
  • He is extremely vocal.
  • Oh my gosh.
  • His moans are actual life.
  • Not only is he vocal, but his moans are heavenly.

You wake up as you’re feeling Dwight’s lips on your neck how he spreads kisses there.
“Morning.” You say quietly and turn around to him, putting your lips on his.
The kiss becomes more passionate as he rolls you over, lying on top of you.
A light red appears on your cheeks as he worships your body with his eyes. You’re both still naked from yesterday evening. You open your legs for him and you sigh in joy as you feel his growing erection on your wetness. Gentle he starts thrusting in you and you wrap your legs around his hips, both of you groaning onto each other mouthes.
You don’t have much time, breakfast is starting soon and you’ve to go on a run. That’s why Dwight fastens his speed, bringing you quick to your sweet release. With your name on his lips he spills himself in you, holding you tight for a moment before you stand up.

Blood is still dripping from your hair down your clothes while Simon chuckles amused next to you.
“Fuck you.” You fake smile and show him your middlefinger.
“C'mon princess, it wasn’t my fault.” Simon says and you roll your eyes. “Take a shower. I’ll tell the boss that we’re back.”
You nod grateful and walk quickly in your room to get some fresh clothes before you go to the bathroom.
“We belong together. We always did.” You hear Sherry saying as you pass the stairs to the penthouse.
A frown appears on your face, because you can’t imagine that she talks to Negan like that.
“I’m with (Y/N) now.”
Was that Dwight?
You sneak around the corner and your heart stops a second as you see how Sherry strokes over the burned side of his face. Her lips going closer to his and Dwight presses himself on the wall.
She can’t be fucking serious.
After all what he did to him?
It took you weeks until he finally trusted you enough to became friends and two weeks more until you had the guts to tell him about your feelings.
Bitch doesn’t take that away from you!
Before you can stop yourself and you know that’s probably a big mistake, you run to her and slap her in the face. Your clothes drop on the ground.
“Don’t (Y/N).” Dwight says with widen eyes.
Sherry doesn’t seem impressed and tries to reach out for you, but Dwight stands between you.
“I’m his wife.” Sherry shouts and you hear Dwight cussing.
“Yea and you took the first chance to jump on Negan’s dick so that you can sit on your ass all day, you stup-.”
“What the fucking fuck fuck is going on here?” Negan barks and Dwight drags you on your knees.
You can’t tell Negan the truth, he’d punish Dwight for what happened… again.
“Answer me!” He yells and damn, he’s looking at you.
“I-I slapped Sherry.” You say, staring submissive on the ground, hearing Dwight hiss.
“So, and why the fuck did you do this?” Negan bends down to you with a big grin.
“They were talking. I was jealous.” You press through your teeth and Negan straightens up.
“Clean her up, Dwight.” Negan says and gives you a nod that you can stand up. “I’ll have a chat with Sherry.”
Dwight grabs your upper arm and pulls you to the showers, pale and heavy breathing.
“Don’t…don’t do that ever again.” His voice sounds raspy. “I don’t know what I’d do when he’d hurt you.”
“Dwight, it’s fine. I’m fine.” You take his face in your hands, kissing him deeply.
“I love you.” He mumbles and you bite your lip.
“I love you, too.”
With trembling hands you undress each other before you get in the shower.
You close your eyes in enjoyment as he washes the blood out of your hair, his chest pressed on your back.
“I’ve a surprise for you when we get out.” Dwight whispers in your ear.
“When it’s your growing cock I’m not really surprised.” You giggle and he chuckles quietly. “No seriously, what is it?”
“A little maybe.”

But of course you wait until you’re out of the shower and getting dressed.
“What are you doing there?” You ask confused and kind of nervous as he goes on his knees.
For a second you think he wants to do some ridiculous roleplay.
Surprised you look to him as he takes a ring out of his pocket.
“Found this a week or so and I think today is a good day for it.” Dwight says. “I know we can’t get marry technically, but I hope you’ll wear that a ring as a sign that we belong together.”
“Oh Dwight.” You whisper, tears prickle in your eyes as you go down on your knees. “Yes. Oh god, yes.”
A small happy laughter leaves his mouth as he puts the ring on your finger.

Help with Hope

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1161

Warnings: Language/Fluff/Daddy!Dean

AN: This is the 3rd part of my Helping series. Read the other two parts first if you haven’t already! This was one of the winners of the vote I took for my 400 follower celebration! Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

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You had a textbook pregnancy. Morning sickness stopped after 10 weeks, you slept a lot more than usual, your mood swings were minimal which the boys were thankful for, and you gained about 40 pounds. Your doctor assured you that was completely healthy no matter how much you felt as if you looked like a whale.

Dean went through all the phases you would expect. He was happy and scared but the second you started to show he couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of you. No matter how big you seemed to grow by the day, he always swore you were the most beautiful he had ever seen you. He had no problem worshiping your body to prove it to you either.

The first time he felt the baby kick, reality seemed to kick him right in the face. There was really a baby inside of you, another human being that you both had created and would be completely dependent on all of you. He was determined to give his child a life he felt he was robbed of. He was going to do better by this child than his father could do for Sam and himself.

The boys cleaned out a room across from yours and turned it into a beautiful nursery. You had wanted to be surprised so you never found out if the baby would be a boy or a girl, so they painted the nursery a beautiful emerald green and enlisted the artistic help of Charlie. She had painted a lifelike forest all over the walls, complete with deer, owls, rabbits, and squirrels. The furniture a dark mahogany wood. The second it had been revealed to you, you are not ashamed to admit you cried and it wasn’t all hormones. Your child was going to be lucky just simply because of how loved he or she would be.

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Peter Parker Dating A Plus Size Girl Would Include

Request: Hiiii! Could you do a headcanon about Peter Parker dating or having a crush on a plus size girl? Thank you so much for your time beautiful!!!! ❤❤❤❤

A/N: *praying that this is good*

Warnings: None, just an adorable Peter Parker

Originally posted by ultrarandomfandomlove13

- Him adoring every inch of your gorgeous body.

- Basically, him worshiping your body because you’re beautiful and he still can’t believe what did he do to deserve you.

- Always keeping you close to him when you’re out because he wants to show the world that you’re his and he is yours.

-Catching him staring at your bum.

-Meaning him walking around with a red face for the rest of the day.

-Although he has a shy personality, since he is comfortable with you,he is constantly kissing your insecurities whenever you are feeling down.

-Him secretly taking pictures of you whenever he takes you a trip around the city as Spiderman.

-Meaning watching the sunset together at the top of the highest buildings.

-When you come back home, you find cute little notes under those pictures he had taken of you the day you started dating.

- LOTS of cuddles.

-When you are sad, he offers you to shower with him.

-Immediately regrets his offer because you grin at how adorable he is and he blushes.

- He cups your face in his hands and brushes his nose to yours while the warm water is massaging your bodies.

-“You’re so beautiful.”

- You feel ecstatic when kissing him. Your lips move in sync and the softness of his lips are making you feel safe. He brushes your cheeks with his thumbs.

Night of Pleasure

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Night of nothing but pleasure

Word Count: 201

Warnings: smut???

A/N: For @bucky-plums-barnes Don’t even ask these suckers are on a time crunch y’all enjoy:)

“What is it babygirl?” Bucky’s warm thumb grazed your cheek. You had been sitting on the edge of the bed, criss-cross fiddling with your hands as you thought when bucky

“I thought maybe we could,” You shrugged “skip the rough tonight?” ironically you were biting your lip nervously when you peeked up at Bucky. A small smile grew on his face.

“You just want me to give you pleasure sweet’art?” He crooned, moving his hand to cradle the back of your head.

“Yes” You breathed as his soft lips came closed the distance with yours.

He gently guided you back against the blankets and worshiped your body as he removed each and every article of clothing from you,kissing every inch.

He gave you nothing but pleasure with his mouth buried in you and gave you nothing but pleasure as he thrust gently into you. He placed kisses everywhere he could reach, and sweetly crooned in your ear making you pant.

It started and ended in nothing but pleasure for both of you.

“We should do that more often, baby” Bucky breathed. A grin stretched across your face. You rolled on top of him, straddling him.

“Who said we were done?”


city!au wonho

  • watched you from the other side of the room with a dorky smile
  • looks tough, is actually as sweet as they come
  • likes the way you werent judgemental about him
  • rests his head on your shoulder; can watch you for days
  • it would be really cool if we were like, dating, ya know?’
  • easily shy around you esp when youre with others
  • when youre alone its a different story - sinning and more sinning
  • worships your body and mind
  • takes you on dates to noodle bars at 12am
  • keeps you awake all night to talk about life
  • wont admit to you that he loves you; tells his friends nonetheless
  • has a polaroid camera just to take pics of you
  • hangs those pictures all around his room for decoration
  • laces his fingers with yours when youre walking along 
  • presses kisses to your lips and mumbles ‘i love you’ quietly
  • is it too forward to say youre the love of my life?’
J-Hope’s Kinks


  • His stamina never ceases to excite you.
  • Using it to his advantage choosing a pace more suitable for you.
  • He worships your body as if you were a Goddess.
  • Who’s body only he could lay hands on.
  • Teasing you any chance he gets.
  • When you are cuddling on the couch he always finds the time to snake his hand in between your legs.
  • Pulling you into kisses and squeezing your ass in his hands.
  • The facial expressions he makes during sex never fail to interest you.
  • They are endearing yet sexy.
  • He chooses to be very gentle with you because your body is so precious to him.
  • Making sure to listen to you well.
  • Catering to your needs before his own.
  • Most of the time you don’t have to tell him.
  • He knows want you wants and does what you like.
Burnt Brownies (Part 16)

Title: Burnt Brownies 

Summary: Sometimes a horrible moment can be a blessing in disguise.  You learn this first hand when you manage to start a fire from a burnt pan of brownies. Firefighter AU. 

Warnings:  sexual undertones. 

Burnt Brownies Master Post


Originally posted by superwhoolockk

Chapter 16 

The sunlight shone through the window, lighting up the room.  The cream and beige walls gave an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. That’s what you were.  Warm and comfy.  The blankets cradled you as you let your mind slowly wake.  A smile stretched across your face as you closed your eyes and remembered the night before.  

After the dance, how Cas lifted you into his arms and carried you to his room.  How he worshiped your body with kisses and soft caresses.  It was slow and gentle, and it drove you to bliss.  You let out a happy sigh, but this moment of serenity was interrupted by something tapping your nose.

“Cas…”  You chuckled, thinking it was your playful lover.

It wasn’t.

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