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I see so many people lately talking about having a community to worship with, and I just wanted to put out a gentle reminder to everyone that if you’re in the greater Las Vegas NV area and want someone to join you for Hellenic ritual or to even just hang out and chat with about Hellenic stuff, feel free to message me or send me an ask. My sister and I are both Hellenists, and would be happy to join others in our area in worship and ritual if that’s something you need and/or want

“Let’s worship Satan together <3”

Good shit: Ayano being taller than Oka.

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btw merry christmas, ho-ho-homos.

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Temple of the Theoi is a server on Discord (a free computer and phone app) made up of several themed chatrooms for people to worship together, talk about specific gods, ask for resources,or just chat about their day.

Cool Features

  • Lessons and lectures relating to Hellenic Polytheism
  • Worship groups and prayer meetings
  • Monthly book suggestions and discussions
  • A friendly community where you can ask questions

Community Rules

  • Post an introduction post in the introductions chat once you join. We will give you a short post “form” to use for this.
  • No needless hate, bullying, or shaming of others.
  • Members must be between the ages of 14 and 30 years old.
  • Keep all NSFW topics and potentially triggering topics in the NSFW chat. Even then, beware there are minors who have access to that chat.
  • If someone is uncomfortable and requests you move a topic to the NSFW chat you must move.
  • Be respectful of others beliefs.
  • Do not falsely represent a deity.
  • Do not spam the chats with photos or messages.

Join us now! To join Temple of the Theoi message me, @not-interesting-witch​, or the group’s blog @templeofthetheoi off anon and we will send you all the information to join. Our only requirements are that you worship the theoi and follow the rules!

I’m one of those people that wants deeper connections with people. If someone doesn’t want to be in a deep meaningful friendship with me, I think I tend to slowly slip away from that person…

I don’t want half friendships, I want whole, Jesus based, deep, meaningful friendships. Friendship where if you get hurt, I get hurt. Friendship where if you need me, I’ll be there and vise versa. Friendship where talking about Jesus for hours and hours is a regular thing. Friendship where worshipping Jesus together isn’t awkward. Friendship like what Jesus and the deciples had.

THAT is the kind of friendship I want. Anything less than that hurts me and disappoints me to be honest…I think I long for something more from people than they are readily willing to offer. I need to accept that no one can be a friend like Jesus. Jesus has set the bar way too high. Jesus is the only real best friend I’ve ever ever had in my entire life.

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So it's a femboy but you're calling him a girl in a humiliating way? Adding another trap is nice. More fun when there's two of them to play with. I also think it's cute when traps kiss, suck, and fuck each other. Of course, it's also great when they worship their Mistress' body together with their tongues.

No i calling like a girl like the way i see her. Like the women he will be in a future. Like the women i love.
About the character : we think to add two new characters. One trap and a demon girl.

Al Fatah Pesantren is, according to its leader, the only Muslim academy or madrasa for transgender people in the world. Shinta Ratri, the school’s 53-year-old director, founded it with other transgender women in 2008, two years after a major earthquake convulsed the city. “It was a time of suffering, and transgender people needed a way to pray,” she said. “We needed a place to worship together and learn about Islam.” 

She wants to bring waria from the edges into the center of Indonesian life. And in this increasingly religious country, that means bringing them into the center of Islam.

While the primary goal of the academy is to provide a place of worship for transgender women, she said, another goal is using Islam to advocate transgender rights. “We have to educate the public about who transgender women are, and we have to push the government so that it acknowledges that we have equal rights,” she said.

Trans Muslims find a home for prayer in Indonesia


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Can anytime/ anywhere Christians come together to worship God be "going to church"? Or can church only be in a specific building with a church leader? I'm not allowed to go to church. My family says it's not that important. I believe It's important to know other Christians so we can build each other up. I'm not sure how important church attendance is?

I believe that attending a building that is traditionally called a “church” is the believers business with God and no one else’s. Yes it is important to fellowship with other believers, learn and grow. Personally I don’t have a biblically sound doctrine “church” around me so I watch online sermons while taking notes and reading along in my Bible and fellowshipping still with friends, talking about God, praying and reading the Bible. Also worship for me is listening to praise / worship music and just praising God alone or with family / friends of Christ. Church is the body of Christ of believers not just a building with a steeple or some symbol that refers to Christ. You can meet anywhere and any day of the week. That is my belief but others believe differently; that’s still between them and God. Hope this helps you understand. Here’s something I found as well to help understand what I’m saying.

“Church is not a building. Church is not an event that takes place on Sundays. I know, it’s how we think of it. “I go to First Baptist.” “We are members of St. Luke’s.” “Is it time to go to church?” Much to our surprise, that is not how the Bible uses the term. Not at all. When the Scripture talks about church, it means community. The little fellowships of the heart that are outposts of the kingdom. A shared life. They worship together, eat together, pray for one another, go on quests together. They hang out together, in each other’s homes. When Peter is sprung from prison, “he went to the house of Mary the mother of John…where many people had gathered and were praying” (Acts 12:12).

Anytime an army goes to war or an expedition takes to the field, it breaks down into little platoons and squads. And every chronicle of war or quest will tell you that the men and women who fought so bravely fought for each other. That’s where the acts of heroism and sacrifice take place, because that’s where the devotion is. You simply can’t be devoted to a mass of people; devotion takes place in small units, just like a family.

We have stopped short of being an organization; we are an organism instead, a living and spontaneous association of individuals who know one another intimately, care for each other deeply, and feel a kind of respect for one another that makes rules and bylaws unnecessary. A group is the right size, I would guess, when each member can pray for every other member, individually and by name.

This is the wisdom of Brother Andrew, who smuggled Bibles into communist countries for decades. It’s the model, frankly, of the church in nearly every country but the U.S. Now, I’m not suggesting you don’t do whatever it is you do on Sunday mornings. I’m simply helping you accept reality—that whatever else you do, you must have a small fellowship to walk with you and fight with you and bandage your wounds. This is essential.“ - Ransomed Heart

Her Name

She woke with start, her hands shooting out to grip at air as she remembered, belatedly, that she was on a table, and there was nothing at her sides to grab.

She blinked a few times as she steadied herself then looked up to two sets of eyes, one of which seemed very uncertain, and the other which seemed far too amused.  She cleared her throat as she returned the looks and folded her hands into her lap.

It came back to her that she was in Cullen’s office, and that he had been working on paperwork, and she had just planned to close her eyes for a minute because it had been warm and quiet and… Dammit, how long had she been asleep?

While Cullen continued to send her an amused stare the soldier who’s entrance had woken her stumbled into a stuttered bow and twisted her fingers together.  “Your Worship, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Nell waved her off, a smile forming.  “It’s my own fault.  You’d think I would have learned to stop sleeping on tables by now."  When the woman simply kept staring at her she waved her hands again.  "Please, don’t stop on my account.”

She settled back against the wall as Cullen and the soldier turned their attention back to each other and something that had to do with a contingent of soldiers who had reported in.

After the first mention of replacements she stopped paying attention.

Instead she focused on the Commander’s hands.  She had always liked them, though that might have been because she had only ever seen them gloved as they were at the moment.  She watched the leather stretch as he pointed a finger to something on a paper and wondered about the skin underneath.

She imagined it would be calloused from his sword work and the nails would be short and clean, because he wasn’t the type to not have perfectly groomed hands.

She wondered if there would be any scars, or if they would be extra pale because he always had them covered.

She wondered what they would feel like against her.  Would they be gentle, would they be rough, would they feel like she had spent far to long imagining they would?

A laugh drew her attention from her thoughts, and she focused back on the pair by the desk, her interest peaking slightly as she watched the soldier lean closer to Cullen, her eyes not on the report but rather on his down turned face, well his mouth specifically.

She bit back a smile at the display, amused by the way the woman’s face had turned pink when Cullen offered a smile to something she said.  She could relate.

She did her best to ignore the other feeling that had risen alongside the humor, the one that wanted her to press herself in between them and snarl at the soldier like she was Josephine and the Commander was the last piece of chocolate.

Not her place.  Not her place.  The mantra did little to help.

When the meeting ended a few minutes later she waited until the door closed lightly behind the woman, leaving them alone once again, before speaking.

“That was adorable.”

“Hmm?"  Cullen glanced up from his desk, focusing on her as if he had just remembered she was there.  "What?”

“Are you really so oblivious?  That woman was enthralled by you,” she stated, her smile widening.  “If all your soldiers are like that it’s no wonder that they are so loyal to you.”

He stared at her, brows lowered in confusion, before shaking his head and picking up another report, focusing on it.  “Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Cullen, she giggled at you.  You were talking about guard rotations changing and she giggled.  Soldier orders aren’t that funny.”

She continued to smile as she watched his brows furrow again as he looked at the recently closed door.  “I can be funny.”

“Were you trying to be funny?”

“No."  He turned back to the reports, his features clearing before his lips tilting into the barest hint of a smile.  "Huh.”

Her eyes narrowed at the word, the chocolate protecting part of her surging forward again before she shoved it back down.  She was not jealous of a blushing foot soldier who giggled at not funny things.

She wasn’t.

“Well, I’m glad I could boost your confidence.  She probably isn’t too far away, you could still catch her if you wanted.”

He shook his head and switched out reports.  “A commander fraternizing with one of his soldiers wouldn’t be appropriate.”

She wasn’t sure why that response annoyed her so much, but it did.

“Yes, we wouldn’t want to be inappropriate…. It’s a silly rule you know.  Not being with someone just because it might be frowned on.”

He still didn’t look up, his attention mostly on the papers in his hand.  “It’s too easy for people to get the wrong idea.”

“The wrong idea?”

“Special treatment, that sort of thing.  It’s best to just avoid it.”

“But you could be missing out on something important.”

He gave a short laugh and switched reports again.  “I doubt it.”

He was only managing to annoy her more so she slid down from the table and started to head to the door.

“Are you leaving?”


There was a pause as her hand reached up for the handle, then his voice floated over to her, confused.  “Why are you angry?”

“I’m not.  I’m annoyed.”


She curled her fingers into her palm and turned back to look at him.  He had put down the papers and was staring at her.  “I don’t know.”

He raised a brow and she frowned at him.  “If you care about someone it shouldn’t matter what their position is.”

He only seemed more confused by the statement.  “Who said anything about-”

“For all you know your… your soul mate or something could be one of the soldiers under your command, and you’re going to completely miss them because of some stupid rule.”

“I don’t think that’s the case.”

“Well you wouldn’t know would you.  You aren’t giving them the chance.”

His eyes had narrowed to match hers, and he had shifted to face her more fully, his arms coming up to cross over his chest.  “So, what?  You want me to go roll around with a few of them and see if anything special tingles?”

“That’s not what I said.”

“What exactly are you wanting?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then why am I being yelled at?”

“I don’t know,” she repeated heatedly before catching herself, she hadn’t even realized she had raised her voice.  She was angry, and she wanted to make him angry and admit, what?  That the only reason he wasn’t rolling around with her was because of rules?

She was pathetic.

Scrubbing her hands over her face, she took a deep breath before speaking again.  “I’m sorry, I don’t… I need to go.”


She heard him call after her, but she ignored it, instead dropping a hand to feel blindly for the door handle.

“Nell, wait.”

The use of her name caused her to freeze, her fingers half wrapped around the iron of the handle.  She heard him come around his desk, his voice drawing closer.

“Don’t leave like this.  I don’t even know what we were arguing about.  I’m not interested in any of my soldiers so I don’t see the point in worrying about a rule that keeps me from being in a relationship with one of them.  If anything I can use it to keep them from- What are you smiling at?"  His voice turned questioning when he realized she had turned back to him, her lips stretching into a wide smile.

"You said my name.”

He opened his mouth then shut it again, his arms recrossing.  “Did I?”

“That’s the first time you’ve ever said it.”

“That’s um… I didn’t, uh, mean…"  He  cleared his throat and reached a hand up to rub at the back of his neck, a flush working over his cheeks.

She didn’t even notice, she was still too caught up with having heard her name come from him after months of wishing it would.  "Will you say it again?”

“I d-don’t think that… that wouldn’t-”


He paused, his gaze fixed on the door behind her for what seemed like forever before he looked back at her face, a smile of his own forming to match hers.  “Nell.”

She could feel her cheeks heat, and for once she didn’t even mind.  “Thank you, Cullen.  I like the sound of you saying it.”

“Me too.”

“I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

“It’s alright… Nell, I-"  He paused and looked away, his face growing thoughtful.  "I don’t have a lot of time.  The guards will be here any minute for a meeting… I should… I should get back to work.”

Disappointment washed over her, but she forced herself to not let it show.  Of course this wasn’t the right time to talk about things, of course.  “I shouldn’t keep you then.  I’ll let you get back to work, Commander.”

He offered a faint bow then reached past her to pull open the door, the lemon and polish smell of him washing around her before he stepped away again.  “Thank you, Inquisitor.”

She stepped out into the fading light of evening, and blinked a few times.  It had been mid day when she went into Cullen’s office.  How long had she been asleep?

Shit, she was supposed to have met with Josephine and Leliana before dinner.  They were going to kill her.  She paused in her decent to Solas’ office and glanced back at her commander’s closed door, two words popping into her head.

Worth it.

I think the root of a lot the issues I have with my church is that there’s this huge ethic of inclusivity (one of our buzzwords for how we describe ourselves is “radically inclusive”), but without an understanding of power inclusivity becomes absurd.

Inclusivity without an analysis of power says that we must welcome both the gay person and the homophobe because we are “radically inclusive”. Both the abused and the abuser, the poor and the rich. I’ve literally heard my pastor celebrate the fact the we have people making six figures and people living on a fixed income worshiping together. That’s absurd.

Everyone is welcome in the Kingdom of God, but there is an entrance fee, and the more power you have to start with, the higher that entrance fee is. If you are rich, you have to stop being rich. I even think there can be a lot of creative and wonderful ways to stop being rich (sell your shit and give your money to the poor, buy houses for the homeless, funnel your income to anything helping the vulnerable), but you have to stop being rich. If you are an abuser then you need to stay the fuck away from anyone you might abuse or any situation that would give you power over others. As far as I’m concerned anyone can be included, and should be if they are willing to pay the price, but you cannot come in if you refuse to give up your ability to exploit, etc.

what’s up homies i’m liam and i’m here to show you my bitchin’ crib

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