worship satin

People who call Hinata weak but Karin strong:


People who call Hinata a creepy stalker but completely turn a blind eye to Karin’s actions:


People who think that Sasuke was in a perfectly normal state of mind when he found out the truth about his clan and went on a killing rampage:


People who think Sakura and Hinata are fighting over Naruto:


People that can only see Sasuke’s actions towards Sakura but completely dismiss Naruto's occasional negative treatment towards her as well:


People who are disgusted with Sakura’s love for Sasuke in pre-shippuden, but are in love with Karin’s constant need for his Uchiha penis:


People who call Hinata fat:


People who call Sakura a whore:


People who think Sakura will be completely okay with just being friends with Sasuke after the war:


People who think Sakura’s love for Sasuke is petty and shallow but think Karin’s love for him is 100% justifiable and true:


People who will find any reason to label an entire fandom and bitch about it for the next 4 weeks, calling them “irrational feminists” and “satan worshipers”: