worse than fear her


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Request: I’d like to request a Natasha x Reader where hydra-shield tell Natasha that the reader (her girlfriend) is apart of a terrorist group and needs to be taken out only for Natasha to find out after that

Warnings: swearing, betrayal, angst

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   Nat didn’t know what the fuck was going on right now. Bucky Barnes was alive as was Nick Fury, Hydra had infiltrated shield and now no one was to be trusted. Everyone in their system was of no dependency whatsoever, including Fury’s files himself. It seemed the man had been erased from all of shield, Steve had been listed as a criminal, and (Y/N)- well, Nat didn’t even want to think about what (Y/N)’s said. Perhaps it was just hydra trying to mess with her, perhaps it was the truth, either way Nat couldn’t believe her own eyes as she looked at the filed before her, the words “enemy of the US,” printed in big bold letters. 

    “This can’t be true,” Nat turned to look at Fury, clutching the file to her chest.  

    “Nat, I know this may be surprising but-" 

     "I know (Y/N) and they’re not going to pull some shit move like this-" 

    "Nat, where as (Y/N) been this entire time? They knew what was going on and yet they remained on the sidelines, allowing you three to control the entire problem, doesn’t that seem a little suspicious to you?” Nat swallowed thickly, realizing that Nick was right; (Y/N) knew what was happening right now and yet they ha remained neutral, not lifting a finger to help the 3. 

    “It doesn’t mean (Y/N)’s some terrorist or something," 

     "I’m just saying,” Nick stated, his time soft and neutral. “Don’t turn your back on them," 

    Nick’s words rang through Nat’s head as she held a gun to (Y/N)’s head, growling harsh demands at them whenever they moved or did something she didn’t like. 

    "Stay Fucking still,” Nat growled lowly, her hand tightening on the gun. (Y/N) whimpered softly, one of their many tears cascading down their face. Nat so desperately wanted to reach out and wipe the tear away, kiss away (Y/N)’s pain but it was kind of hard to do that when Nat was the one dealing it.

    “N-Nat,” (Y/N)’s voice quivered in fear. “What’s going on? I-I don’t-” Nat pressed the tip of the gun painfully tight against (Y/N)’s skull, no doubt leaving little dents where she pressed hard enough. 

    “Shut the hell up,” Nat stated, her words cold and harsh. (Y/N) quivered again but remained quiet, tears silently pooling from their eyes.

    Nat had been posted on watch duty of every suspected terrorist who’d leaked their way through shield, (Y/N) included. The other hostages seemed fine with being ignored given that Nat’s main focus was on (Y/N). How could they have just lied to her like that? She had trusted them with everything and now here they were- Nat’s favorite pistol pressed tightly to (Y/N)’s skin. 

    “You’re a damn good liar,” Nat clucked her tongue In disbelief, her anger seeping into her words. “And I can’t believe I fucking fell for it, fell for you,” (Y/N) flinched at Nat’s words, a fresh wave of tears washing over them. “What’d they offer you, huh? Money, power, fame?” (Y/N) shook their head, their lip quivering as they attempted to reign in their tears. “I asked you a goddamn question (Y/N)-” Nat stopped when the com in her ear buzzed to life, Nick’s voice ringing clear for her to hear. 

    “Nat, we got the wrong batch of people, the ones you have now are innocent, Maria’s gathering up the ones we need-" 

    "Wait- you’re telling me no one in this room is guilty?” Nat felt her heart drop as she realized her gun was still pressed against (Y/N)’s flesh, the skin red and irritated and most likely bleeding. 

    “No one is…including (Y/N),” Nat swore she physically felt sick at Fury’s words. All the people in this room were innocent, even Nat’s sweet precious (Y/N). “I suggest you hurry and do damage control because Wilson needs us,” Nat swore softly, biting Down on her finger as guilt plagued her. 

    “Yes sir,” and with that the com sizzled back into silence, leaving Nat’s heart pounding in her ear.

   She didn’t want to look at (Y/N), she couldn’t look at (Y/N), not after what she just did to them. Of course it wasn’t anything too bad, she hadn’t beaten them or killed them but Nat had a loaded gun aimed at their head and that had to sting. 

   Nat lowered her gun, her eyes glazed over as though she was in a trance. Immediately (Y/N) trembled with the restraint of not crying, their entire body slumping forward as a helpless little sob pushed themself past their lips. 

    “Oh god-” (Y/N) sobbed, their tears hitting the ground below them lightly. “Oh god please don’t kill me Nat, please don’t- please-” (Y/N)’s begging was enough to snap Nat out of her trance but the reality of what was happening hurt more than she’d like to admit. “I’m innocent I promise," 

    "Oh god angel,” Nat whispers as she kneels down, going to cup (Y/N)’s face in her hands. She stops short when (Y/N) flinches away, sobbing a bit more. 

   Nat’s heart shatters into a million pieces as (Y/N) quivers in sheer fear- a fear of Nat. Nat was used to being feared by everyone, she was strong and intimidating and that led to people being scared of her but she was in no way shape or form prepared for when (Y/N) suddenly began to fear her. It hurt worse than any other pain she’d ever endured, her chest constricted and her eyes blurred with tears as she let her hands droop at her sides. 

    “(Y/N), I’m sorry my love, I-I- you’re file said you were a terrorist and- and-” Nat stopped when (Y/N)’s entire body nearly heaved with the effort of sobbing, their shoulders quaking as their limbs shook in time with their sobs. It was official, (Y/N) was scared of Nat and it was all her fault.

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Doctor who universe stuck in civil war, or the Doctor games drabble please? ,(youtube has a brilliant spoof video of this)

The TARDIS rocks with the force of yet another missile blast, and Clara grabs onto the console with practiced ease, grimacing at the Doctor uncertainly. “That was worse than before,” she cautions, and her voice betrays her fear. “Much worse.”

“Pfft,” he scoffs, and she knows that he’s trying to appear braver than he feels, programming coordinates with one hand and patting down his jacket with the other. Clara knows what he’s looking for, but she rolls her eyes at his useless optimism, growing frustrated by his inertia. “What?” he asks, brow furrowing, and he actually looks offended by her impatience. “What’s that look for?”

“You really think a screwdriver is going to be any good against the combined military might of UNIT?” she asks, arching an eyebrow in politely staggered disbelief. “I mean… it hasn’t been so far.”

“This time is different.”


“Because this time I’m going to do something clever.”

“You said that the last eight times,” Clara reminds him, and he scowls at her by way of response. “What? I’m just saying.”

“Well, this time I can do this. This stupid… war, or whatever the hell she wants to call it, needs to stop before someone gets hurt.”

Clara sighs deeply, looking down at the console and poking at a piece of jagged metal with an experimental fingertip. “Remind me what you’re even fighting over?” she asks. “Because honestly, the reason has slipped my mind.”

The Doctor mumbles something that sounds suspiciously like ‘I insulted Kate over her policy changes.’

“What?” Clara asks, looking up at him and narrowing her eyes dangerously. “Could you say that a little louder, to remind me?”

“I insulted Kate’s new policy,” he snaps, looking like a sulky child. “And her shoes. Happy?”

“Oh, very,” Clara smirks, heading towards the doors and shooting a triumphant look over her shoulder at the Doctor as she went. “Proving you wr-”

There’s another massive explosion, and the TARDIS doors implode inwards, the console room depressurising as the chilly London air floods in. But the Doctor has very little time to notice that, because Clara has fallen to the floor, and while that is not in itself unusual for their exploits, the fact that she isn’t getting back up is.

“Clara?” he calls, racing to where she’s lying prone on the ground, and it’s then that he notices the blood seeping from a gaping hole in her side, and the pallor of her skin. “Clara, what…”

“It’s nothing,” she says faintly, her hands finding the wound and pressing down on it ineffectually. “Doctor, it’s fine, I’m…”

“Shh,” he tells her, whipping out the sonic and scanning her, then closing his eyes against the facts the device offers him. “Clara… you’re… it’s…”

“I know.” Her bloodstained hand finds his, and squeezes once weakly. “You will not insult my memory,” she tells him, and her voice is firm as she gives him the directive. “There will be no revenge.” 


“I’m not asking you for a promise, I’m giving you an order.”


But she’s already gone, and he clings to her hand as he falls apart, cursing humans and their aptitude for war as he does so.

AU where Thom survived Lioness Rampant:

He leaves Court for many years, back to Trebond and the City of the Gods to hide away and heal, build his magic up pure violet again. Even when he’s well again, he rarely stays more than a few nights in Corus - too many memories.

He does visit Pirate’s Swoop, though. Alanna is startled to hear him laugh with baby Liam (why name her firstborn after her brother when he’s already there?) She isn’t sure he’s laughed that freely since they were children themselves.

Alanna is hesitant, at first, about bring Arram - er, Numair - to Trebond, because no one knows better than her that it’s impossible to predict how mages will get along. They’re much worse than cats. At first her fears seem confirmed; both men are far too used to being the most powerful mage in the room, and it’s hard to imagine a tenser, more stilted conversation. Then Numair longingly mentions a rare book he wishes he’d never left in Carthak, and Thom’s eyes light up as he practically drags the other mage into what used to Lord Alan’s library, since much-expanded. Half an hour later, Alanna wanders off to find more food; neither man notices.

Over the years, Numair and Thom alternate between week-long magic!nerd sessions where they lock themselves in the library and occasionally remember to eat and months of haughtily refusing to speak to one another, generally over the disputation of some esoteric principle of transmogrification. There is no middle ground. 

One time they both got drunk and changed the northern coastline a little a lot enough that it took them three (sober) weeks to figure out how to reverse it.

Thom doesn’t like to get involved in the affairs of the kingdom. Of course he participates in wars - as if he’s going to let Alanna go into battle without backup! - but otherwise, he stays home. He never loses his drive to be famous though, to be the best, so he turns his magic to inventing. That lives on beyond his lifetime, and gives him to change to show off his cleverness. The globes at Carthak University that light when you clap aren’t his, but they give him the idea for automatic scrying mirrors, which can be used even the Giftless. Just breath on the surface and say the name of the person you wish to contact, and their own mirror (they have to have one with the same spell) will light up and grow warm to alert them. Smaller mirrors only do voice, not image, but suddenly Tortall has something that looks a lot like the modern cell phone.

George is the only one who works harder than Thom at finding Aly. They go to the Copper Isles together, and when Kyprioth turns up, Thom nearly blasts him.

I’ll just leave you with a mental image of the best thing we never got: Thom and Alanna back to back; her in golden armor, sword slicing through the surrounding enemies; him in a black robe, hands raised, firing amethyst lighting bolts; both surrounded by a nimbus of purple fire, matching orange hair almost ablaze with it.

A common complaint that I’ve heard about Cursed Child is that Ron’s character is “reduced to a punch line” and “only there for comic relief”. While I understand where these concerns are coming from, I happen to love this development for his character and I think it makes perfect sense.

Picture this. The Battle of Hogwarts is over. Voldemort is defeated. Good has won, but the Weasley family has paid dearly for it. The loss of Fred rocks each of them to their very souls.

For Molly, this is worse than even her worst fear. Remember that the boggart at Grimmauld Place showed dead twins. She never imagined that they would be separated. She regrets being so hard on him. She would let him pull a million more bone-headed pranks if only she could hold him in her arms again.

Arthur desperately wishes he could have told his son how very proud he was of him and all that he had accomplished. How he took his passion and smartly turned it into a successful business. How he never hesitated to fight for goodness. How he never lost sight of hope, even in the face of evil, and how he kept laughing when no one else (other than George, of course) could muster up a single happy thought.

Then there are the siblings.

Bill and Charlie are wracked with guilt that they didn’t do more to protect their little brother. It was their responsibility as the eldest to look out for the younger ones, and they had failed in the worst possible way.

Percy deeply regrets losing so much time with Fred over such a petty argument. He was fortunate enough to have gained forgiveness in the last moments of Fred’s life, but he could have had years more if he hadn’t been such a prat. There is also the possibility that Fred might not have even been in the line of the explosion that took his life if he hadn’t been wanting to fight alongside his long-estranged brother. That possibility will haunt Percy for years.

Ginny has lost her hero. She spent her entire childhood looking up to the twins and trying to be more like them. They taught her how to both make and take a joke. They taught her how to stick up for herself. She wouldn’t be the same person if Fred hadn’t been in her life. She certainly won’t be the same with him gone.

Of course George is affected the most. He has never been without Fred. Losing Fred is losing a huge piece of himself. Now, for the first time in his life, he has to figure out who George Weasley is as an individual. And that thought is terrifying. He’s not even sure he wants to find out. What’s the point without Fred? 

Ron sees all this and, through his own devastation, he recognizes that he has an obligation to his family. Say what you want about Ronald Bilius Weasley, but his family means more to him than anything in the world. Think about how hurt and defensive he always was when Draco insulted his family. Think about how terrified he was when he found out that Ginny had been taken into the Chamber of Secrets. Or how protective he was of her when she started dating. Or how he listened to the radio everyday while he was out hunting horcruxes, desperately hoping that he wouldn’t hear any of his loved ones’ names added to the rising death toll. Family is everything to him, and right now they are broken. He will breathe life back into them. He will make them laugh again.

Fred was a light in the darkness. His life’s purpose was to provide a bit of cheerfulness when people needed it most. Ron learned that lesson from his brother, and he stepped in to be the light during his family’s darkest hour. So, no, I don’t think Ron is just a punch line. I think he became what his family needed at the time and was surprised to find that it fit him well.

For Her

Part One

Hello again! I’m back with another request, this one from the lovely, lovely rare-ideas, who is a fantastic writer, too, and you should check them out.

As always, I quote the request:

“Could u write Newt x Reader, where reader is sent up to the glade with her 5 year old sister (your choice of name) and she’s protective over her and scared. Newt makes them feel welcome and her sister starts to like him. He makes her laugh and plays with her which makes the reader like him too. One night the reader has a meltdown and newt finds her in her room. She blames herself for not being able to make things better for her sister and he comforts her. With fluff at the end? Please and thanks"

I love this idea so much and I’ve had so much fun with it…in fact, it’s going to be at least two parts, and potentially three. But I have a hectic upcoming week, and I didn’t want to delay on what I’ve already written, when I’ve already written a good chunk.

Therefore, I present the first part of a hopefully enjoyable little fic.

No warnings on this one—just enjoy!


That’s all I feel.

I can’t think, at first; whatever I’m in was shaking and moving and I feel my bones rattle, my teeth chatter and click against each other viciously.

But as my senses come back, the rattling and shaking settling in, I feel empty…and scared.

The first word out of my mouth feels both natural and utterly wrong, “Arti?”

There’s a gap in my head. I’m missing information. Names, things I should know, faces I should be able to recall, but there’s a space in my memory so wide it feels like something has been ripped out.

Like a peach with its pit pulled free.

But I know one thing—the thing that made me speak, and panic is rising, and I say it again, and again, feeling around me in the pitch black.

Something is missing.

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Lead Me Not To Temptation

TITLE: Lead Me Not to Temptation


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine being chosen to be Loki’s wife, and while at first you loath the idea, you came around and actually fall in love with Loki, and he falls in love with you. But the day before the wedding, Odin changes the arrangement and suddenly you’re being whisked away to marry Thor instead. You and Loki manage to have a secret affair and things are perfect, until you fall pregnant.

RATING:Mature in later Chapters


Kari had never seen a creature like him; he was without a doubt, the most extraordinary horse. His mane and tail were long and wavy; each of his eight legs was strong, all donning perfectly polished hooves and groomed hair on the fetlock. He truly was a magnificent creature.

Thankfully he had been let out to grass when she had arrived. The stablehand warned her not to get too close, but that the horse tended to remain fairly stationary as he grazed; only cantering around after his initial release into the paddock. So she simply found a bale to sit on and began to draw, grateful of a distraction.

Loki, it transpired over their lunch, was worse than she had ever feared. He was truly horrible to her, and there was nothing she was going to be able to do about it. She was under no illusions, her own behaviour left a lot to be desired, but in her defence, he had started it by being so cold towards her. He had been right, she too had wanted nothing to do with the marriage they were being forced into, but she had never planned to take out her frustration on him, while clearly he had decided to do so with her. But as it stood, she did not have to think of that horrid lunch, instead she found herself enjoying the glorious afternoon’s sun and a new model for her sketches.

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let's make things physical

a.n.: marz is basically my muse. and i treaded the sacred territory that is camren biting for her. i hope you guys enjoy it! and the title’s from tegan and sara's closer

In which Lauren just really likes to bite and Camila likes to be bitten.

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In the Belly of the Beast deleted scenes (Castle)

So far, this is my favorite deleted scene. This is the next one I’m watching after the one from Veritas.

This scene is so important. I’m so so so glad we get to see this.

This Gates-Castle moment is the stuff of legends. It’s a big deal. Her bringing him coffee and then the talk they have. Let’s just take a moment and….“She brought him coffee!” You know she’s feeling guilty for keeping him out of this. But also, it tells us she notices the little things between Caskett, the things Castle does for Beckett and she does for him and all the ways in which they work. Which is totally not surprising.

And then Castle telling her why he’s staying and Gates looking uncomfortable that she might be getting an intimate glimpse into their relationship that she doesn’t want.

What I love most about it, though, is that they managed to deliver the message without having him say the words in the episode.

I know I said that I didn’t think Castle was worried enough about Beckett in the episode, or at least I thought there should have been more worry somehow, but he got angry enough for me to realize that the reason he was angry was because he wasn’t with her. And that that was the way he expressed that worry.

I also know some people didn’t like the scene where they were looking into the interrogation and they and Espo thought Castle was questioning Beckett’s skills, but I knew that was also because he wasn’t with her. And it wasn’t that he didn’t believe she could take care of herself.

The fact that he didn’t lose it completely like he did with Alexis proves how much faith he has in Beckett, but there’s also that if they were together, they could take care of each other. And he couldn’t handle not being able to be there for her. And even if something went wrong, he’d be there and he’d be okay because of it. And the truth is so would she.

She tends to be more relaxed and level-headed when he’s around. Of course, I’m sure that would be different if they were in a situation together where someone used the fact that she loved him against her. Which could easily have happened in ITBotB if the situation was a little different

But it’s interesting, because I got that message of Castle wanting to be there with her and Beckett needing him there even while probably being glad that he wasn’t loud and clear through Castle’s anger and Beckett being extra scared before she got it together enough to be able to get back to Castle. And that, I guess is a testament that this show is doing its job.

Also, hats off to the fear ms. Katic displayed right before she was dunked. Even while talking a big game, you could tell she was completely terrified. I felt it in my gut and I think it might be ten times worse than her fear in all of the episode. So there’s that.

It Was Sort of Easy Being Green(OQW Day 4: Domesticity)

Title: It Was Sort of Easy Being Green

Rating: T

Word Count: ~3,300

Summary: Canon Divergence where Zelena never died. Regina and Robin’s relationship seen through Zelena’s eyes. Set post Kansas(or 3B depending on how you look at the canon divergence). Crack!


I. Driving

“Robin…slow down…I said—Robin slow down!" Regina’s hand clutches tightly onto what Zelena has come to recognize as the ‘oh-shit’ handle. She cackles, because Robin really does suck at driving, but her laugh is cut short when her head jerks forward, hitting the back of her sister’s chair.

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My muse just did something stupid that almost got them killed. Yell at them.

◺ ➴ ◹


  Scott’s proclivity for pursuing the irrational was unparalleled.
  Judgement too clouded by the will of his heart, plans always
  had a flaw in them no matter how perfect they seemed, and
  that flaw was the true alpha himself. His innate selflessness
  that put Scott at risk at the cost of helping and saving others.
  Allison wouldn’t admit it to him, but she always suspected it
  to be his great undoing. It wasn’t something she thought on
  much, although compared to your average teenage girl, Allison
  had to think on death more than most. Or worse fear it. Not
  just her own, as that seemed to be something that had come
  and gone already, but for her friend’s as well. For Scott. And
  these were the thoughts that ran through her mind whenever
  Scott came stumbling through that door, nursing another injury.
                It had become more unbearable to stay within
                the confines of Scott’s house, having yet to
                find an explanation for her revival, but enough
                had been enough. To say she had followed him
                would be an exaggeration, but Allison needed
                to know what danger her friends were in that
                Scott was clearly keeping from her. She never
                would have seen. Never would have known. 

 And there she saw his body fall, lifeless at the hands of a man she had never
 seen, to protect a boy she had never met. In this moment she knew she might
 as well have been dead. No bow in hand, and unable to bring any attention to
 herself, her eyes could only watch as she gasped quietly, lips trembling in their
 open state. If ever before she had felt weak, useless, it could not compare to
 this. It was clear they had bested the assailant at hand but still she was unable
 to rush, to aid him as she so wanted to do. More than ever, she was a ghost.
 Allison saw the blood and the wound that cut deep, what little power Scott had
 left and Allison could do nothing. Should he meet his death, she was to watch.

– – –
                                   Waiting. It was the game she played, hands shaking
                                   in her self proclaimed holding cell in Scott’s room.
                                   There was no need to pace, simply stare at the door
                                   until he limped through and when her eyes met his
                                   and her chest heaved unwillingly, she could only
                                   assume that he knew what she had seen. Another
                                   near death that she had the misfortune to witness.

              ❛ Why? Why do you keep putting yourself
                      in harms way when you know there are
                      so many people that need you. And help!
                      You can ask for help. Everything isn’t
                      your burden to carry and, and it’s going
                               to get you killed one day Scott. Killed! ❜