worse show

With Still Star-Crossed officially cancelled, my wilting fandom spirit just needs for them to have gotten through the entire book before the end of season 1 because worse than your show not being renewed is your show not getting the proper resolution and closure it deserves

The floor is shows with representation and compelling storylines, and non/network television stays dangling from the ceiling fan


What can a female character do without being criticized mercilessly? [insp.]


(ive gotten back into a sniperspy mood after reading choice fanfics again)

i made the mistake of watching thirteen reasons why and there’s a scene where a creepy stalker takes a photo of hannah and a female friend (closeted lesbian, what’s better they even pull the ‘predatory lesbian’ trope because hannah only kisses her back cuz she doesn’t want to hurt her friend) kissing in her room and then, because he’s secretly in love with hannah, publishes it without the girl’s consent. the main character, tray or cray or whatever, is then seen jerking off to said image of girls being violated. and we’re supposed to root both for HIM and for the ugly creep who took the photo

someone: i gave up on ajin the cgi is so bad and ugly lol

me, crawling up to them with tears in my eyes: tHe sToRy, YoU’rE nEGlecTinG tHe sToRy


Making History | 1.01

Leighton Meester as Deborah Revere


these are the only two amethyst character sheets i could find, and even here you can see how big the differences are.

whether or not you prefer the shows older or newer art, its pretty blatant that theyve had a style change- and it wasnt a small one.