worse in the world

lmao my oral allergy syndrome started like 2 years ago with watermelon and a little discomfort when i ate a lot of cucumber

and now it’s spread to avocado & pears… and a little bit with apples & broccoli when I eat a lot (like a full head of raw broccoli).

anyway, it sucks because I loved watermelon and fruit and avocado and now I’ve been staying away from them because it’s not worth this swollen lip or the itchiness. 

tell me again how oppressed europe is or was i’d love to fucking fight

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for sheith, them talking about the upcoming kerberos mission (like there was that background shot in s4 of shiro showing keith around the rocket), and then keith's reaction to when they get the news that it's all gone wrong

thought of you (and where you’d gone)

Notes: you chose the angst and therefore this is not my fault. i will hold to that even as i take your prompt, dear nonnie, and make in worse. also, if y’all really want to hurt, listen to the weepies world spins madly on w/this.

Also On: Ao3

Three months after mission failure he will collapse in the middle of the desert, under a sky full of meteors, and vomit until his throat burns. He’ll hold himself on hand and knees. It’ll feel like praying. He’ll think of a ship plummeting into ice and pilot error in red across the bottom of a TV screen and the last moments before impact. Maybe he’ll want to vomit again, stomach clenching and hands curling into fists, but he won’t be able to. There’ll be nothing left.

The trials are a formality.

A single day in the sim chambers for those who qualified. Everyone in the Garrison watches. Students are expected to write a report afterward. To keep up the pretense that this is educational. Keith leaves his notepad on a bench and dared an instructor to say something.

Before the pilots go in, they’re given a breather and Shiro doesn’t even hesitate before jogging to Keith’s side. Others eye them and Keith knows he’ll have to pay for this later in the sparring ring but he doesn’t care. Shiro’s chosen to spend these last moments before the most important test of his life with Keith. No amount of bruises will take this away.

“Wish me luck,” Shiro says. The flight suit is rumpled but his face is alight with the hunger of wanting something. Maybe that’s why Keith’s stomach clenches with wanting right back. They’ve talked about how much Shiro wants this. To be out there in the stars, reforging the edges of the galaxy, putting his name in history. People don’t think it because most of the time Shiro keeps his ambition tucked beneath his duty but oh, he’s burning up on the inside with his wanting, and Keith aches for him.

Stepping close, Keith says, “You don’t need luck.” Hesitance slows him but doesn’t stop him. Fingers grip the flight suit and tug it into better alignment. It’s hardly anything but Shiro smiles in this way that illuminates all the dark pieces of Keith’s soul.

“Wish me luck,” Shiro says. Gentler, softer, easier. A hand brushes the small of Keith’s back, urging him closer, and Keith gives in instinctively. Garrison rules live in the six inch gap between their bodies. But it doesn’t matter because they both know what it means that Shiro keeps his hand at Keith’s back and Keith lets his palm flatten over Shiro’s steady heart.

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I really like your idea of (definitely older) Yuri and Otabek having to move in with Yuuri and Viktor, so what if Yuuri and Viktor were in bed one night when they heard some... interesting... sounds from the next room?

I’m going to Hell for this.


What can a female character do without being criticized mercilessly? [insp.]


you patrol, you slay… evil pops up, you undo it. and that’s great! but is sunnydale getting any better? are they running out of vampires?

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Deathly Hallows came out and that today is the actual day of the epilogue. We’re leaving the original timeline behind and it’s so bittersweet. These books have touched so many souls, have shaped so many lives, have given hope to so many people. 

I honestly believe the world would be a worse place without Harry Potter in it. I’m so grateful to have had these books as part of my childhood. They mean so much to me and to countless other people.

I’m off to Hogwarts, guys. See you there 😊

Time to float - Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Time to float

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompts: If you’re taking requests for Bill Skarsgård can you write one where the reader is a famous actress and also little Jackson Scott’s big sister (the kid who plays Georgie) so she attends the premiere with him wearing a stunning dress as usual, she meets Bill who is awestruck bc hes a huge fan with a massive crush on her, the kids who played in the movie myb tease him a little bit, and she’s flattered and thinks hes adorable idk i like this idea 
YN is Jackson older sister and Bill is her fan!so when he finds out he tries his best to get Jackson to introduce them,and when he does,Jackson can’t help and teels big sis that Bill has a crush on her and he’s just super adorkable to admit! later they all say that on an interview,and the kids love to make fun of them

“Jackson please don’t run! Be careful, sweetie, you’re gonna-” you stopped yourself when you heard you little brother giggle and you realized what you’d just said “Oh gosh I am turning into mom!” you breathed out, eyes wide.

Your little brother ran back to you, wrapping his small arms around your legs and you looked down to be met with his adorable smile “Yes you are! But I am always going to love you the most! More than mom and dad, and more than anyone else in the world!” he said and you giggled.

“And you will always be the number one man in my heart, JR!” you leaned down to pick him up and kiss his cheek as he wrapped his arms around your neck with a big smile.

“Even before dad?” he asked and you grinned, nodding your head.

“But we’re not gonna tell him that, because it’s gonna break his heart.” you pouted, and he giggled.

“You bet it will!” your father piped in, saying with a serious nod and you laughed with Jackson as he kissed your cheek before going to help your mother.

“And… even more than him?” he said with what was supposed to be a smirk on his face and you chuckled, tickling his belly.

“You sly little tease!” you grinned as he squirmed in your arms “Alright, maybe I really do like him a little bit but-”

He rolled his eyes so dramatically at you and shook his head “A lot!”

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Steve/Bucky whoops drunk texted the BFF you’re into him trope

Bucky: Sometimes I look at you and want you so badly I forget

Bucky: I forget that we’ve been friends for over a decade

Bucky: I forget why it’s a bad idea

Bucky: All I think about is touching you and how you’d taste and that we’re probably perfect for each other

Bucky: I forget to forget


Bucky woke up to the sun shining in through a crack in his closed curtains and hitting his eyes dead on.  He groaned, throwing his arm over his eyes, and rolled over so his face was smooshed into his pillow.  His mouth was dry and tasted like fermented things, and his head hurt from drinking too much the night before.

He tried to focus on when he’d finally left the bar and wandered home, but all he could remember was the string of texts he’d sent Steve and he ended up pushing himself up into a sitting position so fast he experienced a dizzy moment of vertigo.

He might puke and not from the hangover.

His phone was plugged into the charger right where he always left it, looking innocuous and not like it had betrayed the secret he’d managed to keep for the last five years.  Tentatively he reached out and picked it up, pressing the button to turn on the lockscreen.

Steve: WHAT

Well, Bucky thought, maybe it wasn’t as bad as it seemed.  Maybe he hadn’t sent everything he thought he sent.  Steve was likely to all-caps WHAT to Bucky for half of his drunk texts, mostly because Bucky got philosophical and started quoting obscure Aristotelian theories to him.  Bucky liked to joke he was smarter while drunk while Steve rolled his eyes and told him that maybe if he stopped underrepresenting his own intelligence all the time it wouldn’t seem that way.

Well, Bucky thought a little hysterically as he stared at the chain of texts he’d sent Steve the night before, where was all that intelligence now?

Fuck.  He was so stupid.

He closed his eyes for a moment and tried not to think about his whole world caving in.  Yeah.

It was somehow worse that Steve had sent WHAT more than half an hour before and then hadn’t followed it up with anything.  Somehow, Bucky had almost expected to wake up to a confession in return, or at least something more definitive.  

Fuck. He scrubbed his hand over his face. This was the worst.  Now he had to decide whether to make the brave move again and he wasn’t drunk this time to make it seem like a good idea.

He was just considering the merits of haha yeah you’re hot :p but idk what I drank last night to encourage this VS. I meant every word when someone unlocked the door to his apartment.

Bucky was holding his phone and staring at his bedroom door with a wide-eyed sort of panic when Steve burst into it.

“WHAT?” he said in person, staring at Bucky and sweating a little like he’d run up all four flights of stairs to Bucky’s apartment after speed-walking over.

Bucky stared at him and then wordlessly held up his phone.

Steve stared back.

“Did you drunk confess to me?” Steve asked, sounding a bit strangled.

“I’m not going to sober confess it to you,” Bucky pointed out, wry and vaguely annoyed that Steve came over for this conversation so he had to actually look at him.  Steve was way too polite and gentlemanly and well raised. He needed to get with the generation who texted this type of shit like Bucky had, apparently.  

“Why not?”

“Why?  That’s not the type of thing you tell your best friend.  Oh hey Steve so sometimes I don’t think of you platonically, so now you’re going to feel weird around me when we cuddle on the couch during movies and shift away from potential boners.”

“Try this: Oh hey Bucky, maybe I wouldn’t shift away from them if I knew they existed!”


“EXACTLY,” Steve yelled back, looking way too smug and vindicated for this moment. What an asshole.

“I… what?” Bucky repeated.  He stared at Steve silently for a few moments. The moment was ladened.  “Are we going to make out now?”

“It smells like beer sweats and regret in here,” Steve pointed out, wrinkling his nose.  “I’m going to go home and get ready for work and you’re going back to sleep.  Then you’re going to shower and come over for a movie tonight.”


“Bring your potential boners,” Steve said as a parting shot as he walked out of the bedroom.

Yeah, like Bucky was going to sleep after that.