worry written all over his face

Can I talk to you for a second?

“Jonathan, can I talk to you for a second?” Will asked, his voice wavering slightly. Jonathan shot up from the couch, worry written all over his face. “Of course buddy, what’s up?” He followed him into the younger boy’s bedroom and shut the door behind him. Their mother was in the kitchen making dinner, and they could hear the slight crackling of something on the stove.

It was Will’s sixteenth birthday, he’d spent the day out with his friends, and they were all gonna have dinner together at seven, which his mother was currently preparing. At least that’s what he’d told her, that all his friends were coming over, when in fact it was just Mike.

He was going to tell them. Tell them about how much he loved and cared for Mike, tell them they’d been together for almost three months now. Tell them he was gay.

The plan was to just say that everyone else got held up by something, and Mike was the only one who could come. That way if he changed his mind about coming out, it wasn’t weird that he was the only one there.

“I wanted to tell you something important,” Will said quietly, running his fingers through his hair. “But I don’t, uhhhh, don’t really know how.” Jonathan’s brows furrowed, and he said “what’s wrong? You know you can talk to me about anything.”

A smile spread across Will’s face, and he felt slightly less worried. “My friends aren’t coming over for dinner. It’s just Mike.” “Why? Is everything okay? Did you fight?” Will took another deep breath. “No, no… It’s just Mike because he’s not my friend.” Jonathan looked confused and waited for him to explain what he meant. “He’s not my friend, you know?”

They stared at each other in silence for a while, before a look of understanding suddenly swept over the older’s face. “You mean he’s more than a friend?” Jonathan smiled at his brother, feeling slightly relieved that it wasn’t something more serious he’d needed to tell him. Will nodded slowly, and before he had a chance to say anything more, Jonathan pulled him in for a hug. “I’m happy for you.”

Will whispered a thank you into his brother’s shirt, and they held on to each other for almost two minutes. When they finally pulled apart, Will beamed at his brother. “You know you’re always going to be the same weird little brother to me, no matter who you bring home for dinner.” Jonathan said seriously, and Will felt tears stinging at his eyes. “You’re the best, you know that?”

The doorbell rang, interrupting their moment, and Will ran to open it. Outside, Mike was stood in a knitted sweater, holding a bouquet of flowers, a nervous smile spread across his face. “Happy birthday again!” He said, holding the flowers toward him. Will giggled and pulled his boyfriend into a hug. The two boys walked inside and headed to the kitchen.

“Hey, Mike! How are you?” Joyce smiled, putting a plate of chicken on the table. “I’m great, Mrs. Byers. How are you?” He replied. “Wonderful, thank you. Are the others here as well?” Will and Mike exchanged a look, and Mike said “No, they, uhhhh, got held up. I don’t think they’ll make it.” Joyce furrowed her brows, but smiled none the less. “Oh well, more for us then!”

The four of them sat down around the dinner table, and Mike’s hand found Will’s under the tablecloth. “So, what’ve you done today?” Joyce asked, taking a bite of her chicken. “Nothing much, just been at the arcade.” Will replied. He looked up at his brother, who nodded encouragingly at him.

“There was actually something I wanted to talk to you about.” He muttered. Joyce looked at him, and waited for him to continue. “The others aren’t actually busy. I told them not to come.” “Oh, how come? Is everything alright?” Will sighed “Yes, everything’s better than alright, wonderful actually.”

He paused, scared to finish the sentence. He imagined all the ways his mother could react. What if she kicked him out? What if she sent him away? What if she stopped loving him? He closed his eyes, and Mike stroked his hand soothingly. She wouldn’t. She promised she’d always love him. No matter what.

He wasn’t worried, not really. He knew his mother was the best person in the world, and so he clutched Mike’s hand and said: “I’m seeing someone. Actually, not just someone..” “Me!” Mike interrupted, a wide smile on his face. Joyce looked at them both, narrowing her eyes, before letting out a slight giggle. “I know, honey,”

The two boys looked at each other with confused and surprised expressions. “What do you mean you know? We haven’t told anyone!” She laughed again and responded “Will, I’m your mother. Did you really think I wouldn’t notice?” Will shot her mother a confused look, but smiled. “But from now on, I’d appreciate if you came in through the front door, and not my son’s bedroom window, Mike.” She gave him a stern, but playful look.

Will had to admit, it had been a while since he felt this happy.


Part 1:

Keith wasn’t very comfortable surrounded by water on a good day.
Let alone a whole tribe of water benders.
Ever since Keith had abandoned the fire nation and joined up with the Air bender Shiro, He had traveled all across the world meeting different benders and learnt so much.
However it was rare to find people actually comfortable around a fire bender, especially in the water nation.
Shiro had been pulled away by Queen Allura soon as they arrived leaving Keith to awkwardly stand in the middle of the street as people avoided walking anywhere near him.
He sighed. “What am I supposed to do?” He asked himself.
Suddenly a snow ball hit him in the back of the head.
Keith spin round and saw a boy around his age standing on top of a bridge grinning down at him. He had a blue fur coat on with the pulled up so Keith couldn’t see much, but he could tell the guy was attractive.
Keith shook his head, not that it mattered.
He glared up at him almost tempted to yell.
“Hey you!” A group of guards came running up behind him.
The boy turned round before diving off the bridge into the water.
Keith was running before he realised it, diving into the water.
Whoever this guy was he couldn’t let him drown or freeze to death.
The water was dark and if Keith hadn’t been able to warm his core he would be sure that moving would be nearly impossible.
He could only imagine what the other guy was feeling right now.
Suddenly something grabbed him by the wrist and Keith tried to pull away panicked letting out a stream of bubbles from his mouth.
Then the water disappeared around him, and Keith found himself in a bubble under the water.
“What the…”
“I take it you haven’t met many water benders?” The guy asked with a smirk.
It was still dark so Keith couldn’t see anything, but he realised the guy was completely dry.
“Why are those guards after you?” Keith asked deciding to ignore the question.
“Wrong place wrong time, appreciate the heroics through.”
“I-I wasn’t I.”
Keith felt a slender finger pressed against his lips.
It was surprisingly warm…
“Oh come on you have hero written all over you.”
Keith had never heard that before. He was a fire bender… most people assumed he was the bad guy.
There was a lurching motion as the water around them was moved and they were pulled up. Keith expected the guards, maybe a few other water benders.
Not however the queen of the water tribe with a very worried looking Shiro.
“Keith are you ok?” Shiro asked and when Keith nodded he crossed his arms and pulled his disapproving dad face.
“Good, because now you can tell me what the hell you were thinking!” Keith opened his mouth to answer the queen but was beaten to the punch.
“I was bored.”
Keith stared in shock as the guy he was with pulled down his hood to revile Snow White hair and the most beautiful blue eyes Keith had ever seen.
“That doesn’t change the fact you were meant to come meet the Avatar with me.” Allura sighed as she grabbed Lance by the arm and pulled him behind her.
She smiled at Shiro “I apologise for my little brother… he doesn’t think he has to be apart of important meetings.
"It’s ok… it’s nice to meet you Prince, my name is Shiro and you already met Keith.
"Yeah I did.” He winked at Keith and the fire bender was sure if he wasn’t wet he would of burst into flames.
“No need for Prince call me Lance. And please call me anytime.” He grinned and Keith and he realised something.
Keith was screwed.


Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Fluff, smut, angst / athlete!jungkook, artist!jungkook
Word count: 24,263

Summary: Jungkook only cares about three things: Baseball, painting and his team, but soon he’s adding you to that list when love comes flying at him fast and hard, knocking him right on his ass. 

A/N: …. listen…. idk how 24k happened, but it did. I can’t stand looking at this any longer lol so please forgive any minor mistakes.
Big shout out to @taechulo for helping me out with the plot for this bad boy & @jacksonsjams for being such a wonderful beta reader 💕

It could have been his imagination, but Jin swears he feels the slightest tickle of rain on his face, so he reaches out his hand, palm upturned, to confirm his suspicions.

“Hmm.” He narrows his eyes at his dry hand, then glowers up at the overcast sky and heaves an irritated sigh. The weather forecast had lied. Again. This was the second time this week that, instead of sunshine and high temperatures, they were instead given downpour and gloom. Well, it wasn’t pouring yet, but Jin wasn’t about to get his hopes up.

“Alright boys, let’s pick up the pace. I want to get in at least some practicing before it starts to rain,” Jin calls over to his team, all stretching their limbs and grumbling a collective ‘Yes coach.’ They all look as miserable as Jin assumes they feel and just the tiniest part of him feels almost sorry for making them practice. Almost. The team needs to kick their practicing into high gear if they want to be ready in time for the new season and that meant no slacking, so Jin shakes off the slight guilt with ease.

He instructs half the team to do interval throwing – a partner drill where they throw the ball back and forth - while the other half of the team does base running.

Three rows down, doing the interval drill, Jungkook nurses a wicked headache and catches the ball that comes whizzing at him from the opposite end. He throws it back and Jimin catches it in his glove easily, yawning tiredly and putting little effort into his next throw.

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Secret (Alex Høgh Andersen x Reader)

Warnings : Alcohol, jealousy, feels.  
Word count: 2080. 

Originally posted by alexhoghsource

A/N: I am so going to regret this. My first Alex imagine ever. I don’t really know how I feel about it so please let me know if you liked it (or not)! I’m not sure who I should tag so I’m just gonna go with @rachiieee and @ivartrash. I don’t know if I’ll write more Alex/Ivar imagines… But I hope you enjoy this one.  

I’d also like to thank @bananashemmo for the translations, you’re the best!

To those who followed me for my 13rw imagines, do not fear! I’m working on a Zach one at the moment, then I’ll start a Jeff one. 

Growing up you believed in love; you believed you’d meet your prince charming – a man who would sweep you off your feet; who would love and cherish you. Someone who would make you feel safe and complete; who would move mountains just to see you smile. A man who would show you off to his friends, his family, to the whole world.

You met Alex at a coffee shop in Dublin when you almost spilled your caramel latte on him, and somehow you ended up talking to him for an hour. By the end of the conversation he had asked you out and took your phone number. Only a few days later you had your first date.

Alex was a perfect gentleman that night – he picked you up at your place and brought you a bouquet of your favourite flowers. He invited you to a restaurant, and of course did not let you pay by the end of the night. He was really easy to talk to, kind and funny. And unlike all the guys you’ve dated, he did not once glance at your cleavage. You grew fond of him really quickly and after the fourth date you thought that he might be it, he might be your prince charming. You fell in love with his big blue eyes and goofy smile; with his cheerful attitude and loving personality.

But being in a relationship is hard, especially when it’s a secret.

Saying that you were unhappy would be a lie. Alex made you feel things no other man had; he loved you and he showed it… but only behind closed doors. When it was only the two of you, he’d shower you with kisses, hold your hand at any given occasion, just purely adore you with all his heart. His friends and family were aware of your relationship, but not his fans. To the public, you were only one of his good friends. I’m doing it to protect you, smukke (sweetheart). He’d say. And even though it was hard at times, you knew it was the best thing to do – you have seen what some fans are capable of when their idols get into relationships.

But after a year of being together the situation started to irritate you.

You were sitting at the bar surrounded by some of Alex’s friends, sipping on your rum and coke, when you first heard it – his laugh. It was contagious, really. It was like music to your ears. The way it sounded never failed to make you feel better, even on the worst days.  

A smile crept on your face as you slowly turned around, expecting to find your boyfriend talking to his friends, moving his arms around animatedly as he always did. But the soft smile that decorated your face was soon replaced by a frown as your eyes found him. He was standing only a few feet away from you, clearly drunk. His bloodshot blue eyes and his dishevelled hair, that you had personally braided earlier, gave it all away. He was moving lazily to the beat, his head moving up and down, a wide smile plastered to his gorgeous face.  

But what made your blood boil was not the state he was in, no. You’re quite used to Alex getting shit-faced with his friends. He was a party person and you accepted it, you were quite outgoing yourself. What annoyed you was the brunette standing right next to him, a bit too close to your liking.  

You clenched your wrists hard to release some frustration, your knuckles turning white. Heat rose to your cheeks as your breaths became fast and shallow. You couldn’t believe him. The girl was clinging onto him, practically throwing herself at him. And he did absolutely nothing to stop her.

Your eyes were focused on the brunette as you watched her run her manicured nails up and down Alex’s arm, her lipstick covered lips only inches away from his ear. Without breaking your gaze you downed the rest of your drink, wincing at the strong taste.

The girl didn’t seem to notice you sending draggers at her or if she did, she decided to ignore it. Your heart ached as you saw her smile wickedly at your boyfriend. Her intentions were clear to you, but not so much to him.

“Hvordan går det, flotte?” (How’re you doing, handsome?) She screamed over the music even you could hear, her flirty tone made you sick to the stomach. Now, you were not fluent in Danish, but ever since your relationship with Alex became serious you decided to learn some words in his language, it came in handy. Your eyes moved to your boyfriend expectantly, waiting to see how he’ll reply. Your boyfriend turned to face her, giving her one of his famous toothy smiles. A lump formed in your throat and your brows furrowed even more as breathing became harder.

“Jeg har det godt, hvad med dig?” (Great, yourself?) The fact that he did not reject her yet and instead kept the conversation going hurt you more than you thought it would. Tears welled up in your eyes as the girl looked him up and down biting on her lower lip flirtatiously, but you swiftly brushed them away, refusing to cry right there were your friends could see.

You felt confused, hurt, betrayed. You wanted to walk up to him, drag him away from her and claim him as yours. Show her, and all the other girls that have been eyeing him since you’ve walked in, that he was yours and yours only.

You wanted to kiss him hard, leaving his lips swollen and red. You wanted to mess his hair up even more by tugging on it while you sucked hickies into his neck, marking him as yours. But you couldn’t. You agreed to keep your relationship a secret, and you knew it was better this way.

But you never expected the love of your life to act like this. You never expected Alex to hurt and to humiliate you like this.  Maybe he wasn’t it, after all. Maybe he wasn’t your one and only.

So instead of running up to your lover and pulling him away from the girl, you stood up from your stool and slowly made your way towards the exit. It took you a few minutes to reach it, zigzagging between sweaty and intoxicated bodies, but you managed.

Taking one last look behind, you saw Alex still with the same girl, her small arm wrapped around his waist now. His focus seemed to be on something else, though. His eyes were wide, his brows furrowed but you didn’t think much of it as you pushed the doors open and walked out into the cold night.

Shivering at the chilly air, you wrapped your arms around yourself, rubbing them up and down to create some heat. You cursed yourself for not taking a jacket like your friend told you. Taking your cell phone from your back pocket, you immediately opened the Uber app. You sighed, the closest driver was 10 minutes away from you. You picked him anyway, as you had no other choice and wanted to get back to your hotel as soon as possible.

You walked towards the corner of the club, resting your back against the cold brick wall. Surprisingly, the streets were almost empty – except for the people waiting at the entrance of the club. Only a few couples holding hands walked past you while you waited and you couldn’t help but groan and stare at one in particular, they were being extremely touchy. Deep down you knew you reacted like this because you were a bit jealous; you’ve always wanted to be able to hold and kiss Alex wherever and whenever you wanted.

Soft footsteps and a voice you’d recognise anywhere interrupted your train of thought, your head shooting up and your eyes meeting his blue ones.

“Babe?” He asked, his hand cupping your cheek cautiously, as if he wasn’t sure if you’d let him or push him away. “What are you doing here? It’s freezing.” Concern was written all over his gorgeous face and you felt guilty for worrying him, that is until you remembered what you saw in there and you took a step back, leaving the boy confused.

“Like you care.” You spat. It came out harsher than what you intended and your heart pinched at his hurt expression, but you were determined to let him know how you feel; how hurt you were. “You looked like you were having fun in there, with that girl.”

“Babe, it wasn’t-” He started explaining but you cut him right off, your voice firm.

“She was all over you!” You almost screamed, gaining the attention of the young adults waiting in line at the entrance nearby. “And you let her!”

“She was so drunk, she would have given up sooner or later. You know I’d never-” He whispered-yelled, his hands resting on your shoulders trying to calm you down. But you scoffed, cutting him off once again.

“No, I don’t.” You stated. You could see his eyes lost their sparkle and instantly filled with doubt and fear. “I don’t know, and that’s the problem.” You paused, taking a shaky breath. You kind of hoped he’d say something, but as seconds passed and he hasn’t even moved, you continued on with your little rant. “Every time we go out it’s the same – you barely talk to me, because you’re scared someone will notice, or get it on Instagram and all your fans will go nuts. Girls fawn over you and you don’t even see it, but I do. And every single time I have to watch them trying to get in your pants.”

“Y/N…” His hands cupping your face as he rested his forehead against yours. You shook your head slightly as tears welled up in your eyes. You shut them tightly before wrapping your arms around his neck loosely.

“I can’t do this anymore…” You mumbled, your throat hurting from the little crying you’ve done. “I don’t want us to be a secret anymore.”

Alex’s breath caught in his throat as the words left your mouth. Were you going to break up with him? His arms fell down to your waist, pulling you close to him. He couldn’t lose you, not you. You were his everything. His moon and his sun, his safe place. He knew you’ve only dated for a bit over a year but he saw himself growing old with you. He only wanted you, and no one else. His grip on you tightened as he embraced you, his head now resting in the crook of your neck.

“Then we won’t be a secret anymore.” He mumbled into the sensible skin of your neck leaving a few kisses there, a shiver running down your spine. You pulled away from him, cocking an eyebrow at him. Was he serious? Were you finally going to be officially together? Will you really be able to walk hand in hand with him now? Kiss him whenever you please?

Alex smiled at your confused expression, his thumbs wiping the last few tears away from your reddened and puffy cheeks. Instead of responding with words, he answered your unspoken questions by pressing his lips to yours.

You gasped before kissing him back, your fingers playing with the hair at the back of his head. The kiss was gentle and sweet, one of the best you’ve ever shared.

Cheers erupted from behind you and only then you remembered you were in a public place. Your cheeks turned crimson red as you broke the kiss, but did not pull away from your boyfriend. You giggled as you heard a few of your friends shouting and congratulating you. Alex pressed his lips to your forehead before looking down at you.

“I’m sorry.” He breathed out, his eyes never leaving yours. “Jeg elsker dig, smukke.” (I love you, sweetheart).

“I love you too.” You said, getting lost in his deep blue eyes. They were shining again and it made a warm feeling spread in your chest. You blocked away all the noise and focused on him; forgetting about your friends, and even the Uber driver who you could see getting impatient from the corner of your eye. You’ve never been happier. You had the perfect boyfriend, and you could finally show him off. He’s the one, after all.

anonymous asked:

Hi, friend, I’m kinda new in this fandom, so I wonder. What people mean, when said "Louis’ Harry smile" and "Harry’ Louis smile"? It’s something special?

Hi friend. I’m glad you asked.

When Louis smiles at Harry it’s so gentle

And full of love

Even when he just thinks about Harry he’s all

And Harry is just so enamored by Louis

Sometimes I’m worried his face is going to break

And Louis doesn’t even have to be in his line of vision. He gets this way just talking about him

Basically they both light up the sun when they look at or even talk about each other. You can see the love written all over their faces. It is something special :)

we are the reckless, we are the wild youth

[From my own prompt here @ omgcppromptsplease]

Jack tried to remind himself that couldn’t make it to playoffs if he murdered half his line.

He’d been asleep when the call came. “Brah,” Shitty had slurred, too loud and staticky in Jack’s ear. “Jack, we need you to bring us clothes.”

“Why?” Jack had asked. If this was another case of Shitty stripping down and forgetting where he’d put his pants, then Jack was hanging up and letting him deal with it alone. “Who’s we?”

“The boys,” Shitty said, as if that meant something. “You know, like me and Rans and Holtzy and Bits.”

It was the mention of Bittle that made Jack sit up straight. “Why do you all need clothes?”

“Because we went skinny dipping,” Shitty said, as if that were obvious. “And the Chads stole our clothes while we were in the water.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you write about the moment between Malec in episode 2x07, prior to when we are shown them kissing on the balcony? I am eager to know about the scene where they got out there and were talking and sitting comfortably against each other and started kissing. Thanks so much!!

despite the frustration of being interrupted, it was next to impossible to pull magnus out of his good mood. in any other situation and under any other circumstances he would have let alec lay into his brother as much as he wanted. but now and here, he honestly didn’t want alec to go anywhere.

the date had been perfect, hopping across continents and losing themselves in so many beautiful cities. delicious drinks at gorgeous bars, shopping in all of magnus’s favorite places and then finally eating sushi and drinking sake, sitting close but not close enough to touch and talking. all of that still felt so fresh in his mind and under his skin, paired the surprise of alec buying him a gift.

he hadn’t expected that. for one, they had barely spent any time apart while they were out, not enough magnus had assumed for alec to do much of anything, let alone buy him a gift. but more than that, it was the sentiment. he couldn’t remember the last time someone had bought him anything, let alone a gift like this. something for him, something that had significant emotional value, something that said alec saw this and thought of me.

so the idea of anything breaking this warm thing they were wrapped up in at the moment was the last thing he wanted. no, instead the room was filled with music, mixing in with the chandelier light and after soft laughter, magnus stepped in close again, right where they left of, his fingertips pressing at alec’s hip. he watched the way alec reacted to the touch, the slight dip of his eyelids, the parting of his lips and the smile.

“may i kiss you now?” magnus asked, his voice deep and just a little breathless as he watched the way the light was catching in alec’s eyes.

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The Bronx

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker
Word Count: 3.6K
Warnings: Fighting, fluff

A/N: Set during CA:CW airport scene, so obviously some changes to canon to incorporate the reader. Reader’s powers look and act the same as the powers on The Last Airbender (the cartoon, not that movie. The movie was shit.) This was way longer than I expected, whoops.

The squeal of tires alerts everyone’s attention to the arrival of Captain America. You watch silently as Clint and the girl in the front, Wanda, both climb out of the van, and you wait patiently, and nervously, to be introduced.

Your view blocked by the mostly windowless van, you strain your ears to hear. But your leg is bouncing from all the nerves and excitement coursing through your body. You can’t make out words, only accents and voices.

It appears that one of the men in the blue Beetle was Captain America, or at least you think so. The foreign voice you hear, conversing with Clint and Wanda, is deep and calming. Just like you’d imagined the national heroes voice to sound.

You freeze as you hear Clint’s voice approach the van. You don’t notice that you were holding your breath until the van door slides open and bangs, forcing you to exhale with surprise. The man that had taken up the full front row of seat to sleep, Scott, jumps at the noise. This was it. You had to make a good impression. Sure Team Cap, as Scott was nicknaming your fellow van travellers, needed as many enhanced as they could get, but you’re sure that there wouldn’t be anything stopping them from making you wait in the car if you appeared too immature.

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video messages (Reddie)

Helloooo! This is relatively short, (Im sorry!!) I’m on holiday though!! It’s a beach holiday so i’m not really doing anything, so i’m writing basically constantly!! So leave me requests for like any ships from IT!! I’m doing Hc’s, Fics, and one shots, so request anything here

Summary: Request: (Sorry if you aren’t doing these!) but imagine Richie being a Super Softie ™ around Eddie. BUT Eddie secretly takes videos of Soft Richie and sends them to the losers because they don’t believe it when Eddie says Richie isn’t always a Trashmouth ™

Wordcount: 1,549

“You look so cute today Eds.” Richie smiled, ruffling his boyfriends hair. Eddie rolled his eyes, a blush forming on his cheeks, as it often did when Richie was like this.

Richie acted like a comedian around all of his friends. He was cocky, and inappropriate, and could only be serious if you begged him. He was loud, and his friends all called him Trashmouth, because of his loud personality.

But around his boyfriend he was completely different. He was much ore quiet, and he didn’t crack any outrageous jokes. He was much nicer around Eddie. It was probably because Eddie didn’t take Richie’s shit. When Richie was with the losers, he would happily ride his bike around, and spend hours running around, and messing about. But with Eddie, Richie just wanted to sit on his couch, and hold Eddie in his arms, and play with his hair.

Eddie instinctively rose his hand, going to fix his hair. Richie grabbed his hand, lacing their fingers together, absentmindedly. His attention was focused back on the cartoons that were playing on Richie’s TV in Richie’s living room. They were watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons, because Richie didn’t want to get up and put a movie on. Eddie bit his lip, watching as Richie squeezed his hand, gently.

“Don’t call me Eds.” Eddie stated, shaking his head. Richie rolled his eyes, and scoffed in Eddie’s ear. His breath tickled Eddie’s neck, which made Eddie blush. Again.

“Would you rather I called you Eddie Spaghetti?” Richie asked, smirking, though Eddie couldn’t see him. Eddie was lying in between Richie’s legs, his head resting on Richie’s chest. Richie was sat with his back against the couch. Richie had his head bent slightly, so he could annoy Eddie, by whispering to him, about nicknames.

“No..” Eddie mumbled, shaking his head. Richie’s lips made their way to Eddie’s cheek, where he left a soft kiss. Eddie sighed loudly, turning to look at Richie properly. “Why are you like this?”

“Like what?” Richie asked, a laugh tumbling out of his mouth, and blocking the sound of the cartoons.

“Like all cute and shit!” Eddie practically shrieked. Richie’s laugh grew louder, as he titled his head back. Eddie shook his head, rolling his eyes, quickly. “It’s annoying. Very annoying.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, let me be a bad boyfriend.” Richie teased. Eddie glared at him. Richie burst into laughter again, shaking his head. “That’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever said, Eddie Spaghetti.”

“Shut up!” Eddie snapped, pointing a finger at Richie. “It’s annoying me!” Richie rose an eyebrow, and Eddie huffed.”None of the others believe me when I say that you’re cute. They all tell me I’m being ridiculous. That Richie Trashmouth Tozier can’t be sweet!” Richie laughed, in a teasing tone.

“They’ll never see me being sweet! That’s reserved for my Eddie Bear.” Richie continued, wrapping his around Eddie, and hugging him tightly. Eddie was blushing again, and also attempting to swat Richie’s hands away. Eddie gave up, after Richie kissed his head, making Eddie’s head spin. Everything Richie did had a dramatic effect on Eddie. He had only found out last summer that he liked Richie.

They had been at Bill’s, for the fourth of July. They had been listening to whatever playlist Ben had put on. It was mostly hits from the 80’s, with occasional 90’s, and early 2000’s pop ballads. A slow song had come on, and everyone had teased Ben over it. Eddie couldn’t even remember what song it was, he just remembered Richie pulling him up, when Mike pulled Stan and Bill up, to dance. They were doing a slow sway, pretending to hula dance, in Ben’s back garden. Richie had pulled Eddie close, and swayed with him.

“Why are we slow dancing, this isn’t even a sow dancing song.” Eddie had asked quietly. Richie had shrugged, smiling slightly. He interlocked his fingers with Eddie’s, His hand was already resting on Eddie’s hip. Eddie had his hand placed on Richie’s shoulder, and was grateful that Richie had a strong grip on Eddie’s other hand, because otherwise Eddie would have fallen over. He was suddenly horrifically self-conscious. He had no idea why.

“I wanna slow dance, and you’re dainty enough to dance with, Eds.” Richie still had the small smile, gracing his lips. Eddie felt his heart almost burst. Fuck, he looks so cute, Eddie thought. And then he panicked. He couldn’t have a crush on Richie. Richie would hate him. And he couldn’t throw away his friendship with Richie over a thought, though. So he kept his mouth shut.

Although that one thought turned into hundreds. And two months later Richie was the only thing on his mind. He was constantly thinking about him. About what he was doing, About what he was thinking about. Everything. It all overwhelmed him, so much so that one day he didn’t show up to a meet up, with the rest of the group. Richie was worried, went over to Eddie’s house, and climbed through his window.

“What are you doing here?” Eddie had whispered harshly, as he shut his bedroom door. “If my mom see’s you, she’’ flip her shit!” He was panicked. His mother would actually kill him. She hated Richie with a burning passion.

“You missed the meet up! We were all waiting for you!” Richie shrugged. His voice was soft, and his eyes were filled with concern, behind his large glasses. “I got worried.”

“Worried?” Eddie repeated, his eyes going slightly wide. Richie nodded slowly,  Eddie felt his heart race, as it set in that Richie had been worried about him. Eddie bit his lip, looking down slightly. “You shouldn’t worry.” He muttered after a second.

“Why didn’t you come today, then?” It was a simple question, but Eddie couldn’t answer it. His mind raced with excuses, but none came out. “Are you sick?”

“Lovesick.” Eddie muttered, running a hand through his hair. He realised it slipped out, and looked up quickly. Richie stared at him for a second.

“Do you like Bev?” He asked quickly. His eyebrows were raised in alarm, and his voice was shrill. He sounded panicked. Eddie looked at him, confusion written all over his face. “You totally like Bev! Fuck!”

“I don’t like Bev! Jesus, keep your fucking voice down!” Eddie snapped. Richie bit his lip, still staring at Eddie. “Why are you so shrieky today?!”

“Because when the boy I like says he’s lovesick, it worries me!” Richie snapped back. His face quickly turned to shock, as he realised what he said, but he didn’t have time to overthink it, because Eddie was kissing him, and Eddie’s body seemed to go into shock.

It always happened. Every damn time. He site quietly, standing up from the couch, and stretching. “You gotta stop with the nicknames.”

“But they’re great!” Richie protested, shrugging as he lay down on the couch, stretching slightly, after watching Eddie do it. He bit his lip, staring at Eddie, who rolled his eyes again.

Eddie grabbed his phone from his bag, which was sat on the floor. Richie was watching him, smiling slightly. “Staring is creepy, Richie.” Eddie stated, looking back at Richie. He looked back at his phone, reading the texts from the losers.

Stan the man:

I can’t believe you bailed on us, Eddie

Stuttering Bill:

And to hang out with Richie, ew

Eddie Spaghetti:

He’s being insanely cute today, sorryyyy

Stan the man:

Impossible, he’s Richie.

The text made Eddie roll his eyes. A lightbulb went off in his head, though, as he turned back to Richie, completely. Richie was still watching Eddie. Richie flashed Eddie a grin, and Eddie smiled.

Eddie walked back over to his boyfriend, and sat down on his lap. Richie rose an eyebrow, putting his hands on his boyfriends hips. Richie’s hands slipped under Eddie’s t-shirt, his fingers drawing small patterns on Eddie’s hips. Eddie couldn’t help but smile.

Eddie was already on the camera app, pressing record, Richie didn’t notice. He was still staring at Eddie, smiling. Eddie pretended to be preoccupied, fake typing on his phone. Richie’s grin turned into a pout, which Eddie pretended not to notice.

“What are you doing, Eds?” Richie questioned, quietly.

“Texting Stan.” Eddie muttered quietly, pretending to type again.

“You should pay attention to me instead, baby boy!” Richie’s voice was soft, the smile making a short reappearance. Richie grabbed one of Eddie’s hands, lacing their fingers together, which he loved to do. Richie pulled Eddie’s hand towards him, and kissed it. Richie grinned again, he kissed Eddie’s hand again, and again. He smiled at Eddie each time.

Eddie stopped recording, and sent it to his groupchat, quickly. He leaned down, and played a soft kiss on his boyfriends lips. Richie kissed back, smiling into the kiss. Richie’s hands held Eddie’s face in place, as he moved his mouth against the other boys.

Eddie’s phone buzzed in his hand, but he ignored it, as he deepened his kiss with Richie. If he had of checked he would have seen the texts his friends were sending

Stan the man:

That was disgusting, never send me gay shit like that again.

Stuttering Bill:

Stan, babe, we’re guys dating..

Stan the man:

Bill, shut up.

Just This Jump

This scene says so much. Hugh was hurt about being lied to, and scared to see what Paul went through during the 133 jumps. He wasn’t going to talk Paul out of that mission, but you can clearly see he was going to talk Paul out of doing that final jump to Starbase 46. 

Paul anticipates this, and interrupts him with a kiss (in public, and I doubt they’d ever broken their professionalism on the ship like that before). He promises to make it up to Hugh. Not just by taking him to the opera, but by willingly giving up his research and his role on the ship to get the medical treatment he needs, because Hugh needs him to. (”You may not care about you, but I do.”) Even Lorca’s empty promise of peaceful exploration and scientific advancement takes a back seat to his relationship with Hugh. Paul even seems relieved that he, and his spore drive, can no longer be used as a weapon. He was 100% willing to give up an active role in the drive’s future development and use for Hugh, without a fuss. Possibly even sacrificing some of his personal freedom to do so (having to be around to submit to examinations by Starfleet Medical, etc). 

Despite this assurance, Hugh is still worried, still scared. You can see it written plainly all over his face. The last time he saw Paul in that chamber, it could’ve been the last time he ever saw him. But he also has hope. He believes Paul, and he believes in Paul. Just this jump, and their ordeal would be over.

@lightningflamedragonaf : “ A one shot where midoriya/todoroki walks into his dorm and catches uraraka/momo trying on his hero costume. “ 

Thanks for the request! Enjoy this short, fun fic :)

In which Uraraka and Yaoyorozu gets caught 

“Are you sure Uraraka-san?”

“Yes I’m sure! Come on, Vice Prez, have some fun!”

“But isn’t that bad?”

Uraraka stood there, leaning back on her heels with her arms crossed. She was clearly unimpressed.

“Uh, no, it’s their fault for leaving it out in the open like that,” The Uravity heroine jabbed her fingers at the outfits in front of her, lying lifeless and crumpled on the head rest of the lounge chair. Said outfits being Todoroki and Midoriya’s hero costume. Despite looking as if it went under a typhoon and seemingly whipped back out, it was pristine. As expected of UA’s laundry delivery system.

Yaoyorozu bit her lower lip. I mean, no one was around right? Her eyes instinctively did a quick scan. Nope. Zero. None.  Just her, Uraraka, and the clothes.

“Okay, Uraraka-san, “ The creation heroine glanced over at her friend and back to the subject at hand for the third time, “let’s do it.”


Were they supposed to change in the lobby or should they take it upstairs to their rooms? Yaoyorozu already thought of 50 different possibilities within the time Uraraka took to pull off her tee shirt. The former did an audible gulp. If any of her friends came into the lobby at this very moment, she was sure she’d have a stroke.

The bubbly brunette, now fully ready to charge into Midoriya’s green costume, grinned widely and slipped her legs into it.

Yaoyorozu followed suit, hands shaking slightly. Todoroki’s outfit was way heavier than it looked and now that she had gotten a good look at it, that metal thing looked like a backpack. She coughed out a short laugh but quickly composed herself.

“What’s so funny, Yaoyorozu-san?”

The black-haired girl turned around just as she unzipped the item in hand.

“Wow, you look so adorable!” Yaoyorozu gasped. Uraraka looked too small for the costume and given her height, she looked as though she was engulfed in a giant green marshmellow monster. She even flipped over the hoodie, causing her to look even cuter, like an innocent bunny. Yaoyorozu reached over to grab the floppy rabbit-like ears that adorned the girl’s head. Yes, she had to take a picture of this!

Though, the creation heroine felt a smirk tug at her lips, she had to finish wearing hers first of course.

A short moment later and with the last yank of the zipper, Yaoyorozu was done with her part. The girls exchanged glances and within a heartbeat, a joy beyond words stirred somewhere deep within them and bouts of giggles flourished.

“Yaoyorozu-san,” Uraraka’s voice was tainted with mischief, “The zipper on your boobs is going to burst open.”

“Wh-what?!” The girl tilted her head down and instinctively placed her right palm on it, “No, I think it’ll be fine….sort of.” She paused and saw Uraraka hold her midriff in laughter, “Should I take it off in case I break his costume?!”

“No, you look great in it, Yaoyorozu,“ a deep voice called out.

The two girls whipped their heads around so fast Uraraka had to place her hand on her neck to make sure she didn’t dislocate something.

How did the two not notice their footsteps?!

Midoriya, face red with something hopefully not related to the flu, stood beside Todoroki, who was holding a mug of black coffee from Family Mart.

“Uraraka-san,” Midoriya began, “What… are you doing in my suit?”

Wow, it’s shocking that he hasn’t died yet. It’s quite obvious that the Uravity heroine was making his heart hammer like no other. The green-haired boy walked over, admiring. Uraraka responded with a grin and also with embarrassment tinting her cheeks.

“Deku-kun, I’m sorry,” Uraraka pulled the hoodie down, sounding quite defeated, “It’s my fault, I convinced Yaoyorozu-san to try on your costumes.” Her eyes darted over to Todoroki who was now inches apart from the Vice President.

Midoriya nodded, albeit a bit too fervently, “Apologies accepted. Don’t worry about it, you look…” He could see the anticipation written all over Uraraka’s expression, “You look so cute.”

The girl did her signature move: the widened eyes and heavy breathing. Midoriya could melt right then and there.

Yaoyorozu’s lips formed a thin line. Those two had it easy, she thought, at least they didn’t have to deal with this guy.

She was starting to feel the heat get to her, no pun intended, as Todoroki walked closer, placing his coffee down at a nearby stool. Yaoyorozu could never read him. His face and his tone of voice. Everything was shrouded in mystery. Todoroki never let slip his intentions and motives which sometimes made Yaoyorozu more irritated than her mother would have liked.

“Todoroki-san, please accept my humblest apology,” her fingers wrapped around the zipper and she heaved it downwards, until she realized that she wore nothing but a black sports bra underneath. Nevermind.

The boy in front of her looked deadpan as always, and Yaoyorozu’s brows knitted together in frustration.

“I’d much rather you chastise me,” she spoke. At least she could keep her dignity. Maybe.

Todoroki suddenly gloved his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

“Wait, before you take it off in your room,” he had to make sure he emphasized the word ‘room’, “Could I get a picture?”


Uraraka and Midoriya did a double take. It’s not every day you hear a Yaoyorozu shout like a madman.

“Todoroki-san, you want my picture?” The girl could feel her lungs failing her, “But, this is so shameful! As the Vice President of the class…how dare I-“

Todoroki cut her off, “Don’t worry, now look here and smile.”

Click. Flash.

Yaoyorozu swore her soul just escaped her.


Another click. Another flash.

Todoroki scrutinized his screen and squinted.

“Okay, great,” his voice was gentle and with a swift motion, his phone disappeared into the depths of his pocket yet again.

“May I ask, what is Todoroki-san’s intention with my picture?” the girl swivelled a little in her position, hands sweating from nervousness. Whatever he had in mind, it better not involve uploading it onto UA’s Facebook page.

The fire and ice hero made a smirk. Such is Todoroki, even a small smirk could send the girl to the moon. She shook her head slightly to keep herself grounded.

“Well why don’t you take a look,” He fished out his phone again and unlocked it, pushing it well onto her nose almost.

Yaoyorozu took a step back in horror. Oh no. Her picture was now his mobile wallpaper.

“That’s what you get for using my costume without permission,” The boy teased, “If you want, I can send you the pics.”  

She didn’t even know that he could make jokes.

“Uraraka-san, could I get a picture with you as well?” Midoriya spoke up, fingers twiddling.

Yaoyorozu, frozen in her position, turned to watch as the other two made a few quick selfies after Uraraka’s instant nod of approval.

“I-I think I’ll go change,” the Creation heroine’s feeble comment trailed off in tone.

Todoroki took a sip of his coffee, “Do you need help? Sometimes the thermal regulator can get really heavy.”

Ah, another joke from Mr.Jokester over here.

Yaoyorozu turned to give him a childish scowl before trotting her way to the elevator, vanishing from his sight.

As the lift made a close, she leaned back onto the railings and covered herself in her palms.

The girl sighed. Lesson learned. Todoroki can poke fun at you if he wanted to. Now, if only she could come up with something to get back at him too.

BTS Reaction / Hyung Line - Coming Home Late/ Not Spending Time with You


For the past few weeks Namjoon has been coming home late and it was becoming unbearable. When he came home he was either to tired to even spare two words to you or went straight to his home studio and didn’t come out until the next day not even acknowledging your existence. This started to deeply bother you to the point where you started questioning your attractiveness to him or if he just didn’t care about finding time to spend time with you even if it was for a short while. This evening was no different, him coming home and hiding away in his room burrying himself in work but you had enough of this because you couldn’t the last time he even kissed you, so you decided you were going to confront him about it whether he liked it or not, storming into his room spilling all your thoughts and concerns that bad built up over the past few weeks almost on the verge of tears. Realizing how you had felt all this time he deeply regretted not giving you the attention you deserve, it deeply hurt him to find out that you had felt this way. He without hesitation embraced you in his arms soothing you from your near break down then attached his lips to yours to calm your breathing, you cherished this long overdue moment and started to calmed in his embraced missing feeling his touch.

“I promise I won’t let it get that far again”

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Jin was never the type to get to distracted by work or other aspects in his life to the point where he had no time for you but the past few days had been different, it being near his comeback and all he stayed back late at practice working extra hard on his dancing and singing to make sure he was his best.  You understood how serious it was for him and the other members to practice and make sure everything is perfect but you were a little sad disappointed even that it was taking your boyfriend away from you, you knew this is what you signed up for when you started dating an idol but you couldn’t deny the fact that you wish he had more time to spend with you. Just like every other day for the past week or two Jin came home late but instead of usually doing the usual and going straight to shower then to bed he realized you looked down and was being distant instead of usually asking how his day was or if he needed anything. He approached you in your current state, slumped in the couch mindlessly flipping through the channels on TV not even sparing him a glance, he asked you what was wrong and you broke, not able to hold back how you were feeling these past days. Feeling completely guilty for the reason you felt this way he sighed disappointed in himself for letting it get to the point where he barely even had time for you. Feeling the need to make up for all the time he missed with you he sat next to you and pulled you into his lap wrapping his arms around your waist, he placed a kiss to your temple promising he will make time to spend with you. Feeling better you smiled at him and embraced him a loving hug missing having your boyfriend in your arms.

How about we go on a date tomorrow night”

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Yoongi was known for getting sucked into work late at night without even thinking about the environment around him or what the time even was and sometimes even spending the night at the studio.  Most nights he would come home pass midnight with the same excuse as always, he got sidetracked and didn’t realize what time it was, this was getting absolutely frustrating and you couldn’t take it anymore, you missed having him around the house and even in the bed you both shared at night. So when he came home after 2 in the morning with the same excuse as always, you were absolutely livid. You refused to even open the bedroom door to let him in, your mind made up that he was going to have to sleep on the couch. Yoongi had realised from previous nights that you didn’t like the idea of him coming home so late but he never thought you were this mad about it. Yoongi was pleading for you to open the door apology after apology coming from the other side of the door but you tried your best to ignore him not wanting to give in that easy you held up your fascade still mad with him. After awhile it had gone quiet and you thought he had given up and went to sleep so you hesitantly got up from your spot on the bed and slowly peeked open the door, what you saw made your heart drop, there was Yoongi leaning up against the wall, his head in his hands with a look of distress on his face, when he realized your presence he immediately stood to his feet and pulled you into him almost on the verge of tears apologizing for him coming home so late so often, not being able to stay mad at him any longer you sighed knowing that he truly was sorry and happily hugged him back.

“Forgive me y/n…..please don’t ignore me”

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Hoseok was never the type to come home in the wee hours of the morning but it was starting to become a regular these past few days. At first you weren’t worried too much about it because you knew his type of work was hard and consisted him having to spend hours upon hours practicing but as it was starting to happen everynight you started to get a little annoyed. You missed him coming home and spending quality time with you if it was watching a movie or just cuddling on the couch until one of you gave into the temptation of sleep. This present night was no different, you purposely stayed up until Hoseok  came home just so you could have a serious talk about how you felt about this whole situation and as expected a few minutes after 1 in the morning your heard the creek of the front door signaling he was home. You weren’t angry with him just a little disappointed but you still made sure to tell him your concerns.  You waited for him to get settled in, taking off his shoes and putting away his gym bag, he approached you to greet you placing a kiss on your cheek while questioning why you were still up. Using this as your opportunity you explained to him about how you were worried about him coming home so late and barely having anytime to spend with you. His shoulders slumped, feeling guilty for causing you to feel this way. He knew you two weren’t spending as much time together like before and he admitted that he knew it was his fault for getting carried away with work. Sighing he lead you to your shared bedroom and sat you on the bed taking a spot next to you, he taked your hands in his gently rubbing soothing circles on the back of your knuckles all the while trying to find the words to apologize. He didn’t have to say anything, sorrow was written all over his face and at this you expression soften and what little worry you had dissolved, you couldn’t stay upset at that face. With a sigh you wrapped your arms around his neck and planted a firm kiss to his lips showing him that he was forgiven. He smiled into the kiss returning your gesture and kissed you back honestly missing these type of moments you both shared.

“I really missed this”

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A/N: Honestly this was really good in my mind but then I started writing it and it turned out really bad… Like I have no idea where this was going and where the hell my good ending went… I’m sorry guys…. I’m not as good as I once was… this is terrible, I’m so ashamed to post this…

“Scott — Fuck!” Those were the last two things that had come out of your mouth when you felt the sharp arrow pierce your abdomen. You let out a mix between a scream and a yelp as you instinctively reached to where the arrow was. Blood had already begun to surround the area. 

The assassins had caught everybody off guard and even though with the help of Satomi’s pack the deadpool assassins still had a greater number. You had been helping Carrie, a member of Satomi’s pack, escape but now you had lost sight of here.

“Carrie?!” You called out, but there was no reply. You knew what that meant, either she had kept going without you, or you weren’t the only one who had gotten shot. You couldn’t wait around any longer though or the next arrow would be aimed for your head, and you weren’t fond of loosing that just yet, even if your guilt to leave her behind was eating you alive. “Shit..” you muttered as you began to grasp onto the shaft of the arrow to yank it out.

No matter how fast you ripped the arrow out it was going to hurt, and it did, quite a lot. You couldn’t help but let out a yell as you finally got the end out and you could feel tears swelling in your eyes. Although you have healing abilities the wound didn’t close and the blood still continued to slowly spill. “Fuck, not now, why aren’t I healing?” You whisper in the most panicked tone over, but you knew that the assassins weren’t going to wait for you to bleed out, you still needed to get out of there.

As you finally made it out, the loss of blood had finally begun to get to you. Blood had coated and seeped through your shirt, and it covered your hands. You hadn’t intended on slowing down but you did once your vision blurred a little and you had to lean on the outside wall for support. You put your bloodied hands back on the wound, hoping the pressure would keep it from bleeding. 

You could see blurred figures approaching with fast paces in the distance but too blurred to make out who it could be. You continued to walk towards them with one hand against the wall; no longer caring who it was — you just wanted the pain to end at this point — you called out to them, “Scott? Brett? Please, I don’t care who you are just make it go away.”

You couldn’t tell if it was from the blood loss or from the tears that wouldn’t stop falling from your eyes that was making your vision even worse. Your hands were wet and stained with blood, it would take some very good scrubbing to get it off; the blood was tinted black, maybe the arrow was laced with wolfsbane. Your sweater which had once been white was not so white and new anymore, and would never return that way. At some point your eyes had changed from their normal color to the signature glowing gold of a beta werewolf. 

This night was by fair the worst you’ve ever experienced and you were beginning to think it would also be the last night you’ve ever experienced, but by luck or maybe even some cruel fate it wasn’t. As you finally collapsed from pure exhaustion and from the pain you were in, you heard Brett’s voice. “Scott! Scott over here — she’s over here!” 

You faded in and out of consciousness, but when you felt a familiar presence right next to you, your eyes drifted back open and you swore that you could feel yourself smile. “It’s going to be alright Y/N.” Your eyes landed on Scott first but then moved to Brett who was there keeping pressure on your wound. 

“S-Scott..” You faintly cried out and he gave you a pitiful heartbreaking smile in return as he took a hold of your hand with both of his and grasped it.

“I’m right here, Y/N. You’ll be okay, you’re going to heal.” He tells you in a forced calm tone but you could still here the worry and panic in his words. The warmth of Scott’s hands soothed you and you started to feel comfortable as you watched him begin to take the pain away. You saw his veins begin to turn black and your heart broke as you watched him go through the same pain, it was written all over his face. Although the wound had stopped bleeding and you could feel your healing abilities finally working once again, you felt like you had been shot all over again after watching Scott bear the pain for you.

Don't talk to me that way - Jughead Smut

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Warning: Smut smut smut !!, spanking, daddy kink, public sex (somewhat ?), swearing

Requests: @bbgirlhan

A/N: Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I had to go to summer camp for 2 weeks and there weren’t any phones allowed so yeah :) Requests are still open if you have any idea so that you want to be written

I checked my phone for the fifth time in the past three minutes, watching the minutes creep towards midnight at a painstakingly slow rate. Jughead had asked me to join him at Pop’s because he was enduring another sleepless night; although, it ultimately resulted in Jug pulling out his laptop and quickly typing away at his novel while I sat there being used at silent motivation.

“Jug, do you want to order anything or just use Pop’s free wifi?” I finally piped up and the black-haired boy nodded.

“Yeah sure, let me just finish this paragraph.” He answered not bothering to look up from the screen. I could tell he wasn’t listening since that was the same answer I’ve received for three questions straight. As I sat in the leather booth staring out the fogged window as the sound of Jughead’s long fingers bouncing across the keyboard. My legged bounced up and down as I grew more and more impatient until I finally had enough and slammed my hands down on the table, finally catching Jughead’s attention. His head shot up and confusion was written all over his face.

“What?” He asked puzzled causing me to roll my eyes in annoyance.

“You know when you asked me to come to Pop’s because you couldn’t sleep this isn’t what I was expecting.” I huffed out and crossed my arms.

“What do you want me to do?” He shot back growing more irritated. His voice rising in tension sent shivers down my spine and cause my heart race.

“I want you to pay attention to me, all you do is worry about Jason Blossom and not me.” 

“Is this how you’re going to be?” I asked and I nodded, pouting and now enforcing the silent treatment. Jughead slammed his laptop shut and threw it in his bag, standing up, he roughly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the diner and over to my car.

“Keys. Now.” He demanded and I instantly handed them over, rubbing my thighs in anticipation at what was coming next. Jughead unlocked the car and opened the back seat, gesturing for me to get in and I quickly obliged and he followed, locking the car and proceeding to throw his bag along with the keys in the passenger seat.

“You know you’re being a very bad girl right now, not letting daddy do his work. Do you know what this means, someone needs to get punished.” Jug growled and I nodded. 

Jughead violently shoved his lips to against mine, evolving into a rough and passionate kiss. My hands quickly tangled themselves into his hair and he groaned in satisfaction when I tugged at the strands. Jug pushed the jacket off my shoulders and ripped the shirt I was wearing over my head. His lips trailed down my body and as he left hot kisses, his hands worked at the button of my jeans and yanked them down to my ankles.

“I don’t like the tone of voice you’ve had with me lately, so I think it’d be best if you were punished for it.” Jug smirked down at me and I grew wet in anticipation for what was next. Jughead roughly flipped me over onto my stomach and began rubbing the skin of my ass before speaking again. “I want you to count for me, can you do that kitten?” He asked in a deep voice and I nodded helplessly.

“One” I yelped out once he laid a firm smack against my skin. “Two” I continued as I felt another hard slap and I whimper out from the painful pleasure I received.




This same routine kept going until he reached ten and then he caressed the now stinging area as a way to soothe it.

“You did really well with that kitten, I think you deserve a little reward.” Jug smirked as he began to strip down to the extent the car would allow. Jughead wasted now time to fill me with his length, quickly thrusting in making me release a choked back moan. As if he was trying to soothe the pain I felt he pressed his lips to mine for a much more sweet and loving kiss.

“Can you please move Jug?” I whispered, bucking my hips for more friction as I adjusted.

“What did you call me?” He asked sternly.

“Daddy,” I sighed out and he happily obliged by quickly moving, causing me to arch my back in pleasure and moan out loudly. I let my hands find his hair and I violently ran my hands through the black locks.

“Fuck (Y/N),” Jughead groaned in satisfaction and a knot grew in my stomach from the roughness of his body pressing against mine. I sighed happily when I felt his teeth graze at my neck and collarbone.

“D-Daddy I’m close.” I stuttered out, my breath heavy.

“I know kitten, me too.” He said and I could see the sweat forming on his forehead. Jughead grabbed my leg and pushed it farther back so he could go deeper and once he did so I practically screamed in pleasure at the new feeling. After a few more deep thrusts I finally could feel myself let go as I became a squirming mess beneath him.

“We need to do this more often.” Jughead whispered as he removed himself and pressed a kiss to my lips.

“Yes please daddy,” I smirked.


[Yoongi] Something’s Wrong || Part Seven 

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six || Part Seven ||  Part Eight || Part Nine || Part Ten || Part Eleven || Part Twelve || Part Thirteen || Part Fourteen || Part Fifteen || Part Sixteen || Part Seventeen

 Once you’ve gotten to the boy’s dorm Hoseok was quick to usher you in, worry written all over his face. Hoseok was the only other person who Yoongi let get close to him, however there were certain situations only you could handle. “Bedroom,“ he hastily said, "won’t let me get anywhere close to him." 

You gave a polite nod and made your way to Yoongi’s bedroom only to find the door locked. “I said go away Hoseok,” the voice was scratchy and raw, sounding as if tears were lodged inside his throat. 

“It’s me Yoongi,” you said softly, as if your voice would break him if it was too loud. There was ruffling inside the room and suddenly the door swung open. Yoongi. His hair was flat and lifeless against his head and his eyes were dimmed red with tear stains all down his face. His face crumpled at the sight of you and you were quick to capture him falling in your arms. You shuffled into the dark bedroom and shut the door with your foot. 

Yoongi’s head stayed buried in your neck as you surveyed the dark room. It looked as if he’d broken everything he owned. Broken collections laid across the floor, his desk askew, and his books and cds scattered. 

You readjusted your arms so you could run your fingers through his hair and rub his back at the same time. "She left me…said I was never enough…" 

You closed your eyes and waited a few moments. "You’ll always be enough, Yoongi,” you said softly. Yoongi only shook his head in response. 

 You stayed like that for a bit, Yoongi crying into your shoulder and you comforting him. Eventually you two settled in his bed, mumbling what you both missed out on in the past month. Yoongi eventually drifted off to sleep, head tucked beside your own and a blanket securing you both in. Just like the old times.

 How were you supposed to sleep like that? With your heartbeat wild and showing no signs of slowing down. With your head spinning with your own toxic thoughts. 

After making sure Yoongi was asleep you slipped out of the bed and reached for your shoes. A pair of arms wrapped around your waist, startling you. “Mina don’t leave,” Yoongi sleepily mumbled. 

Your world shattered before your eyes. Leave, don’t look back. But Yoongi was begging and heartbroken. He wanted Mina, not you. It had always been someone else. Someone else you stood by and envied, how torturous had it been watching Yoongi date and hookup as you waited for him. 

So you let him pull you back down and wrapped his arms protectively around you as hot tears spilled silently on your cheeks. There was no chance of sleeping tonight. 

 a/n: uhhhhhh 😅 so this is a big plot twist! Let me know how you feel about the writing instead of all texts! I will continue if requested ☺️

Period||Daniel Seavey||Imagine One♡

Summary:You get your period and Daniel takes care of you




Just a cute little photo of Daniel:))

As your eyes fluttered open they adjusted to the dark room you were once fast asleep in, the light of the moon shining through the blinds that hung in the window hitting the wall directly across from it. You look beside you to see your boyfriend of two months sleeping soundly, with his arms wrapped around your waist while his head lays back on the pillow next to yours. His peaceful face causing a small smile to play on yours as the soft snores he was making fill the room. This was the first time you had ever spent the night at the why don’t we house and if this is what it felt like, waking up next to the boy you were falling for than you could defiantly get use to it. You turned your head to see the clock. The bright red letters causing hurt to flash in your eyes as they weren’t ready for something so bright.

4:52 am

You had felt a sharp pain hit your stomach. Deciding that you hadn’t ate much today you were probably just hungry you grabbed your phone and headed down the stairs as quietly as possible, not wanting to wake anyone up or cause anyone to get angry. You found an apple and a bottle of water from the fridge before sitting down on one of the bar stools and opened up twitter to see what you had missed in the four hours you had been asleep.

You were just cleaning up the remander of your midnight snack when a sleepy Daniel appeared in front of you.

“Danny baby, what are you going out of bed?” you asked walking closer to him, he immediately wrapped his arms around your waist,laying his head in your neck, clearly still extremely sleepy.

“I got worried when I woke up and you weren’t there” He mumbled before placing a soft, sleepy kiss on your neck. Your heart melted right away, it was the little things like this that truly made you believe you were falling for him. Everyday he did something that made you feel so incredibly special.

You stood there for a second, swaying back and fourth still in his arms, when another wave of pain hit you, way stronger than before. Your knees when weak, Daniel noticed pulling his face away from your neck to come face to face with you again. Worry flashed through his eyes as they scanned your face which had “in extreme pain” written all over it.

“Lets get you back to bed, maybe its a stomach flew or something” He said, kissing your forehead before taking your hand in his and leading you back up the stairs. Still a little unfamiliar to the house you took out your phone and turned on the flash light, lighting up a pathway to Daniels room that you could both see.

The two of you walked into Daniels room when you both saw it, you stopped dead in your tracks and froze. The huge red stain that had taken up a large spot on Daniels bed sheets. You felt the tears start to form in your eyes, not only was this embarrassing, you had this horrible feeling that Daniel was going to get mad at you. This had only happened once before, with your ex and he had gotten angry and you felt the same way you did then. Venerable and scared.

Daniel turned to face you, his eyes flashing with worry and care. He pulled you into his chest and started rubbing your back as you closed your eyes and tried to stay claim.

“Im gonna go run you a bath, take off your clothes and Ill put them and the sheets in the wash. I think Christina leaves some girl products in Corbyns bathroom, Ill go find you some. Just sit down and stay put” He whispered, placing a kiss just under your ear before placing you on the bed and walking into the bathroom to start the bath water.

You sat there in shock, no one had ever been so sweet to you. No one had never taken care of you in such a loving and tender way. Daniel Seavey was honestly one of the most perfect guy in the whole world and he was yours.

He came back into the room a few minutes later carrying two boxes, one with tampons and one with pads, he walked into the bathroom and turned off the water once the bath was filled up and put the boxes down. He walked back out to see you sitting there, pain and shock written all over your face, but he didn’t say anything he just stuck out his hand, waiting for you to wake it. You took his hand in yours and you followed him as he brought you into the bathroom.

You started stripping, in too much pain to care if he was still standing there behind you. You rolled up your pants and underwear, careful to make sure the stain wasn’t showing before placing them on the counter. Daniel came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your exposed stomach and placed soft kisses along your shoulders. Just his touch alone made the pain subside and make you feel a little better.

“Ill be back baby, go relax” he whispered again, before walking out the door with your stained clothes in his hand. You got into the bath, the warm water hitting your skin. You leaned your head back, closing your eyes as you laid in the big soaker tub.

Daniel came in about 20 minutes later, holding a pair of his sweatpants and your favourite hoodie of his.

“I put these in the dryer, along with a blanket so they will be warm when you get out and I changed the bedsheets, come out when your read baby” He said, before coming over and bending down to place a kiss on your forehead before leaving you be again.

You had never known a boy could be such a gentleman, he had stood behind you naked and didn’t try anything, he didn’t even make a flirty joke, he had then see you in the bath tub naked but his eyes never left yours, not even for a second. He had made you feel so loved at 5 am and not once did he even seem to mind that you had kept him up.

Once you got out of the bath, you cleaned yourself up and took care of all the girly busniess you needed too before putting on his clothes that he had left for you and walked out to see him sitting on the edge of the bed on his phone.

“You could have gone back to sleep love, its 5:30” You said as you sat next to him. He turned off his phone, putting it on the night side table before sitting back up to place his head on your shoulder, grabbing your hand and intertwining your hands.

“I didn’t want to go back to bed without my girl,I wanted to make sure you were okay” He said, smiling up at you.

“Come on Danny boy, lets get some sleep” You told him, this time placing a kiss on his forehead before standing up to to turn off the lights.

Both of you laid back in bed, Daniel laying on his back while you laid half on top of him and half off the bed while he brought his hand under his hoodie and rubbed smooth circles on your exposed back.

“Sweet dreams princess” You heard him whisper before you fell asleep.

God you were falling for this boy.

BTS Reaction to him being ‘too big’

Anon Requested:  Hii, can you please do BTS reaction during the first time and you have a little ‘trouble’ and you say it’s 'too big’ ?

I hope this is what you were looking for! I was having kind of a hard time writing 7 different reactions so I apologize if they sound kind of similar.

Jungkook: Jungkook figured something was wrong almost a minute into trying to push all the way in. You would constantly whine and make sounds showing all of the uncomfort you were going through. Jungkook would slowly pull out  and sit back on his knees trying to think of what to do. “Here sit up.” He would say helping you into your new position. He’d slowly push on your back having your chest press against the mattress and back arch more. Jungkook would align himself with you again slowly pushing in, you wouldn’t have made any other sounds other than you quietly gasping from him filling you up.

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Taehyung: Taehyung hadn’t really gone as slow as he should have, positioning himself he pushed in already getting half of him before you started to lightly push on his chest. “Ow wait..” Taehyung almost instantly looked down at you and slowed down, he pushed in slowly but that didn’t make anything better, you pushed him back more and groaned a “Stop.” Taehyung halted his motion and just looked down at you, pain clearly written on your face. “You’re too big..” You whined looking up at him, he slowly pulled out making sure not to hurt you anymore. “We can try another time okay? Let’s just do something else.” You nodded, you were okay with waiting just a little longer.

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Jimin: You knew Jimin wasn’t the biggest in length but the second he had pushed himself halfway in you felt pain, he was stretching you out and he was big in width. You tried pulling away from him as the pain was just too much, Jimin immediately stopped and checked to see if you were okay, he was attentive and made sure you wanted to continue. You whined when he had asked if you wanted to continue. “You’re too big Jimin..” He couldn’t help but chuckle at how quiet you had gotten when saying that. “We can do something else, we don’t have to continue. I can wait.”

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Hoseok: You shifted again biting your lip trying to take as much as you could but if you were being honest it hurt. It wasn’t a pain where you felt like you were going to rip in half but it was enough to make you tear up. You felt your throat close up and a quiet “It hurts.” slipped from your lips. Hoseok’s attention immediately went to you, wiping the tear that had slipped from your eyes. He stopped any movements that went on and made sure you were okay. He wanted you not to feel any pain and if he had to wait then so be it.

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Namjoon: “O-Ow..” You whimpered out squeezing your eyes closed as Namjoon started to move his hips back and forth. Your voice was quiet but still loud enough for Namjoon to hear and slow down to a stop. “Do you want to stop? I can stop, well I did but I mean all together.” Namjoon asked but your head immediately start to shake. “N-No, it’s just..you’re really big Namjoon.” You looked up at him as he hovered over your body. “I want to keep going.”

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Yoongi: You never said anything about the pain, you didn’t want to be that cliche girl that cried during her first time so you kept your mouth shut. You may have not made a sound but the pain you were in was written all over your face and Yoongi say it quite clearly. He had pushed himself almost all the way in when he stopped all of the sudden. “H-Huh?” You opened your eyes looking at him to see that he was already staring down at you worry covering every inch of his face. “I-I’m fine..you’re just a little big.” He pulled out completely and sat down in front of you. “Not now then, you’re in pain so we’ll try again some other time. I don’t want to hurt you.” He spoke as he caressed your cheek wiping away any tears that had slipped out.

Jin: “Stop, stop, stop!” You cried out scooting away from Jin as he thrusted just the slightest. Jin froze, eyes widening not knowing what was wrong. “What’s wrong, did I hurt you? I didn’t mean to..”

“You’re too big..” Jin only nodded understanding what you meant. He slowly began again not pushing all of him in, you needed time to adjust and he was going to give you as much time as needed.

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Doll (B.Barnes)


Bucky Barnes

Warnings: angst(?), swearing, Bucky being an idiot, jealous Bucky possibly

A filler until I publish my next smut, enjoy xo

At first, everybody thought it was a fluke. It had to be, that’s the only way this thing made sense. It was a simple slip of the mind, nothing uncommon for Bucky.

But when Bucky didn’t make a move to correct himself.. that’s when things got confusing. 

Nat thought he mustn’t have noticed when he called the pretty brunette at the bar ‘Doll’. Wanda thought he was a little tipsy, despite knowing very well that was an impossible thing. But Y/N, well.. Y/N knew it was no mistake, no slip of the tongue. 

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anonymous asked:

don't know if you've answered this, but when do you think Dean gave Cas the mixtape? 12x01? before?

Ahh, well, of course we can’t know, but I speculate it was after the “I love you” debacle of 12x12.

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My personal interpretation:

Dean knew what Cas meant. Heck even Sam and Mary knew. It’s written all over Dean and Sam’s faces after the second clarification. They know.

Dean then gives Cas a mixtape, which is his way of trying to say it back but still sublimating, cos, well, he still is at this point.

Then the NEXT SCENE we get of them actually together in the same room, is the “worried wife” scene of 12x19 and the very next scene of them in the same room WITHOUT A CHAPERONE and without one of them under the influence of something terrible, which hasn’t happened since…. THE BURGER DATE????  

We get confirmation of a mixtape and basically a “are we breaking up?” “no I still love you you idiot” scene.

So… what you’re telling me SPN is, looking, just since season 8,  

Dean / Cas only scenes :

We went from: 

“I’m not leaving here without you” 
to “I did everything I could to get you out, EVERYTHING” 
to “talk to me” 
to “I need you” 
to the wonder of 9x06
to hunter husbands in 12x01-02 
to Dean being Cas’ human weakness, longing for him enough that he picked up on it, worrying over him on the couch in 12x10 (let’s not forget the actual chaperoned scenes in the diners of 12x10 and 12x22 either which were was SO romantically framed)
to “I love you” 
to a mixtape and a MASSIVELY romantically coded potential break up / not a break up scene 
to Cas’ death and Dean’s grieving.

*Incoherent screeching*.

I read an old ghost post from season 9 saying they just can’t write Dean and Cas in the same room without a chaperone anymore without it being romantic and… well, they’re not wrong. 

It’s just gone from strength to strength.