worry written all over his face

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Could you write about the moment between Malec in episode 2x07, prior to when we are shown them kissing on the balcony? I am eager to know about the scene where they got out there and were talking and sitting comfortably against each other and started kissing. Thanks so much!!

despite the frustration of being interrupted, it was next to impossible to pull magnus out of his good mood. in any other situation and under any other circumstances he would have let alec lay into his brother as much as he wanted. but now and here, he honestly didn’t want alec to go anywhere.

the date had been perfect, hopping across continents and losing themselves in so many beautiful cities. delicious drinks at gorgeous bars, shopping in all of magnus’s favorite places and then finally eating sushi and drinking sake, sitting close but not close enough to touch and talking. all of that still felt so fresh in his mind and under his skin, paired the surprise of alec buying him a gift.

he hadn’t expected that. for one, they had barely spent any time apart while they were out, not enough magnus had assumed for alec to do much of anything, let alone buy him a gift. but more than that, it was the sentiment. he couldn’t remember the last time someone had bought him anything, let alone a gift like this. something for him, something that had significant emotional value, something that said alec saw this and thought of me.

so the idea of anything breaking this warm thing they were wrapped up in at the moment was the last thing he wanted. no, instead the room was filled with music, mixing in with the chandelier light and after soft laughter, magnus stepped in close again, right where they left of, his fingertips pressing at alec’s hip. he watched the way alec reacted to the touch, the slight dip of his eyelids, the parting of his lips and the smile.

“may i kiss you now?” magnus asked, his voice deep and just a little breathless as he watched the way the light was catching in alec’s eyes.

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Hi, friend, I’m kinda new in this fandom, so I wonder. What people mean, when said "Louis’ Harry smile" and "Harry’ Louis smile"? It’s something special?

Hi friend. I’m glad you asked.

When Louis smiles at Harry it’s so gentle

And full of love

Even when he just thinks about Harry he’s all

And Harry is just so enamored by Louis

Sometimes I’m worried his face is going to break

And Louis doesn’t even have to be in his line of vision. He gets this way just talking about him

Basically they both light up the sun when they look at or even talk about each other. You can see the love written all over their faces. It is something special :)

BTS Reaction to him being ‘too big’

Anon Requested:  Hii, can you please do BTS reaction during the first time and you have a little ‘trouble’ and you say it’s 'too big’ ?

I hope this is what you were looking for! I was having kind of a hard time writing 7 different reactions so I apologize if they sound kind of similar.

Jungkook: Jungkook figured something was wrong almost a minute into trying to push all the way in. You would constantly whine and make sounds showing all of the uncomfort you were going through. Jungkook would slowly pull out  and sit back on his knees trying to think of what to do. “Here sit up.” He would say helping you into your new position. He’d slowly push on your back having your chest press against the mattress and back arch more. Jungkook would align himself with you again slowly pushing in, you wouldn’t have made any other sounds other than you quietly gasping from him filling you up.

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Taehyung: Taehyung hadn’t really gone as slow as he should have, positioning himself he pushed in already getting half of him before you started to lightly push on his chest. “Ow wait..” Taehyung almost instantly looked down at you and slowed down, he pushed in slowly but that didn’t make anything better, you pushed him back more and groaned a “Stop.” Taehyung halted his motion and just looked down at you, pain clearly written on your face. “You’re too big..” You whined looking up at him, he slowly pulled out making sure not to hurt you anymore. “We can try another time okay? Let’s just do something else.” You nodded, you were okay with waiting just a little longer.

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Jimin: You knew Jimin wasn’t the biggest in length but the second he had pushed himself halfway in you felt pain, he was stretching you out and he was big in width. You tried pulling away from him as the pain was just too much, Jimin immediately stopped and checked to see if you were okay, he was attentive and made sure you wanted to continue. You whined when he had asked if you wanted to continue. “You’re too big Jimin..” He couldn’t help but chuckle at how quiet you had gotten when saying that. “We can do something else, we don’t have to continue. I can wait.”

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Hoseok: You shifted again biting your lip trying to take as much as you could but if you were being honest it hurt. It wasn’t a pain where you felt like you were going to rip in half but it was enough to make you tear up. You felt your throat close up and a quiet “It hurts.” slipped from your lips. Hoseok’s attention immediately went to you, wiping the tear that had slipped from your eyes. He stopped any movements that went on and made sure you were okay. He wanted you not to feel any pain and if he had to wait then so be it.

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Namjoon: “O-Ow..” You whimpered out squeezing your eyes closed as Namjoon started to move his hips back and forth. Your voice was quiet but still loud enough for Namjoon to hear and slow down to a stop. “Do you want to stop? I can stop, well I did but I mean all together.” Namjoon asked but your head immediately start to shake. “N-No, it’s just..you’re really big Namjoon.” You looked up at him as he hovered over your body. “I want to keep going.”

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Yoongi: You never said anything about the pain, you didn’t want to be that cliche girl that cried during her first time so you kept your mouth shut. You may have not made a sound but the pain you were in was written all over your face and Yoongi say it quite clearly. He had pushed himself almost all the way in when he stopped all of the sudden. “H-Huh?” You opened your eyes looking at him to see that he was already staring down at you worry covering every inch of his face. “I-I’m fine..you’re just a little big.” He pulled out completely and sat down in front of you. “Not now then, you’re in pain so we’ll try again some other time. I don’t want to hurt you.” He spoke as he caressed your cheek wiping away any tears that had slipped out.

Jin: “Stop, stop, stop!” You cried out scooting away from Jin as he thrusted just the slightest. Jin froze, eyes widening not knowing what was wrong. “What’s wrong, did I hurt you? I didn’t mean to..”

“You’re too big..” Jin only nodded understanding what you meant. He slowly began again not pushing all of him in, you needed time to adjust and he was going to give you as much time as needed.

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The Bronx

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker
Word Count: 3.6K
Warnings: Fighting, fluff

A/N: Set during CA:CW airport scene, so obviously some changes to canon to incorporate the reader. Reader’s powers look and act the same as the powers on The Last Airbender (the cartoon, not that movie. The movie was shit.) This was way longer than I expected, whoops.

The squeal of tires alerts everyone’s attention to the arrival of Captain America. You watch silently as Clint and the girl in the front, Wanda, both climb out of the van, and you wait patiently, and nervously, to be introduced.

Your view blocked by the mostly windowless van, you strain your ears to hear. But your leg is bouncing from all the nerves and excitement coursing through your body. You can’t make out words, only accents and voices.

It appears that one of the men in the blue Beetle was Captain America, or at least you think so. The foreign voice you hear, conversing with Clint and Wanda, is deep and calming. Just like you’d imagined the national heroes voice to sound.

You freeze as you hear Clint’s voice approach the van. You don’t notice that you were holding your breath until the van door slides open and bangs, forcing you to exhale with surprise. The man that had taken up the full front row of seat to sleep, Scott, jumps at the noise. This was it. You had to make a good impression. Sure Team Cap, as Scott was nicknaming your fellow van travellers, needed as many enhanced as they could get, but you’re sure that there wouldn’t be anything stopping them from making you wait in the car if you appeared too immature.

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It could have been his imagination, but Jin swears he feels the slightest tickle of rain on his face, so he reaches out his hand, palm upturned, to confirm his suspicions.

“Hmm.” He narrows his eyes at his dry hand, then glowers up at the overcast sky and heaves an irritated sigh. The weather forecast had lied. Again. This was the second time this week that, instead of sunshine and high temperatures, they were instead given downpour and gloom. Well, it wasn’t pouring yet, but Jin wasn’t about to get his hopes up.sunshine and high temperatures, they were instead given downpour and gloom. Well, it wasn’t pouring yet, but Jin wasn’t about to get his hopes up.

“Alright boys, let’s pick up the pace. I want to get in at least some practicing before it starts to rain,” Jin calls over to his team, all stretching their limbs and grumbling a collective ‘Yes coach.’ They all look as miserable as Jin assumes they feel and just the tiniest part of him feels almost sorry for making them practice. Almost. The team needs to kick their practicing into high gear if they want to be ready in time for the new season and that meant no slacking, so Jin shakes off the slight guilt with ease.

He instructs half the team to do interval throwing – a partner drill where they throw the ball back and forth - while the other half of the team does base running.

Three rows down, doing the interval drill, Jungkook nurses a wicked headache and catches the ball that comes whizzing at him from the opposite end. He throws it back and Jimin catches it in his glove easily, yawning tiredly and putting little effort into his next throw.

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A/N: Honestly this was really good in my mind but then I started writing it and it turned out really bad… Like I have no idea where this was going and where the hell my good ending went… I’m sorry guys…. I’m not as good as I once was… this is terrible, I’m so ashamed to post this…

“Scott — Fuck!” Those were the last two things that had come out of your mouth when you felt the sharp arrow pierce your abdomen. You let out a mix between a scream and a yelp as you instinctively reached to where the arrow was. Blood had already begun to surround the area. 

The assassins had caught everybody off guard and even though with the help of Satomi’s pack the deadpool assassins still had a greater number. You had been helping Carrie, a member of Satomi’s pack, escape but now you had lost sight of here.

“Carrie?!” You called out, but there was no reply. You knew what that meant, either she had kept going without you, or you weren’t the only one who had gotten shot. You couldn’t wait around any longer though or the next arrow would be aimed for your head, and you weren’t fond of loosing that just yet, even if your guilt to leave her behind was eating you alive. “Shit..” you muttered as you began to grasp onto the shaft of the arrow to yank it out.

No matter how fast you ripped the arrow out it was going to hurt, and it did, quite a lot. You couldn’t help but let out a yell as you finally got the end out and you could feel tears swelling in your eyes. Although you have healing abilities the wound didn’t close and the blood still continued to slowly spill. “Fuck, not now, why aren’t I healing?” You whisper in the most panicked tone over, but you knew that the assassins weren’t going to wait for you to bleed out, you still needed to get out of there.

As you finally made it out, the loss of blood had finally begun to get to you. Blood had coated and seeped through your shirt, and it covered your hands. You hadn’t intended on slowing down but you did once your vision blurred a little and you had to lean on the outside wall for support. You put your bloodied hands back on the wound, hoping the pressure would keep it from bleeding. 

You could see blurred figures approaching with fast paces in the distance but too blurred to make out who it could be. You continued to walk towards them with one hand against the wall; no longer caring who it was — you just wanted the pain to end at this point — you called out to them, “Scott? Brett? Please, I don’t care who you are just make it go away.”

You couldn’t tell if it was from the blood loss or from the tears that wouldn’t stop falling from your eyes that was making your vision even worse. Your hands were wet and stained with blood, it would take some very good scrubbing to get it off; the blood was tinted black, maybe the arrow was laced with wolfsbane. Your sweater which had once been white was not so white and new anymore, and would never return that way. At some point your eyes had changed from their normal color to the signature glowing gold of a beta werewolf. 

This night was by fair the worst you’ve ever experienced and you were beginning to think it would also be the last night you’ve ever experienced, but by luck or maybe even some cruel fate it wasn’t. As you finally collapsed from pure exhaustion and from the pain you were in, you heard Brett’s voice. “Scott! Scott over here — she’s over here!” 

You faded in and out of consciousness, but when you felt a familiar presence right next to you, your eyes drifted back open and you swore that you could feel yourself smile. “It’s going to be alright Y/N.” Your eyes landed on Scott first but then moved to Brett who was there keeping pressure on your wound. 

“S-Scott..” You faintly cried out and he gave you a pitiful heartbreaking smile in return as he took a hold of your hand with both of his and grasped it.

“I’m right here, Y/N. You’ll be okay, you’re going to heal.” He tells you in a forced calm tone but you could still here the worry and panic in his words. The warmth of Scott’s hands soothed you and you started to feel comfortable as you watched him begin to take the pain away. You saw his veins begin to turn black and your heart broke as you watched him go through the same pain, it was written all over his face. Although the wound had stopped bleeding and you could feel your healing abilities finally working once again, you felt like you had been shot all over again after watching Scott bear the pain for you.

12x20 Coda

“Spun out” doesn’t begin to describe it. This heaviness, this oppressive ache that is filling Dean’s lungs- it’s like nothing he’s ever felt.

He’s missed Cas before, sure. Lost him a time or two. Had every reason to believe the angel was dead (although he didn’t believe it, not really; he couldn’t bring himself to give credence to that thought- the very idea of accepting that Cas could be really and truly gone… permanently…) But this… this is different.

Dean abruptly shoves the phone he’s been staring at back into his pocket. There are no missed calls, no unseen text messages. He knows. He’s checked about once every two minutes for the past three days, ever since he came to on the cold, hard ground after Cas and his freaky display of surprise angelic power healed Dean and then knocked him unconscious on his ass.


The feeling intensifies, spreads. It’s a burning now, a flaming vice squeezing around his heart, and between the pain in his chest and the pressure on his lungs Dean feels like he can’t breathe.

He can’t talk to Sam. He wishes he could. He wishes talking stuff out was a thing Dean Winchester was good at, was a thing he could do.

Their mom is now missing, and Dean knows that fucker Ketch is lying, and Cas- God, Cas is…

Dean paces the bunker kitchen, biting his thumbnail, his green eyes blazing. His fingers itch to grab a bottle of whiskey, something, hell, anything stronger than a beer… Even that wine he had yesterday with the Barnes family would do… he’d actually gotten downright tipsy, had forgotten wine packs a little more punch…  Dean’s mostly given up hard drinking since… well, when did he stop? He’s not sure.

That’s a lie. He is sure.

It was after Lucifer was expelled from Cas’s body.

It wasn’t a conscious decision, an “I’m done with the heavy drinking,” it was more of an unconscious response to losing his best friend (again) and then having him restored (again.)

Dean didn’t want to waste one second not being in full control of his faculties around Cas. He didn’t want his memories with Cas to be hazy, or blurry, or blacked out, because even though Cas was an angel, he wasn’t invincible. His continued existence wasn’t a guarantee, and Dean refused to be fuzzy on a single detail.

Dean has pretty much stuck to beer and a very light buzz after that (okay, that stupid Ketch thing was an exception… but really, for the most part, he’s been done with it.)

Sam’s voice shakes him out of his reverie. Dean hadn’t even heard him enter the room.

“Dean? What are you… are you okay?” Sam approaches him, concerned hazel eyes scanning his older brother. He reaches out a long arm to clasp Dean’s shoulder.

“’M'fine,” Dean brushes him off.

“Dude, you’re like, swaying on the spot. Are you drunk?” Sam presses, almost like he guessed Dean’s current train of thought.

Dean scowls. “No, I’m not drunk.”

The taller Winchester’s face softens, and for one hopeful second Dean thinks Sam might really understand. “You’re worried about Mom,” Sam guesses, and Dean sees Sam’s pain and fear written all over his face, too.

“It’s not that,” Dean shakes his head, then hastily corrects himself, eyes wide. “I mean, yes! God, of course yes. I’m worried. She can take care of herself, I know, but we need to find her. Stat.”

Realization dawns, but Sam hesitates. There is a long silence before he finally speaks again. “He can take care of himself, too, you know.”

Dean stiffens. “What?”

“Cas,” Sam says tentatively. “He can take care of himself, too, Dean. I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

“Oh, you’re sure?” Dean snaps sarcastically. “Well, then. That’s a relief. If you’re sure, then there’s nothing to worry about.”

Sam sighs, leaning against the counter of the bunker kitchen where they stand. He scrubs his hands over his face then pulls his shaggy hair back. His eyes are red-rimmed and tired; neither of them have slept since losing Tasha and Alicia and getting Mary’s cryptic voicemail.

“Talk to me,” he says finally.

Dean’s shoulders are tense; he wishes he had something to punch. “It’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing, so cut the crap, Dean.”

“It’s nothing you don’t already know! I already told you, Sammy, the guy who knocked us out and took off for Heaven, talking about- about faith and all that crap? That wasn’t Cas. Not really. So yeah, I’m gonna worry and you can just fucking deal with it.”

Sam doesn’t rise to the bait. “Talk to me for real. What’s going on?”

“What the fuck do you think I just did?”

“I think you’re trying to pick a fight,” Sam answers calmly. “You think I’m not worried about Cas, too? I am, Dean. He’s my friend.”

“He’s family,” Dean corrects.

Sam nods and mulls it over for a moment, his brow furrowed. “You think… you think that finding him, helping him… that it’s less important to me because of Mom?”

“What?” Dean responds hotly. “I never said that. It’s not about picking sides, Christ, Sammy! They’re both important. We’re gonna help them both. We’re gonna save them both.”

“I agree,” Sam says, and Dean nods, relieved. “But… Cas is different. Isn’t he.” It’s not a question, it’s a statement, but Dean knows he’s meant to respond.

“Yeah. He’s an angel,” Dean deflects bluntly, but Sam shakes his head.

“You know that’s not what I meant.” Sam holds Dean’s gaze, unrelenting, and Dean catches a glimpse of fear, of vulnerability, of hope. Dean’s heart pounds. Maybe Sam is more perceptive that Dean’s given him credit for.  Maybe it is something Dean could talk to him about after all. “Talk to me,” Sam says once more, his voice gentle.

Dean’s mouth is dry. His heart is hammering painfully; he feels sick to his stomach. He wants to tell Sam, he needs to, it’s eating away at him… He draws in a shaky breath. “After… after Cas killed Billie… after he got stabbed with Michael’s lance… He- he said some things.”

“Yeah,” Sam says shrewdly. “He told you he loves you.”

Dean’s head whips up so fast he thinks he might have given himself whiplash. “He said he loves us all.”

Sam shrugs. “He does. I know that. But it’s different with the two of you.”

Dean stares at him, his face pale.

Sam frowns, confused. “Isn’t it?”

Dean lets out a strangled half-laugh. “Yeah. Yeah… it’s different.” Dean swallows hard, visibly uncomfortable. A dark flush is slowly creeping up his neck and he’s now staring at the ground, refusing to make eye contact. “After Billie… we- we slept together,” he admits, his voice low. “After Ramiel, too.”

“Dean,” Sam says softly, “That’s- that’s great. I’m happy for you.”

“No,” Dean chokes out. “No. It’s not- it’s… I couldn’t say it back, Sam. He told me he loved me. Again, and again, when we were alone. He was so messed up. And I kissed him and I fucked him and I didn’t say it back…”

“But you do love him,” Sam presses questioningly.

“Of course I fucking do,” Dean hisses.

“Then why-”

“I don’t know, Sam!” Dean explodes. “Because I’m a fucking screwup. Because I’m a coward. Because I don’t fucking deserve him and I never have.”

There is silence for a moment. Sam crosses his arms over his chest, waiting for Dean to speak. When he doesn’t, Sam clears his throat, shakes his head. “That’s not true.”

“I made him a mixtape.”

Sam blinks, surprised at the sudden turn in conversation. “You- what?”

“I couldn’t tell him. How I felt. How I- I feel. But I didn’t want him to think I was just using him, either. I made him a mixtape. I dunno, it was stupid. He tried to give it back. When he stole the Colt.”

Sam sighs. “Dean-”

“He doesn’t know, Sammy!” Dean’s voice breaks, and his bright green eyes are drowning in pain and regret and self-loathing as he finally looks at Sam. “I made him a mixtape because I couldn’t tell him the truth, and he doesn’t understand, and now he’s gone and he might- he might never know how I feel. He couldn’t stand to be around me anymore, that’s why he was always gone, always off doing his own thing… Why he went back to the angel-douches. He told me he was in love with me and I fucked it up and I drove him away and now… now he’s gone, and he doesn’t know…”

It’s the most vulnerable Sam has ever seen his older brother.

“What if this time he doesn’t come back?” Dean asks gruffly, and Sam can tell Dean- Dean! - is struggling not to cry.

“He’ll come back,” Sam reassures. “He always comes back.”

“Yeah,” Dean swallows. “Yeah. He does.”

“He loves you,” Sam reminds him, and Dean can feel his heart breaking open.

Cas, you son-of-a-bitch, Dean prays desperately. I love you too. I love you. Come back to me so I can tell you in person. I swear I’ll tell you every damn day for the rest of my life. Please come back. Please be okay.

“Come on, Dean,” Sam says. “Let’s go find our family.”

4 AM

Characters: Y/N (reader), Jared Padalecki, Jason (OMC), Rose (OMC)

Pairing: Jason (OMC) x Reader, Jared x Reader

Warnings: Postpartum Depression, Depression, Anxiety attacks, Dickbag husband, Cheating (not Jared), Horrible childhood, Lousy In-Laws      

Word Count: 2000ish

A/N: This is my entry for @luci-in-trenchcoats 2K Follower Challenge where my prompt was: “You’re gonna tell me everything”

It is also 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: It Comes Back To You

Thanks so much to amazing sweet (yet slightly grumpy) @mysupernaturalfics for betaing angst for me.

You felt as if there was a hole inside of you. The hole was nothing new. It had been there for days, weeks, months, even the depths of it wasn’t new. You had felt the deep dark nothingness inside, that threatened to swallow you once before and it scared the crap out of you. The feeling of being completely and utterly alone had never been more profound though and this time you knew it was true.

You had been the poor girl in the neighborhood growing up. The girl that everyone felt sorry for because her mom was a drunk and her dad was never around. You had never wanted people’s pity. It had infuriated you. You didn’t want people to feel sorry for you. You wanted them to see past your circumstances and see you. You didn’t want them to only give you the time a day because they felt bad for the girl in the holed shoes and size too small clothes that came from a thrift store.

You had been very young when you had decided you never wanted people to feel sorry for you ever again. You wanted a different life for yourself. You wanted a life, a big house, a husband and kids. You wanted all the things you never had growing up and you had fought tooth and nail to get it.

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Kidnapped - Damian Wayne x Reader

Originally posted by mrjasontodd

Requested by gracesnowstorm  -  Damian Wayne x Reader You know the comics where Damian had powers but then they disappeared and no one is really sure where they went. Well this story is afterwards, Damian and the Reader are both 13 and are BEST FRIENDS, the Reader is even aware of his role as Robin. So the Reader is kidnapped by a criminal and is held for ransom which makes the Batfamily devastated because they’re very close to the Reader. They find out the Reader is in an abandoned warehouse, they go and break into the place, fight off the goons and Damian looks for the Reader. Damian finds him or her locked inside a room so he breaks in and he realizes the Reader hasn’t even been touched once, no bruises, no cuts, and behold, the criminal shows up. Damian and the criminal fight each other, the criminal grabs the Reader and tells Damian if he takes a step closer, he’ll snap the Reader’s neck and kill him or her. Damian backs down, the criminal’s goons tie up Damian, but then the criminal starts beating up the Reader. Damian tries to break free, get them to stop, cry for help, but its a sound-proof room so no one can hear. Anger and sadness over whelms him, his heart, thoughts, and emotions running 600 miles per hours and thats when he snaps. He regains his powers back and they’re more powerful and he has a larger range of powers than he did before. He breaks free, kills the criminal and his goons with his powers, even though it’s against Bruce’s no-kill rule, he picks up the barely alive Reader, gets the rest of the Batfam and they leave the warehouse. After about a month of recovering in the hospital, the Reader is released and goes back to the Wayne Manor and the entire Batfamily takes a day off of everything to be with the Reader and they play boardgames, then when time to go, Damian walks the Reader back to his or her parent’s car, and before he or she can get in, he stops the Reader and tells them no matter what, he’ll make sure NOTHING will happen to the Reader, the Reader smiles and they confess they love each other, (only as friends for now, later in life, like late teens, they can date each other and marry each other and have children) then the Reader gets in the car and it drives off.  

“(Y/N), I need to speak to you,” Damian demanded, striding to your locker as you struggled to open it. You placed your backpack on the floor, working the combination lock. 

“Yeah?” you asked, grunting when the locker still didn’t open. You pulled on it, hoping by some miracle it would open. 

Damian glared at you, hitting your locker. Much to your surprise, it popped open. “How?” you asked, your eyes widening. 

“TT,” Damian huffed, pursing his lips. You shook your head in amazement before taking out the books you needed for homework. “I need to discuss this weekend with you.”

“Yes?” You stuffed the books in your backpack, glancing at him. He still had his customary scowl on his face. Zipping up your backpack, you slipped it onto your back while pulling your phone from your pocket.

“I have purchased the new Resident Evil game, and I want you to come over,” Damian ordered, shutting your locker for you. You smiled at him, glancing at your phone. 

“Sure, I’d love to, Damian.” His scowl softened. You both started to walk out of the building. “But don’t you have that big mission this weekend?”

Damian growled, stomping his foot. “Father is keeping me at home. He insists the mission is too dangerous.” You patted his arm, knowing he was upset by the tone of his voice. 

“Well, I’m sure your father is right,” you began, wincing when Damian glared at you. “You are capable, Damian. Your father is probably being overly cautious.”

“TT.” Damian opened the door allowing you to step outside first. He followed, falling into step beside you once again. “What time would be appropriate for me to pick you up for this weekend?”

You paused with a suspicious look on your face. “You? Don’t tell me you’re going to drive your dad’s limo to get me again? We almost got caught last time.”

Damian snorted. “If you are so against it, I suppose I could ask Pennyworth to drive.” 

“Good,” you sighed in relief. You came to a stop at the street corner where you and Damian usually parted ways. “How about ten o’clock on Saturday?” You elbowed him playfully. “Unless that’s too early for you.”

“TT, of course not,” Damian huffed, wrinkling his nose. 

You laughed before heading home. “See you later, Damian,” you called from over your shoulder. Damian waved at you, turning to where Alfred was waiting with the car. 

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BTS Reacts: You Choose Your Stressful Job Over Your Health

Request:Could I request a scenario where bts’ s/o is a pretty successful programmer, but she focuses so much on her work that she forgets to take care of herself and one day she’s feeling really lightheaded? I love the length of your scenarios, you really go into depth!

A/N: AKA me showing the world how much I really don’t know about programming

Seokjin (Jin)

Jagiya, are you okay? I called you for dinner like five minutes ago,” Seokjin’s worried voice broke you from your trance. You blinked a couple of times to clear your vision, and straightened your back.

“Yeah, I’m sorry Seokjin, I-I must have zoned out or something,” You looked up from your computer screen, the first time in what felt like ages, to Seokjin’s tall frame leaning over you, spatula in hand. He placed a warm hand on your forehead, and your eyes fluttered closed at the touch.

“You’re a bit warm, Jagi. How do you feel?” He gently pushed strands of hair out of your face and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. You couldn’t help but smile.

“I’m fine, Seokjin,” you laughed as you stood rather abruptly. Your vision became tunneled, the world darkening a little around the edges as you felt yourself leaning too far to the left.

“Yah!” Seokjin bellowed as you felt strong arms wrap around your stomach. You braced yourself against his toned chest, a hand falling on a broad shoulder. You tried to calm your shallow breaths.

“I worry about you,” Seokjin murmured, nuzzling his nose just behind your ear. You felt your tense muscles finally relax.

“I know,” You breathed in his comforting scent. “But I’m almost finished with this huge project. I swear I’ll start taking better care of myself. I just….want to get this done.”

Seokjin looked down to you with concern. “When was the last time you ate?”

Your brow furrowed as you thought, trying to remember the last thing you had thrown together in your haste to get back to work. “I….think yesterday? I can’t really remember.” You glanced at the floor, already able to imagine the horror in Seokjin’s eyes.

“Come on.” He pulled you gently by the wrist towards the kitchen and you would be lying if the smells coming from the room didn’t make your mouth water. “You’re not leaving the table until you eat everything I put on the plate.”

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Yoongi (Suga)

You sat, bleary eyed, staring daggers into your morning coffee as Yoongi sat perched across from your spot at the kitchen table, reading over some lyrics he had written late into the night. A small sigh left his lips. “What’s wrong?”

You shook your head, a feeble attempt at dismissing the lightheadedness that had creeped in sometime in the last hour. “Just not feeling right,” you muttered, taking a long sip of your lukewarm coffee.

Yoongi looked up to you with narrowed eyes. “What time did you come to bed last night?”

You eyed him over the rim of your coffee cup, stalling. You shrugged noncommitedly. He quirked an eyebrow and waited for your answer. You sighed, a little irritated.

“I’m not sure, I remember seeing 2 am.”

(Y/N),” Yoongi began, the patronizing tone irking your nerve.

“You’re one to talk, Yoongi,” Your tone was harsher than you intended, but from the lack of sleep and the stress work was piling on you, you hoped he would understand. Early in the morning, the two of you were never at your best, always easy to anger but always understood that by the end of the day, each would be forgiven.

“I know, (Y/N).” He sat down his empty coffee mug and watched you carefully from across the table. “But I have the members who look out for me. Especially Namjoon. They tell me when I should take a break, make sure I actually eat so I don’t pass out.” Yoongi reached for your hand across the table. “And that’s what I need to do for you. So, no work today. You need to eat properly and catch up on your sleep.”

You smiled as he rubbed soothingly motions into the back of your palm. “Okay,” you sighed, your smile widening. “I’ll take the day off.”

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Hoseok (J-Hope)

“But you always overwork yourself!” You whined, following Hoseok down the Bighit hallways from the practice room. You pouted for good measure. “I’m just sitting in a chair, staring at numbers all day; it’s not that bad Hobi, I’ll be okay.”

Jagi,” He turned to face you and a faint blush dusted your cheeks at the use of the nickname, heartbeat picking up in your ears. Your still blossoming relationship was everything you could have ever hoped for, but your opposing work schedules made finding time for each other hard. Still, you always made sure to sneak into Bangtan’s dance practice for not-so-quiet companionship or surprised him at photoshoots with lunch for him and the boys. “Sun-Hi texted me and asked me to talk to you. She said you’ve been talking in your sleep, saying work will be the death of you and ‘just one more program testing’”.

You vividly remembered the nights where you fell asleep, thoughts full of Hoseok, but dreamed nothing but work, only to stay the entire night in the realm of just barely asleep. “Traitor,” you murmured under your breath.

Hoseok chuckled and rubbed his large hands up and down your arms. “Just because you sit in a chair all day, doesn’t mean your job can’t be taxing. I know how much you strain yourself to do well, but you should really take better care of yourself.”

He paused, checking behind him, and you furrowed your brow in confusion. “We’re all going to the mountains in two weeks to film the for summer package.” Your lips parted to account for your quickened breathing at what he might be asking. “Come with me.”

It wasn’t a question. A demand that he knew you would answer. Hell, you knew the answer before you were able to process his request clearly. You mirrored Hoseok’s impossibly wide smile. “Really?”

“I asked Bang-PD and he said it was fine, as long as you stay out of sight. But,” He paused, a serious glint in his eyes. “On one condition,”

“Anything,” you breathed.

“No work. You leave everything behind for two whole weeks.” Hoseok watched your eyes widen. You bit your lip and giggled at the thought of being with him and the boys for more than just a couple of precious hours. Being able to spend time with Hoseok and not having to worry about deadlines or programs that still needed to be tested sounded like a dream.

You nodded a bit too eagerly and giggled. “Definitely.”

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Namjoon (Rap Monster)

“Babe,” Namjoon’s deep voice filled your ringing ears. You turned your head to look at him, in your now dark office. When did it get so dark in here? You stood briefly to close your blinds and turn on your desk lamp. “I’m headed to bed. You should come too.”

You sighed and tied your hair back up into a messy knot. “I wish I could, Namjoon, but I can’t.” You scratched the nape of your neck, running your hands through the baby hairs that refused to cooperate. “This program won’t write itself.”

Namjoon’s long stride carried him over to the sofa and sat, elbows resting on his knees, nothing but concern written all over his face. “(Y/N), you said earlier you felt lightheaded. If you’re not feeling well, you need to rest.”

You scrunched your nose and looked at your knees, not able to meet his worried gaze. “Look, I’m fine now, I ate something earlier.” You kicked your feet back and forth in your computer chair. “But I really need to get this finished. I promise I won’t stay up much longer.”

“Liar,” came the accusation you had been afraid of. You were hoping he was too tired to notice how you refused to look at him while you spoke, a clear give away that you were lying through your teeth. You shifted uncomfortably in your chair.

“Okay, fine,” you whined, throwing your head back against your computer chair. “But you of all people should know what it’s like to get too into your work!” you accused half-heartedly.

Namjoon tilted his head and smiled softly, dimples almost visible. “I do. So I also know it’s good to take breaks and start again with fresh eyes.”

Damnit, he has a point, you thought bitterly. You bit your cheek, looking for any way to bicker back with him, if only because it was your nature. You huffed, no reasonable argument coming to mind. “Okay, okay, you win.” You stood from your chair and stretched, shirt lifting and exposing your stomach. Namjoon snaked a hand around your waist, taking any chance to touch the exposed skin. You shivered at his touch.

“But we are not having sex to ‘cure my headache’.” You feigned anger as he pulled you closer to him, hands resting on his chest. “The last time we tried that, I ended up with more bruises and in more pain than when we started.”

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Jagiya,” Jimin’s voice called out from the hallway, quiet footsteps approaching fast. You heard the door creak open, and could feel Jimin’s eyes boring holes into the back of your head.

Jagi, what’re you doing.” It wasn’t even a question, more a statement of concern. Jimin had grown accustom to your strange habits, so walking into your home office, your forehead smushed against the keyboard as a paragraph of three repeating letters filled the screen wasn’t the weirdest thing he had seen from your many stressful days.

“Writing code,” came your small voice, muffled by the desk.

Jimin quietly walked over, placing your usual order from the local coffee shop beside your screen. “With your forehead?” he chuckled, rubbing soothing circles into the expanse of your back. 

”As long as it works,” you huffed. You turned your head to watch condensation from your coffee drip down onto the table. “My world won’t stop spinning,” you commented.

“This can’t be good for your health. Have you eaten properly?” He turned his wrist over to glance at his watch. “6 o’clock. I bet you haven’t left this room since you woke up.” Jimin looked to your coffee mug from this morning and back to your face, still laying against the keyboard. You sighed in response.

“How about this,” Jimin brushed a stray strand of hair behind your ear. “Go ahead and shower, change into some comfy pajamas, and I’ll cook you dinner?” You glanced up to his plump smile, a faint blush dusting your cheeks.

Your mouth watered at the prospect of food, something you had long forgotten since stepping into your office. Happiness bloomed in your chest at how well Jimin took care of you, and you mentally noted to take better care of yourself, to ease his worry a bit. You nodded. “Thank you, Jimin.”

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Taehyung (V)

“So,” You felt the weight of the now occupied computer chair bump into your arm as Taehyung fiddled with one of the many pens littered across your desk. “How’s the workload coming?”

You closed your eyes around the pounding headache threatening to blind your left eye.You scrunched your nose and frowned deeply at Taehyung.

He sighed, long and heavy. “Jagiya,” he called softly. The deep timber of his voice elicited a soft smile across your lips. He looked down at the back of your hand where he drew soothing shapes. “You’re working too much. You should take a break. Let me treat you to lunch.” He looked up through long lashes as you watched where he touched your hand.

Taehyung hadn’t been so open with PDA since you two had started dating, trying to keep it a secret from prying eyes around the office. You met his eyes, wanting nothing more than to escape this hellhole for an hour to relieve the stress headache. But you knew you all your work would plague your thoughts while you tried to enjoy his company. So you had already settled on working through your lunch hour. Again.

“Tae, I can’t.” you whined. “Your boss wants this code written for the graphics team by the end of the week, and I honestly don’t know how he thinks that’s possible.”  You threw your head back against your computer chair at the thought of all the hours of staring at your screen you had in front of you. You huffed. “I mean, seriously. Where does this guy get off thinking we can do all that in four days? There’s only three of us, and one of them is fresh out of college; she hardly knows what she’s doing and-”

Your frustrated rant was cut off by Taehyung’s large hand coming up to grip your temples, thumb and middle finger on either side. “Tae,” Your words were muffled by his palm. “What on earth are you doing?”

“You seem really stressed, Princess. You need to take care of yourself properly, or you’re going to exhaust yourself. Which means actually eating on lunch.” He set his hand back on the arm rest and leaned back into the chair.

You ran your a hand through your hair. “I guess. I mean, I did feel a bit lightheaded this morning on my way here.” You looked down to your fingers in your lap, idly playing with the hem of your shirt.

“Then it’s settled.” Taehyung abruptly stood from his chair, causing it to roll back and into the desk behind him.

You looked back up to him, confusion written all over your face. “What’s settled?”

Taehyung smiled triumphantly, like he had just won a bet. “ We’ll go for lunch and after work, you’ll leave all your thoughts of this disaster of a workplace here and we’ll go out for drinks. On me.”

You smiled at the thought of being able to leave your work where it belonged: in the office. Before you knew it, you felt your head dip in a nod, smile widening at the thought of a drunk Taehyung, desperately trying to tell you a story you’ve already heard 4 times. “I’d like that a lot, Tae.”

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Jeongguk (Jungkook)


You didn’t register the sound of Jeongguk trying and failing to get your attention, not with the string of numbers and words in front of you, some all starting to run together. You blinked a couple of times.

“(Y/N)~” Jeongguk sang out, dropping any honorifics in a failed attempt to rile you up. It was hard to ignore how beautiful his voice was, even in moments like these when he wasn’t even trying to impress you. You sucked in your bottom lip and gave a halfhearted grunt in response.

You mulled over the long mass of words and numbers for what felt like the 100th time that day and began typing. The moment your arms lifted from your sides to type, you felt nimble fingers at the hem of your raised shirt barely touching your skin.

“Jeongguk,” you warned, mustering every threatening look you could think of as you glared at him. You watched in horror as he donned that mischievous bunny-tooth grin.

“Don’t even thin-WHAT DID I JUST-STOP! You win, you win!” You flailed uselessly as he continued his vicious attack on your sides, his laughter a beautiful distraction you didn’t know you desperately needed.

Your arm crashed down painfully onto the keyboard in your attempts to keep him away and you both halted, his laughter dying down with it as you both watched the entire mass of text highlight itself and completely disappear from the screen.

You blinked a couple of time, your brain trying to process what had just happened. Your heart hammered in your ears as you tried pressing a few keys to bring it back, an error message popping up every time you tried. Anger blossomed in your chest, though you knew it was an accident.

“Jeon Jeongguk, it took me a week to write that! What am I gonna do?” Your face fell into your hands, the oncoming pain of a stress headache clouding your thoughts.

“I-I’m sorry, Noona. I just thought you needed a break, you had been staring at your computer for so long, you looked dead!” Jeongguk’s frantic eyes searched yours for any hint of forgiveness. “I know you weren’t feeling well this morning, so I thought you might like a distraction from work.” His long fingers fiddled with the hem of his white t-shirt as he traced patterns into the carpet with his eyes.“You should take better care of yourself, Noona. You’re gonna work yourself into an early grave at the rate you’re going.”

Jeongguk’s mumbled concerns extinguished the anger burning in your chest. A small smile replaced your deep set frown and your eyes softened as you looked up to him. You took one of his warm hands in yours, playing with his fingers as he had done so many time to you before. “It…it’s okay Kookie, I’ll figure it out later.”

A/N: I know this is like my third time writing a tickle fight with Jeongguk but its so canon I can’t help it

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Sherlock was 'road-testing' (practising) dancing to the piece he composed for John and Mary, considering they were the only ones going to dance to it? It was the morning of the wedding, presumably he'd already taught John by this point. Do you think he was imagining dancing with John? Do you think he hoped he would dance with John at some point that night?

My first thought when I saw that scene was that he was practicing dancing to it just to make sure it was…well, a “danceable” composition, if that makes sense. Checking the tempo, feel, rhythm, etc. This is his gift to John and Mary and, just like his speech, he’s terrified of screwing it up.

As to your other questions…ugh. UGH. That whole “I taught him conversation” at the end of TSoT conversation just wrecks me. I mean, this has just happened:

Sherlock’s true feelings are briefly written all over his face, and John absolutely cannot deal. He looks down, has a second of wait, what? glances back up to confirm he’s seeing what he thinks he’s seeing, and yeah. He can’t look. He can’t face those feelings.

Sherlock sees that, and he gives John an out. He tells them to go dance. Mary (very considerately) asks “what about you?”, they joke about there being “limits,” and then the tutoring conversation happens.

Here’s how I read it (lining up the dialogue with the gifs):

SHERLOCK: “Don’t worry Mary, I have been tutoring him.”

JOHN: “He did you know…”

JOHN: “Baker Street behind closed curtains.”

I put a delay on the last frame. It lines up with John’s “closed curtains” comment. See how Sherlock’s kind of trying to laugh along until John makes that joke? He glances at John with a confused, almost hurt expression here.

John, meanwhile, has gone into full-on bro mode. It’s his way of utterly denying what he’s just read on Sherlock’s face. His shield is fucking UP. I love John Watson dearly, but I have a hard time watching him here, because he’s truly being a dickhead.

JOHN: “Mrs. Hudson came in one time.”

JOHN: “Don’t know how those rumors got started.”

A careless glance at Sherlock, a dismissive joke about their dance lessons and years of rumors about their relationship, a flippant laugh (seriously, listen to the way he laughs there, it’s SO not his normal laugh)

brush it off, never meant a thing, face the wife, face AWAY from Sherlock, don’t look back don’t look back don’t look back

He gets super affectionate with Mary. And yes, I know, it’s their wedding, they’re dancing, they’ve just learned she’s pregnant. But we’ve seen John act affectionate with Mary and this is different. John might as well have NO HOMO stamped on his forehead here.

He. Can’t. Deal.

And Sherlock knows it.

Did he imagine, after their lessons, maybe getting the chance to dance with John at the reception?

Possibly. Probably. He did just tell Janine (and us viewers) that he loves to dance and has been “living in hope for the right case.” Well, he’d solved quite a case this evening.

And after all, John had danced with him before during their lessons. Maybe Sherlock thought John was comfortable with it – comfortable enough with his own sexuality, whatever he considers that to be – to dance with his friend at his wedding reception, his best friend, his best man. It doesn’t mean anything unless it means something.


But no, that was “behind closed doors.” Can’t let anyone see that, nope. That’s how those rumors got started. Those silly, meaningless rumors that meant absolutely nothing, just everyone in the world reading too much into this totally platonic friendship, right mate?

Maybe they could’ve danced in front of everyone, because it wouldn’t mean anything. Except John read the real meaning on Sherlock’s face, and nope, not gonna happen now, can’t face that, can’t deal, shields up.

Because it would have meant something to Sherlock. Just like it did “behind closed doors.” It means everything. And he doesn’t care who knows, not anymore.

But John cares. Right, Sherlock? John cares who knows. He cares what people think. It really bothers you. What? What people say.

It still bothers John. He can’t deal with Sherlock’s feelings, and he can’t deal with his own. John’s shield is up and who knows if he’ll ever lower it again. And Sherlock accepts that, and he respects it, and he does the only thing he can do now.

Shields up.

Well. I didn’t mean for this meta to happen. Time to go cry into my soup.

Childhood friend [Derek Hale x Reader]

Requested: no

Summary: (Y/N) is Derek’s childhood friend and each thought the other died in the Hale house fire until (Y/N) comes back to Beacon Hills. The pair bond again and fall in love with each other. They keep their secrets from each other until (Y/N) finds something that reveals more than one secret…

Warning: None, just fluff

Word count: 2006

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You entered the town of Beacon Hills for the first time in a long time. The last time you had been here, the Hale House was still standing and your best friend was still alive. You missed the Hales when you were turned into a werewolf and your family disowned you Talia Hale was the first to help you. She taught you how to control your werewolf abilities and acted like you were one of her own children. Slowly, Talia had introduced you to her family, starting with her son that was your age, Derek Hale. You and Derek grew close and, not long after meeting, you became inseparable, best friends. One day, Talia had sent you to go shopping and when you came home to the mansion, all you saw was smoke. You had scavenged the ruins, looking for any sign of a Hale being alive without success. All you saw were bones, unable to distinguish whose bones they belonged to. You counted the bodies. Eight meaning that three Hales were still alive. You hoped that Derek was amongst them but, chances were, he was dead.

Now, you were standing where you had stood many years ago. The Hale House ruins. You were surprised that untouched. It seemed that no had entered it since you did. You shed a tear as all the memories came rushing back, you and Derek sitting on the couch, watching a movie. You and Derek fighting over who got the last piece of pizza. The memories were too much. You dropped to the ground, on your knees and sobbed.

You had been crying for a few minutes now, memories still popping up in your head when a memory you had willed yourself to forget came up.

“(Y/N)! Come here!” A young Derek called for you.

“What is it Der?” You asked rushing towards him, intrigued.

“Look over here.” He said, pointing to a small ditch, “Go grab two objects, one thing you that anyone would think you’d like and one that means a lot to you. I’ll do the same and we’ll meet back here in twenty minutes.” You were confused but did as he said anyways. You both ran off to the house to get the items.

Twenty minutes later, you dashed back to the spot and saw Derek standing there, waiting for you.

“I’ve got the stuff!” You grinned, holding a necklace that Derek had given you and a picture of your parents.

He smiled widely back at you, a big brown box in his hand, “We’re going to put both items in the box and, if one of us has disappeared. Then, we check here. If the box is empty of the object that we love, that means we’re safe. Otherwise…” he drifted off. “Anyways, place your things in the box.” He pushed the box towards you. You carefully put both things there. Afterwards, Derek placed a book that you had given him on your friendship anniversary and a small ring. To anybody, it was just a normal ring but, secretly it was a ring that Kate Argent had given him during their relationship. Just to make sure you told each other which object was the one we loved and which was the one we were expected to love. Then, Derek placed a bunch of other stuff in the box.

You had buried it deep and, when you were done, Derek shot you a heart-warming smile.

The memory faded but Derek’s smile was engraved in your brain. Tears trailed down your face. At that time, you were too overwhelmed with grief to remember to take the necklace. It was time, you would know for sure if Derek Hale was alive. Slowly, you headed to the hiding place, hope building in your chest at the chance of Derek being alive.

You stopped at the place where the box should be buried. You dropped to your knees, eager to know the truth. You summoned your werewolf abilities to be able to dig deeper and faster.

You only stopped when the brown box was in your hand. Without hesitation, you opened the it. You lifted the lid, not knowing what to expect. There was a brown plate of wood over the objects. You were about to remove it from the box when you heard a voice clear behind you. Slowly, you turned around and saw a group of teenagers. You looked at the one in the middle, you immediately smelled that he was a True Alpha. You had heard of him, he and his friends had defeated the Alpha pack amongst other beasts. You took the cluster of teens. A banshee, a kitsune, a werecoyote and a few werewolves. You were surprised at the odd bunch but made no comment.

They had been silent during all this time when the strawberry blond banshee spoke, “What are you doing here? Who are you?”

“I was looking for a sign that my friend didn’t die.” You replied.

“How were you going to discover that?” the only human of the group asked.

“With this box, it contains objects that will tell me if he’s alive or not, if he survived the fire.”

The True Alpha took a step closer and questioned, “Which fire?”

You pointed at what remained of the Hale house. “I have been waiting a long time to know the truth. I need to know if he’s alive.” You looked down at the box in your hands.

A voice from an unseen person answered, “Trust me (Y/N), he’s alive.”

The teens moved away from the voice and revealed a man with black hair and blue-green eyes. You brought your eyes up to meet his. At that sight, a smiled grew on your face matching the one his. You sprinted over and jumped on him, engulfing him in a powerful hug. Almost instantly, his arms were around your waist.

You buried your head in his neck and whispered, “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too, (Y/N).” he replied.

You stayed in that position for a few minutes until you unwrapped your arms from him and, once on the ground, you smiled, “Come on Der, we’ve got to catch up.”

He smiled back at you, grabbing your hand and taking you back to his apartment.

Once you left, the human, who you would discover was called Stiles, exclaimed, “Oh my God! I saw the one and only sourwolf, Derek Hale, smile and hug someone! Who is she and how does she have that effect on him?”

“Her name is (Y/N) (L/N) and, according to Talia Hale, she is Derek’s unknown mate.” Peter Hale told them, making Stiles jump, startled.

It had been a week since you had come back to Beacon Hills and Derek had caught you up to everything, what had happened since you had left. Who the group of adolescents were. Everything. It turns out that you had missed out on a lot of things since you had left.

Over the next few weeks, you and Derek had bonded to become as close as you had once been. The whole pack could see how Derek’s face lit up when he saw you or how he smiled a lot more now. The pack had also warmed up to you, especially Liam. The young Beta reminded you of a younger Derek.

After a few months, every time you looked at Derek, you felt butterflies flutter in you stomach. You knew this feeling, you hadn’t felt it before but you knew what it was: you were falling in love with Derek Hale. Little did you know, he felt the same.

One day, you were helping Derek clear extra room full of boxes for you to move in when you saw a small box. Inside was letter with your name written on the front. You opened the sealed envelope, unfolded the piece of paper and read.  

Dear (Y/N),

If you are in possession of this letter, it means that I am dead. It may be a month later or 15 years later since my demise but, as long you are holding this letter in your hands it means that my son Derek is alive and that you have reunited with him. I have left this letter in his room and got it enchanted to make it impossible to destroy until read.

What I am about to tell you will be hard to hear. But I need you to read through this. The truth is that you are not only here because your parents rejected you. I was the one who turned you. I did have a reason for my actions. Derek was highly impressionable and Peter was using it against him. Making him do things that are not for his path. Peter was always manipulative but I want Derek to be the Alpha after me. To end his control over Derek, I had to find someone for him, his mate. A werewolf mother always knows who is their child’s mate and when I saw you, I knew you were Derek’s. You were my only hope but you were not a werewolf. The only way for the mate bond to work, I had to turn you. I’m sorry for you to discover this now, when I am dead. But it is too late I can’t do anything about it.

I’m sorry (Y/N), Talia Hale.

You were shocked. You had looked up to Talia as a child because she was a strong and loving parent. Knowing she turned you on purpose changed everything. You sat down against the wall, staring at the paper in your hand, thoughts swimming in your mind. Your eyes scanned the paper repeatedly, looking for something that you had missed before with no success.

You had not moved for ten minutes and Derek had started to worry, he walked in the room, and saw you with tear strained eyes in the exact same place as before. He rushed over to you, asking what the problem was. You hiccupped slightly, trying talk in vain. You merely showed him the letter. He took it in his hand and browsed the sheet.

When he finished reading, he looked and took your face in his hands, “I am so sorry (Y/N), this is all my fault.” He said, guilt written all over his face.

“It’s fine Der, it wasn’t your fault.” You smiled slightly.

“You’re wrong, it is completely my fault!” he stared at the ground.

“At least it allowed me to meet the guy of my dreams.” You told him, cupping his face and leveling his eyes with yours, “Read the letter again Derek. She chose me because you’re my mate, she wasn’t wrong.” You laughed softly.

You placed your lips over his. He immediately responded to your action by kissing you back. Your lips molded together passionately. He placed his hands around your waist while yours remained unmoving on his cheeks. To you, the kiss lasted forever but, it only lasted a few seconds. It was the best kiss you ever had. You both felt fireworks explode in your stomachs, your lips burning and your hands tingling. A kiss with a mate really was powerful, you could feel it now. You pulled away from each other. Your breath erratic, your foreheads rested against each other. Derek grinned at you and you beamed back.

“I love you” he whispered.

“I love you too Der.” You replied.

Little did you know the whole pack was watching this moment. Hoping to find a love like yours: pure and loyal. Their existence was only made aware when a very excited Stiles exclaimed, “It’s about time!” followed by the rest of the pack laughing.

You both turned your heads towards the sound and looked at the bundle of teenagers in front of you. You let out a short giggle while Derek glared at Stiles, mad at him interrupting your moment. Seeing this look Stiles bolted and Derek turned back to you, pressing his lips against yours once again.

Seungcheol Soulmate AU

A/N: I apologize in advance for being a troll. I had way too much fun with this.

  • In this AU the way you know that someone is your soulmate is that the first time the two of you touch skin to skin, whether it be an accidental collision or brush of the hands, everything around you will suddenly become intensely brighter and you will just know- this is the person i’m meant to be with.
  • You’ve been friends with Joshua since you were little kids. You moms are best friends, so naturally the two of you would become the really close, and you two also became the best of friends.
  • Joshua invites you over to a house party he’s throwing, saying that he’s inviting a couple of friends over.
  • Normally you’d be like “I don’t really know if a house party is really my crowd of people…” but like. It’s Joshua. It couldn’t be too crazy, right?
  • Wrong. Because you weren’t aware that Joshua’s other friends were what seemed like at least ten more boys. Maybe even eleven or twelve, you weren’t really sure.
  • You’re standing in the doorway with “oh dear god” written all over your face and Joshua has to basically drag you inside.
  • He can see your obvious alarm and assures you that they’re all really good friends of his and that you shouldn’t worry.
  • So you decide to trust Joshua, and go around introducing yourself to the rest of the boys.
  • Like an hour into this party you forget why you were even worried in the first place because you’re having so much fun.
  • Soonyoung and Jun are screaming at each other, bent in weird positions on a twister mat, as they have been for the past 30 minutes because neither one of them will admit defeat.
  • Seungkwan is drunkenly serenading Vernon in the kitchen, a glass of wine in each hand (Joshua tried to make sure there would be no alcohol so they’re still not really sure where Seungkwan got the wine tbh) ***cough cough drINK wATER***
  • Jeonghan and Minghao are talking shit about everyone else at this party. And no one’s really surprised about that either; according to Joshua this is a common occurrence in their friend group.
  • Basically it’s mild chaos, but really funny chaos. You walked in not knowing anyone but Joshua, but after this you don’t think you’ll be able to forget a single one of these weird and quirky boys.
  • So when Jeonghan interrupts your very intense game of Uno with Joshua to ask where Seungcheol is, you’re like “who tf is Seungcheol, I thought there was only twelve of you crazies”
  • Joshua tells Jeonghan that Seungcheol’s running late but said he’s on his way and you dismiss it because at this point, the more, the merrier.
  • Later into the party, Soonyoung and Jun have finally given up on the twister match, but decided that the ultimate winner would be whoever could hold a handstand against the wall longer than the other person.
  • So of course, the rest of you guys were crowded around them, because who would want to miss this?
  • You’re chuckling to yourself, seeing Soonyoung’s face turn bright red and Jun making the most awkward facial expressions, both of them trying to outlast the other.
  • Until you feel someone’s hand find their way to your ass.
  • And you’re like: What. The. Fuck.
  • In the split second that that happens, you turn around and punch the guy straight in the face before even glancing at whoever had the audacity to try and feel you up
  • But as soon as your fist makes contact with his face, the room becomes full of light, way more intensely brighter than before
  • “OH MY GOD, SEUNGCHEOL!”, you hear Jeonghan yell, causing both Soonyoung and Jun to fall over out of their hand stands
  • You see Jeonghan run over to the guy who’s currently on the floor, who’s looking up at you with the prettiest chocolate brown eyes
  • And you’re thinking to yourself: “welp. gotta assess what the heck just happened”
  • You come to the conclusion that 1.) This guy has got to be Seungcheol (and damn it why is he so cute). 2.) Seungcheol is the idiot that grabbed your ass. And 3.) The idiot that grabbed your ass is your soulmate
  • Just your luck
  • At this point everyone is hella confused because one second Jun and Soonyoung are doing handstands and everything is great and the next second, Seungcheol is knocked to the floor and you look so pissed off.
  • “I swear I’m not a pervert oh my god”, he pleads to Joshua, who is hovering above him in concern.
  • “Why… would you be a pervert?”, Joshua treads carefully. Seungcheol’s eyes dart to you, begging for forgiveness with just a look.
  • But you were never the type to forgive without an explanation.
  • “Because he walked in and grabbed my ass”, you announce to everyone. Even if he was your soulmate, groping you was not something you were about to ignore.
  • From your statement alone, the silence is immediately gone, there’s a lot of confused yelling and screaming, and Joshua drags Seungcheol off the ground and pins him against the wall. Some of the boys are trying to get Joshua off of Seungcheol, some of the boys are cheering, and this party turned from a fun mess to a hot mess in a matter of minutes.
  • “You have thirty seconds to explain yourself before I kick you the hell out”, Joshua says to Seungcheol, their faces only a face inches apart.
  • Without missing a beat, Seungcheol yells over everyone else’s voices:

  • Joshua loosens his grip and is like “u wot m8”, trying his best not to laugh.
  • “She looked like Jeonghan from behind, I didn’t even know there was going to be a girl here!”, Seungcheol further explains.
  • Joshua lets go of Seungcheol completely and is like “so what you’re saying is… you were going to just walk into this party late… and not announce your presence… and grab Jeonghan’s ass?”
  • Seungcheol just smiles the cheekiest grin and you lose it. You’re not mad at all anymore, you’re doubled over in laughter, laughing so hard you can’t even breathe.
  • You catch your breath and eventually say, “So I met my soulmate by him grabbing my ass, because he thought I was a guy??”
  • Everyone’s like “wait soULmATe?!”
  • After the chaos of that situation died down, you took Seungcheol into the kitchen and got some ice from the fridge for his swollen cheek. You were both a little ashamed of hitting him and a little proud of how much force you packed in that punch.
  • “Did you have to punch me that hard?”, he whined as you pressed the ice up to his face.
  • “Does it look like you have the right to complain right now?”, you said with a smile on your face. You get to spend the rest of your life with someone as ridiculous as this. In the best way possible, though.
  • You two spend the rest of that night sitting on the kitchen counter, introducing yourselfs and chatting the night away.
  • And getting more ice from the fridge for Seungcheol’s face, rip.
Same Old Dean (Smut)

Originally posted by literarycasualty

Pairings: Demon! Dean x Reader 

Words: 1,510

Warnings: Smut, language 

A/N: Deanmon is hot, guys. Check out my series Soulmates and other stuff, I take requests!

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Summary: bucky forgets but your love can make him come back to you.

Warnings: angst, fluff, language, break down + lots of crying (its not as bad as it looks like)

Pairing : Bucky x reader x a bit of Steve

A/n: thus is only a little something which I’m not sure about… As always… So leave feedback!!! Pretty please😊😘

When you chose to stay with bucky you knew what was possible to happen. He could have had a nightmare. He could have hurt you. He could have killed you. You knew all these things could have happened but none of those imaginations could’ve ever stopped you from loving him. No matter what he would have done, you would have forgave him. Although, what did happen was much worse than anything that you ever could’ve expected. 

You lay awake thinking as you heard soft whispers coming from the person besides you. You listened closely trying yo make out if it was a nightmare or a good dream he was having. 

You turned a little so you could face Bucky and in that moment the whispers dyed down. You looked from his lips up to his eyes and jumped a bit as you saw him intensely starring at you. His eyes twitched to your left hand brought up by you to touch and gently stroke his cheek.

 He flinched away at the slightest touch, your skin touched his, your fingers feeling like a feather. You didn’t even touch him properly but he flinched away as if you just sent a hit straight to his face. 

He looked at you in horror , eyes wide opened and lips pressed together in a tight line making concern wash over your features. 

You forced your tired body to slowly sit up and narrow your burning eyes so you could see something In the dark of the night. Your lids tried to fall close but you didn’t let them as you stared down at bucky. 

You attempted to touch him, to reassure him, to make him believe you were real but all your attempts got declined by him. He just laid back down onto his back staring at the emptiness of the blank ceiling.

You knew you shouldn’t talk to him when he was in this state, the danger about him thinking you we’re hydra and only wanted to fool him was too big, but you didn’t know what else to do. You tried to choose your words wisely as they came out of your mouth just above a whisper. 

“Bucky… Can you talk to me?“ 

You knew you didn’t have to ask if he was alright, you saw he wasn’t but after he just continued laying down and staring at the ceiling without even acknowledging you, your whole body started to tense up and you got really concerned and worried.

“Bucky I need you to talk to me” you urged now making him turn his head to you in a fast motion as if you snapped him out of his daze.

 His eyes grew wide once again and he looked at your face before slowly getting of and out of the bed. “I don’t know you… What are you doing here ?” He whispered in confusion. 

You chuckled “yeah very funny babe" 

You watched him shift his position and waited for him to come back to bed, but he never came.

 Your brows furrowed and you, once again, sat there with worries written all over your face. 

“That was a joke right ?” You asked hopeful. 

“What was?” He answered eyeing you up and down in fear and horror.

And you felt the tears brimming. And the throat tightening. And the words disappearing. Your mind went blank and you didn’t know what to do. 

Suddenly your body felt numb. 

It was that brief second in which everything around you, everything that seemed to be alright, went back to the bad. And the happy end was not in sight anymore. 

The tears fell from your eyes.

It clicked, this was the moment you knew would come eventually. Everything seemed good. There is never something good.

It just wasn’t fair. That all of this always happened to you. It just wasn’t fair.

You slowly got out of bed making bucky take a step backwards with every step you took forwards. Your eyes stayed on his the whole time still seeking for any glimpse of shine to show you that you didn’t loose him entirely. 

There wasn’t anything, not what you hoped.

You walked to the door looking one last time over your shoulder at bucky who was staring at you in alert. 

You forced your glance away and opened the door stepping out of the room and into the hallway. 

“Friday make sure Sargent Barnes stays in the room” you ordered while walking down the hallway with a blank stare.

“Of course muss (y/l/n)”

The tears dried down and your eyes became cold as your mind started thinking back. 

Everything was hydras fault. Just everything. You were happy for once, the only one that could give you this happiness was Bucky. 

And they destroyed it again

You knocked at the too familiar door, softly but loud enough for him to hear.


“Come in”

 You heard Steve say through the wooden door. Stepping in you immediately broke down again right next to the door making Steve rush over to you and pic you up.

He picked you up and carried you over and onto his bed he knew bucky wouldn’t like to see this but he didn’t know what to do.

He rocked you. Back. And forth. 

Waiting for your tears to dry and your sobs to die down. And as they did, oh as they did he could not believe what you told him. 

As they did he wished they wouldn’t have.

As they did he wanted all of this to be a dream.

As they did he looked at you. And he stopped being angry because all of the pain his friend had to go through. 

Because when he looked into your eyes , he saw all the love and all the hope that slowly began to fade. He saw everything you built up fall apart and he saw all the walls Bucky managed to put down, coming up again. 

When he looked up he became sad. For all the pain you had to go through.

Steve didn’t want that. You didn’t want that either. So all that was left for you to do was hold together and do what you could.

He surrounded you in a tight hug, feeling your salty tears which ran down your cheeks in silence on his shirt which you gripped tightly.

You cried quietly staring blankly against the wall as you held onto Steve, you felt yourself slipping and you didn’t know what to do until, you let go.

You didn’t hold into your anger, your sadness, your desperation anymore. You let go and slowly felt yourself fall to sleep, the last thing you felt was how the tight grip around you loosened and the arms disappeared.

You woke up in a foreign yet familiar room. You stirred, slightly overwhelmed by the situation as you began to remember. 

You blinked away from the sunlight floating into the room as you sat up on the bed. You looked around. 

You were Alone.

You stood up hoping it was a dream. Hoping all of this was not real.

You knew it was.

Your steps were quiet and slow as you walked down the hallway head hanging low and eyes focusing on nothing in particular just like your ears.

You heard the chit chat , the beeping of the coffee machine and clinging of forks against plates but you didn’t focus on any of that. 

It was as if all of that got blocked out by your mind at it suddenly was just you left in the hall. 

You looked up to the quietness just as you stood in front of your door.

There was nothing. You saw nothing.

Everything was a blur. The noises were gone. And you still felt numb. All you heard was your blood rushing in your ears and your heart beating against your chest. 

You were so afraid to open the door. It was no use though and you knew it. You pushed the handle down and the beating sound picked up and got much faster, the room starting to clear up around you and when you saw the room was empty the ground seemed to be ripped away from under your feet. 

Suddenly everything seemed to be so far away. And you felt yourself loose consciousness and then your hand flew up to the door frame trying to find any kind of support before falling down, but it didn’t help. Not at all.

The next time you wake up you lay in your own bed, surrounded by pillows and blankets that smelled like bucky. They had this sent lingering on them that made you want to throw up, but not because it smelled bad. Because you didn’t know what happened to him or where he is AMD every memory to him makes your stomach turn upsidedown, your eyes burn and fill with tears and your mind race with thousands of worst case scenarios.

As you looked over at the clock you saw it was already late in the afternoon and you jumped out of bed, feeling dizzy from the fast movement but you didn’t care, you stomped out of the room, not becaysetyou were angry.

As you reached the kitchen there was no one, and in the gym was no one, and in the common room was no one.

You were all alone, no one was home.

You wanted to see bucky. You wanted to see him so bad. And that’s when you remembered something.

“Friday? Where are the rest of the avengers?”

“They had to leave for a highly classified mission, everyone was needed”

“And where is bucky”

“He is in level 19. containment base.”

You gasped and looked at the ceiling wide eyed. 

“Thank you Friday” you shouted as you made your way to the elevator quickly and pushed the right button.

As you rode down everything started to twist and turn again, your throat went dry and your fingers played with one another. This time you didn’t allow yourself to fall over again. You just couldn’t.

You reached floor 19 in a matter of seconds and stepped out of the elevator only to be met with cold and monotone surroundings managing it to make your mood drop further down. 

You walked on the cold hard floor your shoes clicking against it every now and then. You looked around the room , all the glass cells were empty. You wondered where bucky was until you rounded a corner and saw a heavy door.

You stepped into the room and saw a big window which you knew was a mirror on the other side of the room. 

Your steps were cautious, quiet, actually not wanting to see what was going on on the other side. 

As you stood just in front the window you saw him, sitting in a corner.

Face full of fear as he rocked back and forth.

There was nothing for him to forget his fear. White walls, white floor, white ceiling, white cloth. 

All he had was a bed, a table with a chair and a separated bathroom. 

You couldn’t take it anymore, seeing the love of your live so helpless, so empty and not being able to do anything against it. 

You stepped to the side walking over to the door opening it.

His head shot up to you and you smiled at him weakly, you weren’t afraid. You knew he wouldn’t do anything to harm you.

His eyes looked into yours with fear and he noticed the tears that streamed down your face. 

He didn’t understand you smiled and cried all at the same time. 

He didn’t understand.

You kneeled down besides him slowly wanting to see if he would let you or not, but when he did nothing to stop you 

, you turned over and sat next to him leaning your head back against the wall and wrapping your hands around his right arm. 

You sat there in silence for a while, you already wondered when he would push you away. It was a wonder that he let you touch him.

But you actually didn’t care, you laid your head onto his shoulder and you felt his whole body tensing but you didn’t care. Your tears fell onto his dark blue shirt and you gripped onto his arm more tightly afraid he would just leave you now.

The silence stayed for a while both of you just starring against the wall.

You felt him turning his head and looking down at you, but before anything else could happen the door was ripped open harshly and both of your heads shot up to see Steve standing in the doorway.

“What do you think you are doing?!”

He yelled. The anger in his eyes like flames, but yours didn’t show anything else.

You knew bucky was terrified, you could practically hear his heart racing as his whole body tensed and he gripped onto you. Out of pure comfort, probably not even noticing it.

“Steve, this is my boyfriend not yours, I can do whatever I want in here.”

You growled at him but your voice didn’t raise.

“Do you think its good for him that you are here ?!”

He snapped again. 

“But you can be here or what ?" 

You snapped back but you knew you had to comply anyway. You turned to bucky burying your face in his neck and whispering "I’ll come back tonight” for only him to hear. 

You pushed yourself up and stomped out of the room, sending daggers to Steve.


The night had come and you desperately wanted to go see bucky. You wanted him to remember who you were. 

You packed a little bag for him.

Only stuff that he needed like his journal and some pens.

You even packed your pillow in hopes that the smell could make him remember

You sneaked out of your room in silence and as you reached the elevator, you put the others on lockdown making sure they couldn’t follow you. 

You reached the floor and Bucky’s room opening and stepping in. 

Bucky saw you and he knew it was you but somehow he still flinched away as you sat down on the bed next to him.

“I brought you some stuff” you held the bag up and he eyed it suspiciously even though he couldn’t see anything.

“Friday can you turn on a light” and next to you a light was lit. You sat down on the floor in the middle of the room and pulled out your pillow looking up at Bucky already staring at you. 

You amazed him the first one who wasn’t  afraid, the first one coming here voluntary.

“Can you catch?” You asked. He nodded. You smiled.

You threw it over to him and he catches it letting it fall next to him in the bed.

The smell illuminated the room and he loved that sent. And he knew it. Where did he know it from.

You pulled his journal out and stood up standing in front of him and stretching your arm out for him to take it.

He took it from your hand  and you looked at him a moment before talking. 

“Do you want me to leave. I mean I would like to stay but we’d have to sleep in one bed and I don’t mind leaving.” You asked with slightly shaking voice.

“You can stay.” A whisper said.

Your eyes shot  up and all the surprise was shown on your face. 

You climbed into bed next to him, the small bed forced you to lay close together but none of you mind. 

You laid on your back staring into Bucky’s eyes as he hovered slightly over you. 

He didn’t know why he did that but he wanted to. He was comfortable around you. Just like that.

“I’ll have to leave early in the morning Steve doesn’t like me here.” You stated.

Bucky Nuzzled his face into your neck and mumbled “Steve can go fuck himself, and when captain small ass yells at my girlfriend only one more time I’ll break his face." 

He chuckled before resting his forehead against your jawline again.

You laughed along until… Captain small ass, girlfriend and yells sank in. You froze. You didn’t even know your hand still ran up and down his arm as you starred at the ceiling blankly.

"Did you watch game of thrones since I’m here, you know we watch it together.”

He asked completely unaware.

Your hand froze and suddenly you felt like throwing up again, suddenly everything was normal again and  the happiness seemed to hit you pretty hard.

“Oh my god” you whispered after your hand stopped running up and down his arm.

“What’s up doll?” He asked concerned.

“Oh my god”

He didn’t know what was going n until he  processed all his words. “Oh my god”

You starred at each other wide eyed. 

He kissed you passionately and so full of love you forgot that the world was turning for a moment. His left arm helping him keep his balance but his right hand touched your cheek ever so lightly as your lips melted together and danced in reunion.

You broke apart and he looked into your eyes deeply getting lost in their beauty.

“You made me remember.”

And he kissed you again long and loving.

Both of you made your  way up into your shared room hand in hand. 

Smiling to yourselves you snuggled up in bed together. 

Your head laid on his chest and his hand was around your back the other one pushing a strand of hair behind your ear and stroking your cheek like feathers running over your cheek. 

You listened to his steady heartbeat your hand laying on his chest lazily as your lips stayed in a tight smile and you closed your eyes. 

Bucky looked down at you being completely overwhelmed by you. 

You were so beautiful and so strong for both of you.

And in the moment where he noticed he was back with you, he knew he would never let you go. 

You were his anchor and it was all the love for you that made him come back. 

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Promise - Namjoon

Warnings: mentions of cheating, implications of sex

Request: “Hi~ if it’s no trouble, could I request a Drabble? numbers 74,142 and 175 with namjoon please! you can choose whether it’s fluff or angst :) I also wanted to say I love your writing so much! Keep it up”

74. “Your eyes are red… were you crying?”
142. “I figured you shouldn’t be alone.”
175. “I can see it on your face.”

Word Count: 1156

Genre: Fluff

•·.··.·• •·.··.·•

You were broken. After walking in on your boyfriend - now ex - practically devouring your best friend, Irene, who you thought you could have trusted, you came to the conclusion that every relationship you would have, romantic or platonic, would simply end in misery and betrayal. It was almost as if all of your past boyfriends just wanted you for your body. You didn’t know if you could trust anyone anymore. You began to think that your closest friends would eventually betray you, even though you knew deep down inside that they would stay by you.

And of course, you knew Kim Namjoon would always be with you.

Limbs sprawled and dried tears, you lay on your bed in trepidation of what your future was to be. You couldn’t help but think that all hope for you was lost, and that you would never love anybody again. The thought of seeing Jumin pinning Irene to the wall, lips connected and faces flushed - you almost felt sick to your stomach.

That image of Jumin and Irene only made the pain in your chest grow, and urged you to let out the tears you’ve been holding back for sleepless nights. You held your knees to your chest and sobbed into the sheets beneath you, not caring if the entire world heard you at that moment. You had the right to be upset, especially after seeing Jumin grinding his hips against your friend, his left hand riding up her shirt while his right hand slid down beneath-

Your thoughts were cut off by the sound of your cell phone blaring beside your ear, the familiar ringtone letting you know that your best friend, Namjoon, was trying to reach you, but you didn’t want to talk to him. You didn’t want to talk to anyone. He didn’t even know about what you were going through, but all he knew is that you weren’t showing up to school, and that meant something definitely wasn’t right with you, since you had never missed a day of school - until now.

The constant ringing of your phone drove on for at least half an hour, bringing you to the point where you angrily grabbed your phone and shut it off, tossing it to the other side of your bedroom, sighing in relief of the silence. Unfortunately, you forgot about how persistent Namjoon was, so when you heard someone banging on your front door, you groaned and ignored them, hoping that they would leave soon. You knew it was Namjoon, but that pushed you ever further to ignore him.

“Y/N! I know you’re in there!” You heard him yell, the pounding on the door growing louder by the second. Suddenly, you heard your front door slam shut, and that’s when you remembered that you had given Namjoon a key to your house only a few weeks ago. He was already halfway down the hall when you jolted up and ran to your door, attempting to lock it, but he was too quick and opened the door before your hand could even touch the doorknob.

“Go away,” You said before trying to push him out, but he quickly grabbed your wrists and embraced you, moving his hands to your head and pulling you closer to his body.

“I was so worried,” He mumbled into your hair.

“Joonie, please, just go.”

He slightly pulled away in confusion at your words, his hands softly cupping your cheeks and his forehead pressed against yours.

“Your eyes are red… were you crying?” He asked, concern written all over his face. You couldn’t stand to see his pained expression, so you slowly nodded then looked down.

“J-Jumin-” You managed to gasp out, but you immediately choked on your own tears as Namjoon pulled you closer, hugging you tighter than he had ever before. You felt your knees buckle, and Namjoon slowly fell to the ground with you, the overwhelming silence taking over the sullen mood surrounding you. “Why did you come, Namjoon?”

“I figured you shouldn’t be alone,” He whispered, running his fingers through your hair as you quietly sobbed into his shirt. “Eunhee told me about him and Irene. I’m so sorry, Y/N. You don’t deserve this. You don’t.”

Minutes passed as you lay in his arms, but you managed to gather yourself and look up at Namjoon, who mumbled to himself as he wiped away your tears with his thumbs. You stayed like this for a while, your cheeks held by his soft hands, gazes averted as silence fell over the room.

“Y/N…” Namjoon spoke, slightly lifting your head to allow your eyes to meet with his.

“You love me, don’t you?” You said abruptly, causing Namjoon’s mouth to stay agape as he stared at you, wondering if you had really just asked him such a thing.

“I-I… well I-I wouldn’t say-” He began to stutter, but you cut him off by leaning forward and pressing your lips to his. He froze in shock, but slowly melted into the kiss, bringing his arms to hook around the back of your neck. You disconnected your lips with his, yet still stayed in close proximity to his reddened face.

“I can see it on your face. You love me.”

Namjoon sighed and shifted his gaze down to the carpet, deciding to spill his secrets to you.

“I do. I love you, Y/N.” You almost flinched at his words, but you knew ultimately that he wasn’t like your previous boyfriends. Namjoon was kind. He was understanding. He was gentle. He knew you better than your own family. He was your family. He had always stuck with you through the rough times. He had cared about you, and he would always care about you. You trusted him with your life, and now you were just realizing that the answer was in front of you all along? After so many years of scattered thoughts and conflicted emotions, you finally knew he was the one.

“Namjoon, can you teach me how to love again?” You asked, almost desperate for a positive answer from him. Surprisingly, instead of an answer, he kissed you softly, cupping your cheeks as you simply melted at his touch. He pulled away with a gentle smile on his face, showcasing his dimples, one of your many favorite features of him.

“As long as you promise to stay by me,” He said, and you quickly nodded before quickly pecking his lips.

“I promise.”

•·.··.·• •·.··.·•

lmao this was so shit I’m so sorry

Safe and Sound (Josh Dun)

Originally posted by tyjosephs

Pairing: Josh Dun/Fem!Reader
Words: 2000+
Warning(s): sexual harassment, some swears
A/N: So here is the fic thats base on a dream. it was a lucid one, almost died having it lol (i couldnt breath) also sorry if this seems duummbb but it is based off the dream i had and dreams can be a bit wonky. Its fan fiction so yeeahh. this probably sucks since i’ve been working on it at 3 am every morning.

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Jughead X Reader

Word Count: 1421

A/N: Okay so this is my millionth time posting this just because it kept posting as one long and hard to read paragraph, which is no fun. Haha, anyways, i hope you enjoy this :D 

    2:36. Only 6 minutes left and you were free. It had probably been one of the longest days you’ve had in a while, and the fact that you were sitting in math class definitely didn’t help. You didn’t know what the hell was going on in this class half the time.

    “Alright class, here’s the homework. If any of you have any more questions about quadratic formula please don’t hesitate to come in before or after school to get some help. You’re going to need to know how to do this for our next module too.” your teacher said, passing back the homework assignments. You grabbed yours from the boy sitting in front of you and looked down at it.

    ‘Are you kidding me? 4 pages of this bullshit?’ you thought to yourself, groaning internally.

    “No packing up, we still have 4 minutes. You can do at least one of the problems in your packet in that time.” your teacher said, sitting at their desk. Slowly, you grabbed your phone out of your pocket and opened your messages.

Juggie ️: we still on for pops after school?

     Quickly you typed a response to Jughead, making sure your teacher wouldn’t notice you texting. They already took your phone once this semester and you had to have Mr. Andrews pick it up from the office for you because you didn’t exactly have a guardian to do it.

To Juggie ️: of course, meet you by your locker?

    You quickly got a response from Jughead.

Juggie ️: Nah, look out the window on the door.

    You turned your head to the door, and sure enough, there was Jughead out in the hallway. He gave a smirk and looked down, and you assumed he was texting. Your phone screen lit up a second later.

Juggie ️: hi

    You rolled your eyes and giggled at your dork of a best friend. Your teacher looked over to you and you quickly put your phone under your leg, and looked down at your worksheet. When your teacher turned their attention back to the computer you looked back at the time. 2:40. Again your screen lit up.

Juggie ️: 2 minutes left and your stuck with me

    You looked back out the window and saw Jughead laughing, probably at his own text.

To Juggie ️: oh no. I think I just might stay after school to get help on this math, not that I need it. It’s just so much fun in here.

    Jughead read your message and rolled his eyes and laughed once again.

Juggie ️: you definitely look like you’re having the time of your life in there.

    The bell rang and you quickly packed your things into your backpack and made your way out the door, but not before telling your teacher to have a great rest of their day. Jughead leaned against the wall beside the door and you turned to face him.

    “I thought you were gonna stay in there for a little while longer.” he said, smirking at you.

    “And miss going to Pops with my best friend? Not a chance.” you said, grabbing his arm and pulling him off the wall and down the hall. The two of you walked out of the building without saying a word, mostly due to the fact that if you even tried to have a conversation, you wouldn’t of been able to hear eachother. Anyways, silence wasn’t an awkward thing between the two of you, in fact it was quite comfortable. The two of you were quiet people, not out of shyness, but more of just that’s how you were. You two could talk to others no problem, you just chose not to.

    Once outside you realized you still had hold of Jugheads arm, and not only that but you had a death grip on it. “Sorry about that.” you said, letting go of his arm and dropping your own. Jughead just looked down at you and smiled.

    “Don’t worry about it. I get it, you didn’t want to lose me in the crowd.” you laughed and nodded your head.

    “Oh definitely. That was totally it, how’d you know?” Oh how the sarcasm dripped from your words.

    “I mean, you’d be completely lost without me, so you had to make sure I was there. And what better way to make sure someone is with you then to have contact.” You glared up at Jughead and he just smiled. He reached for your hand and grabbed hold of it. “There, now you definitely won’t lose me out here too.”

    'You’re holding Jugheads hand.’ you thought to yourself. 'Can he feel how hard my heart is beating right now? Oh god I hope not.’ Okay, so holding his hand shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but you’ve had a crush on Juggie for what felt like forever. You never thought in a million years he’d feel the same way for you, but maybe this was a sign. 'Play it cool, say something, you haven’t said a witty response in forever! He probably thinks you’re-’

    “You’ve got nothing to say? No sarcastic comment? Not even a 'thank you Jughead, I was so worried about losing you and this makes me feel so much better.’” he teased, trying to mimic your voice.

    “Your hand is very sweaty, but I guess I can deal with it.” you said.

    “How do you know it’s not your hand that’s the sweaty one, you jerk.” You laughed.

    “I think I would know if it was my hand that was sweaty.” and he gave a very unsure face.

    “Oh I’m sure. I’m pretty sure it’s yours.” he said, and you threw your free hand up in defeat.

    “Whatever you say, Jones.” With that he smiled big and you two walked to the front of the diner. Before you could walk inside, Jughead pulled you back from the door and you stood before him. His demeanor changed, and he suddenly looked very nervous.

    “Hey, Y/N. can we talk about something real quick.” he asked. You gave him the sweetest smile you could, hoping it would calm him down a bit.

    “Of course Juggie, what’s up?”

    “Well, I-uh…” he stuttered with his words and you put your hand on his shoulder.

    “Are you okay, Jughead?” You asked, now worried about your friend.

    “Yeah, it’s just… Archie told me that I should just do this and get this over with because I’ve been putting it off for a long time now and… I’ve never done this before so here it goes. I really like you Y/N. I think it might be even safe to say I’m in love with you.” he looked down at you with hopeful eyes. You were stunned. You stared up into his blue-green eyes with pure shock written all over your face, and he quickly took it as shock because you didn’t feel the same way.

    “Oh Juggie-” you started but he cut you off.

    “I’m sorry. Look i understand if you don’t want to talk to me for awhile, or if you want to pretend this never happened. Just forget I said anything.” he quietly mumbled.

    “No Jughead, that’s wonderful!” you exclaimed, and he looked up at you and smiled. “You don’t understand how long I’ve waited to hear that, oh my god! I have spent so long thinking you didn’t feel the same way and I was crushed by it-” you quickly shut up and stared at the ground, trying to hide your blush.

    “You’re quite cute when you ramble.” he said, bringing his hand up to cup your cheek. You stepped forward and stared up into his eyes.

    “I guess what I meant to say was, I’m in love with you too, Jughead Jones.” The biggest smile appeared on his face, and you mirrored it and gave a breathy laugh.

    “Damn it feel really good to hear you say those words.” he said. Slowly, he leaned in, and you closed your eyes and started leaning in too. The anticipation of feeling Jugheads lips pressed to yours made your heart beat out of your chest. Finally, you felt Jughead on your lips, and you immediately melted into him. You could have sworn that sparks literally flew around you, and when you two parted, the both of you were breathless.

    “You really should have done that sooner.” you teased.

    “We should really do that often.” Jughead said, leaning down to kiss you again. Once more sparks flew, and they did every time after.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a fluffy Joshua scenario? Thank you so much for writing all of these and for your wonderful blog ^~^

- you and joshua are neighbors
- you both live right next to each other, but surprisingly….. you’re not close at all
- you acknowledge each other from time to time of course, whether it’s saying hi when you catch one another outside the house or nodding at each other in the school hallways
- but aside from that…. you just know him as your cute next door neighbor or your classmate joshua hong
- one morning, your friend asks you if you could get her one of those club application papers
- she can’t do it herself because she’s already running late that morning, like she’s running to school that very moment
- you successfully grab a paper for her, and you wait patiently for her to get to class
- she rushes into the room five seconds before the teacher enters, and you hold up the piece of paper and give her a thumbs up
- she mouths “thank you” and you’re about to get out of your seat to give it to her when the homeroom teacher enters the room and says “everyone, in your seat”
- you gesture to her that you’ll give it after, but the teacher suddenly says “okay, i’ve been instructed to pick up the club applications today. i’ll be picking them up at the end of class, and i’ve been told i can’t accept any after that”
- your friend just looks at you with wide eyes, while you try to figure out how to get it to her since you’re on opposite ends of the classroom
- any normal person would pass it around and tell them to get it to your friend but no, you know what you do instead?
- you turn the club application form into a paper plane and launch it towards your friend while the teacher isn’t looking
- you watch it fly across the room and instead of reaching your friend
- it hits joshua on the head
- startled, he jumps in his seat and looks down to see the paper plane on the floor
- he picks it up and looks around the classroom with confusion written on his face, stopping when he sees your surprised expression
- your mouth stays wide open in shock even when he points at the paper plane, and you mouth “sorry!!” while pointing over to your friend sitting next to him
- joshua just smiles and nods his head, and then he passes the paper plane to your friend who thanks him for it
- at the end of class, your friend successfully gives in the paper and they apologize for all the trouble like this wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t decide on their club last minute
- but you just shake your head and tell them it’s completely fine
- later that night, you’re doing homework in your room with the window open because the night breeze feels so nice
- halfway through doing your math homework, something hits you on the forehead and you let out a yelp of surprise
- while rubbing the painful spot on your forehead, you look down to find a paper plane lying on your desk
- you pick it up with confusion on your face, and then you look out the window to find your neighbor joshua laughing from his room across from yours
- he gestures for you to unfold the paper plane, and when you do, in neat hand-writing says, “that’s for earlier”
- you gape at the paper, and after quickly jotting down a response, you send it flying back
- joshua catches the plane and laughs at your response, which is “i’m so sorry again!!! i didn’t mean to, are you all right??”
- he writes something down, and sends it back with “i’m fine, there’s not much a paper plane can do to me :) is your forehead all right though?? sorry for hitting it!!”
- and for the next few minutes, you both communicate via paper planes
- the conversation goes from school to actual introductions, and you realize that this is your first real conversation with joshua
- “i’m joshua, but i’m sure you already know that lol. you’re (name), right?”
- “that’s me! so tell me, is math keeping you up too?”
- “nah, i managed to finish the work in class. the english essay’s a bit of a pain though”
- you both exchange paper planes, until joshua tells you he’s going to head to bed since he has to prepare for a long day considering club activities start tomorrow
- you tell him it’s fine, and after sending him the “good night” message, he smiles at you and closes his window
- you go back to doing your math homework, but during quick breaks, you can’t help but read through the paper planes again
- you thought that the paper plane thing was only a one-time thing, but no
- the next night, joshua sends another one over to you right when you’ve just entered your room after eating dinner
- “hello, neighbor :) how was your day today?”
- you smile as you grab a pen and write “joshua!! my day went fine. the cooking club wasn’t all too bad actually. which club did you join?
- “cooking club sounds fun!! i joined the music club. i met really cool people there, our class’ vice president jihoon is actually in that club too, did you know?”
- the planes fly from one room to the other (save for some that unfortunately missed the window and crashed to the ground), and you actually feel sad when you realize how late it’s gotten
- you tell joshua you have to do your homework, and he says it’s fine since he should probably get started on his too
- you say good night to each other, and you get to work, but your mind is clearly elsewhere
- the funny thing about this whole paper plane thing is that neither of you ever brought up phone numbers or social media accounts
- neither of you talk to each other in class either
- there’s the occasional good morning and hello, but aside from that, not really
- it’s like the only way for you both to actually get a conversation going is to send paper planes, and weird as it is….. you’re fine with it this way
- you guys will of course have talk to each other in person one day, but for now, paper planes will do
- the conversations eventually turn into a 20-questions type of game, and learning so much about joshua…. it feels nice….. he’s not just “that cute boy next door” or “model student joshua hong” or “mr. nice guy”
- he’s a friend
- “so joshua, any dreams?”
- “this might sound weird but…. i’ve already kind of dreamed of becoming an idol?? to be able to share my music with everyone, to be able to make others happy with my singing…. it’s just a dream though ^^ you?”
- “it’s a wonderful dream!!! hmm well….. i really just want a happy life, like we all do. a life where i’m always surrounded by my friends and family. that’s all i could hope for. it’s simple hahah”
- “but it’s a good dream nonetheless :) now it’s my turn to ask, isn’t it? how about we get to the smaller stuff? what’s your favorite color?”
- “really, joshua? LOL”
- it’s become a habit, really—your day is incomplete if you don’t send or receive at least one paper plane
- and you both may or may not have grown interested in the things the other likes
- never mind that you cried during each of the anime movies joshua recommended to you, or that you started listening to 2bic, or that you suddenly started craving kiwi ice cream
- and it’s not like you saw a bag of your favorite candy in joshua’s backpack, or that one time he came to class with your favorite kind of tea, or that one time you saw the album cover of your favorite artist on his phone
- you’re both just trying new things, right?
- your friends have been telling you how much happier you look these days, how livelier you’ve become
- and somehow, you’ve convinced them and yourself that the reason is “summer’s here!! how can i not be happy?”
- but after days of denying it, you FINALLY admit to yourself
- that you’ve fallen for joshua
- maybe it’s because he always sends over a paper plane with kind words on it when you’re feeling down
- or that he doesn’t mind staying by the window to help you with your math homework
- or that he’s just so kind and thoughtful and funny and….. he just….. makes your rainy days a little better
- you’re shaking with nervousness while writing on your paper plane to joshua, and he definitely noticed this because he sent you one before you could send yours
- you unfold the paper and read “(name), are you all right? you look a bit uneasy”
- you look up to see joshua standing by his window with a worried look on his face, pointing down at the paper plane you’re working on to let him know he’ll be getting a response soon
- you’ve only written a sentence, but it’s a sentence that could make or break your entire relationship
- you gently fold your paper plane, take a deep breath, and send it flying over to joshua
- you watch nervously as he unfolds it, and you know it’s over when you see him freeze
- “joshua… this might sound weird since we’ve hardly ever talked in person, but… i think i like you”
- he probably read it about ten times in his head before looking up at you, and you tense up when you have eye contact
- but then
- he looks down, closes the windows, pulls the curtains, and
- that’s it
- you walk over to your bed and sit on the edge, burying your face in your hands because what have you done
- your relationship was perfectly fine, and now it’s ruined, all because you let your feelings get in the way
- you leave your window open, not even caring if bugs crawled inside the room because MAYBE you’d wake up to a paper plane on the floor
- but the next morning, you find nothing
- you look out the window to find joshua’s windows and curtains in the same position as the night before, and your heart aches a little
- you frown the entire walk to school, and you take a deep breath before walking into your classroom because you know you’re going to see joshua
- the second you step into the room, you both have eye contact
- but he’s the first one to turn away
- this ruins your mood for the rest of the day, and you haven’t regretted something this bad in a while
- the day goes by painfully slow, and when it’s finally over, you’re so glad you don’t have club activities that day because you just want to go home and die in your room
- but while you’re walking, something suddenly hits the back of your head
- you turn around to see joshua standing a few feet away
- you say “joshua? don’t you have music club—?”
- he cuts you off and says “that doesn’t matter right now”
- he then walks over to the paper plane lying on the ground, picks it up, and holds it out to you
- you take it from him, slowly unfold the plane, and you break out into a smile when you read the words written on it
- “i think… i like you too, (name).”
- you look up to see joshua smiling shyly, and his cheeks are tinted pink as he says “i’m sorry for not replying last night….”
- you jokingly say “you should be. i hardly slept because of you!!”
- joshua laughs at your response and says “i guess i owe you something then, don’t i? there’s this new restaurant down the street we could try out if you’re not busy this weekend…”
- you nod your head, smiling, “it’s a date.”

thank you for your request!! ^^