worry written all over his face


//This is part two of my Draco Malfoy imagine. I recommend reading the first part before reading this.

He raised his wand and pointed it right at you. His lips were forming the curse, but he could not make a sound. Draco could not do this to you. Not to his (Y/N). He would rather die than to harm the one who has never judged him, or forced him to do something. Without thinking he stuttered:

“I-I can’t”

“And why can’t you hurt this good for nothing mudblood?” Bellatrix answered angrily.

“Because I love her”

The room became silent. Shock was written all over Bellatrix face, but her expression changed a split second later to disgust and betrayal. Lucius was furious, how dare his son claim to love that waste of space? That filthy little mudblood? However, Narcissa’s face displayed sorrow and worry. What would the Dark Lord do when he found out that her son was in love with a muggle-born? Narcissa couldn’t care less about herself, all she cared about was to keep Draco safe. Always.

(Y/N) had a hard time trying to keep herself conscious. Draco quickly noticed, and moved to stand protectively in front of you. You were in so much pain, there was no way you could stay awake much longer. Draco looked so desperate to protect you. So vulnerable. He was standing in front of his family, who could never respect his choices and treat him right. You were quite the opposite, and he did not want to lose you. Ever.

“If you’re gonna hurt (Y/N), you’re gonna have to hurt me, too!” Draco stated determined, as he raised his wand and pointed it at the others. This was painful for Narcissa, but she could see that he really loved you. Narcissa would do anything to keep Draco happy, and you made him truly happy, she would support it. Not that she would ever admit it, you were a mudblood, after all.

“Draco -” she started, but was quickly interrupted by Draco. Tears had started to build up in his eyes.

“I-I won’t let you hurt her!” he sobbed, holding his wand out in defense. Draco was terrified about what was going to happen.

Bellatrix raised her wand, not even hesitating to harm the both of you. Fortunately for you and Draco, Narcissa stopped Bellatrix. She told some Death Eathers to take you down to the dungeon again. Before Draco could protest, Lucius held him back. He could do nothing than watch you get dragged away from him. You blacked out.

~~~ TIMESKIP ~~~

Everything hurt as you gained consciousness. The smallest movement caused so much pain. You tried to ignore the pain, because there was something else that caught your attention. There was no floor beneath you. You could feel warm arms holding you tightly as they carried you. Who was carrying you? And where were you going? You stirred slowly, and tried to figure out who the person was. All you could see was white blonde hair and features similar to a man. As you opened your eyes completely, you saw that the man was your boyfriend.

“Draco, where are we going?” you whispered. He seemed startled, obviously he hadn’t notice that you woke up. Draco looked around worriedly, probably to watch out for other Death Eaters. When he found none, he turned his head to look at you.

“Shhh” he whispered. Draco headed towards a door, that looked like the exit of the house. Your eyes widened as you realised what he was doing. He was trying to get you out of here and let you escape. This could get him in a lot of trouble! Especially if Voldemort found out!

Draco walked out the door, then opened and walked through the gate. He then set you down and looked you deeply into your eyes. Leaning in and kissing you passionately. After kissing for what felt like forever, you broke away. Your boyfriend looked at you seriously, but there was hints of sorrow in his eyes.

“Leave this place. Find someplace to hide yourself. The Death Eaters will be looking for you, so you need to change hiding place occasionally. You need to stay safe.” he stated. You could stop the tears from falling as you looked at him.

“A-And what about you?” you sobbed out. Tears had built up in his eyes, and he seemed to be fighting to remain strong.

“Don’t worry about me, (Y/N). I-I’m sure I’ll be fine, somehow.” he smiled at you sadly, his eyes looking at you with so much love.

“C-Can’t you come with me?” you whispered, hugging him tightly.

“Someone has to make a convincing cover-up story for you. I-I can’t join you because of the Dark Mark, it will be too easy for them to find us. You will be safer without me.”

“Will I ever see you again?” You cried out desperately. He broke out in tears, holding you even tighter.

“I will find you, I promise. Mark my word, I will not let you disappear from my life completely. I love you too much to let you go.”

“I love you too, Draco.” you said to him, wiping away all the tears that had fallen from your (E/C) eyes. He smiled genuinely at you.

“Go now, while you still have the chance. The others will wake up soon and might chase you down. You need to get as far away from here as possible.” he said, letting you go. You pulled him in for one last kiss, before turning around and running away. He stared at you until you were completely out of sight, sighing sadly.


Everyone stood and stared sadly at Voldemort. Harry Potter was dead. The war was lost. The hope was gone. Friends and family had died, for something we couldn’t stop in the end.

Narcissa and Lucius tried to get Draco to come over to them. Draco looked from you to his parents. He seemed conflicted about what he should do. However, it didn’t take long for him to come up with a conclusion. Without hesitation, he went to your side, holding your hand.

“Is this what you truly want?” his father asked him, quite angrily.

All Draco did was nod. He was old enough to make his own decisions, and create his own life. He didn’t want to be alone anymore, and he didn’t need to. He had you now, and that was more than good enough.

As the last fight began, you fought next to each other. You didn’t know what would happen to you the future. But as long as you were together, you knew you would be alright.

//Sorry, for the long wait, and if this sucks. I tried to make this good, but the first attempt to this part got deleted for some reason. Plus I have a terrible headache. Sorry if all the characters are OOC.

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 36

Loosening his arms, he tried to slightly turn me, cupping my face so he could see my eyes. Concern was written all over his face and I didn’t want him to worry.

“Really…I’m fine.”

“I’m worried you’re dropping, baby…” Jared said softly.

How he maneuvered into a sitting position with me still on his thighs, I’ll never know but he did. In one swift movement, he pushed back and swung my body around as if I was as light as a feather. Now cradling me in his arms as I sat on his lap, I slipped my arm under his to wrap my arms around his body.

“I don’t think think so.” I tried to reassure, “I just need a minute.”

Laying my head against his chest, I took a deep breath as I listened to the steady thumping of his heart in my ear. Closing my eyes and his heart beat relaxed me, I tried to calm my overly sensitive emotions.

“You went through a lot tonight, I know it was like a roller coaster of emotions. Dropping is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I know. I’m okay though, I wouldn’t change a thing.” I said, lifting my head from his chest.

“Me either.”

Looking in his eyes, feeling so comfortable, so his, it would be the perfect moment to tell him how I really feel. To finally let those three not so little words out. That’s if I were to listen to my heart instead of my head, that is. My heart says ‘what have you got to loose?’….. My head was telling me a very different story.

What I could loose was really everything. Opening up like that to a chronically single person like he is, might be too much to handle. Those types of people usually shy away from attachment and those three words are definitely insinuating attachment. I was just too afraid of pushing him away.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay, baby girl?” Jared asked one more time. “I feel like you’re with me one second then gone the next.”

His voice suddenly pulled me from my thoughts, “Yes, yes, I’m sorry.”

The concern was still there, I could see it and there’s nothing I could say to change his mind. I needed to pull my emotions together and enjoy the amazing things that were happening around me. I decided this wasn’t the time for 'I love you’s’. If it’s taking THIS much thought, it can’t be right.

“Time for a quick shower, co'mon.” Jared said as he swung my body around so I could put my legs on the floor.

Slipping off his lap, he never let my hand go. As he stood up, I looked at the mess created on the bed that would need to be cleaned up before we slipped between the blankets again.

Reaching over to pull the pillows off the bed, at the very least and toss them to the floor. As one of them swung across my thighs, I noticed how wet it was. Looking at Jared, I questioned.

“What happened to this one? It’s so wet.”

He smiled proudly, “That’s the one you squirted all over.”

Squirted? I know I’m totally inexperienced compared to him, that’s a given. But honestly, I wasn’t really even sure what that was. What I did know was that it didn’t sound very sexy to me. Like not at all and my expression said it.

“Baby girl, it was hot as hell! Don’t be upset.” Jared said, pulling me to him by my arm then cupping the back of my neck.

“Ugh, it just sounds gross.”

“I can assure you, it was definitely not gross to me. Female ejaculation is fuckin’ hot, I just hope I can get you to do it again!” He laughed.

Covering my face with my hands, I shyly laid my head against his chest as his arms wrapped around me tighter. I’m glad it was something he liked, although it seems there’s not a whole lot that’s sexual he doesn’t. I suppose that’s a good thing though.

“Alright…shower.” He laughed, kissing my forehead, “You know I like to go to bed with a clean body.”

As I turned around to step towards the bathroom, I playfully rolled my eyes. In response, he gave my ass a little slap. Actually, it wasn’t very little!

“Ouchy! That was a stinger!” I screeched, rubbing the bright red, semi-full handprint I now had on my right cheek.

Turning back to look at him, he gave me that mouth opened shocked expression which if I must say is adorable but still. Waving him off as I rolled my eyes with a giggle, I quickly stepped into the bathroom before he could slap me again.

“Watch that sassiness…” He warned though I didn’t think he was actually upset.

Ducking my head back around the door, in my sweetest voice I replied, “I’m sorry, Sir.”

I was still being sassy I suppose but I preferred to think of it more as being playful. I was grateful we could have great conversation about whatever, joke around and tease but also have that Dominant/submissive aspect to our relationship as well. It really did seem like we had it all. We just worked.

Jared smirked at my sweetness knowing I was being a smartass. Throwing the used towels on the floor he was holding then picking up the toys that were next to them, he strolled into the bathroom. Dropping the toys in the sink, he stepped to the shower, turning the water on. Steam immediately started to fill the room and within a few minutes, he was taking my arm and guiding me under the spray.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Mmmm hmmm.”

Jared’s back was to the wall as he allowed the hot water to drench my hair then stream down my body. The heat felt so good on my aching muscles and slowly they started to relax. Reaching in front of me, he grabbed the body wash, squirting a little in his hands.

“Switch with me, baby girl.”

Maneuvering carefully around him in the narrow shower, I turned my back to him then leaned forward so my forehead laid against the tile. I waited as he warmed himself under the steamy water.

Kissing my shoulder he asked again, “Feeling okay, baby?”

“Mmmm humm…” I responded as he cupped my shoulders in his hands, “You’re making me sleepier by the second.”

“Just a few minutes more and I’ll be tucking you in bed.”

Starting from my shoulders and slowly working his way down, Jared lovingly washed my body. As he got to my core, the soap caused my delicate, raw skin around my puckered hole to burn and I couldn’t hide my flinch.

“Yikes, that burns!” I said as I jumped, suddenly very much awake.

“Okay, I’m sorry baby. I have an ointment for that.” He explained, moving aside so the water streamed against my skin, washing the soap away.

With quick hands, Jared washed the conditioned my hair before rinsing it out, “All done.” he smiled.

Turning back around, I watched him reach for the body wash, squeezing some in his hand then quickly washing his body. Before I could even volunteer to help, he was done and rinsing off.

Once he was done he smiled, pulling me into his arms under the hot spray for a bit more cuddling. Never one to refuse, I snuggled into him circling his waist with my arms.

“I’ll get out first, you stay and enjoy the hot water, okay baby?”

Tilting my chin up, I sleepily nodded, “Whatever you want, Sir.”

“I love to hear those four words fall from your lips..” he murmured against my ear which made me giggle.

Squeezing his arms around me once more he softly kissed my lips before stepping out of the shower.

“I won’t be long.”

“Okay.” I said with a sleepy smile.

With that, he maneuvered around me and stepped out pulling the curtain closed behind him. Once he was gone, I didn’t want to stay in here alone so I hoped he really would be quick. Peaking out of the shower curtain to see what he was doing, I noticed he was already dry and his towel was wrapped around his waist.

Jared quickly cleaned the toys we used, leaving them on the counter to dry then dropped the towel around his waist.

Damn, now that was quite a view. I couldn’t decipher what was drool and what was water dripping down my chest as I watched him move around the room.

Grabbing his robe from the hook on the door, he slipped into it. Suddenly, glancing up he caught my reflection in the mirror peaking in on him. Our eyes connected for just a split second and I know he saw the shocked expression on my face before I quickly ducked back, pulling the curtain closed. Burying my face in my hands, I was so embarrassed he caught me gawking.

Just as I stepped back from the curtain, Jared was there, pulling the curtain back with a smirk, “Enjoying the view, you bad girl.”

If I wasn’t as red as I could get already, I would be now. My God… I wasn’t even sure how to respond.

Reaching in, Jared turned off the water and began to laughed, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so blushed.”

My face was still in my hands and I began to giggle with him, “Can you stop, please.”

“Of course baby girl.” He smirked, “You can gawk all you want, I’ll never complain.”

I didn’t even answer… my God, why did I have to get caught?!

Pulling the curtain completely back, he held his arms open with a towel stretched out for me to step into. This was always my favorite part of our showers together….well this and when he washes my hair. And shower sex… That feels unbelievably good too. Actually I don’t think I could pick just one favorite part now that I think about it, it’s all perfect.

“Come.” He commanded, his playful smile still gracing his handsome face.

Stepping into his arms, he instantly wrapped me in the warm towel as I placed my forehead on his chest. I don’t know why I was so embarrassed to be caught sneaking a peak, it’s not like I haven’t watched him before. I guess it was simply the fact I got caught, totally open-mouthed and drooling. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t so ridiculously obvious.

Cuddling into him, he rubbed his hands over my body, drying my skin, “Mmm, thank you.”

My muscles were certainly thanking him too, this felt so good. Once he was done, he took the towel away then helped me into my robe. Stepping to the counter, he gently brushed my hair, taking complete care of me. I stood there watching him just as in the shower only this time I controlled myself. No drool in sight.

Placing the brush back on the counter, he was done, “It’s time for bed, baby.”

“Mmmm, I can’t wait. I’m so tired.”

Walking out of the bathroom and towards the bed, Jared pulled the blanket and sheet back so that I could slip between them. I knew as soon as my head hit the pillow I’d be sleeping.

“Roll onto your tummy.” He said as I went to lay on my back.

I didn’t voice my confusion but I know it was written on my face. He didn’t answer despite knowing what I was thinking, instead he was waiting for me to obey. No questions asked.

“I’m waiting.”

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry.”

Quickly rolling over, I literally had no idea what was going to happen next but I hoped it didn’t involve my ass. It still felt like it was on fire from the soap.

“I want to put this ointment on you, it’ll help your raw skin.”

Aaannddd, it did have to do with my ass. My GOD, I was stacking up embarrassing moments tonight.


I turned my face into the pillow to hide myself, this was just awful. Why couldn’t I do this myself?!

As thoughts of 'why???’ filtered through my brain, I felt Jared’s fingers gently part my cheeks exposing my very raw, puckered hole. With a soft touch, he dabbed my skin with the ointment then let my cheeks go. It was only a few minutes but damn….

“All done, you can roll over now baby. You’ll feel much better in the morning.”

“Thank you.”

Jared walked back into the bathroom to wash his hands as I got myself situated. By the time he was walking back to crawl into bed, I was already on my side facing away from him half asleep.

Once he turned out the light, he rolled towards me, so close there wasn’t an inch of our skin not touching. One arm slid under my head and the other around my waist as he pulled me even closer.

We were both quiet as we relaxed into each other, sleep calling our names. It was his kiss on my neck and his soft breath against my ear as he spoke that pulled me back.

“You’re my everything, baby girl.” Jared whispered, “I… I…”

Letting out a deep breath, he never finished his sentence. Kissing my neck once more, he nuzzled his nose in my hair and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Chris Evans X Reader | Worried

Prompt: Finding out you’re pregnant and worrying about the future.

“Well?” Chris looked at you, Trying not to cry.

“I’m.. I’m pregnant” You sigh, His smile widening.

“Oh my god.. I’m going to be a dad!” He picks you up and spins you around, Hugging you tightly. “I- I can’t believe this! I can’t wait to tell everyone!!”

His face is red, Laughing and crying at the same time. You try to hide your worry with the same excitement and enthusiasm as him, But you can’t fool him.

“What’s wrong (Nickname)?.. D- Do you not want to.. Have this baby?.. Am I not the father?” His face drops immediately, Worry and sadness written all over his face.

“No no! Babe, The baby is yours.. And yes I want to have it.. But.. What about our future?”

“What do you mean ‘our future’ (Name)?”

“I mean.. What if the baby doesn’t make it.. What if we can’t afford to buy what it needs.. What if we don’t have anyone to take care of it?-”

“(Name).. Honey..” He wraps his arms around you, Hugging you tightly. “All these ‘What If’s’.. Try and focus on right now and what the baby needs. We will figure out what we need in due time when it is needed. Okay?”

Sighing, You smile.

“We’re having a baby!!”

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Hi! Can you please do how Zico and Simon D would react after they figured out that they might've been a little too rough with you in bed the night before (you were limping and stuff like that)? Thank you in advance~

Zico: Would have worry written all over his face. He would be thinking he over did it the night before and ask if you’re okay and apologize if he hurt you in anyway. He would mentally take note to not be as rough next time.

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Simon D: Would be like “fuck yeah, that was all me.” Then the thought would dawn on him that you might be in some sort of pain. He’d swoop you off your feet and promise to be gentler. But for the moment he would be all over you trying to make it up with gentle/playful kisses.

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It gets better - TEEN WOLF IMAGINE

You were an emotional wreck. On the outside you just seemed sad but on the inside you were completely broken. Opening up was one of the worse things you had to do and everytime you did it you would just regret so much. You always ran away from things because you knew how hard it was for you to keep yourself together and you had suffered a lot. But that was no way to live and you knew that. And you let Stiles in but you ruined it. And you opened up in hopes of getting him back but instead of that you felt all your hopes and your heart completely crushed. His harsh words kept replaying in your head and you kept seeing his sad face and it was driving you insane. Thank God for Isaac that saved you. 

Isaac took you to Argent’s house, where he also lives. Chris was home and was surprised to see you both walk in the middle on a school day. He approached you with worry written all over his face, trying to figure out what was wrong.

“What are you doing here? What happened?” As soon as he touched your arm you hugged him, crying. He held you close to him while Isaac went to the kitchen to make you some tea to help your nerves.

“I opened up to Stiles. I told him I loved him and how sorry I am for everything and that we were worth it and he said nothing and I just feel so empty!” You cried out holding on to Chris. After a little while he took you to the living room so you could sit down and drink your tea. Isaac joined you and sat right beside you.

“I don’t think I can ease your pain in any way possible. I think that you did the right thing and it was insanely brave of you. I know how hard it is, especially for you. And I think Stiles is lost and has too much on his mind. But he loves you, it’s obvious.” Chris said, holding your hand. He was becoming like a father figure and having such a strong person in your life was an inspiration.

“I can always kick his ass if you want. Does that help?” Isaac shot out, making you laugh through the tears. 

“Isaac!” Chris called out.

“Not like a severe beating! Just a soft ass kicking, nothing major really. It’s the only way I know how to be helpful ok? No judging.” He continued, this time making Chris laugh too. 

“Tempting offer but no. I just want to stop hurting.” You confessed. “How do you do this? You’re so strong, one of the strongest people I know. You’ve been through so much. Help me.” You begged Chris.

“I’m flattered but it’s not easy at all. Most of the times I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m just trying to survive. We all are.” He exchanged looks with Isaac.

“The scars never fade away. You just learn how to live with certain situations and eventually it gets better. I’m sorry for the lame answer but it’s true.” Isaac was right but you just wanted a shortcut. 

“Don’t give up just yet kiddo, I have a good feeling about you and Stiles. Just let the days go by and, trust me, it gets better. We’re here for you.” Chris added, kissing you in your forehead. 

So we know Kingsman HQ is destroyed. And maybe it isn’t safe anymore. Better for an agent presumed dead to remain “dead.”

But what if all those fics got it right? Harry is a silent, unseen presence throughout the film, keeping watch over Eggsy. Taking out the bad guys at his back. Delivering mysterious information to Merlin’s clipboard just when they need it most. And Eggsy isn’t stupid; he knows he’s being watched, but he’s got more important things to worry about, like Poppy and saving the world again.

But when it’s all over and done, he kind of explodes. “What the fuck is going on here?”

The threat to Kingsman – and to Eggsy – is removed, so it’s now safe for Harry to reveal himself. So we see this lone figure walking forward. And Eggsy just stares, hope written all over his face, because it’s impossible, it can’t be. But it is.

“Hello, Eggsy.”

Imagine the look on Peggy’s face when she sees Daniel fall to the ground, just barely spared from being sucked into the Zero Matter void.  Imagine her rushing to him, shouting his name.  She kneels beside him, worry written all over her face.  Imagine her touching his face–his forehead, his cheeks–trying to coax him awake.  And imagine the look of relief on her face when he opens his eyes, and her muttering, “Thank God you’re safe.”  And before anything else can happen, she leans down and kisses him.

The Bliss of Friendship 2

“Where is my wife?!” Thomas Jefferson turned in surprise, finding Alexander Hamilton standing in front of his desk, fury and worry written all over his face. There were deep bags under his eyes, and his clothing was ruffled and messy.Calmly, Thomas set down his quill and regarded the man in front of him.

“I don’t know what you mean, Hamilton.” Alexander seethed, clenching his teeth before slamming his palms on the desk in a sudden movement to express his anger.

“Damnit Jefferson, you know exactly what I mean! Where is my wife?!” Thomas’ lips curled into a sneer and he leaned back, his eyes smoldering in response to the rather unpleasant outburst that had just occurred.

“Oh, you mean Y/N? She is no longer your wife, if I recall correctly. She is residing with me at the moment.” Suddenly, Alexander jerked backwards, and he let out a sharp and bitter laugh.

“So that’s what this is. Some sort of love feud you cooked up. You love her, don’t you?! Maybe that’s why you hated me so much when we met. Well, she never sent divorce papers, we’re still married, surely that means something.” He shot a sort of triumphant grin at Thomas, although it seemed broken all the same.

“So what if I do.” His own teeth had clenched now, and he had hissed right back. At this point, he didn’t care what this cheating bastard thought of him. “I am not the one who has cheated on her, now am I?”

“And I’m not the one who is single and watching as she fell in love with another, am I?” Thomas shot up, his fist coming forward and grabbing Hamilton’s collar.

“How dare you say anything about her, you son of a-”

“Don’t you dare say anything about my mother!” Alexander ripped Thomas’ hand away from him, taking a step back and eyeing him in silent fury as his clenched hands shook by his side. “There are no divorce papers. Surely that means something. She still loves me, you asshole. And she would never, never, stoop so low as to cheat, no matter what I may or may not have done.” With that he stormed from the room, leaving Thomas to shake in anger and sadness. She…she hadn’t sent in divorce papers. Could she…could she really…love, him?

He soon rushed home, only to find his friend sitting on the couch, pouring over some letters. He made his way over, and his eyes scanned the page quickly and landed on the bottom.

Eternally yours,

Alexander Hamilton

His smile faded, and he moved farther back, before calling out her name. She startled, turning and a bittersweet smile crossed her face at the sight of him. “Hey, Thomas.”

“I was talking to Alexander…so I heard the two of you are still married?” You flinched slightly, your gaze dropping to the letters in your hands before you spoke in a soft voice.

“I can’t bring myself to. Every time I go to write our lawyer, or visit him, I remember his pleading and guilty face…I remember his words, I read these letters and I remember our wedding night…” She choked up slightly, before wiping away the single tear that dripped down her face. “I…oh damn it all Thomas, I love him! I…I can’t…I don’t want to lose him…” As your voice broke, Thomas felt his heart do the same. He stood stock still for a moment, before quietly moving forward and gently gathering the letter (and placing them in no certain pile or with any gentleness upon a nearby table) before scooping you up into his arm, cuddling you on the couch as you cried.

“It’s alright Y/N…It’ll be okay…you’ll figure it out. He doesn’t deserve you, surely you know that…”

“I do…but I just…I can’t…” You sobbed, and he resigned himself to gently stroking your hair and comfortingly murmuring nothing at all to try and get you to stop crying.

Because damn it all, seeing you cry broke his heart.

And hearing you loved Alexander broke his soul.

“No!” Stefan exclaimed, rising up in a panic.

His heart rattled frantically within his chest, his head throbbed as he tried to process what was happening.  He looked around, finding himself in bed.

Caroline was sitting up in bed next to him, worry written all over her pretty face.  Her pretty, healthy, safe face.  Stefan exhaled as he realized it has just been another nightmare. 

“Again?” she asked, placing a warm hand to his bare arm.

“I’m okay,” he lied, swiping a palm across his exhausted eyes.

Caroline’s eyes were soft and wet in the warm golden light of the lamp-lit bedroom.  She accepted his obvious lie with a sympathetic little nod and ran her hand down his arm until her fingers met his own.  She laced them together and gave a reassuring little squeeze.

Stefan smiled at the gesture and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek, so warm with the glow of her life.  All he wanted was to keep her that way.  Alive.  Sometimes it felt so impossible. 

Caroline turned her head and brushed her lips across his.  Stefan relaxed beneath her sweet caress, allowing the soothing balm of her lips to heal his troubled mind.   

The kiss was slow and satisfying and therapeutic.  Stefan slipped his hand up under her messy curls and pulled her lips more firmly against his own.  She opened her mouth, slipping her tongue into his mouth and suddenly it was very obvious how alive they both were as their bodies grew hotter and closer. 

His hand had just began a slow journey up under the short hem of her cotton nightgown when he saw something out of the corner of his eyes.  His focus shifted to a dark shadow moving closer to them, raising a hand toward Caroline from the back.

He scrambled quickly away, grabbing a heavy paperweight from his bedside table and tossing it toward the nonexistent Damon, shattering the glass on a framed picture on the wall.

“Stefan, what the hell?!” Caroline asked, looking at the shards of broken glass sparkling on the floor around the bed.

Stefan’s heart was pounding again, his vision blurry.  The nightmare never seemed to end.  And Caroline was always the first-hand witness to his misery.  She deserved better.

“I’m going to go sleep downstairs so you can get some rest,” he said with a forced smile. 

“You don’t have to do that, Stefan,” Caroline said, brushing his hair away from his face.

Stefan kissed her forehead and pushed back the blankets, removing himself from the warm bed, avoiding the broken glass on the floor and banishing himself to the cold couch downstairs. 

He’d rather be alone that put her in danger.  A nagging feeling settled over him, like maybe that fact would change his life someday.  He lowered himself onto the cool leather of the couch and closed his eyes.  From one nightmare to another.


I just wanna be your hero.

Hey guys, I thought I endow you with some Dean x Reader Smut on Christmas Eve. Is this inappropriate? Probably! Should I do it anyways? Of course! :P
Have a nice Christmas guys.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut

Length: 943 Words

{Imagine you and Dean having angry sex after a hunt}

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“(Y/N)?”, you heard Dean call, the panic obvious in his voice.
You took a quick glance around: Everything was covered in blood, your clothes, your hands, your face, the floor, even the walls.
Three heads, separated from their bodies, were laying on the ground.
“Over here”, you yelled back, knowing that even though you were absolutely fine, Dean was going to be pissed.
He was always pissed when you did something on your own.
But sometimes you just didn´t care about Dean´s attitude and needed to get out.
Right at that moment, Dean entered the room, worry written all over his face, which you thought looked kinda cute, but was also kinda annoying.
He rushed over to you and grabbed your chin to look at your face.
You took a step back and crossed your arms above your chest: “I´m fine Dean.”
After he apparently came to the same conclusion, Dean stopped looking worried, but started to look downright pissed:
“You know I don´t like it when you go out alone.”
You rolled your eyes: “And you know that I don´t care.”
You two stood across each other with serious faces.
“It´s my job to protect you”, Dean brought out through gritted teeth and you sighed.
“No it´s not Dean. I´m not your sister, I´m not your girlfriend, so you don´t have to save me.
You can´t be everybody´s hero Dean Winchester.”
He still looked furious: “I don´t want to be everybody´s hero.”
You tugged your knife back into your belt: “Glad we´ve got that clarified.”
You started to leave and walked past him, when he suddenly grabs your wrist, causing you to turn around.
His green eyes are sparkling and you got goosebumbs just from his gaze.
“I don´t want to be everybody´s hero”, he said, “I just want to be your hero.”
And then he kissed you and the kiss was so full of emotion, desperation and need that you couldn´t do anything else than jump up an put your legs around his waist.
Even though you thought about this a lot lately, your imagination was nothing compared to what it felt like finally kissing Dean.
His smell alone made you dizzy and you couldn´t believe how good it felt to touch his hair and his back.
He carried you into another room and sat you down on a table, all the time continuing to make out with you.
“I´m all dirty”, you manged to say while Dean started kissing your neck.
“Oh sweetheart, I don´t care about a little blood”, he said and his voice was all husky and dark.
You felt yourself go wet just by the sound of his voice and you started pushing his jacket over his shoulders.
He quickly got rid of it and you used the cruel moment he stopped touching you, to remove your own leather jacket.
“I´ve waited so long for this”, he whispers against your neck and started touching your boobs, which made you moan immediately.
When he pulled you closer to him, you felt his erection through his heavy jeans, making you want him inside you so bad it almost hurt.
“Take your shirt off”, you demanded and he smirked while he pulled it over his head.
His abs were absolutely amazing and you started running your hands over them while Dean suddenly ripped open your blouse, buttons flying to the sides:
“Hey, I was fond of this shirt”, you said but didn´t really mean it.
“Well, too bad”, Dean mumbled and started to undress you further.
Only mere seconds later, you were just in your bra and panties while Dean looked at you in awe: “(Y/N), you´re so hot.”
Then, without another warning, he touches you through your thin underwear and you moaned: “Take them off.”
He grinned: “After you take your bra off.”
Within seconds you are completely naked.
“Touch me now”, you begged and he smirks even more: “Why should I?”
You look up to him: “Well, if you have any intention of putting something else there anytime soon, you better start touching me.”
He wasn´t the only one who could tease.
Dean raised an eyebrow: “Well, that´s an argument”, and starts touching you.
And boy, he knew how to use his fingers on a woman: “Oh, Dean”, you moaned when you were just about to come and that was the moment he pulled away.
“I´m going to kill you”, you said, breathing heavily, while he pulled down his jeans and boxers.
His cock pops up and makes you shut up immediately.
Dean looked down at you: “I´m 100 percent sure that you were able to do that, but then I couldn´t do that.”
And then he thrust into you and you were so wet that you didn´t even need to adjust yourself but grabbed his shoulders and bit on his collar bone, while he picked up a faster pace:
“You´re so fucking hot baby”, he groans and it had to be the hottest sound you had ever heard.
You felt how your orgasm build up between your legs quickly and that´s when he said:
“Come for me (Y/N)”, which pushed you over the edge.
“That´s my girl”, he said and then followed you and the sight of him during his climax, face torn from pleasure, was the most erotic thing ever.

After you two had dressed up again and were heading back to the car, you glanced at him: “Was it my imagination, or did you call me your girl?”
He smiled: “That was just my wishful thinking.”
And that was what made you take his hand: “You know, I guess you are my hero after all.

Hide always covered his body. He never let anyone see it. Whenever he change his clothes, he will do it when he is alone in his own space without anybody in it. There was never a day Hide wore anything beside his long sleeve T-shirt.

One time when Haise and Hide had their heated moment, the half-ghoul slipped his finger at the hem of Hide’s shirt. He was about to pull it off when Hide pushed him away with all his strength and had fear written all over his face. Haise asked him what’s wrong, but Hide said nothing and quickly left him in confusion.

They didn’t talk about this incident after that. Haise worried that if he said anything about it, it would make Hide feel uncomfortable. So he believe he should just wait for Hide to open up with him. It kinda hurt him that Hide didn’t trust him, but everyone has a secret they want to keep for themselves.

One day, Haise entered into Hide’s room without knocking the door first. Surprisingly, the door was unlock but Haise thought nothing of that. He pushed the door and was about to ask for something when he saw Hide was being shirtless. He was dumbfounded when he saw various style of scars and marks all over Hide’s body. But the most noticeable was the one between his waist and belly.

Surprised, Hide shouted at Haise to get out and quickly locked the door. Haise didn’t want to leave Hide after what he saw so he just stood in front of Hide’s door. He could hear faint sob from the other even if the door was locked.

Haise felt guilty and tried to call Hide’s name. He said that everything is fine and begged Hide to just let him in. He promise that he won’t say anything about it and he will keep it as secret too. He just wanted to see Hide now.

Slowly, the doorknob was twisted and Hide hugged Haise with tears over his eyes. He planted his face between Haise’s shoulder and neck and kept repeating “I’m sorry” to the half-ghoul. Haise stroked Hide’s hair and calmed him with soothing words. Even if he didn’t know what happen to Hide, that’s alright to him. He won’t force Hide to say anything to him.

But deep down, he was boling rage to anyone who hurt Hide like this.

Imagine Steve comforting you after you wake up from a nightmare...

You were running. Running side by side with Miles. Your heart was pounding out of your chest and you slowed down just a little to see if you were still being chased. Miles slipped his hand in yours and told you to keep running so you did. 

The two of you ran and ran until you found a building to hide in. Your breathing was heavy and you stared at Miles, worry written all over your face. He gave you a light smile and squeezed your hand in his.

“It’s gonna be alright sis.” He reassured you, catching his breath. But before you could say anything else, a gun shot went off and you watched as the bullet tore through your brothers chest. He fell to the ground, gasping for air, and you too fell to your knees next to him.

“No. Miles. No.” You screamed out, the sound echoing through the building. 

“Y/N.” Miles coughed up blood with his words. “Y/N.”

“Y/N.” Steve let out as he shook you by the shoulders. “Y/N, wake up.” You soon shot up out of the bed, a layer of sweat coating your skin. You panted and tried to adjust to your surroundings. You were in your room, Steve sitting on the edge of the bed next to you. “It’s okay, I got you.” He smiled.

“I-I was- It was-” You stuttered out, trying hard to hold back tears.

“I know. You were screaming in your sleep. Same one, hey?” Steve asked. You nodded. Every night for the last three months you had the same nightmare. Only it wasn’t just a nightmare, it was reality. 

Just three months ago, you and your brother were on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D, who were trying to arrest you for not registering under the Super Hero Registration Act. It was a mistake that killed him. Someone not hearing their orders right or something they told you. Either way, you watched as your brother was murdered right before your eyes. 

That was the final straw that lead you to joining Captain America’s Secret Avengers. But the nightmares never stopped. almost every night since that day you woke up in tears, reliving the entire thing over and over again. 

“Miles never did anything wrong Steve. He was a good man. He protected people, saved lives, what’s so wrong about that?” You asked, tears streaming down your face. Steve sighed. Everyone had lost a lot through all this but you had lost your flesh and blood. Not even Steve could understand that right now.

“We’re going to make this right, Y/N. I promise.” Steve said, reaching for your hand. You relaxed under his touch and gave him a soft smile. 

“Thanks Steve.” You whispered, drying your tears with the sleeve of your shirt. Steve nodded and began to get up but you tightened your grip around his hand. “No.” You said. You felt a bit embarrassed to ask, put his presence made you feel at ease. “Could you maybe… stay for a bit. Just until I fall asleep.” 

Steve smiled. “Of course sweetheart.” He said and you moved in so he could lie down next to you. Without a word he put his arm around you and you nuzzled into his chest feeling immediate relief wash over you. You fell back to sleep in no time.

When the sun came up, shining in through a crack in the curtain, you woke up and were happy to find Steve in the same spot, his arms holding you close and he was sound asleep. You didn’t bother waking him, you just smiled and curled in closer to him, listening to his heart beat in his chest. 

Royalty Rp With Fallout Sans

A full 4 days had passed since king Gaster, father of two sons and ruler of his kingdom “Snowdin” sent his youngest son prince Kid to the neighboring kingdom ruled by king fallout for a ball that gaster could not attend himself. The ball was of peace making reasons and happened every year. It was the last day, the fifth day of the ball event and Kid was enjoying his time with the other kingdoms king, fallout when he got an immediate message about his home kingdom. He looked over at fallout as if asking if he should open the letter now, worry written all over his face.


wg-muses  asked:

❝ You know that look indoor cats get when they finally escape the house, then immediately regret it? That look is written all over you face right now… You okay? ❞ (August and male!Aiden? I think it would be interesting if they met)

“August, I’m fine. Just had a rough day at work. Nothing to worry about. How are you?” he asked, not wanting to talk about what happened. He rather deal with it on his own for now.

a bit of last 1d concert sappy zayn-centric ot5-ness

Zayn keeps his head ducked, as he eases his way into the arena. He probably looks pretty sketchy, with his hood pulled low over his face, but he also feels a bit like a superhero, so he’ll kind of take it. And he’s fairly sure no security guard’s going to kick him out.

He’s less worried about that than his own safety, in all honesty. It makes him huddle in his seat, try to look as inconspicuous as possible. It’s not like anyone’s going to look from him here, in the audience—it’s the stupidest fucking idea in the world, to quote everyone he’d asked about it, so maybe that’ll help. Even he knows it’s stupid. Stupid on so many levels, because he hasn’t even really talked to the boys for months, no more than perfunctory sort of things—but he had to be here, today. It’s what he’d told Sarah, when he’d asked her just how bad it would be if he was seen here, in the most articulate way he could express the simple truth he knew. They’re his boys. He’d started it with them, he wants to end it with them, sort of at least.

She’d sighed, but in the end she’d told him it wouldn’t be the worst thing, might be seen as sweet, and she’d get him the tickets. He loves her, sometimes, the way she listens to these things.

So now he’s here, in the seats at the last One Direction concert. Or maybe not—he’s heard what they’ve had to say, it’s just a break and all, but he’s tasted freedom and he knows his boys. He’s not sure how much they’ll want to go back. It doesn’t even matter, really. It feels like the last show; he can feel it in the crowd, in all the signs.

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Seventh year. Noah didn’t think that he’d ever get to this point. He was ready for school to be done, to quit worrying about his grades – he wanted to get this over with. His parents had a plan for him, and he wasn’t about to fight them on diverging from the path. all of his life, his plan had been written in stone for him. But in school, he was popular in the Slytherin house. He was the Quidditch Captain, a pretty face, but he played – a lot. He was proud of himself in a weird way for getting under the skirts of half of his Slytherin female peers, and even some of the girls from other houses. 

When he was seated at the table for the first meal of the year, he noticed a fresh face that was about his age. He asked around, and no one knew who she was. She had Ravenclaw robes on though. He stared at her for a little while until someone told him that he needed to talk to her and see what she was about. so after dinner and after the welcoming ceremony of the first years, he got up when she did, walking out of the Great Hall and tapping her on the shoulder. 

“Oi,” Noah said with a handsome smile. “Are you new here? I haven’t seen you around before.”


Title: Before

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Rick x Michonne

Rating: T

Summary: Rick and Michonne talk about the plan to take down Neegan’s men

*This my first fan fiction anything and I thought it would only be fitting to make it about my favorite OTP. Enjoy!* 

“You wanna talk about it?” Rick’s deep southern drawl interrupted the silence of their bedroom as he tightened his arm around Michonne’s svelte waist.

They were lying in bed spoon fashion staring off into the darkness, both unable to sleep because the plan to infiltrate Neegan’s compound was fresh on their minds.  Rick could tell that Michonne wasn’t 100 percent on board, he knew that she was worried and unsure of whether they were going about this the right way.  It was written all over her face earlier that day.

Michonne sighed and rubbed her hand up and down his arm soothingly, tracing the protruding veins along his muscular forearm with her fingertips.

“I don’t have a problem eliminating any threat to our family, you know that, its just that we don’t know anything about these people or what they’re capable of,” she answered him. “All we know is what some stranger told us, how do we know that he’s not working for Neegan and leading us into a trap?”

Michonne felt Rick slightly nodding against the back of her head taking in all of her concerns.  

“We don’t know the whole story, but we can’t take any chances,” he admitted in a low voice.  “This has to be done.”

“I know babe.”

Hearing her new pet name for him made Rick’s heart soar.  They hadn’t been able to bask in the afterglow of their new-found romance or have a real conversation about it but Rick knew that if he could count on anyone to have his back it was Michonne and he knew that his feelings for her were true.   

“I know this isn’t the best plan, but its all we’ve got and I need you with me on this,” Rick said.

Michonne turned in Rick’s arms to face him, her hands clutching his back as her nipples brushed the dusting of hair on his bare chest making her quiver. She searched his cerulean eyes.

“You don’t even have to ask,” she said softly.

With that Rick bent down to kiss her left shoulder, tasting the light sheen of sweat that had formed on her luminous skin from their earlier bout of lovemaking. Then he made his way to Michonne’s plush lips.  Rick had only intended for it to be a brief kiss of appreciation, but as he was beginning to learn nothing brief with Michonne could ever be enough to satisfy him.  Especially since she was so responsive to his every touch.  She returned his kiss instantaneously, opening her mouth when she felt the tip of his tongue seeking entrance against the seam of her lips. As Michonne locked her naked legs with his, Rick continued tasting the sweet cavern of mouth and he knew that whatever happened the next day nothing really mattered except the woman in his bed and the two children sleeping down the hall.  He was going to revel in the heaven he found in Michonne’s arms, and the nirvana between her thighs, before he had to venture into hell tomorrow.