worry to much about reflections

Red and Lizzie’s secret garden.

I was thinking about the “my friend” Liz used in 3x08. It’s so accurate now after all they went through together. That’s certainly a progress, but you and I know perfectly well that doesn’t define their relationship at all.

Like the “Elizabeth” he used in front of people when adressing her. Or when she adressed him as “Reddington”. So detached and cold…

“My friend” and “Elizabeth” or “Reddington” are safe neutral words they use like a conditionned reflex to protect themselves from the judgement of other people. They both don’t want people to know the depth of their relationship. Because that’s their secret garden. 

They feel the need to use those words to protect the love they obviously have for each other but don’t consciously or verbally acknowledge yet.

“Are you okay?” “Are you alright?” reflected so much meaning and worry about their respective well-beings. In this light, it’s almost a love declaration.

Remember what Red was saying to Lizzie in the container: “The people
you’re talking about… The ones who think they know you… they really don’t know anything about you at all.” 

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dan's clearly at a v good point in his life and he has talked a lot about how happy he is rn. i think ppl should let him be a little sad once and a while w/o worrying too much about him. just let him be reflective. i think when he's in a period of calm he starts to get a little melancholy and thats totally okay.

exactly! he’s at his highest point, if anything. whether he’s in a period of melancholic calm or he’s just doing it for the aesthetic, we don’t have to worry about him. everyone needs a bit of negativity to help them realize positivity